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99% of Artists are not doing this Twitter Strategy!

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Please comment any other artists I should look into and study! Today I talk about one of my favorite artists Russ. I love Russ because he is not only putting out amazing content he is creating super fans. His marketing strategy is not a weird strategy, its a genuine strategy that works. Most big artists spend millions on TV commercials while Russ is spending zero and getting more awareness by taking the time to give value to his fans. By him favoriting a lot of his fans work they are telling are their friends. They are pinning the tweet to their profile. It is taking up digital real estate on thousands and thousands of people's account. This creates long term value because it makes more people want to tweet about him because they want him to favorite their stuff. Russ favorited my tweet and I told everybody I know and I pinned it to my profile for like 2 months. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. If you're interested in having your music played in youtube video's email .mp3 or .wav files to [email protected] NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY Shot and Edited by: @baywoodvevo JOIN OUR COMMUNITY CHAT- https://discord.gg/8dU4CYm LISTEN TO MUSIC BY BAYWOOD https://soundcloud.com/baywoodmedia/s... Outro song - @csutton_music BUSINESS INQUIRIES - [email protected] CONNECT WITH BAYWOOD http://www.instagram.com/baywoodvevo http://www.twitch.tv/baywoodvevo Insta Growth hacks, Artist promotion, music promotion, instagram growth, instagram growth 2018, instagram for artists, Twitter marketing, twitter promotion for artists, russ, russ diemon, twitter strategy, music marketing, artist marketing, toledo ohio, ohio artists, toledo artists, toledo producer, diemon, back to life, what they want, social media marketing, social media,
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Text Comments (13)
MiKEY SANZ (7 months ago)
russ does Q & A's sometimes too
Mynus Official (9 months ago)
Love it thanks for the video
Hank Buckley (10 months ago)
Russ is whack
Bardo Beats (10 months ago)
Baywoodvevo the opinion of mainstream twitter 😁😂
Baywood Media (10 months ago)
Hank Buckley what makes u say that
Haddon (10 months ago)
True, doesn't even take much effort.
Baywood Media (10 months ago)
yep! just takes time out of the day to make someone's day!
Rodriguez Twins (10 months ago)
This is dope it was great to work together on this we learned a ton!
Genesis Barrios (10 months ago)
Ooh tru
Baywood Media (10 months ago)
who should I study next ????!
MXALove (10 months ago)
A lot of YouTubers actually do this, It's a good strategy and all, but replying is even better because now they'd want to keep tweeting and hope for a convo to start and maaybe even a follow
Baywood Media (10 months ago)
MAJORxALTERcATiON yes agreed but youtube is a whole different platform. And yes that’s what I mean by him engaging and liking , he comments and quotes the tweets. Which yes you’re correct it really helps. But so many big artists do not do this and wonder why most artists go away in 2 years! Because they forget it’s not all about music it’s about giving value all the time .
Dylan Murray (10 months ago)
This was very helpful 🙌🏻 keep it up

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