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Using Other People's Money: Part 1

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HIS Capital Group Board of Advisor Gary Tharp shares with us how he uses other passive investor's money on deals and how they all make a profit in the process. Considering starting out in commercial real estate investing or if you are a seasoned veteran there is something here for everyone. Look over our shoulder and learn insider information that is timely, current, and essential to the successful investor from some the most successful professionals working daily in the commercial property market. Rick Melero and his advisory team at HIS Capital Group, LLC will guide your through all the important aspects of commercial property investing; from determining the values of a property, to commercial lease negotiations, to raising capital for your project. Find out more of what we love help our investors with at http://www.hiscapitalgroup.com Commercial Real Estate is a profession requiring full time dedication and intelligent insight, the kind of insight and professional information you're going to gain here with our video education collection. Make sure to subscribe for more upcoming videos or consider getting our investors reports by calling us at 877-452-6569. If you are a real estate agent or proffesional investor in commercial properties you will find our entire series a wealth of information found in our playlist here; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvn7orgwk8j8VdvrP0vqdbMracsIFWCUO
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