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10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs

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We did the math on the grunt-to-grat ratio for you, with 10 jobs you wouldn't expect to be well-paying, and the details on what it takes to land the position, in this episode of The Infographics Show, 10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2glTFyc ⭐ MILITARY PLAYLIST —► http://bit.ly/MilitaryComparisons WEBSITE (You can suggest a topic): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow CHAT: DISCORD.....►https://discord.gg/sh5JwUw SOCIAL: Facebook...► https://facebook.com/TheInfographicsShow Instagram..►https://www.instagram.com/theinfographicsshow Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode:
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Text Comments (4701)
The Infographics Show (1 year ago)
Sorry about the little text mixup. Was rushing to get the video uploaded on schedule :'(
Cheelyn Wang (1 month ago)
Ninja Kitty (1 month ago)
The Infographics Show how about spies appears in movies,tv,video games,and comic books like totally spies,James Bond,kingsman the secret services,and Ada wong from resident evil series.
RedtigerRage 624 (2 months ago)
You son of a Bitch
Morgan Gammon (16 hours ago)
I’m a fisherman we don’t get crab we get lobster haulabit and herring
Leo and Jessie Buesst (23 hours ago)
#1: Rob a bank.
My asian mom is lying....DOCTORS DON’T GET PAID WELL!
Sandra Walters (1 day ago)
BreakCash. info - Make fast cash online.
Chris Richards (1 day ago)
Great resource. I'm now earning 75 dollars per day working from home.
Kevin Hughes (4 days ago)
I’m a miner and I think it should be surprising underpaid jobs!
TheStopMotionManiac (5 days ago)
Im 9
Rachel Magowan (7 days ago)
Get a job for a mortgage loan company, my sister, brother in law and husband all work at the same place as mortgage brokers and they all make over $200k a year after 2 months of training and paid for licensing.
Magi V (7 days ago)
When I was little, I wanted to be a firefighter. It would be very difficult to get the job as a woman though, simply because the physical tests are very hard and I'm pretty much the opposite of buff, even slightly underweight. But you're telling me you get to help people, feel good about yourself AND make money? Maybe it's time to give it a try:P
hi people (8 days ago)
im a senior in highschool and i dont know what career i want because i dont even like or am even passionate of a certain subject or matter, i am doing well in every subject though...so what should i do?
Connor Allan (9 days ago)
Uhh what about brain surgeons that can make millions a year?
Omar Sheriff (9 days ago)
Is it for PA??
YukiSkullDoll (10 days ago)
Donating eggs aren’t worth it I heard...
Venom201009 (10 days ago)
E-commerce pays me $170-$200,000 a year :) Getting a warehouse soon so I can bump that up to 7 figures a year.
Mon Core (10 days ago)
And here I am born and still currently living in a 3rd world country slaving my life in an office job for more than 9 hrs a day and not even getting half of what these jobs offer. I am an Accountancy graduate for fucks sake. Someday... I will live in America and fulfill my dream of becoming a trucker. Someday... :')
「Eternity」 (12 days ago)
Looking for a job?! Well say no more... Suicide bomber get paid 1m dollars
The Gaming Elite (12 days ago)
When i graduate high school im moving to L.A. so i can be a longshoreman
The Gaming Elite (12 days ago)
+The Infographics Show Thanks!
The Infographics Show (12 days ago)
Best of luck!
Dawnxtr (12 days ago)
I'm 14 and I'm already getting pressured about my future by family and school
David Gomez (12 days ago)
Some of these figures could be skewed especially the government jobs because they count your benefits in the "pay". According to public information I make 130k as a BART mechanic in the bay area. I'll see maybe 60k of that. The rest is health, vision and dental benefits, and pension.
TubeScavenger (14 days ago)
You'd have to be a special type of low life to think someone working as a miner is white trash.
Christian Ayala (15 days ago)
Air traffic controller.
THE BEST JOB EVER IS BEING A YOUTUBER (Edit) imma like my own comment cause no one will like it
Lemon Z (14 days ago)
Its Unkown CatZilla _playz858 * *likes* *
Y2JArmyofficial (16 days ago)
im going to catch craps thenlol
Diamond Warrior (16 days ago)
How about donating sperm
EP B (17 days ago)
#1-Making videos this bad
Trollin Charlie (18 days ago)
i dont pay humans to suck my cock, they pay me to suck my cock
bill demmon (18 days ago)
you are nuts!
bill demmon (18 days ago)
silly.... train work?
James Bellar (20 days ago)
I’m a Firefighter in the 4th Largest City (Houston) and I will NEVER come close to making $300k a year even if I were to work my way up to Chief over a 35yr career. This list is a joke
Benjamin Mendez (22 days ago)
I wish pilots would get good money.
