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Dubai, UAE - 10 Years Visa in Dubai, UAE - What No One Is Telling You

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Dubai, UAE - 10 Years Visa in Dubai, UAE - What No One Is Telling You To boost foreign investment in Dubai, UAE, the Dubai government initiated a 10-year-visa for investors, doctors & top-ranked students where the focus would be to attract international investors. As per the reports in gulf news, it states "The system will grant investors and talents up to 10-year residency visas for specialists in medical, scientific, research and technical fields, as well as for all scientists and innovators. It also grants five-year residency visas for students studying in the UAE, and 10-year visas for exceptional students." The hope is that Dubai, UAE visa based system will increase the chance of increasing the attractiveness of making Dubai, UAE economically competitive. However, what is not being stated is the fact that Dubai, UAE needs to attract more money into the economy especially given that the Expo 2020 is a few more months away. And on top of that there are many projects and infrastructural developments which have to be completed before Expo 2020. In this video I share my thoughts about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the 10-year visa and why most probably, only few may be interested in this offer. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT [email protected] | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to [email protected] QUORA PROFILE https://www.quora.com/profile/Loy-Machedo MENTORING SERVICES http://thinkpersonalbranding.com/ MY BLOG https://loymachedo.com WHO AM I? http://whoisloymachedo.com MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"
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Text Comments (619)
Deborah Gharakhani (4 days ago)
Thanks for explaining
JB Vlog (1 month ago)
I don't know how i ended up here writing you a comment! sorry i couldn't watched your full video i got irritated with your half knowledge about UAE and your judgmental attitude, No country in the world will tolerate if you disobey or go against their rules, example you get fines because you drive fast or parked your car without a parking tickets! UAE especially Dubai is a fast moving place compare to many other cities in the world, They used to have camels decades back and today they are driving Cadillac because they are living in 2019! not 30 to 40 years back! and one more thing still they have camels and camel races, but they drive their 4x4 cars while racing camels to encourage and make videos. Some people are not happy with UAE because of their bad experience interacting Emirati People, and please don't mix UAE national with other gulf country men! If they are lazy, its their own country. As you mentioned in your country you are the king, if you feel to switch job you can easily and no one will push you or force you to go to work, its totally up to them, they want to work or not they are the king in their kingdom. From the comments i noticed people mentioning they worked 30 years 20 years and all! Dear fellas if you don't find an opportunity kindly switch your job and get another better one, why to work for years and years in same place, (its a saying ''better be at place where you have respect'' I will give my own example, My first job I worked there more than 7 years, no one was able to terminate me, because i was a performer and got promotions and a decent salary, later on when i felt i am having a clash with CEO relative i resigned (CEO was not local-FYI) i was job less and got hired by Local owner, He supported me by visa decent salary and job as an manager according to my 7 years of experience, After 2 years when i realized that i have to grow in life i humbly told my company owner that i wish to move on and he supported me again, I was not keeping my passport anywhere with them, it was always with me, because they trusted me, and believe me I was doing transactions of 100 thousands AED in my accounts! the thing is not all are same and that's general everywhere in the world, (now i am getting bore to type, but have to continue because of some reason) So i searched jobs for better opportunity in life and have to move on and grow, i got a job in an advertising company here the owner was not local, Owner(not local) was impressed with my personalty and communication skills and market knowledge, hired me promising, increment and car allowance and other general benefits, i made sales and leads, designing, worked more than the working hours and got nothing instead of increment, i was blamed for unnecessary things, (i am not raciest but just telling) the company was controlled by Malayalam staff, and they did not like me working and making changes for better business. what happened next, I wasted my life 2 years and left the job respectfully! I found another job and i am reporting directly to owner and he is a Local, i have recently completed my first 2 years in the company, doing my job well making sales and sitting and writing in the comments section for few unhappy people. got increments/new company car/ all general allowance plus gifts from owner and surprise bonus (Masha Allah) more than once in a year. ''''''' Brother and sisters, we all know we Asians are hardworking people, everyone in the world have some plus and some negative behaviors, Lets be in our own country if we don't like it here, people came here or migrate to another country to earn, why to earn because we can earn more as compare to our Asian currency. its just like this if you visit some of your neighbor house and you don't get respect or hospitality you won't visit them again, similarly we should respect others, not everyone is same. I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS GUY HAVE AN ISSUE, I CAN WRITE MORE BUT GOT TIRED. THANKS
Loy Machedo (1 month ago)
Appreciate the time & effort you took to share your thoughts. Thank you.
