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Dubai Based Resident Attacks Loy Machedo Online For Asking For Donations - My Response

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Dubai Based Resident Mocks Loy Machedo On Asking For Donations - My Response A gentleman named Ishaq Sheikh from Dubai, UAE wrote on my comments section stating "This guy got some serious hit in Dubai, that's why he is asking money from people via paypal. So Cheap & Pathetic. Well, I am honored that at least he took the trouble of writing to me and stating whatever he felt inside. And given that he was kind enough to state his doubts - I thought it should be appropriate that I respond to him. Now the fact of the matter is that asking for donations on Paypal is normal especially for youtube or content creators. Almost all youtube channel content creators receive some form of revenue, donation or payments via their payment channel. Now this is something a salaried individual wouldn't necessarily understand simply because they live in a world where they are guaranteed an income - month after month. And salaried employees do not have to worry about when they next paycheck would arrive. But for people who work as Freelancers, Content Creators & Businessmen - there is no such thing as "guaranteed" income. And that is the category I belong to. So in this video, I address the issue of why I ask money via paypal or donations. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT [email protected] | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to [email protected] QUORA PROFILE https://www.quora.com/profile/Loy-Machedo MENTORING SERVICES http://thinkpersonalbranding.com/ MY BLOG https://loymachedo.com WHO AM I? http://whoisloymachedo.com MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"
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Text Comments (206)
R Subu (8 days ago)
Blind by their own knowledge. Thumb up to Loy, for excellent reply on time.
Syed Razzaq Ahamed (11 days ago)
Very good reply.
Syed Razzaq Ahamed (11 days ago)
You Dare I Do (2 months ago)
Rick Gp (2 months ago)
Hey! Tell me, how do u loose weight??
samay jain (2 months ago)
*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 Loy !* May GOD BLESS U & YOUR FAMILY !! Enjoy the Year ahead and beyond too !!!!
qasim fahd (2 months ago)
Stupid malawari syco
Loy Machedo (2 months ago)
Uneducated fucking cunt who cannot spell
samay jain (2 months ago)
Loy, I appreciate your efforts and achievements you have done in your life. You are an amazing person. Good work.
samay jain (2 months ago)
Loy, I am sure, you're a Rich man.
steven constansis (2 months ago)
Bollywood woul want you ! Have you thought about it ??
steven constansis (2 months ago)
Kudos !! I want to see the story about your tattoos please !
Vab The Fab (2 months ago)
Massive respect to you SIR 😊
ahmed LSCM (3 months ago)
man whats ur age ?? 36 years in dubai ?? you look younger than your age... stay blessed man... hows thailand for a living .. if one is willing to shift is it a good place brother ??
Ranska Alfred Il (2 months ago)
Bro....you're cool....it's good to be true....
Loy Machedo (3 months ago)
Thank you. Thailand for a living? Its becoming harder & expensive.
Saji S (3 months ago)
Loy is doing wonderful job- caring others, mentoring others, using his accumulated knowledge and experiences to share with others for good cause. I recently only reached loy through youtube, it really helped me to think about myself and where i am standing and encouraged me to do more. Me too wish to contribute for the services he is doing currently what others. It will help him to do more to reachout the common people.
Crystal Shine (3 months ago)
Wellsaid bro
eby mathews (3 months ago)
bro are you a mallu.....cause if you are reveal.....you are an original INDIAN from India you are not an emarati neither you are from thailand
Loy Machedo (3 months ago)
Which part of "Loy Machedo" sounds Emirati to you?
eby mathews (3 months ago)
why aren't you working..... why do live the way you live... your tattoo shows you are completely confused
Loy Machedo (3 months ago)
I'm not working because I have plenty of savings. I live the way I live because I love the way I live And my tattoos are none of your fucking business.
David swick (3 months ago)
Go janitorial tutorial go!!! You're as about as Interesting as watching gloss paint dry. You're as irritating as a fly around my meal!! When I see your deficated face I say to myself this is a man who's no knowledge of why God has created him....
David swick (3 months ago)
Thank you for your words which sums you up totally . Arrogant, ignorant, unintelligent.
Loy Machedo (3 months ago)
Another mother fucking a nothing and nobody keyboard warrior cunt....
