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Demystifying Banking Series-Session V-SWIFT for Payments

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Webinar 'Demystifying Banking Series - SWIFT for Payments' is fifth in the series of our "Demystifying Banking Series" of webinars. The focus of this webinar is to understand basics of SWIFT messages that are used for payments in industry. Why Participate • This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on SWIFT messages used for customer and Financial institution fund transfers. • Leading trainer will be sharing his expertise and answering your questions on SWIFT messages used in payment area. Key topics that will be discussed 1.What is SWIFT? 2. SWIFT Services for Banks 3. SWIFTNet messaging category MT 1,2,and 9 4. SWIFT MX messages Pain, Pacs and Camt messages
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Text Comments (29)
Vinay Jain (10 days ago)
Gr8 explanation hoping 2 see more such videos
Antonio Motta (12 days ago)
Systema per Dep.ti Pat.li di Payments al Fair Value Core Tier 1 ...... e Ponderazioni Pat.li Periodiche .........
suresh nadar (2 months ago)
He is just reading.....some book
Mr KEem (3 months ago)
I need genuine sender for MT103 contact [email protected]
Umer Bashir (5 months ago)
We are a group of programmers with one software that can be used to Flash a bank account, Savings, Current/Joint Account, any type of account. what I mean by flashing a bank account is that my programme will send fund credit to the bank account and the owner of the account will receive an SMS that the account has been credited, account officer also will confirm the arrival of the funds but meanwhile the money will not be in the account after 12 hours of flashing the account. Min Amount To Flash is 1MLN, Max Amount To Flash is 500MLN at once. Can flash with any currency type, Dollar, Euro, Pounds Etc... Any country currency type can be flashed into any account with any amount. Live and direct... For our procedure. Contact Mr. Umer Bashir Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 1173 256 870
Sunil Loke (5 months ago)
Thank You.....Sir
Banking Tutorial (6 months ago)
Lecture is excellent.
Mintu Kumar (6 months ago)
Sir I my bank sbi Nagpur says Mt 103 is not received howevr 202 cov is received so how can give u payment 0f 1800 USD sir can u help to whom contact as bank denied to any help.this is the money earned through Adsense plz help me
Pankaj Yadav (7 months ago)
can someone let me know how is the career in swift payments.
gan kum san (2 months ago)
More opportunities on payments & SWIFT mechanism
JOY SENGUPTA (1 year ago)
MT101 is not clear for me
lenny lennie (1 year ago)
need genuine sender for MT 103 /202 [email protected]
Jeetendra Patil (1 year ago)
good explanation.
Bibhas Debbarman (1 year ago)
Hi, Can anybody describe the Global Pay Plus with Swift payment processing for SEPA?
Bharath Raj (1 year ago)
Nice presentation. however it has few mistakes First - Indian RTGS system uses ISO20022 but it doesnt use the SWIFT network. It is incorrect to call it MX messages. Second - at 19.30, slide 5, the message from bank A to bank B goes through SWIFT and the mechanism at SWIFT is where the message is held temporarily and a subset of it is sent to the central system. This slide is not clear and doesnt give the correct picture of the flow.
Shema Albani (4 months ago)
I'm new in this industry of business I want to used but I don't know where to look for those who are in the same field as mine so that I can transact to them. Thanks!
MVLConsulting (1 year ago)
Dear Bharat, SWIFT has already formed a company "SWIFT India". It is possible that INFINET may be done away with.
animesh arya (1 year ago)
How MT101 is different from MT104 as both messages are being used for crediting single customer account.
MVLConsulting (1 year ago)
Animesh, MT101 is a push message i.e. a message used for sending money and crediting the beneficiary, whereas MT104 is a pull message i.e. a message used for debiting a customer and collecting money from the customer. Are you having MT103 in mind ?
aniket bagul (2 years ago)
I am giving my land on lease worth 10 million for international trading. Is it safe? Will i get my land back after 366 days?
Pooja Nikam (2 years ago)
Which MT message would be generated when Diamond bank pays salary to employees?
Sheik Nainar (19 days ago)
Normally Bank should have Bulk Payment System which should be used for the purpose of paying salary as well as processing Vendor  payment Instructions to their Bank which should process it.   In this Vendor Payment Instructions/Salary Payment Instructions  - Might have Book Transfer(Ac-Ac both are same bank), Local Bank Transfer (It should be process through RGTS/NEFT Payment System) and International Payment Transfers.  For International Payment transfers  - The receiver Bank(the bank which received the Payment Instructions) should initiate MT103 message to process it. I have that , you have clear your doubts on Salary Payment. Thank you
MVLConsulting (1 year ago)
Bharath, here in my reply the assumption is that the salary payment is not a book transfer and the employer and employees have accounts with different banks. In such a case, a clearing system using SWIFT MT may process an MT103.
Bharath Raj (1 year ago)
Diamond bank will just credit the employees accounts. no need of any MT message.
MVLConsulting (1 year ago)
When Diamond Bank pays salary to employees, it can use either MT102 (multiple customer credit transfer) or MT103 (single customer credit transfer : where a separate message for each employee salary has to be created). MT950 is a non-value message providing details of transactions in a customer account i.e. it is a statement of account.
Durga devi (2 years ago)
i think its MT950
Aleš Potůček (2 years ago)
Paulus de Kenezy (2 years ago)
They made a lot of transactions from Saudi over Europe to the ISIS.
Mayank Trivedi (3 years ago)
Hello there, I am interested in learning payments domain. Would you please provide me you mobile number on [email protected] Thanks

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