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The Foreign Exchange: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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While on a world tour to support their fourth album, Love in Flying Colors, The Foreign Exchange stopped by the Tiny Desk to rev up a Friday afternoon. I've followed Phonte Coleman and Nicolay in their 10 years as a band — and it's evident their writing and production are honest and downright pungent at times. But when it's time to perform, it's all about fun. Backed by keyboardist Zo! and percussionist Boogie, Phonte, never short for words, lays down some quick ground rules. He then proceeds to interpret lyrics to meld three stripped-down highlights from their latest LP, including one of our top sleepers from last year. Enjoy this Tiny Desk Concert that also serves as a church sermon and stand-up act. --BOBBY CARTER Set List "On A Day Like Today" "Listen To The Rain" "Call It Home" Credits Producers: Bobby Carter, Denise DeBelius; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Denise DeBelius, Olivia Merrion; Production Assistant: Alex Schelldorf; photo by Meredith Rizzo/NPR
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Richard Hernandez (2 days ago)
Seriously one of my favs on tiny desk!.
Jay A Lay (6 days ago)
That ending on listen to the rain sounds like life.
Justhime (11 days ago)
I still remember the day my friend first showed me connected. It was Summer 08 in Sydney Australia. We would always scope the discount section of the hip hop albums at a retail store called JB HI FI. My friend's hip hop knowledge back then was much more diverse than mine, so he knew what too look for. I was already familiar with Little Brother and adored their sound, but I guess you could say I wasn't to in tune with more "underground" artists/groups. One day whilst browsing at JB he found this album and was so ecstatic that he did. He proceeded to tell me the story of how Phonte and Nicolay had made the album without having ever met each other and had corresponded through email to create the album. We rolled up a fat joint and listened to the album in his car....it changed my life forever. There are few vivid memories I have of hip hop changing my life (Hearing Luv Sic and finding out who Nujabes is, Blu & Exile; Below the Heavens) and listening to Connected was one of them. Needless to say the album helped shape so much about me and my taste in music.
David Fisher (12 days ago)
That's Greensboro NC coming out of him.
Danielle Maroney (3 months ago)
I like dude's personality and music, but he has got to shave.
Willian Bispo (3 months ago)
Foreign is always dop. Happy to saw Phonte and 9th tour in São Paulo 🇧🇷
D Schlitz (3 months ago)
Phonte is the absolute best at everything he does
Amanishakete Ani (3 months ago)
Only just now seeing this one too!!!!!! Yaaayyyyy to this!!!
Kevin James (3 months ago)
These are the legends... Yes our generation were deprived of great Marvin Gaye but thank heavens there are guys like Foreign Exchange.... salute
enok zeus (3 months ago)
High as Fuck.. with blue cristal clear deep feeling ,energetic flow low tempo with highs
Chandni bint Carlo (3 months ago)
Phontigallo & FE!! What a treat!! 🎶💕
GBody Rob (4 months ago)
Neighbor put home in yo heart! ...lol hes a good dude
GBody Rob (4 months ago)
I needed this
GBody Rob (4 months ago)
Lol phonte is right ...your're not alone
GBody Rob (4 months ago)
brwntra 1 (4 months ago)
Love this group
Ka Hinton (4 months ago)
Love love love TFE.
Lynne Maynor (5 months ago)
Phonte is crazy cool!
Runnin bolt (5 months ago)
We got that FE clap that’s all we can give you
trugod (5 months ago)
Excellent set, however the audience is wack as hell. You got three great musicians: Phonte, Zo! and Nicolay and no one in the audience is really feeling them. Fuck the staff at NPR, they should have got a real audience in there.
williest1 (5 months ago)
Bryan Williams (6 months ago)
68 idiots disliked this.
the Desda hip hop desda (6 months ago)
Phonte of monsther
TOMS WILL (6 months ago)
This dude. And group is the truth.
xavier campbell (6 months ago)
I love the last song "home" i listened to it like 5 times so far lol
francisco ortega (6 months ago)
Call it home es mi tema favorito en la vida, espero escucharlo en vivo algun dia
Edward Bates (6 months ago)
The band is extremely stellar and Tiggalo's got his *half Luther half Stevie* thing full steam ahead. Daykeeper is a top 20 song for me. Rocking with Phonte since early 2000's. One of the best.
