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Review of Armani Exchange Automatic Bracelet Mechanical Watch AX1417 and AX1416

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I review the 2011 Armani Exchange Automatic Mechanical watch AX1417 and AX1416 on matching bracelets. A pretty well designed and handsome watch for the money with a big 49mm case size. Perfect for the Big Watch fan! Gold watch model #: AX1417 Black watch model #: AX1416 Case width: 49mm Case Height: 14mm Lug width: 22mm Dial: Skeleton Movement: Automatic mechanical 21 jewels (possible Japan or China) Crystal: Mineral Glass Exhibition case back Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters) MSRP: $295
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Girish Sharma (5 months ago)
nice video. Didn't find anything anywhere around the details that you have put up here. A few things - the black version (at least for me) has 10 ATM rating instead of 5. Also, I wanted to ask - how long the typical reserve lasts?

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