Ziya Zhaid (1 month ago)
samay jain (2 months ago)
In India, if corruption is reduced, everything else will be fine, and it will be the best country in the world.
sebin George (3 months ago)
Hey Loy Machedo ... you telling the truth , I watched most of your videos and you know Dubai better than any one else that’s the reality down there . Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience
Loy Machedo (3 months ago)
Welcome George
Biraj Pradhan (3 months ago)
Minu L (3 months ago)
U are right about 10 yers U a e visa
Sky Marshal (3 months ago)
M also living here in Dubai.agreed with u
rameez khalid (4 months ago)
i really like your reviews regarding dubai i am a doctor and i just moved to dubai may i have your whatsapp number loy machedo i need to talk to you .. if you dont mind
rameez khalid (4 months ago)
I asked for your contact number brother
kenac88 (4 months ago)
Come on Loy tell us do you have dual citizenship or not?
kenac88 (4 months ago)
Are you just going to hearth the comment or reply?
babu zillur (4 months ago)
This is a freaking truth thanks man for saying it
myyou tubeaccount (5 months ago)
I'm from England, and everything you say is what I though when I've been visiting my customer their. The Government has ruined his business. His family are from Pakistan he was born there and he is worried if he can stay or not, how shit is that. Your born there but, work there make your life there and your on a cliff edge, fuck the UAE, Nobodies in the world zero power only in their little communist country.
Mini Pillai (5 months ago)
Basically it's called common sense. What you are saying is good old common sense. Which few will find old school. I tried to sugar coat the same facts for my brother who lives in Dubai at Jumeirah park with his high heeled short dressed whatever. He now sends me videos on how to fight negativity. How to be positive. LoL. Some thing which is too good to be true, it is....
Happy Dappu (5 months ago)
Hello Loy. What you say is plain old common sense, which for some people is old school. I tried to sugar coat the same facts, and tell my brother who lives in Dubai at Jumeirah park with his high heeled short dress partner. And he sends me videos on how to cut negativity. LoL. I was there for few days and the place looks ghostly and sterile. Couple it with the ultimate mother of all truths. Darling it's Muslim state. They are tribal. We are not.
Lakshay Chawla (5 months ago)
Great video... everything is true what you said.. 100% true.
Aqeel A (5 months ago)
Aqeel A (5 months ago)
ShermoneDetroit (5 months ago)
You are absolutely right. I'm not going to Dubai and go to jail. And had them to take my passport away from me no way.
Jolanda z (5 months ago)
At least somebody speaks out the truth.....
sham rijal (5 months ago)
great brother ....love u from nepal
chanda dutta oli (5 months ago)
It's not bad idea dude. It's good to live in rules. Rules for our security. Islam is best religion. I wish not only 10 years visa for dubai. I wish Pr in futire dubai like other English countries.Middle East is best place to live.
mosha mosha (5 months ago)
Your right brother apriciate it for ur bold speach ..Ur awesome
Vikas Hajela (5 months ago)
If UAE would have done this 10 yr back it wouldn't be in this bad position as it is now.....expats wud have done everything to help the country, instead UAE chose to juice them out of their money and with no options left expats left for good....and they arent coming back for sure
Arif Khan (5 months ago)
United Arab Emirate is Business hub and should be utilized for Marketing / Sales to the world. Furthermore, Import/ Export is easy with Linked USD. So the people going to UAE must factor in the purpose with pro/cons. UAE has to be used as Satellite with strong backing in home country to avoid No Man Land situation. Job Seekers must also make careful study of Organization they wish to join. It is better if they join a company with presence in home country. Forexamples Indians Joining Indian Companies with Strong India Presence. Do not go Dubai without Safety net ! If you do due diligence then Dubai offers a good standard of living . But bear in mind to return back to home country !
Walaa Elkilany (5 months ago)
You face shows off
Dom Dom (5 months ago)
If one likes it or not, you talk facts!
eby mathews (5 months ago)
"From camel to Cadillac ".......
sanch Sanchayan (5 months ago)
arab mentality sucks
khatil2000 (5 months ago)
Well said. Apart from the ruling elite and some Emirati everyone else is exploited. Not long now till the next recession bites on the false economy in Dubai.
