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VAT calculations in Excel

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This example uses Irish VAT rates (Nov 2012) for a restaurant.
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Kevin McCusker (2 years ago)
Can't hear a word lol
Brian Murphy (3 years ago)
Just rechecking that formula at 6 minutes in. Ten percent of 18.50 is 1.85 not 1.68? how did excel come up with that number
Eslam Serag (11 months ago)
because 18.5 equal 110% ,VAT included
Deirdre Macnamara (3 years ago)
+MD M HUSSAIN #Brian_Murphy 18.50 is 110% and we are trying to find out what 100% is. We are trying to move from 110% to 100% not moving from 100% to 90%.
MD M HUSSAIN (3 years ago)
Same question... Why ????
David Haywood (3 years ago)
e.g. Lamb Dinner VAT Due: 1.40(909090895) So.. 1.40 not 1.41 - Excel will automatically round this up for you.
David Haywood (3 years ago)
Excellent!! Thank you for your reply, Deirdre! Again- really enjoyed the video.. a big thank you for sharing!
Deirdre Macnamara (3 years ago)
+David Haywood Hi.You could use the Excel Rounddown function so to round down cell A1 to two decimal places you would use =rounddown(A1,2)
David Haywood (3 years ago)
Very good video - I really enjoyed it and learnt something new (Define Name feature). The only problem is that VAT should be rounded DOWN to the nearest penny whilst the net value should be rounded UP. Surely Excel must be formatted to rounding up or down on cells specified for correct calculations? Again great video!!
Deirdre Macnamara (4 years ago)
Have since splashed out on a new microphone. Sorry about the low volume.
Katarzyna Gortat (4 years ago)
great video, only voice quality poor:(
Pradeep Raj Pandey (4 years ago)
too helpful #Deirdre_Macnamara mam
Deirdre Macnamara (4 years ago)
Glad you found it of use.
Hara Constantiou (4 years ago)
Thank you very mych!!! very useful
Deirdre Macnamara (6 years ago)
Glad you found it useful
dashbyictfd (6 years ago)
Nice clear demonstration. Thanks

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