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Exporting your Outlook file (folders, emails, contacts, etc)

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adam martin (19 days ago)
Outlook Email Extractor is fast and unique email extractor software which is developed to fetch and save email addresses from MS Outlook and Outlook express files. https://www.theskysoft.com/outlook-email-extractor.html
Saud khan (1 month ago)
How to copy and record it in PDF
Thanks very much for the good effort.
utpal kumar roy (3 months ago)
thanks a lot sister ......
MAX PAXX (4 months ago)
any way good job like it
MAX PAXX (4 months ago)
have a water when you talk
ATIQ UR REHMAN (8 months ago)
I open my outlook 2013 account in new pc but i cannot transfer my old data in new pc.
Charlie Burgess (5 months ago)
How do i get my import export info on to my phone
Sona Baghdasaryan (8 months ago)
isn't it possible to save the data as a .txt file? thx in beforehand.
Charlie Burgess (5 months ago)
How do i get my info on to my new device
pushpa srinivas (8 months ago)
In my system new email file can not open.....y?
Jeremy Lam (9 months ago)
Thankyou easy to understand and quick
Sent Luis (10 months ago)
Outlook PST repair tool helps MS Outlook users to recover emails and all types of items lost because of damaged PST files. This tool is an outstanding tool to handle all types of errors and problems that occur in the PST files. Get more details about PST recovery tool visit here: http://www.recoverydatatools.com/outlook-pst-recovery.html
Coffee (10 months ago)
I know how make a folder. How do you, "put files into the folder from your pc?" WEB VERSION?
Alexanders Gardencare (10 months ago)
Thank you! Great vid explaining simply and clearly!
Conrad Racine (11 months ago)
Thank so much for your advice in your video it took a bit longer than mentioned but all worked out incredibly well thx again
Larry Seibert (11 months ago)
Excellent video and tutorial. Very well explained. I followed your steps and everything worked perfectly. Thank you.
Gwm John (1 year ago)
Didn’t understand a thing ... are you using an older version of Outlook ?
shiv gupta (1 year ago)
To export Office 365 to PST , One can also get some help from here: https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/export-office-365-to-pst/
Daniel Socia (1 year ago)
That's great I guess but how the hell do I export my entourage info to my outlook for mac 2016 please tell me how?
anderson thomos (6 days ago)
these link will help - https://www.technocomsolutions.com/email-extractor-outlook.html
IT Giants (1 year ago)
Thank you so much I appreciate the information that you have been provided subscribe and like you deserve that you are welcome to take a look in my channel it's new I am information Technology Eng and I am planning to provide good information and nice tutorials so it's my pleasure that you visit my channel thank you so much.
shankar eadharada (1 year ago)
Thank you ..Good Explanation
Pj Fagan (1 year ago)
Excellent tutorial. Helped me a lot. So good to get a concise jargon free instruction. Thank you.
Gajju Kushwaha (7 months ago)
Pj Fagan
anis adira Ismail (1 year ago)
thank you so muchh!!
ABHINEET KUMAR (1 year ago)
Kil Lee (1 year ago)
Thank you for great information. Your video made my work really easy. Thank you again.
Real Life (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for making this video.
Lawrence Horton (1 year ago)
Thank you for the solution. I followed the steps but my Outlook data file was too big. When I tried the steps, Outlook was shown ‘not responding’ error. It was really hard to export full Outlook file data. Instead of this, I used Stellar OST to PST Converter. I exported full OST file data to pst without facing any issue. Hope it will help other users also.
Albany Paxen (1 year ago)
Thanks so much !
1cherrall (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your hep with this!!
Sunnybank CofC (1 year ago)
Hi, I followed the steps but I can't find my contacts ?
Virat Singh (1 year ago)
I have used this technique earlier but trust me that's not that effective. Its hard to convert or export all files. It always shows some error or don't export the whole data. Instead of this I use this One. It can convert and export all files with their meta data, contacts, folders and all. You may checkout that in the below link: https://www.sysinfotools.com/recovery/dbx-to-pst-converter.php Hope it helps
Thanks very much for the first time someone has made this task simple. Personally I hate outlook and don't use it. But, my dear wife loves it and I am always stuck with backing it up, with your help this is no much easier thank you. So until she moves into the 21st Century and uses Gmail thanks to you I can now back hers up with ease.
Omniscient (2 years ago)
Do you make a new account (Outlook account) before you start moving these folders?
Pradeep Parihar (2 years ago)
very good informative video..........
Wayne Hampson (2 years ago)
How do I transfer two (2) accounts?
Wayne Hampson (2 years ago)
I worked out how to do it. Everything is OK with my new computer.
saiful islam (2 years ago)
nice your tutorial
DudeDuderino Duderino (2 years ago)
Simple question thanks. When I saved MY files to.pst does it SAVE ALL MY other accounts? Or do I have to save them individually? IF individually then its a slow and long process for this I think? Thanks in advance.
