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Most DANGEROUS Bridges In The World!

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David Zoppetti (6 hours ago)
I will never cross 7 miles bridge in Florida again
David Zoppetti (6 hours ago)
I have been to the 7 miles bridge in Florida keys before and I was not scared or washed out at saw it is the only way to get to key west I went on a sunny day I did not know that it was on the list thanks for letting me know
Don Betz (1 day ago)
Dude i hope you wet the bed for this video
TBoy205 (2 days ago)
Who the fuck cares about the elevation above sea level?
LilaS Murray (4 days ago)
Stupid commentary. Not one fact to establish dangerous. One they even mention no one has ever fallen.
Eat Travel Happy (17 days ago)
Andrew Harlan (1 month ago)
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Mack-i-NACK.....aw hell mackiNAW
Kate Gruodis (1 month ago)
I think they are more scary than dangerous.
ProximaFilms 01 (1 month ago)
What music did use in this video ?
Jeremy Fowler (1 month ago)
How is everyone the most dangerous? How are you measuring the dangerousness of them? Are you looking at statistics? Nope You’re not so stop it. Just say this bridge is more scary then the last. Danger has nothing to do with it.
im irsh show less come on peps
Devin Brown77 (2 months ago)
It’s pronounced “Mack-in-aw
Mike Vandermus (2 months ago)
The Mackinac Bridge is not dangerous at all.... this videos is crock! Dangerous is different from scary....
James O'Connor (2 months ago)
It's pronounced Mac-in -naw, Like your spouse's parents are your in-laws. Not Mac -in -Ack.
Alan Smith (2 months ago)
What a load of tosh. panic alert!!! Danger you have been warned
Yoloshesh (2 months ago)
I went to (top 9) bridge. It was a beautiful place but the bridge was TERRIBLY SCARY!!!! people fell down into the really really fast going water I went along with a helper into the scary bridge came back and the next day I fell sick😑
AbleGoodman (2 months ago)
The announcer's statement, "it is suspended about 969 feet above sea level", is 100% INCORRECT. The sure-of-himself-sounding announcer needs to get his facts straight. Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state in the United States. The lowest point in Colorado is 3,315 feet above sea level where the Arkansas River crosses the eastern boundary of Colorado into Kansas. How do I know whereof I speak? Easy. I am 74 years old and was born in Colorado. I studied Colorado history in school, and I graduated high school in 1962 when most kids still got a decent education in public schools. I have hiked across the Royal Gorge Bridge numerous times, plus taken the incline railway to the bottom of the canyon. Considering the announcer's glaring and inexcusable (aka easily avoidable) error, I question how many other errors are contained in this video. This video is a glaring example of why one should ALWAYS verify information you find on the Internet.
Evan Plattner (2 months ago)
I crossed the mackinac bridge
Cjjr Bangloy (2 months ago)
Paano nasabi
BRAEGON (3 months ago)
The U Pain bridge gives U Pain
Kenneth Smith (3 months ago)
Frightening and dangerous are totally different! There is only one dangerous bridge in the video.
kim cotterhill (3 months ago)
I live in British Columbia canada
Richard Coble (3 months ago)
At 6:15 there r two..so which one is scary one?
Chris Rutherford (3 months ago)
do you folks know about the longest bridge in the world? Its the San Francisco- Oakland bay bridge. It goes all the way from Africa to Fairyland.
Rotor Trek (3 months ago)
This is the stupedist, most BS video I've seen on YouTube. I've driven over many of these bridges and they're neither scary nor dangerous. What a sack of $h!#.
Muhammad Ali (3 months ago)
This is very dangerous Hussaini bridges Pakistan
seth fisher (3 months ago)
Scary ? Dangerous ? I see beautiful views , clear skies , and plenty of people with smiles on their faces. I wish I could go on an extended journey to each one starting right now !
newyork trends (3 months ago)
i have been to the brige in Florida 7 mile brige
m bookey (3 months ago)
Nice computer voice. Why do people keep feeling compelled to make crappy videos like this???????
newyork trends (3 months ago)
they are going to build a new bridge in Detroit and get rid of the old one that rocks in the wind
newyork trends (3 months ago)
sorry i meant bridge
newyork trends (3 months ago)
i went to the beige in Florida i been across it it did not scare me at all
Hala Jaouhar (3 months ago)
I’m not happy 😱 scared 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Shahid Khan (4 months ago)
In khyber pakhtun khwa. There are hundred of bridges in the northern mountains which are like one tree connected from one place to the other. Or like one tree to the middle of the rapid flowing river attached to a stoned, and continued by another tree forward. You need to explore a lot of pakistan. I have been through these kind of bridges and only the husseini bridge can be compared to one of the dangerous, the others are not
Sivert Leinan (4 months ago)
Looks like all these bridges have the title as THE MOST DANGEROUS BRIDGE IN THE WORLD!!!
