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What is the right age to start freelancing?

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What is the right age to start freelancing? Freelancing is the practice of offering services as an independent vendor to any individual willing to pay money for the services rendered. Freelancing can be done by just about anyone. Anyone or any individual who has a skill or talent or service to provide can get into becoming a Freelancer. So now the question is - what is the best age to get into becoming a freelancer? The quick answer to this question is - you must become a freelancer as soon as you can and as early as possible. And the reason I state this is because when you are a freelancer - you learn the skills of marketing, selling and negotiating your services to others. You learn what it takes to stand out of a crowded market place and you also learn what needs to be done to survive in the long run. Personally, I would recommend anyone and everyone to become a freelancer as quickly as they can, charging anything - even if it is the bare minimum amount - because this will teach you the skills to survive in the real business world which is cut-throat. And the lessons learnt will stay with you for a life time. TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to [email protected] ------------------------------- TO CONTACT [email protected] | +66-92-541-4784 MENTORING SERVICES http://thinkpersonalbranding.com/ MY BLOG https://loymachedo.com WHO AM I? http://whoisloymachedo.com FREE SERVICE https://www.askloymachedo.com/ MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"
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Sana Javeed (4 months ago)
Anuruddha Thuduwawaththa (4 months ago)
Noel Bro (4 months ago)
Can you tell us when and how you started free lancing and on which platform?
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Good Topic.... Will make a video on this...
Fox 400 Fox 400 (4 months ago)

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