Blue Water (5 months ago)
Other rich countries are also doing that Dubai gave jobs to many jobless expats Can you give jobs to many jobless expats? The world is full of jobless It is better to have a job in dubai than to be a loser no job no food to eat in my country Thank you
rob Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Westners are fool....once it will be flooded with Arab terrorist......don't give citizenship to Arabs or Muslim....if they come they have to follow sharia only for them
ruby banerjee (6 months ago)
I met him when he was in Dubai. He is an absolute crap and spreading crap. Dubai has built world-class infrastructure and facilities and charging to use it. Every other country takes 30%-40% direct income tax to provide facilities. There is no perfect place and free lunch in the world. It is an expensive city but you have the choice to live life in Dubai within your means.
Loy Machedo (6 months ago)
Nice to meet you... Although I have no idea who you are :P
adlin joe (6 months ago)
if u are engineer and if u have masters degree then u will get 10 years visa
adlin joe (6 months ago)
they are treating Indians and some foreign country people as slave and low grade workers life are very worse and just remember if no labours there soon they realise their importance
Shaukat Ali (6 months ago)
Keep up the good work .Thank you
India Art (6 months ago)
10 Years of Slavery
India Art (6 months ago)
10 Year Visa is a "Mouse Trap"
MATTI MATTI (6 months ago)
So for an arab guy with America passport! Is dubai for me?!
shaheer iqbal (6 months ago)
People who want to live in Dubai.... who appreciate each n every step of there government thinking to lick there ass..... are those who love faking ..... are itself fake people as this desert Dubai is..... just to show off and fakeness each amd everywhere......
shaheer iqbal (6 months ago)
You are 1000% true .... your each and every word is true
Crixus (6 months ago)
I like your points bro. But I dont understand why people from southern-east asia countries(mostly India) tent to be citizenship for foriegn countries? Not only UAE, any country doesn't metter in Europe, in Africa, in North America? I dont mean offend anybody, but country that person originally come from, is YOUR HOME, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR MOTHERLAND.
zip zap (6 months ago)
Tattoo and wise men I like it it is all 99℅ Right
Faisal Balouch (6 months ago)
Arab countries are the beggers n the sucking out people on bogus charges n fines.. n if you say anything... Straight to jail... Ass hole laws.
Bilal Zafar (6 months ago)
You know the psychological dynamics of Dubai really well. 100%
irfan ali (6 months ago)
I'm 100% agree with you. I use to work in Dubai for 12 years..Dubai government is just garbage. They are very raises other countries people. Companies don't don't pay to Labours for first 6 months salaries. 800 dirhams they pay to Labours and every day work time is 10 hours. Oh God!!! They are freaking garbage. Indians Pakistani philipenos and Bangladesh people are just slaves there.90% locals people don't work. They always saying that other people are working for us. Ugly ugly ugly thoughts of Dubai government.
ahmed abdullah (6 months ago)
What u think who teach me ? I’m talking about my Country not about religion ! And u say u don’t like to come to my country but I will say to u we not welcome man like u in UAE
ahmed abdullah (6 months ago)
Fuck u what u don’t like to come Dubai actually we not accept fucking assholl like u in UAE so up your finger in your ass and shut up
Loy Machedo (6 months ago)
Interesting my brother. So what other values does Islam & Prophet Muhammed PBUH teach you?
Julie H (6 months ago)
Dubai is an investors play ground ..
Aakash Rao (6 months ago)
You Are 100% Right Brother
morgan cole (6 months ago)
you are doing a nice job i really enjoy your program but sir please i need a job in any field i'm ready to work please i i'm in uae now please consider me you are cool and i'm equal to the task
Hari Menon (6 months ago)
People who buy Gulf News and Khaleej Times buy the paper to just know what the new residency,or visa rules are -:)
Devil's Advocate (6 months ago)
Content aside, any plans on investing a new sharper camera?
Loy Machedo (6 months ago)
No. Pretty happy with the 1920x1080 output of iMac camera.
Aamir Aslam (6 months ago)
Totally biased views of this guy. Someone below has given a good response to Loys comments, so I won't. Dubai is not perfect and indeed expensive. There are struggles, but if you can cut it then great place to live in this region. For those seeking less risk, other developed nations providing citizenship are a better option.
