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DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What

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Download the single on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TD4W Director- Daniels Producer- Judy Craig Co Producer- Jonathan Wang Executive Producer- Candice Ouaknine Commissioner -- Bryan Younce DP- Larkin Seiple Production Designer- Jason Kisvarday Stylist- Corban Poorboy Edit- Daniels + Paul Rogers VFX- Daniels + Zak Stoltz Colorist - Ricky Gausis (MPC) Production Company- Prettybird Starring - Sunita Mani, Aixa Maldonano, Paul Hatter, Allie Lemelle, and Daniel Kwan"" Music video by DJ Snake & Lil Jon performing Turn Down for What. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Follow Lil Jon Website: http://liljon.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LilJon Twitter: https://twitter.com/LilJon Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liljon Listen to Lil Jon iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lil-jon/id1869683 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7sfl4Xt5KmfyDs2T3SVSMK"
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Text Comments (317578)
Allen Barbarona (4 minutes ago)
His cock is strong as a military tank
leemonster (25 minutes ago)
best music video ever
Paraschiv Andrei (1 hour ago)
Andy Yuan (1 hour ago)
poor house
Robarts TV (1 hour ago)
Lmao i was watching it when i was 7 and i was like wtf is this lol
Mythak (2 hours ago)
Nabeel Mohd (3 hours ago)
What did I jest watched =_=
xX_Coelho_19 _Xx (3 hours ago)
Nabeel Mohd hii
cristian alvarez (4 hours ago)
Technic Tech (4 hours ago)
Any Tamizhan??
R&R TV TAMIL (3 hours ago)
Me i came from your whatsapp status and im Rifthy
typowa człowieczyna (4 hours ago)
Mirco Fresilli (6 hours ago)
Non so che dire bellissima
Кулинар (6 hours ago)
Что бы это там нибыло, эта хрень заразительная!
Derek Allen (6 hours ago)
Somewhere in this universe, a scenario like this one is reality. Perhaps only Rick n' Morty fans would understand what I'm talking about.
Shayne Singh (6 hours ago)
Such a lovely fucking meaning
W W (6 hours ago)
OK. This might be the greatest video evar.
Dark Knight (7 hours ago)
кто то (7 hours ago)
Free porn
Mohit Sharma (7 hours ago)
Mohit Sharma (7 hours ago)
So good 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hersey Berry (8 hours ago)
Is that Mexican lady or the Indian girl single? Turned down for what?
Brandon Simpson (9 hours ago)
汤浩 (10 hours ago)
At this point, my mother came into my room, and I didn't know how to explain
fox _vn (10 hours ago)
jetharam jakhar (10 hours ago)
Lovely song in the world
gravewalker (10 hours ago)
Wait what
gina pineda (11 hours ago)
Roen Calix Sadornas (11 hours ago)
This vidio is very disgusting
gato policial (12 hours ago)
Irene Sanchez (12 hours ago)
Mara Mendonça (12 hours ago)
bro wtf?
mahtable (12 hours ago)
One of the best videos ever made.
william games blox (13 hours ago)
Turn dawn for what ooooooooooooohhh
Ekrem Oğuz (13 hours ago)
Abdi ipekçi'den gelenler? Galatasaray😊
Manuel Pelayo (13 hours ago)
tan ordinarios son
julian carrasco (13 hours ago)
Fox Cáo (13 hours ago)
Don don (14 hours ago)
Delfina Toldo (14 hours ago)
que loco esta re bueno re que te contra bueno me encanta <3
MGP Turismo (14 hours ago)
THETITIGAYMER (15 hours ago)
Gustavo Campos (15 hours ago)
Caraí porra
Polution Human (15 hours ago)
Alguien en español?😁
unknown person (15 hours ago)
00:09 38% 23rd september 2018 amyone idk y i skipped 30 seconds i normally/usually dont and wait/listen to the whole sonf g even the part where its just the beat 00:10 now
unknown person (14 hours ago)
00:57 20% i really need to stop putting times and vabvbattery percentage s idk y i do it its really pissing me off i wanna enjoy the music video i swear. Theres a dark truth behing this music video or seomething 00:58 20% see what i mean
unknown person (15 hours ago)
2:43 until replay amd
unknown person (15 hours ago)
Took me until 2:02 to write that basically wated the majority of the vod writing comments 00:12 37% now
unknown person (15 hours ago)
Took me until 1:17 from 0:00 to write this comment this music vid is bare wierid not even gonna lirw e like my spelling
Lightning McMater (15 hours ago)
T Th Thi This This i This is This is l This is li This is lit This is li This is l This is This i This Thi Th T
Geronimo Ruelas Solano (16 hours ago)
Que loco jajajajaja
INSANE (16 hours ago)
Camily Juchinheski (16 hours ago)
algum kpopper???
