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Combining Technical And Fundamental Analysis

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Rahmath (7 months ago)
Great video Jarrat how you can accurately identify the price movement window on post of events. I am so curious how to do that :)
Harnas31 (1 year ago)
- Higher time frame - I understand that it is possible to trade fundamental/sentiment based strategy on 1h and 15 min chart with short window opportunities. Is it possible to trade like that on daily chart taking into account how from day to day fundamentals/ sentiment change ? example 14th June FOMC hike - so buy usd - next day BOE 3-0-5 - so buy GBP - ; Now which way GBPUSD can go based on fundamental / sentiment, or maybe on higher time frame technical analysis is more important ?
Hi Harnas31, Yes! It is especially the fundamentals that drive prices longer term. The key is you need to identify bigger events that will fundamentally drive the market over time. For example when the ECB started quantitative easing, take a look at the EUR/USD in 2014. There is an example of how the fundamentals drove price strongly for a couple years. Technical analysis comes into play once you understand what is driving the market and where it is headed. For example, I just ignore any 'buy trade ideas' on the EUR/USD in 2014. I use my technical analysis to get short in that time period.

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