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QuickBooks Pro 2018 Payroll Process Check

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QuickBOoks Pro 2018 Paryoll - Processing checks will cover the generating of payroll check within the accounting software. Processing payroll can be one of the most confusing functions, partially because there are so many options in QuickBooks PRo 2018 and outside the accounting software using third party software. We will process the payroll within QuickBOoks Pro 2018. To due this we will need some kind of QuickBOoks pro 2018 payroll set up. We will be using the manual QuikcBOoks payroll. This is a free version which is great for understanding how the QuickBooks Pro 2018 payroll process works because it requires us to input the withholding, forcing us to contemplate what withholding are and how the accounting software calculates and records them. We will enter employee paycheck within the accounting software for two employees and analyze the effect on the financial statements, analyze the accounts effected by the Quickbooks Pro 2018's payroll process
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Jose M Solis (1 month ago)
So this video is about software that could calculate the payroll for you but instead we figure it out by calculator and manually put it in. I understand that the payroll person should understand the theory behind the calculations but why then buy software. In this case excel will do just fine or a yellow pad, if we are not using the system not even to print on check stock. Kind of reminds me of being kids and using our fingers to put food in the spoon to bring it to our mouths.
Bill Johnson (2 months ago)
It's axiomatic that "those who are completely familiar with any system are incapable of remembering what it's like to be new to that system." This video is a perfect example. instructions like "just click on the so-snd-do tab" are useless when you have no idea where the so-and-so tab even IS! By the time you find it the video is 10 minutes down the mystery path. "JUst set up your tax information" is useless instruction without SLOWLY and METHODICALLY explaining just how the hell to do that! That was the very reason I was watching this video, thank you very much for nothing...
Jessica Poulin (2 months ago)
Way to long, got super annoyed with all the useless extras and didn't finish the video. Went and found a shorter more to the point video and was successful.
Bill Johnson (2 months ago)
care to share where is, sistah? i'd like to watch THAT one!
quickpro accounting (4 months ago)
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Lilly James (9 months ago)
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