Jack Jarome (6 months ago)
It's more of a dignified form of slavery
Jack Jarome (6 months ago)
ffk fitness (6 months ago)
Allow me to make a comment on your video. I think the 10 years visa is amazing idea as its saving people time and money. The money that been made here it been smartly and geniunely invested on infrastructure , health care, safety, education etc to provide the people a better life style and to permit them to live in happy and safe environment. Please go head and compare somewhere else where you spending 50% of your income in tax and to build a bridge in different country it can take up to 5 years, where in Dubai they build it the whole city in a decade so surely they are very smart, successful and caring. - The country is free from crimes and corruptions thx to the locals behind it for the hard work to provide a safer and happier environment for the people and great quality of life. Sad to see how people always keep complaining no matter what. In todays world some people wants to be a successful, rich and a champion but no one wants to pay the price for it and work hard. They hide behind excuses, they lazy and blame others for them failure instead of being honest to themselves and work harder. The key to success my dear is to know how u are and to work harder daily to make yourself the best version you can be. Nothing comes easy and no one can give you success except yourselves so stop blaming Dubai, the Middle East or whatever.
Mancunian Mate (6 months ago)
They days of opulence and false prosperity are knocking on the door of time. Arabs countries are in a brink of collapse. The days when a new type of cheap and clean energy will appear are counting. A new wave of unskilled emigrants will knock at the gates of Europe. We should change the citizenship lows and emerge some new visa low base on a bank account statement and labor skills.
Laila ALNuaimi (6 months ago)
Nothing will happen to Dubai except the will of God. We will be here if God granted. Things might change the world is changing I don’t think India or any part of the world hasn’t changed in years. As far the people moving from here it’s their choice people always had the choice to live here nobody forced them. They had stayed because they are being paid better than what they might earn if they are in their home country. As for how expensive is Dubai , yes UAE is expensive even for the Local people it’s your will again how you want to spend or save. Nobody forced you to get I phone 8 or Mercedes it’s upto you stop spending and complaining start saving
AP P (6 months ago)
What are your thoughts on education in the UAE and the Ministry of Education UAE? I heard they have issued counterfeit contracts to hundreds of teachers with a 3yr Visa. There is so much corruption there and even if you show them the evidence they won't uphold the law.
farhancpa (7 months ago)
u r right , mate
kees antiex middenmeer (7 months ago)
The biggest tower of the world build by workers for 1 dollar a day. 800 workers die every year. Dubai is shining from slavery. When rhe oil is finished the dream will stop. The lazy people from dubai have to eat the horses of the sheikh. And if the are real muslims. They should be ashamed. Only because of the oil they arrogant.
Abyssinian Lion ABIY (7 months ago)
Fuck those inhuman animals
Shazia Muhamme (7 months ago)
I have been born and brought up here for 36 years .. worked in banks and lately worked for Etisalat for 10 years monitoring calls for an outsource company in India , locals use to come neither work nor knew even how to write mails ( not all ) the girl who worked with Me shared same designation same task I was a part timer and she was grade 19 where even a permanent staff would be grade 17 at our position. The reason was her uncle was VP and so the story was clear .. I struggled working in a racism environment where u had to listen to Egyptian managers screaming at u All the time with no respect .. taking out personal grudges on u if u are from indopak, all the time favoritism, each time we spoke about increment they said the company is under crises .. trust me after 10 years my gratuity was 12000 why? Bcoz they just counted 5 years when they transferred me to outsource company and when I asked about the rest 5 which I worked Etisalat nobody answered rather said plz go and complain to labour we can’t help !!! I then went to every one for help even the senior VP at head office ( local) and in spite of helping me out and taking action against manger he misbehave with me in an ill manner way and spoke rudely by saying Sorry but I can’t do anything for u only if u accept XYZ I would help...i complained about VP and mangers but no one took action rather terminated me .. I remember the managers whom I communicated from India informed me that my fellow workers who came from Egypt ( same as manager) did not know how to work even and were messing around work but what could I have done as I left!! They terminated a girl Speaking 5 languages worked for 10 years handled India, Egypt and uae sites and was known for her knowledge and awards😭. After which I went into a depressed and diagnosed with problems like thyroid, weight gain diabetic and my mom the women came here before 37 years became a heart patient .. Dubai has ruined our lives .. 