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How Lean Services Lead to Lower Costs and Happier Customers

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Toyota's lean production system transformed operations in the auto industry by reducing waste and streamlining manufacturing processes. Now these lean principles are being implemented in the service sector and the results have been dramatic: Costs are being slashed and vast improvements have come about in customer service. A variety of organizations, from call centers to hospitals, are discovering the benefits of lean services. Devesh Raj, a partner and managing director at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), spoke to [email protected] about the opportunities and challenges inherent in implementing lean processes within service-centric organizations.
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Sivakumar S (2 years ago)
Great Video! Very informative and interesting. Devesh brings the difference between manufacturing and services beautifully well and that makes us understand the concept better. Great!,..... The interviewer was also excellent... Can someone tell me the name of the interviewer?
Vital Sound (2 years ago)
This is excelent!
canadiancatgreen (4 years ago)
so question I know someone that has a self service wrecking yard.  a few days ago I was working at the yard I  saw someone who actually come to the yard fairly often.  he came near closing.  in fact actually it was after the time we allow customers in the yard.  he wanted to go see the cars in the place.  actually a number of customers do that but during normal yard hours.  which I should add he usually does too.  upon telling him that we are not supposed to let people in the yard within 30 minutes of closing he became somewhat almost dramatic like he was about bust into tears.  I let him in.  but he has done the same thing with 2 other staff one being the manager/owner.  both let me in and told him to remember for next time.  clearly he forgot again.  so for next time what should be done be done?  we want to please all our customers and he does buy  things occasionally.  they are cheap items but still is a customer   thing is after being told 2 time (maybe more when I am off) It seems like he is perhaps trying to take advantage of us  he seems to have good memory as he told us about different cars we almost forgot about 3 or more years ago.  and I he does not live far from the place   so please tell us what to do with this if it happens again.  which I think it will   Is he perhaps trying to take advantage of us and our courtesy?   and what to do about it if he is 
Vahid Masrour (5 years ago)
nks for sharing those valuable perspectives.

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