Bear NorCal (2 years ago)
when I saved my outlook emails to my external hard drive I see my back up folder. when I closed all windows and reopen my hard drive to view my email it's giving me an error messages. ( outlook data files must be opened from within outlook) what does that mea? please help.
Jorge Manuel (2 years ago)
Thank you ! i try to do this for my sister work laptop and i couldn't and i didn't know how but i will try again now that i watch your video. (Thanks again)
Anouar Boukalkha (2 years ago)
very satisfiying explaination, thanks
Bubble R (2 years ago)
Super cool, Bang on. very good and very informative video. Thanks to the maker of this video.
Ahmed Mcgyver (2 years ago)
Very clear explanation... Thank you
Jake Smith (2 years ago)
Awesome, also look at this PST to MBOX Converter provides a good platform for easy and precise email conversion from Outlook PST to MBOX. - See more at: https://softcart.wordpress.com/outlook-pst-to-apple-mail-mbox-file/
Jacob Roy (2 years ago)
Very well Explained. Thanks much !!!!!
Mohamad Kharseh (2 years ago)
Very helpful and clear. Well done!
Zeejah (2 years ago)
There is one thing i wana ask i have made the files of sent and inbox messages before formatting my pc,so where do i copy paste these files so that i will get my all emails plz help
Lew Jackie (2 years ago)
Thanks, great tutorial. I use EmaiSendMaster to export my emails sending/inbox/open stats easily. https://plus.google.com/+LewRowland/posts/4eXbyFWAH6K
senthil kumar (2 years ago)
Hi, Thankyou. Very clear and nice.
Aidan Lawrence (2 years ago)
It is a helpful video for beginners of MS Outlook email client. Apart from having awareness with common operations in MS Outlook, users should know about the safety of items like message, contacts, files and folders etc. If you found any annoying events like freezing, stopping or inaccessible emails then you can try Inbox Repair Tool. It is a free utility to repair corrupt PST file of MS Outlook.
Amine FAID (2 years ago)
very helpful, thanks!
OrdinaryJess (3 years ago)
Thank you!
DougEsWhURL 2016 (3 years ago)
Thank you👍🏾
Aleks Tena (3 years ago)
I have had different folders with Outlook emails, after I changed the PC system, and installed the office we were not there, can you help me how can you return again?
Shamshir Sheikh (3 years ago)
How can we add all users all together from Directory to My contacts in Outlook Web Mail ?
Cheryl Cold (3 years ago)
Not bad, but searching folders is not going to be easy with this system. Better to have access to all the folders in Outlook but stored on your hard-drive. I had this on 2003, trying to work out how to do this now with 2013
Derrick Reisdorf (3 years ago)
Does the .pst file also contain your auto-complete email addresses (not your contacts)? If not, I've seen that you can copy over the .nk2 file which should be located in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook
Michael S.M. (3 years ago)
John Kernan (3 years ago)
Great video ....clear and succinct....thank you
Amar Al-Obaidi (3 years ago)
its a new thinks that I did not knew it, thank you
Julie Teran (3 years ago)
Thank you!  I was in trouble with too many emails, and now I'm not :).
A. N. Damodaran (3 years ago)
Thanks very much for the video tutorial!
Debi White (4 years ago)
There also isn't a box [email protected],ie file to select ?
anderson thomos (14 days ago)
try this soft. free trial https://www.technocomsolutions.com/outlook-express.html
Muhammad Zahid (11 months ago)
do you know how to save gmail emails. if you know please share with me. Thanks
Debi White (4 years ago)
When I get to the section that says  "Create a file of type" the is no choice to click on "Outlook Date File (pst)??
jetski Dex (4 years ago)
your voice is amazing 
edi kristianto (4 years ago)
nice tutorials, thanks its help me alot ;)
Santosh Kumar (4 years ago)
This video helped greatly. I had been having trouble until I watched this. Thank you.
big20stonedave (4 years ago)
I tried to use your advice to Export my Outlook file from my Desktop to my Laptop but I then got an error message that Outlook couldn't find the file. Maybe you should of explained that you need to perform a back up first in Outlook in order to create the said file otherwise there is no file to locate.
lovemyipadtwo (4 years ago)
but how do you copy these files into your gmail account?
anderson thomos (6 days ago)
this link guide you step by step https://www.technocomsolutions.com/email-extractor-outlook.html
1000frolly (4 years ago)
This is giving me a massive headache. I am trying to export hundreds of emails in many folders from my 2006 windows mail to my new laptop which is running outlook 2013. The messages are saving to an .eml file; they won't save to a .csv or an .pst file. The outlook 2013 does not recognize .eml and won't import them! Help someone!
Ahmet Dereci (4 years ago)
This may help you, www.aid4mail.com
Russell Smith (5 years ago)
Really, it gives a simplified way to backup Outlook data in minimal time & effort.

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