Lucas Avalos (17 hours ago)
Sara Lisica (17 hours ago)
Who is still here, btw i don't (still) understand a music video!
jose GAMER (17 hours ago)
mi parte favorita es cuando dice Turn Down for What :v
Eric Amezquita (17 hours ago)
Why r they having a seizure
Thomas Labelle (18 hours ago)
Karina Bahena Villa (18 hours ago)
Me gusto el video
Every Sh*t Player (18 hours ago)
Alessandro gt (18 hours ago)
Unicórnio kawai (18 hours ago)
HASSAN GAMEZ (19 hours ago)
? 2018
HASSAN GAMEZ (19 hours ago)
Mirka Papierniková (19 hours ago)
Kto je slovak
MICAELLA SANTOS (20 hours ago)
Omg 2018?
B.G.K (20 hours ago)
*cringe* *AF*
ELI Farias (20 hours ago)
Big nao sei
OUTAKO GIRL (20 hours ago)
*trun this song for what*
tonton ery (20 hours ago)
The one and only true definition of WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAW !?!😂👍😵😨😱😂😂😂😜
OUTAKO GIRL (20 hours ago)
júnior music (21 hours ago)
júnior music (21 hours ago)
júnior music (21 hours ago)
Vishal X ßohemia (21 hours ago)
Pietro Parise (21 hours ago)
Fala sério , ninguém do Brasil?
Omg ITS Alex sff (21 hours ago)
2018 Semptember???
DAUWX (21 hours ago)
Stephen Reyes (22 hours ago)
this is the funniest thing I ever see
Euai ney (22 hours ago)
Cale Bartlett (22 hours ago)
Um I still don't know what this is 😂
claire galvin (23 hours ago)
And what the hell did I see
Shadow Anims (23 hours ago)
0:37 gave me nightmares
Shadow Anims (23 hours ago)
*BALLS OF STEEL* Is that the girl from ilove Friday But to be real what’s happening
Jagoda (23 hours ago)
Don't do drugs kids👍
It's 2018 and i don't get the point of the music video 😂
telekinesis (23 hours ago)
kd114250 (1 day ago)
Celso Benitez (1 day ago)
Eyüp Kasnak (1 day ago)
KI KI (1 day ago)
0:27 that akward moment😂👌
T Tu Tur Turn Turn D Turn Do Turn Dow Turn Down Turn Down F Turn Down Fo Turn Down For Turn Down For W Turn Down For Wh Turn Down For Wha Turn Down For What Turn Down For Wha Turn Down For Wh Turn Down For W Turn Down For Turn Down Fo Turn Down F Turn Down Turn Dow Turn Do Turn D Turn Tur Tu T
Aracelis Brito (1 day ago)
Jajajajajajajaja😂😂 que bueno
I want likes
HULK275 (1 day ago)
ajay aryan (1 day ago)
FLAYAT (1 day ago)
Es que je suis le seul français ici ? Vous êtes là les français ?!! 🇫🇷🔵⚪🔴🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Mattėore (1 day ago)
present !!
Gus TV (1 day ago)
2 0 1 8
Fiołekmcp krut (1 day ago)
Fabio mello (1 day ago)
Música boa com um clip bosta

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