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How To Pay VAT In Saudi Arabia | How To Make VAT Payment After VAT Return In Urdu and Hindi

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This video about how to pay VAT in Saudi Arabia. After filing VAT return in Saudi Arabia, taxpayer has to pay VAT. This video shows the ways how to pay value added tax in KSA. After a taxpayer files his returns, the payment process is initiated when a SADAD invoice, containing the invoice number and the amount due, is automatically generated. Once the SADAD invoice has been generated and sent to the taxpayer, the payment of Tax must be made to the designated bank account of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) through the SADAD payment gateway, either online or via the ATM. After the payment, the taxpayer will receive a payment receipt from GAZT. This will contain an attachment with the unique return reference number and the amount paid. _________________________________________________________________ For more videos subscribe our VAT KSA HELP channel: https://goo.gl/nT5Pws _________________________________________________________________ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/102226026946356528275 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VATKSAHELP Twitter: https://twitter.com/VATKSAHELP You can also check our following videos on Value Added Tax (VAT) in Saudi Arabia from 2018: VAT Payment In Saudi Arabia: What Happens If A Taxpayer Misses VAT Payment In Saudi Arabia? https://goo.gl/XMgmra VAT Payment In Saudi Arabia: How To Make Instalments Of VAT Payment In Saudi Arabia https://goo.gl/cDb5mX VAT Payment In Saudi Arabia | Can A Taxpayer Make Instalment Of VAT Payments In Saudi Arabia https://goo.gl/oXf7eb How to File VAT Return in Saudi Arabia In Urdu and Hindi https://goo.gl/Xv8Grn VAT in Saudi Arabia: When To File VAT Return In Saudi Arabia https://goo.gl/YMafRA VAT In Saudi Arabia 2018 | What Is VAT Return In Saudi Arabia? In Urdu and Hindi https://goo.gl/Zv8XMN Saudi VAT App. | Mobile Application For VAT In Saudi Arabia https://goo.gl/dFgNRv How to Check VAT Registration Number In Saudi Arabia | Taxpayer Lookup Tool https://goo.gl/Ny7Tq5 VAT in Saudi Arabia on Transportation | VAT on Air Tickets in Urdu and Hindi https://goo.gl/bQVTG4 VAT in Saudi Arabia in Urdu and Hindi https://goo.gl/1mN919
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