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Multifamily Investing Education - Learn to Buy Apartments using Other People's Money

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Mark & Tamiel Kenney with Think Multifamily telling you about an Upcoming 2-Day Conference for Apartment Investors: The FIre Summit. In Dallas on Sept 22-23, 2018. https://go.thinkmultifamily.com/fire-summit Talking about issues with Self Directed IRAs - Did you know your SDIRA can be taxed? Advertising your Investment Opportunities - Come to find out if you can advertise your investments, and if you can, how do you do it legally! What do you do before putting HARD MONEY down on a deal. Rules of Thumb, Financing Options, Rate Cap, Investor Preferred Returns and Waterfalls, and much more! Newbie Investor or Experienced Investor - Active or Passive Investor - This Conference Has It ALL! https://go.thinkmultifamily.com/fire-summit
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