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Brendon Small's Galaktikon II: Become the Storm- 'My Name is Murder' is available on Megaforce Records: https://galaktikon.indiemerch.com/c/music-video Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/arhybes or get one of our awesome t-shirts https://www.sharkrobot.com/collections/arhybes https://www.mayakcomics.com/batmetal music: Brendon Small - My Name Is Murder Powerglove - Batman Dethklok - Awaken Sean Mayle - 8 bit Dethklok Awaken cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I34JIDe8a98 Nick Arundel - Have You Got My Location ArhyBES official site - http://www.arhybes.com ArhyBES vkontakte - http://vk.com/arhybeschannel ArhyBES facebook - https://www.facebook.com/arhybeschannel ArhyBES twitter - https://twitter.com/arhybeschannel
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Text Comments (32361)
Darío Germán Palacios (57 minutes ago)
Q pedazo de animación la puta madre, cuanto laburo
TrasherFCR (3 hours ago)
5:43 Отмооочь! XD
*HellRay* (3 hours ago)
1:09 Jason Todd and Hooded Robin having a snowball fight was the best thing ever.
feelslykmagic (4 hours ago)
Respect to drummer my man Robin goin ape shit
Dispelled Word (4 hours ago)
Mikel Saiza (6 hours ago)
Am I the only one who likes batgirls so much
Jeremey Woodford (6 hours ago)
Google the code at the end. It brings up a superman comic
Tsunami Tsukio123 (7 hours ago)
2:24 an arrow in the ass is no fun
Caleb Harris (7 hours ago)
Fuck this is cringe
TJ Viereck (8 hours ago)
Make another one
Leo Craveiro (8 hours ago)
3:43 love this scene, both the music and the movements of the 4 robins while doing that solo, Nightwing raising his hand, Red Hood put his arm back just playing with his right hand and than however it pronounced what Red Robin does followed by Robin going hard on the drums
chimbruh (9 hours ago)
Good. Now make an animation with the Coffee Jingle.
carlos mcmarshmello (9 hours ago)
Make batmetal Epic PLASE!!!
4:36 Рисе. не сходу сообразил))
David Chang (12 hours ago)
👍 password
clayton van yorx (12 hours ago)
Anyone notice the rat pack?
Uroš Podgoršek (13 hours ago)
Awesome video bro!
Viking 91 Gamer (13 hours ago)
Biker Mice From Mars and in their og look to boot......you must be men of culture then.
Dominic Dynamite (14 hours ago)
Trent Elkins (14 hours ago)
I choose the Heath Ledger Joker
Smokey 420 (15 hours ago)
Who always pays their taxes??!! Not BATMAN!!!
how was the animation done
Wolfgang (17 hours ago)
This will forever be my shit
Sinister Studios (18 hours ago)
Thanks, I'm 12 and rubbed my PEE PEE TO THIS
Даа! Горшок форевер! ;)))) Ребята, вы молодцы!
mufasas1lion (21 hours ago)
y everyone voice acting (except batman) complete shit? I mean I thought this was a parody So I GOTTA point out that batgirl and robin(s) voices don't match AT ALL
Cody Baird (1 day ago)
They are russians.
King Hellion (1 day ago)
New netflix sereies
valkyrie (1 day ago)
I bet Jim would smash Barbra if no one was looking
Spicy Noodles Gamer (1 day ago)
Batman is the edgiest man ever!
Madix Gaming (1 day ago)
B Wood (1 day ago)
Killer Rune (1 day ago)
He’s got 4 fucking robins in the car 😹
Juancarlos Compen (1 day ago)
My Gaming Corner (1 day ago)
Cristian Acher (1 day ago)
Que laburo se mandaron! Encaja perfecto con Dethklok
BananaKings (1 day ago)
Is the outro song copyrighted?!?!?!?
ShadowDa WolfBoy (1 day ago)
Deadpool is in this vids
Or do you mean red hood.
Gusts Mūrnieks (1 day ago)
Wtf, the intro was earrape.
- - (1 day ago)
1:00 wrond WROND *WROND*
TheSuckClub (1 day ago)
Bat Metal sings Barbie Girl.
John Caius Tinio (1 day ago)
This is what i expected to happen in arkham knight
Alex N (2 days ago)
Qo REKT (2 days ago)
*Fortnite apologizes for boob phyics*
Dr Phot (2 days ago)
How did I get here? What did I just watch? When will it not be freakin amazing? and Why won't I leave? #BatMetalFamilyForever #RiseRiceRise
Zinin (2 days ago)
So part 4 ? Guys .
Daniel Solà (2 days ago)
We need more batmetal !!!