non yayet (4 months ago)
i have only watched a few of your videos. I'm glad they pay you well, unfortunately they are way off course, border line absolute lies in the cases that i have personal experience in the catagories that you are talking about. do you have any morals? religion? integrity? do you realize that some people actually believe you? how do you feel about knowingly giving out false information? isn't that like at least borderline evil?
darthvader5300 (4 months ago)
Emperor Hundred Head (4 months ago)
Did aa parrot dictate this rubbish . "'The most dangerous and scariest bridge in the World' Waffle, waffle waff. Typical American garbage
richard wiediger (4 months ago)
what does elevation above sea level have to do with height?
weird kinney (5 months ago)
tom dorn (5 months ago)
Get access that bridge big baby
Craig Rix (5 months ago)
Guy has the most annoying voice ever
The Enlightened Centrist (5 months ago)
Annoying narration, american english allways sounds obnoxius on these type of videos for some reason.
Dale Wilson (5 months ago)
I thought the royal gorge was above the colorado river?
Thanh Trieu (5 months ago)
The Best...….# 1
ganjasmoke21 (5 months ago)
It’s pronounced Mac-in-aw bridge and it’s not dangerous wtf...
majorcinnamonbun (5 months ago)
'Vehircles are not allowed to cross this bridge, becuase it's only large enough to carry people.' - Glad he cleared that one up...
Wilson Lazaro Jr. (5 months ago)
I think the most dangerous bridge, is the bridged over troubled water,,,hehehe kidding.
Isaac behind a ps4 (5 months ago)
These bridges looks scary cool not dangerous
SpartanBookhead (5 months ago)
The Mackinac Bridge (pronounced "Mack-uh-naw" NOT "Mackinak") is NOT dangerous! It is well-built and well-maintained. I've crossed it many, many times with no incident. The views of the Straits of Mackinac are beautiful.
SpartanBookhead (5 months ago)
If they are well-built and well-maintained, they are not "dangerous," just "scary" if one is afraid of heights.
HomeMoviesdotCa (5 months ago)
stupid false claims rip off
j p (5 months ago)
who writes the script for these shit videos??? like people are saying, everything is "the most..." and "-est!"...obviously written by non-english speaking people who can't comprehend the meaning of a SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVE. anyone else tired of this cheap crap?? just kinda ruins the subjects......and makes it feel like we're being SOLD something.
Been across some of these, the rest are on my bucket list now 👍
Roger Reimer (6 months ago)
This video is a joke i know 2 of the bridges and they are not that dangerous
Admiral T'mas (6 months ago)
I cross the bridge in Maryland all the time and never thought twice about it.
rmzidann (6 months ago)
The Kunar Bridge is in Afghanistan... at least get the country right.
MsVanorak (6 months ago)
In the UK if wind speeds or severe weather make bridge crossings DANGEROUS they are closed until the weather improves.  People aren't allowed into dangerous situations and I would have thought it was the same elsewhere.
Sharkygamer 0110 (6 months ago)
My cousins went on the capillano bridge I didn’t do it because I was soo young (but still able to talk and walk) my mom did it and said there’s a park on the other side so of it and it said it can hold 12 adult elephant 2 air fights about 1’000 I think and that’s all I remember. Ops sorry 😐 I meant I think it can carry 1’000 people. (I only think so don’t frick at me)
Red Jerry (6 months ago)
The scariest bridge ever is the Mercier bridge in Quebec lol.
Arch Stanton (6 months ago)
Whoever made this video is a major league wuss.
Brian M. (6 months ago)
I got vertigo just watching this!
Linda Brawley (6 months ago)
Me and my 3 kids walked across the Royal Gorge bridge and back to our car . The gorge is in Colorado but really wasn't scary at all.
Letticia Lopez (6 months ago)
I been on the 5 bridge because I live near it
Tom Ivan Kortkamp (6 months ago)
Driving across the Mackinac bridge was neither scary nor dangerous. Such a sensationalist!
Marcin Gesing (6 months ago)
North Guy (6 months ago)
Mispronounced "Mackinaw" Bridge, though it is spelled both ways. I drive across it frequently and it is neither scary or dangerous, its an extension of I-75.
