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Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies

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Are you still using outdated Twitter marketing strategies and lacking real results? Today I have some Twitter marketing ideas that go beyond hashtags and talking to your followers. Share this video: https://youtu.be/dutIuM73rcM Learning how to use Twitter as a marketing tool for any business is a smart strategy. Whether you need more followers on Twitter or want to get the word out about a product, marketing using Twitter can be a powerful way to get it done. Today I have 3 strategies for successful twitter marketing. 0:43 Find Crowd Influencers 1:30 Who is Your Competition? 1:54 Combine Twitter with Content Marketing This is a great platform for social media marketing. Twitter marketing can get your brand seen! What are some of the tactics that you employ for marketing via Twitter? Do share! Website: http://goo.gl/LAVTWL On Wealth Mission Possible I discuss how to leverage the Internet as a profit producing platform and use it to build an audience that is attracted to you and your business. If you're a network marketer who wants to market your business online we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! SUBSCRIBE! http://goo.gl/ZIeK0I LET'S CONNECT! Wealth Mission Possible -- http://www.facebook.com/wealthmission -- http://www.google.com/+lisaj -- http://twitter.com/wealthmission -- http://pinterest.com/wealthmission Video Playlists: Blogging 101 - https://goo.gl/vg2D78 Quick Tips: https://goo.gl/mdpR2d Network Marketing training - https://goo.gl/9jKvmm Internet marketing training - https://goo.gl/4tCRbW Live broadcasts and collaborations - https://goo.gl/Lu4wkk
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Text Comments (5)
Nnamdi Anyanwu (3 years ago)
(trending hashtags + influencer + sub-influencers) is my strategy nice stuff Lisa
Sean Logan (3 years ago)
Good stuff Lisa :)
Lisa J (3 years ago)
Hi +Diamond Crafter10 - I plan to create more videos again starting next week. 
Diamond Crafter10 (3 years ago)
+Lisa J will you make another Video?
Lisa J (3 years ago)
+Sean Logan Thanks Sean! Glad you enjoyed it.

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