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Why Do I Speak About The Problems In Dubai on My Youtube Channel?

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Why Do I Talk About The Problems in Dubai & UAE? I keep getting asked this question by a few people on youtube in the comments section as to why am I speaking bad about Dubai or why am I highlighting about the issues & challenges faced by Expats in UAE? The assumption is that I have something against the UAE or that I got kicked out of the UAE and that is why I speaking bad about Dubai. Well that in itself is a myth. The fact of the matter is - I was never kicked out of UAE - I left UAE. And so comes the bigger question - then why do I speak about the problems people face in the UAE? Well the reason for this is because most of the people who come to my channel are people who are seeking jobs in the Middle East and they want to know what problems an expat would face once they land in the Middle East, in Dubai or in the UAE. So my logic is very simple. If you want to watch fun stuff, praise worthy videos and movies highlighting the achievements of Dubai, UAE or the Middle East - you can either subscribe to another video channel or even check the tourism video from the countries which show only the positive sides to the country. However, if you are looking for a dose of reality - well - this is where I do my job. TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to [email protected] ------------------------------- TO CONTACT [email protected] | +66-92-541-4784 MENTORING SERVICES http://thinkpersonalbranding.com/ MY BLOG https://loymachedo.com WHO AM I? http://whoisloymachedo.com FREE SERVICE https://www.askloymachedo.com/ MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"
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Hayat Al Farra (4 months ago)
Because you speak about the whole truth and reality without sugar coating, which most people are not even in touch with or cannot talk about
Rashid Hussain Toorie (4 months ago)
Who will work in Dubai.He will say Dubai No.1.And the same peraon when leave Dubai. He will say Dubai is not Ok.Human is more cunning then fox . really there are challenges. 4 and half years I have been here.And I m still in Debt.But often skillful persons earn better money. It's not better for driving job.you have to pay fines and visa expenses.You need not to involve in others things. Bcaz you are going to earn money. Not to address politics or freedom
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Well stated.
classycynic1 (4 months ago)
If you're living in Dubai, you cannot speak openly about your challenges - the challenges that Loy describes with great insight and clarity. The fact that few even mention this reality in the comment section is testament to this frightening situation. Truth and trust-based societies create the best civilizations. Thanks to Loy, we get refreshing honesty that helps us navigate this tense life.
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Agreed 100%
Faisal Balouch (4 months ago)
Loy bro to sum up your video what u r trying yo say in a good manner. But to summarize your whole video in two worlds are if someone doesn't like your vdo then FUCK OFF...
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Vab The Fab (4 months ago)
Yes brilliant video. Realist videos. Thanks and thanks again for putting this video
Amjad Khan (4 months ago)
Is it the only UAE working class that is suffering in the world or its global phenomenon and I disagree with your opinion in this regard. Economic crash, market crash, recession, depression can only be described by internationally set parameters for any country and not just by commentary.
Denise Marie Calanuga (4 months ago)
My opinion is this... the working class in dubai get a good salary compare to their countries. As simple as that because if they are taking salary that does not benifit thier family at home surely they will leave...
Salih Cv (4 months ago)
This guy is from kerala..The question is why does he mask and not revealing his true identity.
Ivi S. (4 months ago)
Hello Mr. Machedo, there's an article in the Wall Street Journal that came out today entitled White-collar recession plagues Dubai's economy. I thought you might be interested to read it.
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Sure - send me the link on [email protected] if possible.
Football XI (4 months ago)
Are you an Indian?
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Indian Passport Holder who hardly lived in India
I spend my 10 years in dubai but at the end i have nothing in pocket..they have system like sponsor ship..sponsor always a dangours dog..thay have night clubs bars alcohol..these all thanings never alowed people to save money..
Country of local cheaters..
Fuck dubai
Jerry Jacob (4 months ago)
Honestly channels like these expose the real Middle East
Amit Katyaan (4 months ago)
Loy you u doing a good job keep fucking dubai day and night and left right ..it’s not a country it’s fancy jail to live in
Amit Katyaan (4 months ago)
Fuck dubai bullshit place to live bloody Arabs ,illiterate people, they r animals
drgmani apollohospitals (4 months ago)
Dubai and for that matter UAE is not a genuine place with genuine people that it was once known for.I had met a lot of local arabs in the 1970s who were nice but as time went by the local people have started to get the big ego..to many unnecessary tall sky scrapers,too many malls,to much crowd,too much pollution,lack of greenery.
ifthaz Ah (4 months ago)
I appreciate your topic so pls keep doing videos on day to day problems of average people
DISCOVER ARABIA (4 months ago)
Exactly 💕👍🥊
DISCOVER ARABIA (4 months ago)
O my Loy you’re the best 😍🥊✌️
ali zafar (4 months ago)
Can you make a video about Mo Vlogs, im sure you know him.
