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Twitter Marketing - The Best Engagement Strategy

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Twitter Marketing. Get Your Tweet On: https://www.andrewandpete.com/get-your-tweet-on Find us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andrewandpete by Andrew and Pete, find out more about us at: https://www.andrewandpete.com
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Text Comments (16)
O. Douglas Jennings (1 year ago)
Nice tip and a bit of fun ^_^
Andrew and Pete (1 year ago)
Thanks Douglas! Yep, that's what we're all about! Hope you enjoy our future videos too :D
Catherine Roy (1 year ago)
I love combining humor with great informative content! Now, if I could just convince some of my team members this type of thing is OK even for a military-style school... :/ I just get the proverbial 'Stonewall' - pun intended!
Andrew and Pete (1 year ago)
Thank you Catherine! Hahaha hmmm... these videos might help?...https://youtu.be/799F1Ksglrw?list=PLu03zuCQlV9d-6t3wLBTfpyiCX9eCbyRu https://youtu.be/ZQTskxP7JrQ?list=PLu03zuCQlV9d-6t3wLBTfpyiCX9eCbyRu
Jeff Mach (1 year ago)
Well, dammit, now I need to put on clothes while I do social media!
Andrew and Pete (1 year ago)
Hahahaha exactly! This is actually a serious problem haha
Katyan Roach (2 years ago)
This was cool..great stuff as usual guys
Andrew and Pete (2 years ago)
Thanks so much Katyan! No go getting Tweeting videos haha!
Love it guys! The video reply is completely untapped! Great tip! Thanks for mentioning me :)
Andrew and Pete (2 years ago)
Hey Chris, you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it - you're at pro it at!
Matthew Panlong (2 years ago)
Hi guys, this is such a handy tip! I made you a video response, to follow your great example! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZqO9eZZxW0&feature=youtu.be I'm enjoying reading the download too!
Andrew and Pete (2 years ago)
Hey - so funny that you 2 know each other. Small world! Matt yes we gave you a shoutout in our atomic group, as a great example for our members, and on Snapchat. Go follow us on snapchat: andrewandpete if you're on it :)
Matthew Panlong (2 years ago)
Hey it's the fastest person of the jungle! Hi Inés, wow the internet feels like such a small place sometimes. It's groovy to know that you are subscribed too! Aww wow that's so cool - thanks guys!
Draw Curiosity (2 years ago)
Hi Matt!! Fancy seeing you here!! (I can attest to the fact that Andrew and Pete did keep to their promise of sharing everywhere, cos it reached me on alternative social media!)
Matthew Panlong (2 years ago)
I am thrilled that you liked it! One of my favourite parts of your download has to be the section on Twitter lists. I can now see why they are so useful!
Andrew and Pete (2 years ago)
THIS. IS. INSANELY. AWESOME. Love it. You just took this video to a new level. Sharing this everywhere :D Thanks so much!

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