Shaik Mohammed parvez (3 months ago)
True everyone deserves Money for their work
A'dam Glass (4 months ago)
sham rijal (4 months ago)
love u man ...great words ..
jasmine abdulla (4 months ago)
If you are intelligent have good qualification n outlook you ll feel failure by living in UAE coz you are in fools garden n surrounded by idiots n standing helplessly n feel like you are chained n one good thing is you can share these feelings with your countrymen or with neighbouring countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh...These people should understand why Indians Pakistanis n Bangladeshis are working here coz of bad n poor political systems once they get efficient PM they ll run back to der countries
Scorpion mortal kombat (5 months ago)
Your videos are great and awesome
Tutz (5 months ago)
Agree!! 👌🏼
Maroof Butt (5 months ago)
Although I've been following your channel/videos from quite some time but I've come across this video today only. The thing that I love about you the most Loy is that you are so freakin real. I mean whatever you utter (regardless of whether it's good or bad) sounds so real and logical. So don't give a flying fuck about the haters and keep doing what you are good at. Those who are criticizing you should simply read my below mentioned words and shove them up their *** (you know where) "Listen up people ! Loy isn't forcing you to watch his videos or to pay him. He's just asking or requesting to support him and his channel. If you don't like what he does and you believe that he doesn't deserve to watched and paid then simply F*** off. Nobody is forcing you to watch his videos or pay him. Throwing filth at someone without a proper justification is utter non-sense. I myself also don't agree with everything Loy says and neither do I pay him but what I love about the guy is that he's brutally honest and real about whatever he says. He doesn't fabricate or manipulate facts. His opinion is entirely based on his understanding and knowledge". So keep up the good work Loy and all I would say to your haters is that "if you really dislike Loy, then stop watching his videos and following his channel. He's better off without such followers"
Jeremy Dixon (5 months ago)
Hi Loy, could you please make it so we can support you via Patreon?
Loy Machedo (5 months ago)
Send the donation via paypal Make the payment to [email protected]
Helen Ruing (5 months ago)
Absolute clapback to hater. #respect
Helen Ruing (5 months ago)
Absolute clapback to hater. #respect
Pronil (5 months ago)
Love your video brother ...lots of respect for you .....and lots of love ....
Ahmed Naveed (5 months ago)
Respect brother and very humble of you to even consider to reply that looser sheikh
Ese Callum (5 months ago)
The Dubai resident attacking him is one of those who never had to strive in life and lives a VERY SHELTERED LIFE. prabably a millionaire who got rich of slave labor.
Hjggg Ghggf (6 months ago)
I am Thai .any problems call me I live in silom 0962381532
eby mathews (6 months ago)
This seems to be one big SCAM asking people money for nothing.
Derebail Bharath (2 months ago)
Asking money for service is not scam
Sadik's Travelogues (6 months ago)
Thank you Ishaq Shaikh your comment and most importantly Thank you so very much Loy for putting your perspective. This reminds me Wiston Churchill’s quote “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip”
Loy Machedo (6 months ago)
Dear Sadik, Thank you for supporting my comment. I'm glad someone realized this about Loy. We can be friends or something more if you like. Also, please pass my regards to your ugly mother for sucking my cock. She really has amazing experience & just like you - she too is customer focused. Given the incredible service, I recommend your ugly mama to my friends. And now all my friends are all interested in your ugly mother. We hope your mummy can give us all a group discount. Please let me know at the earliest. Love & Regards Ishaq Shaikh. PS - I'm curious to know why your mother named you Sad-Dick?
Jay Something (6 months ago)
Loy I like your videos. However , I am happy to get up every morning and put in a day's work. My salary is small compared to what unearned in Dubai but I take it with pride and its mine.
Meraj Aslam (6 months ago)
You remind me of Imam Siddique of Big Boss, Indian TV Drama Show. You seem to me from a breed of creative people and I really respect your ideas.
N I (6 months ago)
U deserve all the donations, keep them, and make good videos. Love u bro
Loy Machedo (6 months ago)
N I (6 months ago)
Thanks for liking
apocalypse thing (6 months ago)
Loy Machedo Bro you're a down to earth person thumbs up pal go Loy go vote for Loy Machedo
aun ali shah (6 months ago)
Superb reply 😋
enu de guise (6 months ago)
U r profound to put all this fucking hearts on to Ur haters
black heart (6 months ago)
loy thing is that u always have proper justification for everything this is what most people lack these days...they just bark
BLACK HAWK (6 months ago)
You look like a tiger in sunlight..
noota alali (6 months ago)
Man your so talented why don’t you work do something start small business why you wast your time on telling people about Dubai and other countries.your still in same place on you tube everyday I don’t see you in next level ,you can teach kids English and earn money
sai kumar (6 months ago)
nice. loy
Danny Drake (6 months ago)
awesome brother. awesome!! good bombardment.