Jason Olinger (6 months ago)
i wonder if you could equate cultural IQ levels just from the observation of these bridges?
Derek Smith (6 months ago)
There was a 1 lane bridge that crossed btwn Duluth, mn and Superior, WI right before the St.Croix River mouth 1 lane scary as hell shook, rattled gives me chills just thinking about driving across that thing
candycabngfl (6 months ago)
Really lame title on this one. More like 1 Dangerous Bridge and a bunch of scary ones. Other than the one in Afghanistan none of these bridges are any more dangerous than any other well engineered bridge . Scary maybe for some people but not dangerous to anyone unless maybe you are an idiot who cant control themselves while on a bridge.
Francillia Mccall (7 months ago)
I watch about bridge ‘s a lot so I don’t go on it when I get older
Peter Ökvist (7 months ago)
Why are they dangerous????
Lorrie Mayzlin (7 months ago)
it's NOT "Mack-in-knack" .... it's Mack-in-NAW"
Galaxy fun with Ella (7 months ago)
I’ll go on the one in nothern Ireland 🇮🇪
TheDarkestCow47 (7 months ago)
This person dose not know the definition of dangerous. Just because something is high it dose not mean its dangerous. If a bridge is 1000s of feet tall or 200 feet tall you will die if you fall witch you probably wont. I think the video should be called top 10 most scarier bridge because thats the only thing he says about every bridge. And for number 14 the pictures are not even accurate, he shows pictures of 5 different bridges. The only dangerous bridge in this video is number 9.
Josh 1275 (7 months ago)
Is it me or these bridges are quite dangerous?
Mia Davis Jackson (7 months ago)
Only bridges that cross water are dangerous.
omicrontheta1 (7 months ago)
These look pretty safe to me. Stabilizing cables, hand rails, precision engineering.
robert wood (7 months ago)
The U Pain or U Bein bridge is nowhere near the ocean. It's just outside Mandalay.
Mysteerio88 (7 months ago)
Hey, I've been on the capalano suspension bridge multiple times
edwinhopkins0 (8 months ago)
Jesus they all annotate be the most dangerous in the world!!!
fortunato (8 months ago)
OK, number 9 is dangerous.
Kane Campbell (8 months ago)
I have a fucked up urge to jump off really high platforms when I'm on them. I couldn't safely stand on any of these bridges.
Kyle Crow (8 months ago)
Lol I walked across number 13
Fred Doromal (8 months ago)
and guys Don't be rude to me if I say Mackinac the w is quiet
Fred Doromal (8 months ago)
I live in Michigan!!!!!
Fred Doromal (8 months ago)
I went across the Mackinac bridge and I survived!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀
ISDesigns Studio (8 months ago)
They were sooo scared no-one wanted to cross it again... Most drivers are unwilling to... Who scripts this sh*t?
Karl Heinz Wessolek (8 months ago)
I will not cross this hanging brigde
Mary (8 months ago)
SafeSpace2018 (8 months ago)
There is a big difference between "scary" and "dangerous". Other than the Pakistan and Myanmar wooden bridges, these bridges are not structurally dangerous. If the roadway suspension and concrete bridges you show were truly "dangerous", they'd either have collapsed, or been closed off, by now.
Carlos Gambrell (8 months ago)
Dude, what bridge are u talking about in last scene, those last two bridges are not the same?????
Ethan Sandberg (8 months ago)
Mak in Ak ? If you cannot pronounce the name right you shouldn't add it to your lame video
Jim Crawford (8 months ago)
What a load of crap!
CenturyOakWindStar (8 months ago)
None of these are dangerous at all. If they were they wouldn't be tourist destinations. Thumbs DOWN 👎
Frances Elaine Thurston (8 months ago)
We went on that bridge in Maryland. William Preston Bridge.
I’m not afraid of heights anymore
sjoldtimer (8 months ago)
I love how the narration says that if you are afraid of heights, you should find an "alternate route" around the Royal Gorge Bridge. Pretty easy, since it doesn't connect anything. It just goes from one side to the other. No highway or other through road uses it, so it is not a bridge that is necessary for travel. Just a bridge that was built because it could be built.
HTHTV3 (8 months ago)
@8:11 Beyonce`, think we just figured out (among other ideas) Y you named 1 of your songs *that.*
Geraldine Taylor (8 months ago)
You forgot about Indiana Jones and enemies shaking the bridge as you walk across

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