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Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis - Which Works Better? | #AskDrWealth

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Full Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis comparison here: https://www.drwealth.com/fundamental-analysis-vs-technical-analysis/ Watch Alvin's breakdown: 0:18 - What is 'Fundamental Analysis'?...and the belief of fundamental investors 0:50 - What is 'Technical Analysis'?...and the belief of technical investors or traders. 1:41 - 2 Limitations of Fundamental Analysis 3:02 - 2 Limitations of Technical Analysis 4:07 - Why FA and TA will never agree... 4:54 - Our stand on FA vs TA 5:08 - Why you should not be combining both methods, if you don't have a proven strategy. LIKE what you saw? Click on the BIG RED "SUBSCRIBE" button to see all our future videos! FOLLOW DR WEALTH! Web: https://www.drwealth.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drwealth.sg/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMr1QIMz1271XRuOfzyTJ2w Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrWealthAsia
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ytgiven90 (1 month ago)
Have you read the book from John J. Murphy? It is one of this books that you start reading and it is like a puzzle that the more you read the more sense it makes. However, my way is to try to find undervalued or overvalued companies, put it on the watchlist (sometimes for years) and just wait until a good entry or exit point. However, even with TA, there are no exact entry or exit points. It's all about probabilities.
preet Singh (10 months ago)
Tell only in one line
Dr Wealth (10 months ago)
We'd wish we could too. But, therein lies the danger of leading the wrong people to the wrong system. There are many ways to decide what works for you, here's one. If you are a part time investor who cant spend hours daily watching the market, explore FA. If you can handle the stress of daily fluctuations, and can afford to move and out of the market fast, explore TA.

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