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How to Setup a New Company in Sage 50 Tutorial

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Learn about Sage 50—U.S. Edition New Company Setup. Watch this tutorial and learn how to easily create a new company in Sage 50 using Sage 50's new company setup wizard.
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Text Comments (4)
ACC TU (1 year ago)
How many fiscal year used only One Database at most two Year?
Anita DeSadier (1 year ago)
I am trying to save Peachtree 2011 to a new drive. I am getting a new computer and the information will be lost if I don't find a way to save it....I don't use Peachtree any more but I do need to keep the payroll files Any suggestions?
maxamed Raabi cali Wcn (2 years ago)
thank you very much my tea
stargate905 (3 years ago)
Hello   I'm having problems opening a company data file in Sage 50 Accounting  .   my situation is this . I can open all other data files such as windows office, photo shop , web plus, etc between all computers on my Homegroup network  , all computers have share & read/write permissions.   i can transfer data between any computer with ease through drag and drop.  But when i open the Sage 50 accounting software company data file, that i saved on the computer that i want to hosts the data . i get an error message   saying  ( there is an error connecting to a database).   I've tried this with the firewall and anti virus off and on .  and adjusted the port setting that the software company told me to set . and still the same error result.   Is the folder Synchronization Software the answer i'm looking for  ?   please help!!!!!

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