Alex Pisko (2 days ago)
I became a heavy metal fan thanks to it 😃
chelovechishche (2 days ago)
can the name of the music you start at the beginning of the video
Blubbertree07 _ (2 days ago)
I'm sorry but the voice acting is just............😬
Jeff Swarm (2 days ago)
15 million views! I am very late to this party. Watched it 4 times in a row. GOD damn hilarious!
babo chinko (2 days ago)
Did anyone see the dusk till dawn Easter egg? 0:08
Carmen Lam (2 days ago)
why is one scene inapropiate
This series gives me life.
Ethan Duchamp (2 days ago)
very good
dmitrylex (2 days ago)
Сыендук жидкое мясо... Сцуко огнь. Всё огнь :)
Barb aka batgirl is handy capped
Jacob Organ (2 days ago)
Bro I have re watched this so many times
woo wutt (2 days ago)
omg barbara :D
windig1991 (2 days ago)
I thought it was Babymetal Forever so I clicked and now I feel guilty
doktermobiel (2 days ago)
windig1991 because ? Still awesome music , awesome ladies , awesome clip ... And good for at least a dozen of laughs !!
Shadowzone25 (2 days ago)
0:35 nice metaloclypes reference
Alan Findley (2 days ago)
Batmetal is fuckin awesome. I wanna see his fat lips on TV. Make a series please
Irina Nesterenko (2 days ago)
клёвое соло на гитаре
Gianni Secchi (2 days ago)
I don't even like death metal but you've got to be an asshole to give this a thumbs down. 5,100 people should be banned from YouTube. Making this quality sort of animation is INSANELY difficult.
Two Wowerz Faller (2 days ago)
2:08 deadpool's head on garbage can
秀樹HIDEKI (2 days ago)
This shit is too good xd
Vermillion Stallion (2 days ago)
Barbara is Russian? I'm not complaining BTW.
Dark Messiah (8 hours ago)
The author is Russian(This is not an insult).
YamamotoHakuKeiji (2 days ago)
Makes me even harder lol
aniket mishra (2 days ago)
This is one of the best 6 minute video in the existing multi-verse.
Springtrap (3 days ago)
0:23 Joker's body missing lel
chelovechishche (3 days ago)
Трек в самом начале,. Это ведь совершенно иной исполнитель? Если конечно то можно заглавие.
chelovechishche (1 day ago)
Сам отыскал, можно не отвечать.
Braeden Evans (3 days ago)
666 1939 nice. Number of the beast then 1939 the year of Batman's first comic book issue
Star bucks coffee ;3 (3 days ago)
Death all around
Star bucks coffee ;3 (2 days ago)
I control his every breath
Star bucks coffee ;3 (2 days ago)
I bring forth the ancient of evil
Star bucks coffee ;3 (2 days ago)
I’m the father of your death
Star bucks coffee ;3 (2 days ago)
I’m the conjurer of demons
Star bucks coffee ;3 (3 days ago)
Justin Natasmai (3 days ago)
everything in this is in oneway correct except batgirl walking
Ironcladkilljoy (3 days ago)
Perfect work out sound track
hazza1816 (3 days ago)
Anyone else slightly confused as to who the 'god of the underworld' on the far left was? were they going for Jimi Hendrix? or Prince? obviously you've got Lemmy, Sid Vicious, Dio and Freddie Mercury from the right
Well, its not correct, from left to right: Jimmy Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Горшок (a russian musician) and Lemmy Kilmister.
Many Flames Away (3 days ago)
I honestly find the scene at 4:18 to be adorable.
Ребят молодцы весьма отлично сделали.
Brandon Barnhart (3 days ago)
My dad is 53 years old and I got him hooked on bat metal this is his favorite one keep making more you guys 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Dragon Ritterstein (3 days ago)
3:03 ————> 3:22
Raptorius Jezus (3 days ago)
Mis. Tilonna (3 days ago)
Это наилучшее что я лицезрел за эту в Русскую существование!
Blue_m1n (3 days ago)
Barbara looks hot asf boi Also you guys can make some good hentai if you want to xD
Arfan V 10 (3 days ago)
Why u guy not make batmetal again
Tensaii1 (3 days ago)
Kelvin Brin (3 days ago)
1:54 это че там горшок?
Octavian (3 days ago)
там и подпись кушать
Kirby Bryan (3 days ago)
Bat girl must be named "Butt girl"
The king of the hats (3 days ago)
Daniel Grabowski (3 days ago)
the rice part got me dead
durrr burger (3 days ago)
Dianchos (3 days ago)
Dexx HFV (3 days ago)
I found all Easter Egg Watch all Batmetal and u will find Easter eggs
Trixster (3 days ago)
5:55 Jerome isn't the joker his brother is though
You hava a New suscribe from a mexican ahuevo prro:v
Beaudoin Motorsports (4 days ago)
Victor Sanchez (4 days ago)
Who are the rat guys at 0:22 ?
Octavian (3 days ago)
biker mice from mars

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