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how to download paid journal for free

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FOR DOWNLOADING GO TO "http://adf.ly/1FQMiF"...
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Text Comments (124)
Maira Thorn (3 days ago)
Bad video man! Ur confusing
Arpit Gala (12 days ago)
thanks man
Mustafa Ali (1 month ago)
B Siddhartha (2 months ago)
https://paperdownloader.tk/ is very userful
it worked. Thanks
Zafar Iqbal (4 months ago)
Paromita Thakur (4 months ago)
how to download full volume of any journal for free ? is it possible?
Sidapha A. (4 months ago)
i can not find the mirror of the article!!!
THicc Dusty (5 months ago)
why tf would talk and type
Marcos Resende (7 months ago)
Helped me a lot, mate. Thanks.
Carol Vargas (7 months ago)
libgen isn't working anymore, I watched the whole video to discover that, if you just put the link in your video discription it would be faster, but since even the link doesn't work anymore, you could make another video or just delete this one
Jabur Sayyed (3 months ago)
True that . It was really annoying to see the stuff he did years ago , but now we cant do it !
Kiran Chowdary (9 months ago)
it"s not working can anyone send me link plzz?
asad ullah (9 months ago)
also you can download journals in this web site: sci-hub
Kazi Abu Rousan (4 days ago)
Don't work for ioscience
Rokan Moschus (9 months ago)
Be smart bro
Edward Galan (10 months ago)
recommend watching this at 1.25 speed
Kitchen Adventure (11 months ago)
OMG i don't believe this...... it worked... thank you
Felipe Santos (1 year ago)
Life saving video!!! thanks man!
Vaibhav Khobragade (1 year ago)
This is also cooooool https://youtu.be/TndZiKDupnM Must watch
tasneem tamboli (1 year ago)
how to work for SAE published journals?
nick w (1 year ago)
Please no
Wellington Marcello (1 year ago)
My grandma almost blind types faster than you
Uday Singh (5 months ago)
She is experienced, Please put sugessions to video not sarcastic comments
Vaibhav Khobragade (1 year ago)
amit hinge (1 year ago)
watching this video is wasting of time,,,, iam sure that u dont know any thing ....
Hey thanks mate, It works.
Dr.Yeshey Dorjey (1 year ago)
thanks alot....that helped me alot....
Subhamoy Biswas (1 year ago)
first learn how to make a youtube video and then upload it .... ur video sucks
Chizom Wornu (1 year ago)
Does this work for IEEE articles
Jitander Verma (1 year ago)
You Just Save My Life.. Thank You. :)
Riad Boualb (1 year ago)
thanks dude it works
Vanditha Souk (1 year ago)
thank so much brother! you really help me a lot.
Shubham Lahan (1 year ago)
BHoskdike chutiye... Bolna seekh
Shehryar Khan (1 year ago)
Nice, but you need to improve your typing skills and speed
Uday Singh (5 months ago)
Rather than typing, you should first make PPT presentation and then run the slide show. You can also put that in action animations also. This will minimise the length of video, more focus on explaination
Marwan Alfakih (2 years ago)
Thank you so much
umber younas (2 years ago)
library genesis is not opening
hridi nibedeeta (2 years ago)
i cannot find a doi number :3 then?
Anthony Henderson (2 years ago)
You may just be about the most boaring person ive ever heard!
zahra moradi (2 years ago)
thanks! you're a lifesaver :)
Aman Gupta (2 years ago)
ton of thanks buddy it really works gtreat job man
HEMANT KURALKAR (2 years ago)
URL is blocked..Now how can we proceed..?
Manly Noticed (2 years ago)
Za'im Husaini Aziz (2 years ago)
thanks a lot man!
Ignatia Karina (2 years ago)
Thankyou so much!!
aniruth rudz (2 years ago)
thanks man..work perfect..
Akya a (2 years ago)
Helpful.. It would be nice if its bit faster..
joey bacon (2 years ago)
thank you
Halimah Isnaini (2 years ago)
is there other website beside library genesis? I could not open it even using another countries IP.
Asadullah Cheema (1 year ago)
HASAN AL MONEM (2 years ago)
i dont know how to thank u enough
Srivishnu Rendla (2 years ago)
Dude! No way! IT WORKED!
tifanni25 (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
Reen Shahanah (2 years ago)
Thank you!
CrisMuhil (2 years ago)
how to download in scribd.com
Olga Lapina (2 years ago)
omg, at the end of 6 years of bachelor and master studies i finally know how to do it. my thesises could be so much better!
Dhinesh Kumar (2 years ago)
thank you so much its very useful friend
Laugh Tayad (2 years ago)
woow guru
Silvia Aryuni (2 years ago)
its works :-D thankss
Muizz Cool (2 years ago)
thnks for the share..it really help us a lot in retrieving the article in easiest way without have pay for it..