2 times I got into serious fights with cops with asking me badly for my license and car registration and said my car was wanted and they wanted to search my car bcoz I spoke English but when I switched my language and spoke Arabic and informed them that I would complain about them the backed off as their information was wrong and I did compliant of a cop when the head quarter asked the cop to return my license and car registration till my home bcoz the cop was wrong and fined me Bcoz he did not know how to check his car system well !!! Everyday a new fine and u have no idea how and where the heck did the fine come from..most of the supermarket items are near to the expire date and at times they are duplicate and harmful for us but still approved by the supermarkets to be displayed .. hospitals are useless .. if u wanna die pls visit here hospitals they will give u the exact date of ur death in future! Anything u have they just tell u that it needs to be operated they just like to tear u apart all the time .. the best the insurance the more the business in hospitals ..majority of locals look at u as if u are a crap trash bin here .. they only respect and pay attention if u have money and status, after 36 years when u are not respected , not known for ur skills, not provided citizenship or benefits and give good reasonable service trust me u feel u have been wasted in all these years .. my friend is local knows nothing worked one year in 37 years of her life and has been recently appointed manager at Al Futtaim without any exam or a series of interview.. just for the sake Of localization and her job is 8 hrs out of which 2 hours she is always having fun in malls and all locals in her company have the similar attitude of work and all the work is left for expats!! Each and every video u make I feel u just speak my experience 💔after a month I will take my sick mom and just go back to my country .. was just here to feed my mom who was once a business woman and had millions and now we live both on helping hands and going back to our home town ... we had made this place which ppl stand today and are proud of .. 😔
daphoenixto (7 months ago)
Why would anyone want to go anywhere in the Arab world ...they are about as solid as a soup sandwich........
Asif i (7 months ago)
You are saying all this after earning money for your whole life. You have to respect that country who given you Job & money
S. A. (7 months ago)
I moved to a new apartment and a month later I got to know that I had to pay 5% of my rent fee to municipality, and my agent and my contract did not mention this, its just one example...
Shalal (7 months ago)
If 10% of what you are saying is true I would have commented, but your talk is full of crab more than your body and it is not worth it. You are full of hate, and even contradicting your false talk. No one is asking you to come to Dubai, so go and invest your time in completing your best accomplishment till now, adding more Tatoos to your body.
salman hussain (7 months ago)
Dubai go down for VAT & Taxs.too much expensive country.
wale adeyebi (7 months ago)
I dont think anybody should listening to this useless guy anymore. His own country of origin which is Indian, does it better better than UAE. Indian is the first country that enjoy the wealth of UAE. Useless man, you better find something to do
Dharma-Vibe (7 months ago)
As an American, I am terrified of middle eastern countries. I don't care how modern they profess to be. I refuse to get out of the airport for some touring when transiting. I prefer to sit in the airport for hours. I know I will be safe there at least. :) I don't want to see their fancy skyscrapers...or their golden toilets.
Maryam Abdi (7 months ago)
You right brother.so bad to people who come from 3 World.no way go they l am come from Muslim courty .UEA not nice to poor people. 10 visa thanks not thanks '*_*
Peter Pen (7 months ago)
THANK you Loy, for the Courage to Expose the Truth about the UAE. they truly, truly use Slave Labor. It is a Myth that you get rich working in the UAE. To get rich working in the UAE is like winning the Lottery. THEY DON'T PAY YOUR SALARY. that is the TRUTH. it is a normal practice among businesses there. Simply said, " DON'T WORK IN THE UAE. THEY DON'T PAY YOUR SALARY. "
A.D. B (7 months ago)
Great advice. I don't trust him either
Mark Dyer (7 months ago)
LOY: Your use of English is BEAUTIFUL! My partner and I want to visit Kerala and Tamilnadu; but we're both too old, I suspect. It is so refreshing to hear that the same situation pertains, as was the situation 30 years ago, when my 'little' brother (now 61) was a secretary with HM Diplomatic Service in Saudi Arabia. He - and other friends - have all told me the Arabs are exceedingly lazy; with a sense-of-entitlement which beggars belief! I suspect this comes from ISLAM.
Anand Vasanthakumar (7 months ago)
I'm from kerala. I worked almost a year in Dubai and I left it. I remember the first day in dubai, in my room shared by 9 people some seniors gave me advices like don't stare at Arab locals, don't argue with them, their are CID police and if they arrest you no one will know about your wearabouts, always carry your visa and passport copy and lots more. I felt more like a slave there. I have seen every expatriates life the same. As they badly need money to send back home they take the beating. If you want to work in an Arab country be ready to be friends with constant fear and mistreatment. You are right Loy, and I appreciate you for saying this which I wanted to say and might say it one day. PS: It's a beautiful country for tourists and there are good people too, real hardworks. But I think too much money for less work has spoiled them a lot.
