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PSE's Free Webinar (Fundamental Analysis) on July 06, 2018

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Joel Barrameda (1 month ago)
Ummm. Ummmm ummm... too.much umm and repeated words.. I think lack.of preparation for this webinar. Can't Imagine if I will attend live seminar like this. Please think about the audiences.
travis broussard (3 months ago)
This is almost unbearable. You can't understand him half the time; and when you can he constantly repeats himself about only the most basic concepts of fundamental analysis. This video seems to come from a guy who read one article about fundamental analysis in the stock market, and now is trying to turn the first paragraph of that article into a one hour webinar; which is definitely not worth anyone's time
Fernando Quintos (3 months ago)
Thank you po sa Video na to!
Krissywith E (5 months ago)
Which bloomberg app exactly? There are a lot of "bloomberg" when searched in the google app store.
陳俊智 (7 months ago)
Hi pse! Why I can't open the pse.edge...I'm here in Taiwan...pls reply thanks in advance.

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