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Construction Sales Training - 7 Simple Steps To Closing Over $1MM In Sales In 12 Months

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Schedule Your Free Marketing Strategy Call Here: https://localcontractorblueprint.acuityscheduling.com/ Looking for solid construction sales training? This is a simple yet powerful system that we use everyday in our business to close over $1,000,000 in sales every year.. This is NOT a bunch of theory... These are tactics and approaches we actually use to sell our remodeling leads with a 90% close ratio... Here's a breakdown of this construction sales training: 0:17 #1-Proper Mindset - Closed In Advance 0:51 Can I Take Your Order? 1:19 Benefit of Certainty in Mindset 1:56 #2-Content Based Marketing - Selling Before The Sale 2:12 The Magic Of Content vs The Expensive HomeAdvisor Leads 3:00 Avoid Getting Shopped 3:14 #3-First Impressions & Grooming: Don't Look Like A "Contractor" 3:24 Our Construction Sales Dress Code 3:56 If The Shirt Fits You BETTER Wear It! 4:36 Bath Time Tips & Smelling Like $1MM 5:03 Don't Be Cheap Whore 5:30 #4-Early Is On Time, On Time Is Late 7:23 #5-Construction Sales Training Standard: The Columbo Or Socratic Method 8:17 Preparation For Scale 9:03 The Devil Is In NOT ENOUGH DETAILS 9:52 The Benefit To This Sales Approach 10:14 #6-Pay Close Attention 10:59 More Questions For Rapport Building & Killing Awkward Silence 11:38 How To Get A Date - It's The Same Thing 12:20 Parents LOVE Talking About Their Kids 12:40 The Two Questions That Determine Your Bid Price & How Much Of A Headache This Client May or May Not Be 14:18 #7-The Close: Present A Clear Offer, Follow Up, Keep Your Promises, Follow Up, Assume The Sale... And Did I Mention Follow Up? 15:53 The Only Principle For Getting Referrals 16:21 Closing The Sales Cycle Loop & Reinforcing Your Mindset http://localcontractorblueprint.com/free-coaching-session/
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Text Comments (34)
Brah, good info. Aloha gabe the GC
Great video and tips!
Get Me SEO (1 month ago)
step 1 - take shower, put deodorant, lotion and 1 squirt of cologne, got it thanks ! :)
Basic but excellent!!!
Vasilios Vouros (1 month ago)
Nice video, are you charging for the drawings or you make them for free ?
NEW HOME SALES (3 months ago)
Good points about asking questions 7:59
ZHENGCHUN LI (4 months ago)
real valuable tips to sales skill in heavy equipment, than
Joe Todd (4 months ago)
Good stuff--When you deliver the bid... do you deliver it verbally (phone) first or do you send electronically first? Thanks!
Atheyst (9 months ago)
How do you act or what do you say if they state they are getting other estimates?
Andy Sample (2 months ago)
I personally tell people that it's a normal part of the process, and I understand completely.
Brassfield Zendejas (10 months ago)
I've just used Unflexal workouts and learn about it with pleasure ;)
xinqiang he (1 year ago)
Hi, may I have the form of the pre filled out questions that you mention in the video please? @8:30 Thank you
Dustin Sayers (1 year ago)
why is it so difficult to find realistic, good, straightforward information like this? keep up the good work dude. being straightforward an honest like this is prolly one of the many reasons you've become successful.
Thank you for the compliment!
Great advice!! Thx for sharing!!
A TASTE OF THE WORLD (1 year ago)
Sweet video very informative thank you
Thank you!
santiago munez (1 year ago)
lawyer, engineer, ex contractor very true. 😀😀 i guess it's kind a self proud thingy when they can show other people how detail oriented they are.
Indeed! :) LOL!
John Riederer (1 year ago)
Thank you for this info! I'm an electrician, just heading out on my own, and marketing is a whole new game for me. I really appreciate your effort, and the quality of your videos is always great.
Thanks for watching! I'm happy you were able to get some value from my videos :)
James Moody (1 year ago)
Awesome information! I have been working hard marketing my company and have had a bumpy ride as its a whole new world of marketing, as you said the yellow page days have been long gone. The net is the only way! I have been using social media and planning to start using google ads. It's hard for an old school guy like me to uncover how to effectively and efficiently advertise on the net. I am learning as I am on a tight budget and just desperately need new resources to find leads. Subbing jobs isn't working and why leave money on the table? Anyways thank you for taking the time to share your info! There is so much horrible info out there that it's refreshing seeing something worthwhile!!
Hey James! Thanks for your response! If you're looking for a good resource for Adwords (Google Ads) check out Perry Marshall's book The Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords... It's a good place to start for at least learning the ins and out of Adwords, the basics of writing ad copy, etc... If you have any questions, leave them here and I'd be more than happy to create a video response :) Have a great week!
Robert Alanis (1 year ago)
Good Video!! Started getting very small gigs during college, now that i'm fresh out I'm ready to do it full time, out here in Brownsville, TX we have the lowest of the end market so it is difficult to find good leads. Thanks for the info, sounds like you got it made.
No problem! If you have any questions let me know! I'd be more than happy to post a response video :)
Robert Alanis (1 year ago)
Honestly, Its been pretty broad for these last three years, have done complete gut-downs, bathrooms, porch roof add-ons, mainly small residential work... Unfortunately i have not found my niche so Im still trying to find it. I am usually always open to learn new things and new challenges. I took you advise on making a simple free word press site, adding business into Google search engine and now looking into adwords. Thanks for the reply.
If you're doing kitchens, Google is showing approx 10 people/month on average looking for that kind of service :) What's your niche?
Kieran Crawford (1 year ago)
By the way awesome video. I got a question for you on your marketing on the web is it course for that?
A TASTE OF THE WORLD (1 year ago)
Local Contractor Blueprint how does the hands-on coaching work. I'm in San Diego.
@Kieran - I'm currently working on course materials now... But while thats under construction, I'm taking on a few one-on-one consulting clients... I'm teaching my clients all of the systems and strategies we use, not only what they are, but how to implement them to mirror our results... I'll post a video here on YouTube when the course is available :) or you could always get hands on coaching from me... Glad you got some value from the videos!! What do you do exactly?
Luis And A Bike (1 year ago)
How do you charge your work, 50% deposit and at the end of the project the other 50% ?
$1,000 labor deposit or 10%, whichever is less (California Law) and 100% of the materials. Both labor deposit and materials are charged in full upon signing of contract... Then we setup/schedule 2 progress payments after that...
Luis And A Bike (1 year ago)
Great points, thank you brother
My pleasure! Thanks for watching & for your feedback!

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