Edward Bates (6 months ago)
S S (7 months ago)
One of my favorite groups of all time!! Salute!!
Idontlikethatshit (7 months ago)
That was official shit
al allday (7 months ago)
OHHHHMYYYYGOOOD! You got my Tiny Desk!!!!!!!
Michael Lopez (7 months ago)
This is my guy. He's such a genuine and good person.
A. Purnell (7 months ago)
Little Brother was my first hip-hop concert in 2004, and The Foreign Exchange changed my life in 2007.
heron fields (7 months ago)
Can’t stop listening 😎
TheHappynappy84 (8 months ago)
I 💓 Phonte
jerry mcrae (9 months ago)
Jake Cole (9 months ago)
This makes me so happy. A joy to watch even 15 times later...
GoodxJ (9 months ago)
"Neighbaaa!" Put HOME in your heart!!!!
GoodxJ (9 months ago)
We need Little Brother reunion!!!! Mad respect to Phonte one of the greatest rappers can SING!!!!
Tahj Daniels (9 months ago)
Herbert Deloach (9 months ago)
Performance was FIRE
lUnArEcLipsZe1788 (10 months ago)
I've listened to this a 100x in last week !
princylady1 (10 months ago)
He kinda killin my spirit with this “Tell me if we suck” stuff. It’s like he doesn’t know he’s great tf😐
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose (10 months ago)
Know what the current problem with NPR is? Russophobia. And Pledge Drives.
Joseph Winfree (11 months ago)
Phonte got corny overnight smh.
Antonio Smalls (11 months ago)
This guy is hilarious CTFU
n f (11 months ago)
SenatorPhoenix (11 months ago)
14:26 Phonte's laugh 😂😂
Tyra High (1 year ago)
Phonte country as hell
george WONG (1 year ago)
I'm hearing Stevie and Isley Brothers..sweeeeet
ki m (1 year ago)
Fuck is the drummer doing?
Alpha Ndiaye (1 year ago)
Love this group from west africa
Peppy P (1 year ago)
What happened to the rapping?
musicalfriends (1 year ago)
Niiiice, real nice!!! Great songs, great music, great performance. Now this is entertainment!
Nikki (1 year ago)
This is so rad! I
James Jackson (1 year ago)
and hes a damn fool LOL
James Jackson (1 year ago)
Phonte is an all around artist. I dont know if I like his rap or singing more. Hell I love them both
normaN Tucker (1 year ago)
Love these guy's
SniperNinja-115 (1 year ago)
lovely music, brothers :))) hearts*...
KiN CAMELL (1 year ago)
Elliot Rigby (1 year ago)
Love it so much.....so simple.... pure musical bliss! The creative genius of Phonte and Nicolay's collaboration!
Cristian Parada (1 year ago)
A great group and a cool songs and presentation its amazing show.
Erica Sumayyah McNair (1 year ago)
Love them he so much reminds me of Stevie Wonder
Bena B (1 year ago)
phonte such a beautiful soul😍
Michael Pearson (1 year ago)
Sean Thomas (1 year ago)
I'm mad that I didn't know this had happened until now.
I luv these dudes.
Mark Davis (1 year ago)
bless his heart
AxshunJaxon Jackson (1 year ago)
Raycine Butler (1 year ago)
Reminds me of some STEVIE WONDER!!!!!
samgames12 (1 year ago)
this is amazing. wish i had the audio file of this to put on my ipod!
Edward Bates (6 months ago)
samgames12 download 'videoder' app it lets you pull audio files from the videos here and on FB, soundcloud and some other shit. It goes from a video to a song on Youre phone in about 2 min over Wifi. Its pretty dope. Enjoy.
Jacob Hiller (1 year ago)
Jay Benny (1 year ago)
Foreign Exchange puts on a Great Performance, I am going have to pick up this album. Phonte has been one of my favorite rappers , I didn't he can sing so well.
fernanda oliveira (1 year ago)
My heart is filled with hope and love with you, thank you for existing to make our lives more joyful and full of love The Foreign Exchange ❤️😘💖🙋🏾
this my dude....
sdq sdq (1 year ago)
this band is crappy
Dean Diamond (1 year ago)
Holy shit how did I not know about this until now
s c (1 year ago)
these guys are so underrated
Jay A Lay (1 year ago)
solomon k folks arent even rated! saw them live a couple years ago...it was a comedy show and a concert!
