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Finding Literature Reviews through Google Scholar

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This video answers a student's question and shows you how to get to literature reviews in Google Scholar.
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Dan Nool (2 months ago)
This is totally outdated. I don't see any option in search bar to reduce the results of the topic that i'm looking for
Neil John Semaning (25 days ago)
Maybe you're outdated ;) jk
Dan Nool (2 months ago)
I'm taking my Masters Degree in Business Administration and google scholar is very helpful in finding a related review to your chosen topic for thesis :)
keven june (3 months ago)
Sometimes the boolean operators don't make sense in google scholar. For example, if I search "A", I may get 100 results. If I use a boolean operator, "OR", to search "A" OR "B", theoretically, I should get more results. But most of the time, I get fewer results instead. And sometimes if I change the order, e.g. "B" OR "A", I got different number of results too. Would you pelase tell me why?
Laxman Dissanayake (9 months ago)
Excellent explanation! Many thanks to you!
Glenn Jason Ferrer (1 year ago)
Can you help me to have a good topic for hospitality management thesis?
FERDOUSHI RAHMAN (10 months ago)
Hello As I m student of this Industry ,also searching. Now I m working on "supply & demand analysis on hospitality sector."
Moiz Iqbal (1 year ago)
Hi i really like your video :) can you please help to select a good topic on Technology for review paper
O'Grady Technology (1 year ago)
If you shoot an email to the gmail account associated with this site, I'd be willing to do what I can.
Serafim Nascimento (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, buddy! :)
O'Grady Technology (1 year ago)
Sorry to be slow on answering this, but you are very welcome.

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