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Installing First Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2010 Infra - Windows Server 2016

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Sub: Installation of Exchange Server 2016, on Windows Server 2016. Co-existence Note: Watch in HD Mode This video help you understand the process of introducing or installing new version of Exchange, Exchange Server 2016 to existing environment. The LAB I have is with Exchange 2010 and not with Exchange 2013. But the process are the same to introduce the new exchange server. Ensure you went through the pre-requisites such as the minimum patch level, AD requirements etc. This video walks you through only the installation procedure and the time is not actual. The actual process may take anytime between 40 min to 90 minutes, do not disturb the process when feels no progress. You may just drag the Command windows to refresh the progress if any. I preferred to choose command line installation, much faster an easier. -Praveen ExchangeDictionary.com
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