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How to Calculate coordinates from distance and bearing where we have coordinate of a known point

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In this video I have shown how to calculate coordinates of points from a known point where we know the distance and bearings of other points. Download this excel file here: https://goo.gl/NBGrxX I have used EXCEL formula for the Calculations. Topics Covered : 1) Coordinate calculation from distance and bearings 2) Concept of departure and latitude 3) Calculations of departure and latitude in excel 4) what is Departure and Latitude in Surbeying. 5) Concept of coordinate in Surveying this video is helpful in land surveying field. If you think this tutorial is helpful please Like & Share this video and dont forget Subscribe our channel to get free updates! With best wishes L&E Team!
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Burak Celebi (7 days ago)
IS there any formula to calculate the total area as we complete the mathematical closure?
Learn & Explore (7 days ago)
Yes! Watch this https://youtu.be/GmOw7uUkxQ0
Yin Aranzamendez (21 days ago)
Thank you for this!
Prasandh vrp (1 month ago)
please send me the Excel sheet [email protected]
I D S E B (1 month ago)
good work
chuden sherpa (1 month ago)
Plz sent data at [email protected]
chuden sherpa (1 month ago)
Plz sent me this Excel data to [email protected]
chuden sherpa (1 month ago)
Plz sent me same data at [email protected]
chuden sherpa (1 month ago)
I am awaiting your replies
Amjad khan (2 months ago)
how to culculate distance and bearing manually https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=1GEZg78sjyY
SUNIL HITEC (4 months ago)
Could I get that excel copy ?? If yes here my mail id [email protected] Thank u
Maan Pal (4 months ago)
Plz help for downloading
Maan Pal (4 months ago)
Learn & Explore thanks sir
Learn & Explore (4 months ago)
Ok you will receive over mail
Maan Pal (4 months ago)
Download nhi ho RHA he sir plz send link my I'd. [email protected]
Learn & Explore (4 months ago)
Link is already given pls check
Mark Neller (4 months ago)
How did you get the starting coordinates? Normally they are shown like -33° 00' 00'' 151° 19' 18''.
Learn & Explore (4 months ago)
The coordinate format u given is in lat,long format But you have to convert the same to utm coordinate
Partha Debnath (7 months ago)
Sir plz give send my [email protected]
Partha Debnath (7 months ago)
Learn & Explore
Learn & Explore (7 months ago)
I already have given the download link Check in the description
Raja Shahbaz (8 months ago)
How i adjust the TRAVERSE which i do with triangle method.. Please reply.
aziz ahmad (9 months ago)
Debika Khamrui (10 months ago)
What is the permissible error?
Learn & Explore (10 months ago)
+debika Sarkar Ei excel sheet er jonne bolchen??
Tomas Fernandez Cuervo (10 months ago)
This was very helpful
Learn & Explore (10 months ago)
+tomas Fernandez Cuervo Thank u and pls SUBSCRIBE us
M Arfan Mukhtar (10 months ago)
good work bro
M Arfan Mukhtar (10 months ago)
welcome bro
Learn & Explore (10 months ago)
+M Arfan Mukhtar Thank you
Satyajit Das (11 months ago)
Very useful, thanks.
Learn & Explore (11 months ago)
you are welcome!

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