Pristine Stays (6 months ago)
i can understand you are njoying ur life as freelance youtuber.. but u said u are poor in terms of hifi life style. you are a rich man common you have a home, you have knowlegde
Pristine Stays (6 months ago)
36 years in dubai and still r u poor???
Bernardine Ali (6 months ago)
All the best !!!
Sameh Kamal (6 months ago)
Why should i say no? Obviously you can't earn yours so easier to take.. You're healthy young sound like educated but what's the use of it if it ends up taking donations like a crippled?? .. From this video i can tell all of your stories are just fantasies.. This is just a scam
Jack Jarome (6 months ago)
A person with out any dept is the richest
Raven (6 months ago)
if people are criticizing you Loy then you must doing something right. at least you are not brown nosing some idiot in the corporate world. life is too short. keep it up
vijgo kondkar (7 months ago)
Shazia Muhamme (7 months ago)
I don’t care what religion You belong , color, country or wats that drawing on ur face BUT what matters to me is ur such an humble guy and that’s the thing we all should be motivated about .. May ur family lead a happy life. Ameen
Shazia Muhamme (7 months ago)
Respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰. Stay Blessed
Mohd Shareef (7 months ago)
madhu prabhakaran (7 months ago)
Really impressive- calm response, content, value of money, reality.
The Hungry Hyderabadi (7 months ago)
Stupidity all around us
O A P (7 months ago)
I am so happy that I found this channel.....
Andre Beretta (8 months ago)
If it wasn’t for their resources those dumb bastards would be sleeping in the sand right now
Beastmaster Aloha (8 months ago)
high five mohn jah mohn
Rachel Portacio (8 months ago)
donations are donations. idiots. they are given freely. Hi Mr. Loy, I think you're smart and having the courage to speak up your mind. and i admire you for that. I love all your videos. God bless you ❤️
Take the money brother, take every cent and every dollar, don't mind the haters. Your channel is very informative so you're worth every dollar of donation.
Beastmaster Aloha (8 months ago)
yow yow yow mohn ain't no shame in begging, or asking for help brother mohn stealing & cheating ain't no good but yow are a gentleman requesting for money so as keep yow going well for yow video uploads just ignore dah negative comments from haters keep moving on up bro gonna gotta get yah real sponsors mohn remember all dah five fingers ain't no same KEEP MOVING ON UP
Anand Salaskar (8 months ago)
I need your help sir ...how can I contact you ?
abhishek chakraborty (8 months ago)
Good one sir
jimmiey Jim (8 months ago)
Lol you guys have no idea how racist this guy is to muslims. Just saw a comment on his useless 10 reasons to not go to dubai. And he replied to a muslim in the worst way he could. Thinking of all the racist lines his tiny brain could create.
CA. Manish Santani (8 months ago)
Respect bro.. 👍🏻👍🏻 very well said and being kind is in itself a richness, which many people lack.. Keep spreading positivity around.. the best thing u can do as a content creator.. wish u all the success in life.. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻👍🏻👍🏻
allahu akbar (8 months ago)
zxzv1 (8 months ago)
LOL! :) Loy, this Ishaq Sheikh must have felt his Islamic faith dented whenever you give yr. opinion on these A Gulf countires situation. Keep it going Loy !
prajith kp (8 months ago)
Evn I studied in sis bro... I failed in my life tooo... Uh are my motivation... Love uh brooo 😘😘
Mr Feast (8 months ago)
Respect to you from Kuwait. I love how smart you are and educated through book reading more than most of the idiots with college degrees. Btw what's the story of the tattoos?
f s (8 months ago)
Jelous people leave Loy alone you are just jelous of Loy because he is successful
Habil K.J (8 months ago)
hahahaha on his face. I just love you man , keep those videos coming. I love entrepreneurs and great mindset that’s what u have. God bless you.
