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Botswana Paperless Vat Manager

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BOTSWANA VAT MANAGER: Provides users with a comprehensive range of tools created to assist them in succeeding in today's challenging business environment. This program has been tailored to the current needs of Business owners and BURS Auditors by focusing on two relevant business requirements, Tax Invoices and Vat Return. We have made the impossible possible allowing Invoices to be scanned and attached to the system and managed in sequence of invoice number. Electronic invoices do not require scanning to be attached. This break-through has made it possible to save companies storage expenses and made it easy for auditors to cross reference Invoices submitted for VAT Return at the Click of a button. The software has capabilities such as storing Invoices submitted for BURS together with VAT Return Official Receipt within the System, making it even easier for auditors to authenticate Claims. Not only has the System made it easy for Auditors to access Invoices and Official Vat Return Receipts, we have also made it extremely easy for business owners to submit Vat by simply specifying date range for Vat due and a replica BURS Return form is filled out automatically allowing efficiency and accuracy during VAT Return periods.
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