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Taxes in Germany explained (explainity® explainer video)

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If you live in Germany and earn money, in most cases you have to pay Taxes. But why does the State delve into our pockets like this? And what does we get out of it? explainity tackles these questions and gives some answers in this short clip. This clip is also available in German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghJhy40yCfM&spfreload=5 Script download: www.explainity.com/education-project/transskripte/ ------- This explainer video was produced by explainity GmbH Homepage: www.explainity.com E-Mail: [email protected] This explanatory film was produced and published for private, non-commercial use and may be used free of charge in this context for private purposes without consultation or written authorization. Please note, however, that neither the content nor the graphics of this explanatory film may be altered in any way. Please always give explainity as the source when using the film, and if you publish it on the internet, provide a reference to www.explainity.com. For commercial use or use for training purposes, such as projection of the film at training events (e.g. projection of the film as a teaching aid in school or in adult education), a licence is required. Further information on this subject will be found here: https://www.explainity.com/education-project If you are interested in an own explainity explainer video, visit our website www.explainity.com and contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.
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Text Comments (9)
Mk kkk (1 month ago)
Nice truth, and the Germans they don't have problems with paying that to other countries or the refugees. Every one pay TV tax without using it, what a lovely dimocraciy 😂😂😂.
Radeon315 (2 months ago)
painting a false picture here, most of the stuff you buy in germany is taxed at 19% not 7% but yes papers are taxed 7% .But just to be real here in germany you pay about 60% in duties and taxes from your income when you are a normal employee. I would list everything here but im too lazy for that you can look it up yourself here are some keywords : pension insurance, Health insurance, care insurance, unemployment insurance, Solidaritätszuschlag, Lohnsteuer, Sozialabgaben, GEZ gebühren These are the things you MUST pay and there are also a lot of "hidden" stuff when you buy things and or services. And it even goes crazyer when you owen a small business
Trabelsi Marwen (6 months ago)
is this easily explained ? you made it so complicated!
hubert williams (6 months ago)
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Otis Teetsmann (7 months ago)
HAHAHAHA what a lovely little bit of propaganda you made
David German (9 months ago)
Poor Fin is secretly saying Fuck the man!!
Nick Wenzel (10 months ago)
Taxation is theft. Fin can work for his family to pay the school, the fire brigade, and anything the state pays.
Hawk Who Knows All (9 months ago)
Nick Wenzel This is NAZI GERMANY still Alive.........
T Liberty (9 months ago)
Nick Wenzel das ist Richtig!

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