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How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for Marketing Purposes

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In this video, I’ll explain what hashtags are, and how to use them for marketing. (Materials at http://tinyurl.com/zsruc8w). Who invented the #hashtag? Well, it was probably Twitter, but who cares? Hashtags exist on most, if not all, social media networks but especially on Twitter and Instagram. An easy way to think of a hashtag is like a “conversation.” So, for example, you can click on the following and “see” the conversation on Twitter about these topics: #fashion, #california, #dogs, #globalwarming, and #gucci. Similarly, on Instagram, there are hashtags in use such as #chevy, #corvette, and #texas. Think of a hashtag as a “conversation” around the global water cooler, or a “radio show” on your favorite radio station. Even more, you (and everyone else in the world with a Twitter account or an Instagram account) can “chime in” with your thoughts, images, videos, and perspective on these “topics of conversation” or “hashtags.”
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Very Cool Products (25 days ago)
Hi, Amazing Video. What other types of online business do you do? Right now I am looking at other methods Thanks again https://youtu.be/crf-wv6rGrs
joie gahum (5 months ago)
Use hashatory in finding hashtags.
Corey Kennedy (1 year ago)
Can you explain why I can't find my tweets when I use hashtag search? Thanks so much.
Corey Kennedy (1 year ago)
jmgrp Tganks for the reply. I figured it out. I was looking in Most popular tweets rather than all tweets
jmgrp (1 year ago)
Hey Corey, sorry didn't see this. Try doing a VERY SPECIFIC search such as the hashtag PLUS some of the keywords in your search. Also tweet, and then look within a few minute at "latest." The algorithm rewards popular / powerful tweets, so that may be why you do not see your own.
Janis Opie (1 year ago)
Great video...I just never got it and now I do. I really appreciate your videos. Always learn and try to apply. Thank you, Janis www.shorelineornamentaliron.com
Jason Kioke (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. I've been using hashtags with my tweets today. More than usual. Some of my tweets are not showing in the hashtag streams. I've read online that twitter can not index your tweets if they deem your twitter account spam. So, I'm a concern about it right now. Hopefully, it's not permanent. What do you think ?
South Leeds Memories (1 year ago)
Brilliant Tutorial. Thank you.
Hodaya Yahshar’el (2 years ago)
OMG I see my pic on your LinkedIn...cool. love your trainings btw

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