DrinkMoWater (1 year ago)
I'm glad I found Tigallerro now I'm hooked on phonte, Eric Rob.. The foreign exchange .. musiq soulchild sound to future real quick
Kobie Mack (2 years ago)
Music on point👍
Sean The Bastard (2 years ago)
That nigga Phontigallo and The Foreign Exchange crew doing their thing-thing, per the usual...SALUTE...!
Sean The Bastard (1 year ago)
@DrinkMoWater Happy Holidays to you and yours, my brother...enjoy yourself; and, be safe out cheah...Respect.
DrinkMoWater (1 year ago)
😂👏 it's all good. You're on the good stuff
Sean The Bastard (1 year ago)
+*DrinkMoWater* Welp, you see what drugs and alcohol have done, to my short-term memory, family*lmaoooo*........!! But, it is good to encounter you on here, again; and, I shall be SURE to remember the moniker, for our next link-up, no doubt. Good Morning to you, brother...
DrinkMoWater (1 year ago)
We stopped on a few similar videos blessing them with our comments lol
Sean The Bastard (1 year ago)
+*DrinkMoWater* Appreciation for that, brother...may I ask who this is, since: I get the feeling we definitely are familiar away from these YouTube walls...?? Either way: the pleasure is my own, family...!
Kizzie Corner (2 years ago)
This music gets way down in my soul. Phonte and the crew are simply amazing!!!!
Dom Jú (2 years ago)
It full your soul and Phonte is so funny
Kenisha Wallace (2 years ago)
Kelly Mcgrath (2 years ago)
dopeScope561 (2 years ago)
Nicolay & phonte kill it.
The KId444 (2 years ago)
Phonte had on a Roy Lee shirt? Phonte please bring back Roy Lee the world needs him and Percy Miracles.
Mike Blaid (2 years ago)
14:25 haha "and put cash into the collection plate"
chris soriano (2 years ago)
NPR set fits them perfect. phonte on cue and nicolay on guitar, ill
tanya hickson (2 years ago)
I forgot how dope this was...
Time Clock (2 years ago)
what instrument can' t the white guy play! LOL LOVE him
princylady1 (10 months ago)
Time Clock *Nicolay
Sean Thomas (1 year ago)
Nicolay (and Zo!, in the back, on the keyboard) plays almost everything.
scoop hollis (2 years ago)
Love The Foreign Exchange, Phonte is my dude!!! Bring Back Little Brother!!!
Kevon Hayes (4 months ago)
Sounds good. But you use too much profanity. Very manic when talking. Nervous energy.
Eric Pulliam (8 months ago)
scoop hollis word . the whole Justice League never got their props
Keith B (1 year ago)
Christopher CJX Joseph yes
That's the same dude from Little Brother???? The Hip-Hop crew?
Brother Dee (2 years ago)
Everybody wants that LB Carolina for life
Leroy Walker (2 years ago)
One of my fav aspects is that his singing voice, while not great is authentic. Not all those gimmicks and computer tricks. Dude is genuine when he sings and I can definitely appreciate that. Love their music.
princylady1 (10 months ago)
Leroy Walker Jr not great?
npringle1 (2 years ago)
Ironic that this album is entitled "Love In Flying Colors" because I truly travel when I listen to FE and and inwardly I do see a myriad of colors and images that really expand my worlds(inner and outer world(s). FE's music will stand, 20 or 30 years from now I believe that I will still be able to relate and fish out memories from the music they have and will make.
Zerina Phillip (2 years ago)
Awesome!! And this was publish on my birthday. LOL
Laura Kuster (2 years ago)
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Lorenzo Baines (2 years ago)
We went to the Philly saw this past weekend and it was fantastic. The band was stellar. Phonte is a brilliant frontman. His picture is next to the word "Charisma " in the dictionary. They're clearly one of the best bands on the road today. My daughter was blown away too.
Krystin Grant (2 years ago)
no I wanna know😑😐
Kush Skywalker (2 years ago)
" get out the way of your happiness "...
Herbert Deloach Jr (2 years ago)
I love this group

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