Loy Machedo (4 months ago)
Mo Vlogs is about showing how many luxurious toys you can buy thanks to your rich daddy's bank balance. I saw one of his videos and found it disgustingly stupid.
DISCOVER ARABIA (4 months ago)
ali zafar bro mo vlog is different from Loy 🤣mo about super cars which he doesn’t owns any supercars all from deals and weals🤓I know him personally come to Dubai I will take you all this paces 😁 Loy telling exactly true from his experience try to understand 🤣👍👍👍 Ali🥊✌️
Neelotpal Deshpande (4 months ago)
All your videos regarding dubai are very apt and brilliant! They truly speak about the struggles faced by the common man in Dubai! Please continue making more videos regarding dubai!
Duke Dustine (4 months ago)
Hi sir. I used to watch all of ur vlog. nowdays . .. it's being boring on same Dubai .
Jannat Fatima (4 months ago)
No no dear Loy your videos are so much true informative I really love your true channel.
The Cube (4 months ago)
I think you should speak more about the problems in India as well, its definitely worse there and is only getting worse each year xD Lol
The Cube (3 months ago)
+Ping Juaneza Yes i agree i dont know much about UAE but India is definitely getting worse and is in such a bad shape. Many developed and developing countries are far better than India now. For some reason our govt believes that building statues & renaming cities will solve our problems. Cant find a more stupid nation than that in the 21st century. If only indians accept that our society sucks.. only then we can work on truly improving it
Ping Juaneza (4 months ago)
+The Cube you are correct but... every economic powerhouse in the world will have their own issues to deal with. In short there is no such thing as a perfect economy that has essentially nothing concerned or anxious of or just to deal with. That goes for US, CHINA, JAPAN, INDIA, UK. There is always something to maneuver and correct to keep them from going down. But again i love dubai, but in economy it has no contest to india. If not for abu dhabi backing dubai injecting $10B dubai would be in shambles today. Dubai even had to sell andace card to abi dhabi, 51% of emirates airlines are owned by etihad airways. Burj al arab is owned by sheikh of abu dhabi. Dubai is my top 7 favourite places in the world tbh, they are such an aweosome inspiration. But...i guess that growth was too fast too soon..
The Cube (4 months ago)
+Ping Juaneza sadly India's growth doesnt add up to reality.. cuz no matter how good the growth is, they keep building statues & renaming cities. Check my earlier replues
Ping Juaneza (4 months ago)
Sorry india is an economic power brother. Their nation's growth is trully propelled by demand by the people. Indians are extremely good at business too just like chinese. They all use full potential of their resources " what we can with what we have " kind of mentality. So their growth is almost natural and very fast at the same time. I love dubai i really do, but dubai is forcing growth as they want to instead of growth by needs. And they are building dubai too much too fast with no oil. India is top 5 largest and strongest economies in the world. If you want to compare india in terms of economy at least compare to china, USA, japan, UK or germany. But not dubai. Just my 2 cents here.
The Cube (4 months ago)
+Art Man yes thats true, same goes for China.. well if thats what it takes to develop the nation and shut the people from doing crimes then why not implement it even in India? Obviously any society should be strict with people who cause crimes and promote those who uphold the law & contribute the society. I fail to see this in India when it claims to be a developing nation
Shahzeen Khan (4 months ago)
I feel like by 2022, after the expo 2020 , and by the time Qatar is hosting the world cup, the UAE will give some kind of perminent residency or maybe possibly nationality. what would you say about this and can you make a video about this, whether you agree or disagree. I love your content by the way
sid uk (4 months ago)
+Amit Katyaan your comment is disgusting, firstly you must be a gay since your first line of attack is to bring a dick into the conversation. Secondly why are you swearing, are you a racist or a retard. Please don't spread hate because of your confused sexuality OK
Amit Katyaan (4 months ago)
Shahzeen Khan they will only give you dick to suck ..go back whichever country you belongs to
Noel Bro (4 months ago)
I personally think problems are something to be aware of for not getting trapped in the future.

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