Barbie Ann Jurolan (3 years ago)
i did everything you said and also libgen cant seem to find the journal im searching.. i tried several journals but it keeps saying 0 result.. what did i do wrong?
Akash Tambe (3 years ago)
Wijaya (3 years ago)
shit! solved man! you're fcking awesome! Bunch of thanks!
Firdaus Ismail (3 years ago)
the libgen are not working, any other softwares or websites that are able to do as such?
Ashwarya Arora (1 year ago)
Nour Imam (3 years ago)
enta bedan
M I Khan (3 years ago)
how to download emrald insight journals???
Savesh Tewari (6 months ago)
did you figure it out?
thuchi tran (3 years ago)
thank you very much. This video is very useful!
Santosh Reddi (3 years ago)
thank you very much Vinoth kumar. This video really works
Amit Kumar (3 years ago)
how to download fr0m asabe
nits s (3 years ago)
can someone plz snd me the link of library genesis..i cant open it
nalya anne (3 years ago)
+Santosh Reddi thank you so muchhh
nits s (3 years ago)
Thnxx uu santosh..
Santosh Reddi (3 years ago)
+nits s libgen.io
el hadji oumar gueye (3 years ago)
Thank you
Ahmed Elsayed (3 years ago)
Thanks man.
mmamoloi mahlaela (3 years ago)
Thank you so much,this is very helpful I wish i watched this from the start of my research...very helpful  :)
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+mmamoloi mahlaela With pleasure sister..Be happy
akhil agrawal (3 years ago)
hi,thanks for the link.but i m not able to download it.should i just search the link on google?pls help
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+akhil agrawal Search for "library genesis" in google search engine..You will get the solution...
husan11 (3 years ago)
Thanks man! You just saved my work. Thanks, I appreciate it.
Amal Salm (3 years ago)
thank you very much it work
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+Amal Salm with pleasure.....
SHASHANK RAMAN (3 years ago)
Thanks a ton for your video, +Vinoth Kumar Bro !!. It really helped !!
Harsimran Singh Birru (3 years ago)
Where is the DOI number ??? Perhaps it is hidden by the owners after watching this video...:D
Princen Yo (3 years ago)
Thank you . It works.
Sasira Fionah (3 years ago)
It works despite the slowness lol, I cant tell u how excited I was after downloading for a free a journey they were charging USD 126, I had spent more than USD 500 on journals and I wanted more but was broke. Thankkkkkk you sooooo much.
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+Sasira Fionah Its my pleasure sister.Keep enjoying sis..
pradeep reddy (3 years ago)
the mirror is redirecting to download bittorrent url bro....what to do??
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+pradeep reddy I think you would have clicked wrong icon.please follow the steps as I mentioned in the video..
Vinod Rajput (3 years ago)
It's working perfectly,thank u vinoth kumar.
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+Vinod rajput Welcome bro.be happy..
Poulami Chatterjee (3 years ago)
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+Poulami Chatterjee Thank you sister..
sinanggar tullo (3 years ago)
thanks bro
karthi rockz (3 years ago)
This works for me!!!! :D :D
Thank you.. Found what i was looking for!
Sagar Talreja (11 months ago)
how to do ???i cannot understand
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
thank you
Zvince _ (4 years ago)
its work thank u
Vinoth Kumar (3 years ago)
with pleasure.
Mani J (4 years ago)
thank you so much its working. the ways of teaching is little bit slow
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
+Mani J I will improve.Thanks for your suggestion.
swaraj prasad (4 years ago)
fuck u , slowheart.
reaves1979 (3 years ago)
+Vinoth Kumar
UNIQUE (3 years ago)
Its ok..I will speed up my next video to be uploaded bro..thanks for ur suggestion..
EDUCATIONS 360 (3 years ago)
+swaraj prasad Have a look at this link, http://www.projecttitles4free.com/2015/03/free-research-papers-download-ieee.html
swaraj prasad (3 years ago)
sorry. but i have got so much disappointment after watching so many videos. Ur video is damn slow. somebody needs extra patience to see it.
Vinoth Kumar (3 years ago)
It works for most of the journals,if not server problem might be a issue.While i uploaded the video it was perfectly working.Don't use vulgar words brother.
Sanae Maiouak (4 years ago)
it doesn't work any more
24nukus (4 years ago)
libgen doesn't work, if you have the lynk, could you send it please??
Vinoth Kumar (3 years ago)
Sry brother,no idea...http://libgen.org/ is what i used..
rajesh varma Varma (4 years ago)
Hi I tried to download by following your steps I am staying in Italy and The website LIBRARY genesis is not showing in the result and I tried by entering the website address in the url but of no use is there any other way to download 
Zahid Nabi (1 year ago)
Vanditha Souk (1 year ago)
thank so much brother! you really help me a lot.
Vinoth Kumar (3 years ago)
pls try to use sci-hub.org..It may work brother
rajesh varma Varma (4 years ago)
Vinoth Kumar (3 years ago)
Thank you..

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