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Boost your Candlestick Trading with Seasonal Factors

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Did you know that you can have a much higher chance of success just by trading at the right times? This video shows how trading at the right times can make a huge difference to your candlestick trading. ▶This is the third video in a 3 part series. Check out Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlQYTL4CGOQ&list=PLk0Ecq1e4JyHR_y7nWzJ-L0qxFc-d5Qh0 Visit the Tradinformed Shop: http://bit.ly/2BOtfy2 Subscribe to this channel: http://goo.gl/S3Wnrv Follow me on Social Media! Twitter: http://bit.ly/19etSBO Facebook: http://bit.ly/21J2Iae
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