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How to Buy an Apartment Building with Other People's Money

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Join us for this live session hosted by Matt Faircloth to learn how to purchase & finance an apartment/ multi-family property using other people's money! If you're looking to get started investing in multi-family real estate but don't have the cash to put down, this live session will teach you how to find private money lenders, structure the deal, finance the deal, and succeed as a multi-family real estate investor! Want to learn more about Private Money? Join Matt's free live webinar - https://www.biggerpockets.com/webinars
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Text Comments (18)
sami shubert (3 months ago)
I am beyond disappointed
Michael Hylton (3 months ago)
I am about 10 minutes in, is the subject Syndication or, something similar?
L P (3 months ago)
Such a promising title, what a waste of time.. Skip this one. It's mostly a discussion about whether Facebook users can beat YouTube users at likes during the live feed. Not what I expected when compared to other biggerpockets content. On another note. No malice, just constructive Criticism. You are casting yourself for business purposes as a biggerpockets representative, invest in an HD web cam for $50.
Sam is Successful (3 months ago)
This was more about selling a book than actual deals with Apartments.
QuentinQuark (3 months ago)
Wow, the first thing you do is ask for likes and shares? How about putting out a great video with lots of info, and then asking for likes and shares at the end!
Cooking with Msvee (3 months ago)
Why biggerPockets comes up with this live segments? It’s just driving people away with constant unnecessary crap. No value and long just to waste people’s time. I’m going on the MLS.
DannyOcean (3 months ago)
Let me save you 40 minutes of your life, dont watch this video
Jorge Contreras (3 months ago)
Audio is pretty bad, and saw the comments and decided to not watch.
Joel Gierbolini (3 months ago)
He always does this! Give information! 40 minutes of this video is about likes and his books! Come on man! I know you know about real estáte. Just share your knowledge and stop been a sales person 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joel Gierbolini (3 months ago)
34 minutes*
Bambino The Great (3 months ago)
Thank you for the comments guys it save me 40 minutes.... I owe you all a beer
oso savage (1 month ago)
Thank you, you’re a saint!
Jeff Parkin (3 months ago)
Gave up after the first five minutes of plugs… Fail!
I_Buy Houses (3 months ago)
Steven Cameron (3 months ago)
Wow...i watched this video and you get off topic right away. Waste of 40min, or rename it...credit cards are bad, plugging my book, webinars, etc.
Joel Gierbolini (3 months ago)
Steven Cameron he always does this! There's been videos were I see him and automatically don't watch the video cause of this.
Steven Kleinman (3 months ago)
Dude stop talking about likes and actually give better infornation.
Ian (3 months ago)
I know I'm nobody but I feel compelled to share this feedback. I'm 17 minutes in and with the exception of a brief time where you stated the obvious that you can get other people to put money into a deal in exchange for equity, the rest of it has all just been like checks, thumbs up checks, like requests, talking about why it's good to share the video, book promo... etc. Not a fan of this style of webinar as I think the priority should probably be providing value to viewers. If you are new to doing webinars then please don't feel bad just take it as constructive criticism with a grain of salt

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