Catharsis Lightshows (24 days ago)
How is a doctor that specializes in anesthesia "surprisingly" a high paying job?
aaron short (25 days ago)
Umm where's the surprise, if I was asked Pryor to video I would've already guessed all those jobs would pay very good and some very well known for excellent pay. Idiots
Frank Sinatra (26 days ago)
i am a garbage eater... its fun
Supes Me (27 days ago)
You forgot sales. If you’re a people person and like the challenge you can still make great money there. I just finished up 25 years in broadcasting but always had a sales gig on the side. Now I want to do full time sales
Kristijan Kindernaj (27 days ago)
Did you mean surveyor?not building inspector
Sobuj Khan (28 days ago)
Yes I am trying
Anonymous (30 days ago)
Not useful.
Christopher Sewell (1 month ago)
Helicopters airplane fighter jet I asked the army boss for up strais
Christopher Sewell (1 month ago)
Bunker under my home motor bikie ferrari caravan
Christopher Sewell (1 month ago)
I’ve traveled the world
Christopher Sewell (1 month ago)
Hi I’m looking for a job business card appreciate ship imma black belt strip and bodybuilder
Cheeseballchuck (1 month ago)
Unfortunently I know some of this information is just straight wrong. I like your videos but maybe do a bit more research?
sothea mean (1 month ago)
Being the children of bill gate
BOB THE ROB (1 month ago)
how to get rich , make a YouTube channel and stream fortnite , then wait for mr beast and jake poul to donate you
Brad the Pitts (1 month ago)
11. Rugrat crews in city areas such as Santa Monica that support Electric Scooter share companies - they charge and repair their scooters. They are not direct employees of Bird, Lime, Razor, etc., but I personally know several people doing this and they are banking over $100K each! (Working 50-60 flexible hours per week.)
Smith Ed (1 month ago)
I just started high school and I'm already w I tried about my future
Eunae Kim (1 month ago)
I would jump at the opportunity to work as a city employee or a writer for the federal government. That's just a hop, skip and a jump away from my current job as a data entry keyer!
Michael Townley (1 month ago)
Rebecca Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Language interpreters make good money too.
Best President (1 month ago)
If I make 365,000 a year I get 1,000 dollars a day that’s a lot of Vbucks😄😏😃 FORTNITE SKINS HERE I COME😃😃😃😃😃😃
Isavirs (1 month ago)
What’s the job featured on the thumbnail? I need to get it!
Tristan Mueller (1 month ago)
Bryan Calhoun (1 month ago)
Anesthesiologist is serious serious serious serious business.. it's INSANE!!!!
Bryan Calhoun (1 month ago)
The crab fishing thing is NUTS!!!! They have Six week season's but they make a lot of $$$$$$$$. BUT IT'S SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS!
JGBLADES (1 month ago)
200,000 a year as a crabber LOL lies! Only if you are the Captain!
PythonWarrior (1 month ago)
All BS
taylor Jams (1 month ago)
anesthesiologist should be kind of obvious. Then again, maybe not everyone has actually seen a breakdown of their surgical bill. Lol.
MURDA KILLA 15 (1 month ago)
Long shore man because it’s not dangerous at all and u make 💰💰💰
Neurosurgeons make $915,000 per year but they work 80 hrs a week
Alan LaHay (1 month ago)
I’m in for any job that’s not in an office
Yeppers Peppers (1 month ago)
3 words for career happiness and financial stability... Live your dream? Or *Farmers market manager?*
So if i donate an egg, i can pay off my student loan debt just by donating 2 eggs. Sounds legit.
Kylian Sanchez (1 month ago)
Intend hearing bother ksibw title disappear American press white total.
I_tricks sandesh (1 month ago)
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Robert Willis (1 month ago)
Mine operator
Simplynesley15 (1 month ago)
Girl my parents are anesthesiologist and they get paid more than 300,000 it’s actually 360,000 but that’s just them it’s probably different because of the city you live in idk but even though my parents get paid 720,000 per year I’m not happy it’s just they are workaholics and I don’t like it I rather them just work less and us having less money because I never get to see them but it’s whatever
Ninja Kitty (1 month ago)
High paying jobs that’s it
Miss_maisy_moo ! (1 month ago)
This might seem weird but, could you do a video on 10 jobs that are surprising low paying? Mainly ones that you need to have a degree for.