Sana Sadiq (8 months ago)
I think you should become a motivational speaker.. i was brought up and lived in dubai for 27 years not anymore now in Africa
Rob R (8 months ago)
Real deal. Pure class. I don't know if it was ever said of Ishaq.
Akib Sheikh (8 months ago)
I wanna donate money to you as u r doing good job reply how to
Omar Tayfour (8 months ago)
Wait , a you tube bum is putting himself in the same category as businessmen just because both don't receive salaries ? This is a joke ..... No one told you to take up YouTube blogging as a full time job ,you just felt lazy not to do any real work
Marija Radakovic (8 months ago)
Your videos are very good and very useful. You are refreshment for this youtube and keep going. As i can see down, some monkeys are commenting about money or your work, actually their face pictures are enough to understand who is talking. So! Please share more of your daily life, thoughts and life issues you overcome. Good luck and all the best! You have my attention.
Tabassum Rehman (8 months ago)
Y u left Dubai?
Jacenta Jascinta Joseph (8 months ago)
Hello bro. Sorry..i dont know who you are. .? You said you are not a.rich man...and you not working..........!!! You had 2hands and 2 legs...Look for job or any jobs...but seem that you looking for easy money....you know wht i means...but you have money for ur tattoos...Be a man..Dont begging....#Onnoying..
Laila CapiSatrn (8 months ago)
Greetings! Loy my brother! I believe in you!!! I even educated my Indian Yemeni fiancé about you! He can't understand English but I'm teaching him Alhamdullilah And at first he was disgusted by your face tats but when he listened n watched you while translating it to him and really realized that you're cool and smart he wants to come to you and make/plan a good business with you!!! In SHA Allah After he fixed my visa situation here in Dubai and if I have my Emirates ID we will get married and we will celebrate and start up our business venture! Allah Kareem!
Omar Tayfour (8 months ago)
You take that as an example to follow ? You're off to a bad bad start in the UAE
Loy Machedo (8 months ago)
Thank you for your kind words.
Binu Joseph (8 months ago)
Prager U is kool .... Some times i listen Dennis n the radio..
tushar kapoor (8 months ago)
What grade did you Drop out?
Loy Machedo (8 months ago)
tushar kapoor (8 months ago)
Which country are you in? What's your current Job? Did your parents accept you?
Loy Machedo (8 months ago)
1) Thailand 2) Personal Branding Strategist 3) Does it matter now at the age of 41?
fahad sayed (8 months ago)
DEAR Respected brother Great Mind discuss new ideas and things, General Mind discusses surroundings and Weak Mind discuss people. you are doing your work sharing your experience people learn a lot from your experience .some people are jealous because they can not make informative video like you and discuss like you
Akshay Malolan (8 months ago)
Why have you left Quora?
amandeepv (8 months ago)
What camera are u using
amandeepv (8 months ago)
Best of luck to you as long as you don’t spread hate or tell lies
Mathews Jacob (8 months ago)
Mustafa attarwala, people like you are scum.I bet you are an ignorant low life who does nothing good in life, like your name.I know people like you and all this is because you are not educated.scumbag.
mustafa attarwala (8 months ago)
There are thousands in Africa eating mud clay Doris to help rather than helping this fake quack .nonsense
muthureddy arunachalam (8 months ago)
This is not an acceptable way of earning. You will be a burden on the society on the long term.
smart pants (8 months ago)
U rock man
No Nonsense (8 months ago)
What a dickhead! Why put vids up if you’re going to get but-hurt when someone leaves a comment?!
mustafa attarwala (8 months ago)
There are thousands in Africa starving than helping this quack fake dope
Hari Menon (8 months ago)
Attarwala you stink pal .
Aryan Bodhi (8 months ago)
Loy you forgot to also mention SUGAR MUMMIES. I heard it is a new scam! Loy you are candid and I appreciate being straight on face. Dubai is for ppl who are wise and know how to control their greeds and wants.
Danish khan (8 months ago)
Loy i really appreciate that you took time to respond some shitwhole .these bitch ass salary slaves are like 🐸 in well their thoughts are small as their shitwholes
Kumar Kumar (8 months ago)
You will change your thougts after sometime when donations stop coming. Then you will not ask if he was employed or not. Lol
Kumar Kumar (8 months ago)
In all ur crap videos this one tops.
Kumar Kumar (8 months ago)

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