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Forex Excel Analyzer

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MyForexDashboard is the software tool that converts your broker's basic Forex account statements into in six powerful Excel dashboards, professionally organized according to the main trading aspects (Strategy, Risk, Money Management and Trading Psychology), providing the most key information from your own trading results, to help you improve your performance in the Forex market.
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Vladimir Anatolevich (5 years ago)
The secret of a successful trade on Forex! Leading trade since 2006. Now has developed a strategy, which brings profit of 100-150% per month! This method is very simple! A very simple and accessible information! For the novice trader and not only! goodzarabotok.mybb.ru (RU) mastertrader.topbb.ru (EN) Who wants to trade successfully in the Forex, please contact me! Within 24 response will be sent. Glad to help! With regards, Vladimir Anatolevich.
Alex Alaa (6 years ago)
@tbwkcwc I'm making about 3200 pips a month. Get the right strategy and everything falls into place. The system I use always has consistent results. Check out the video here > bit.ly/N2gTW6?=mqzdey

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