TearLilyd (1 month ago)
Definitely disagree with the firefighter one. Some others are sand blasting I think it's called where you blast sand at thing to take paint and such off? Make great money but it sucks and can ruin your skin and is dangerous. Apparently translators make great money especially those that end up being needed and will sign contracts with organizations like FEMA or for government. Was told by sign language interpreter that if you are willing to go wherever FEMA sends you for like 2 years or more contract you make bank but have to go to disasters and stay while being built
I wanna know how its like to be inside of a animatronic suit for long periods of time
Darek M (1 month ago)
"Did you know that this career still exists?" is not a good start to pitching a career to someone.
ilikeceral3 (1 month ago)
Union jobs for life!
ilikeceral3 (1 month ago)
Union jobs for life!
galacticmarleyplayz (1 month ago)
I’m not in middle school yet and jobs give me anxiety please help me find a job people 😓
James O'Phelan (1 month ago)
Number 11: Bartending. Easily make $90k working 4-5 days a week at a good bar in a city. Go in a 4pm, get out at 2am, have your mornings and afternoons off. Listen to poor people tell you to get a real job.
Dede7stars (1 month ago)
Firefighters in my county get paid at most 38,400$ per year
F.B.I (1 month ago)
*just your regular check up*
Puppen Von Hyppen (1 month ago)
What kind of a loser makes less than 1 M per year? That kind of fourth class trash plebians aren't worth the title "human being"'
Narender Sharma (1 month ago)
Bro plz make a video on Vedic Maths
Scott Seufert (1 month ago)
You forgot truck driver. Few months of training, national average is $78k in the US. Owner operators can hit $200k before expenses, which vary depending on if your truck is paid for or not.
aarxxnvzn (1 month ago)
What about UPS driver? I hear they make 100k +
Mailbox Contact (1 month ago)
Pipeline welder: $180k and up
Christian Stephan (1 month ago)
Isn’t it called a fisherman, not a crabberman?
De Jules b (1 month ago)
Firefighter surprised me.
DjaniTheGamer SFM (1 month ago)
1. Twitch streamer
Dan Ham (1 month ago)
how much can an alcoholic make ?
Addust Channel (1 month ago)
When I make a science company the income for mid-level staff would be around 10 thousand.
James Anthony (1 month ago)
So only 4 percent would be miners?! Ok
James Anthony (1 month ago)
Imma just be a golf instructor
Vlad Xavier (2 months ago)
This video is complete crap on almost all levels. I have no idea where they got these numbers. I heard someone in the comment section saying their husband grossed 56k a year as firefighter and that's fucking impressive. On the national average, these guys gross on average around 40k, with the low-ball being in the 20k range. It is an extremely stressful and thankless job. My point is not to virtue signal. A while back, I was in school for EMS/FIRE and didn't like it. It's not for everyone and if you're looking to make big dollars, this is definitely not it. It's a career for people that care through and through about helping someone in need.
Kezro (2 months ago)
the local mcdonalds pay more than a qualified nurse caretaking nursing homes
Bathroom and Sewer cleaners have a better paying jobs.
Anonyrmond Sallidao (2 months ago)
Honsetly In todays society People from class A study for years to have a high salary(employee) while people from class C are mostlikely the uneducated ones but some of them rarely creates a company where graduates from class A work.
Max Walker (2 months ago)
These people don’t know about Merchant Navy, and You can earn about 150000 dollars as a Captain
Vanessa Martinez (2 months ago)
Im ganna be a fireman when i grow up
Empire Captains (2 months ago)
Worry about the gas lines and collapsing rubble, are the main dangers as a firefighter. I sure they have fireproof suits for hose firefighters. Just worry about the gas line, if it blows then your dead. Also worry about the ceiling since it can fall on you.
YouTube is the best app. (2 months ago)
Not one of those is available to felons.
Firefighters in Chile gets no pay
Alejandro Mirabal (2 months ago)
For any new faces here, go to a trade school. I spent 2 years doing an Associate's in Fine Art at my community college and they barely even taught me jack squat about how to create art. If you want how to learn to make art, go to a local atilier school and learn. Community college had me waste time and financial aid on a year of general ed courses. I didn't even want to go to college to begin with because you don't need it to be a tattoo apprentice. Only went to please the parentals and show them I had a college education like they wanted me to have. I later realized I didn't want to forsake my love for vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles by spending 50 hours a week in a tattoo shop overcharging clients and kicking up most of my hard earned cash up to the owner for the rest of my life. So I enrolled in a trade school for mechanics to get my ASE certification. Brakes, suspension, engine swaps, engine disassembly/reassembly, manual and automatic transmission repair, all electrical wiring, the list goes on. Entry level work is $18 an hour, and grows as far as you want it to. I worked Advance Auto Parts for a year. One of my best friends that got laid off graduated with his ASEs certs. He worked as a Master Technician in BMW, Cadillac and works in a luxury supercar dealership now making $48 an hour. I'm very much in love with the decision I made by jumping the college ship and going to a trade school instead. And yes, I still a scratcher with my tattoo machine on my free time. I don't like making essays for comments but if anyone feels like asking me a question, I'll answer.
EPFB Gaming (2 months ago)
My brother in law is a fairly high ranked forest service firefighter and he doesn't earn nearly as much as you specified in the video.

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