Why Not (7 months ago)
Anand Vasanthakumar You made a wise decision coming back.
Hasanul Banna (7 months ago)
You said about keralaties that,they can through their job at anytime, without requesting owner and extras... Do you one thing ? What is the reason behind the current economical situation in Kerala. That's money came from Arab countries. Most of keralaties invested in Dubai and earned a lot of money from dubai with their hardwordk. So don't make fools your viewers. 😤😤😤
bittu Jacob (7 months ago)
Kenton Hall (7 months ago)
Oh dear, this guy has no idea how the world works ! Throughout history, EVERY single nation in the world takes whatever steps it needs to retain/increase a workforce and investment inflows to maintain a sustainable economy and healthy GDP. (Yes, even 1st countries such as UK, USA and most countries in Europe. That’s what the European Union is all about !) Countries/Civilizations that have failed to take the necessary economical steps to remain competitive have simply disappeared or are doomed to failure. Dubai is only doing what is required to remain competitive. Go take a basic course in Economics.
ahmadbartawiable (7 months ago)
Stop your propaganda Zionist puppet
Alpha Centauri (7 months ago)
Never ever settle in any islamic Country .... live in a country like Sri Lanka if u have to . u will have a better life
Christian Comedy Channel (7 months ago)
This video was extremely informative, I was not aware of the hidden side of life in Dubai.
strong ties (7 months ago)
Dreams come true in uae. 99 percent people live happily here, Security is very good you can go anywhere at anytime. Great Leaders who always think good for the residents and their rights
J_lord De La Peña (7 months ago)
Bro. What is your problem in Dubai?
Saima Afaq (7 months ago)
The Arab nations never learnt any lessons from culturally diversed immigrant countries. Not to be biased here, but with everything that’s happening in the world, I’ve never been more thankful to live in Canada. Alhamdulilah
Ruby Vadaken (7 months ago)
Omg you are only talking about facts.people hate to hear the truth.
nayanmalig (7 months ago)
Everybody else are kuffars / disbelievers in Muslim nations & must be taxed & humiliated as a punishment
Jerin Chakkalakkal Jenny (7 months ago)
I can feel a curse from your words...
Jerin Chakkalakkal Jenny (7 months ago)
Bro...still your video doesn't make any sense
Karl (7 months ago)
Wise words brother
Darshan Vadher (7 months ago)
You’re 10000% true about each and every word dude. Really appreciate people like you. 👍🏻
kunduz abdulla (8 months ago)
Dubai is blessed country Mashallah
kunduz abdulla (8 months ago)
If you are so brilliant. Why can't you give more advice and suggestion to your own country. Your country is a lot of disaster and criminal just talk about your country. Stop saying bulshit about Dubai
Vipps Millennial (8 months ago)
So, Dubai is basically a nation based entirely on the concept of a ponzi scheme!! Good God😱
zxzv1 (8 months ago)
You are spot on Loy! The rest of these emirates depend on Abu Dhabi to prop. up their economies. RAK, Fujeirah, Sharjah, Ajman...whats really there? I heard many Emirates A380's are parked in Dubai for lack or routes. Plus, many EK pilots & Flight attendents have left. So, Etihad has asked thier staff to work at EK, with the same benefits, etc. Seems like the Dubai ship is slowly sinking.
Ankur Chaturvedi (8 months ago)
How many visas you want to cancel this year?
roselee drareg (8 months ago)
So basically u can visit UAE...Then have to leave. Or you have to have money come out of your ASS and be super smart. Like a doctor or a genius student.
jazzy jaris (8 months ago)
I couldn't tolerate seeing your face more than 5 seconds...
jazzy jaris (8 months ago)
Loy Machedo there is something called allergy like ppl may feel allergic to some reptiles.. I wouldn't expect this from repltile like you
Loy Machedo (8 months ago)
Absolutely. Tolerance is a virtue of the mature & wise. I wouldn't expect such high standards from you.
Zahi8080 (8 months ago)
Yr jealousy
Zahi8080 (8 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣u want to come back but u can not they kiki u out dont lie
Zahi8080 (8 months ago)
😀😀😀😀they kiki u out here in middlelisr we dont wat ppl like u go to the hell fire

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