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Here's What Gangs From All Over the World Look Like

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Very few think about it, but almost every country has its low-class gangsters. And each of them has their own specific subculture and style. TIMESTAMPS France – Racaille (rah-KYE) 0:29 USA – White trash 1:09 England – Chavs 1:53 Japan – Yankii 2:36 India – Tapori 3:17 Spain – Cani 4:02 Scotland – Ned 4:43 Israel – Ars 5:23 South Africa – Zef 6:06 Russia – Gopnik 6:46 SUMMARY - Racaille as true Frenchmen possesses a flawless style. They prefer Lacoste, wear Lacoste belt bags, and think that the height of style is pants tucked into socks. - In America, poor white people are often shortly called ”white-trash.” This term goes back to the 1820s and allegedly was invented by African Americans to disparage local poor white people. - The term “chav” came from a Romani word “chavvi,” which means “a child.” Chavs live in poor suburban districts. London traffic is too heavy for them. - Yankii are working-class Japanese youngsters. They are not tough guys like the yakuza, of course. But they are famous for being loud, rude, and refusing to take part in the strict manners of Japanese culture. - Tapori are street thugs from Mumbai. Their motto is "Milking a dummy is saint." That's why their main activity is hustling tourists. - Cani is very easy to spot a Southern-Spanish thug: they look as if they’ve just robbed a pawnshop, wearing multiple rings, gold chains, and other accessories. They like to listen to loud music on public transport, always playing club music out loud. - “Ned” is actually a short version for “non-educated delinquent.” Neds live in the poorer areas of Scottish suburbs. Unlike their English counterparts, these gentlemen are very aggressive, and they can drink huge amounts of alcohol with very little effect. - Arsim is a unique phenomenon in thug subculture because they are mostly religious. They often prefer national headwear to the standard baseball cap. - In the past, Zefs were wealthy but uneducated snobs who drove Ford Zephyrs. Then they degraded, but they still try to demonstrate style and wealth. - A Russian gopnik is a small predator of the criminal world. Gopniks also usually come from the dysfunctional background. They often spend their time squatting in groups and drinking beer. Do you know any other interesting facts about low-class gangs in your country? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (15488)
BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
Hey guys! How do you call gangs in your country? Btw, here's how to survive a public shooting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=outjhID67Uo&
Osemetal \m/ (9 days ago)
Finland: Jengi
Brandon Gromack (14 days ago)
We call them mobsters in Canada
Wendy’s (1 month ago)
tomato ketchoof (2 months ago)
Jengi or just gang in finland
Sabbir Rahman (2 months ago)
In our country we call them chatro league meaning Students league 😁😁😁
Jonathan Mendoza (11 hours ago)
Thumbnail: PLUG WALK
bear -Roblox Gaming (17 hours ago)
U said all over world and u just said 10 of them xD
Osobait Splashy (19 hours ago)
chavs not Chaaaaaaavs
YoutubeIsPG (1 day ago)
0:21 i love green street
Zoomingcomet (1 day ago)
It’s not pronounced charvs it’s chavs
Aleera jewel 2 (1 day ago)
I've got to say living in Baltimore, their are full of secret gangs!
9109 9911 (1 day ago)
Wow. Out of all the gangs in America you picked only the white people. Guess you idiots have never been to Michigan, Chicago, New York, or California.
Ollie Sudarski (2 days ago)
They forgot the chav equivalent to Australia. Eshay! Not a gang but a type of person.
jasonborn_ 666 (2 days ago)
where is BULGARIA ??
I like Tesco (2 days ago)
The way he pronounced chav 😂
eltrut innit (3 days ago)
"Chavs arent aggresive" Nah lol come to england and just look at someone with an addidas whatever on and get stabbed instantly
Jason Martin (4 days ago)
Charv? I think you mean chav
Anonex Creighton (5 days ago)
I think its SLAV not GOPNIK
Marie VL (3 days ago)
slav is more what we call slavic ppl (ppl from poland, russia, etc.) and gopnik is uh the russian gng thingy i guess
John Straub (5 days ago)
Totally trashes white Americans as if they are all illiterate in the South. Oh and they couldn't find any Muslim gang members? Easy to recognize, they wear those plaid looking scarves to cover their faces, wear heavy laden vests with ball bearings inside and carry a plastic controller when you push a button they explode. So why no mention of those gangs?
only jokor (5 days ago)
gangstar in philipines
ulikelard paul (6 days ago)
Batman 01 (7 days ago)
You forgot Italians in suits...
Sydney Slots! (7 days ago)
Fungamer GG (8 days ago)
The amount of thing wrong in this
Tough cookie (8 days ago)
Nice video...I’m not trying to hate on this YouTube channel but I think if you do a little bit more research about your topics it could really improve the video.
Sileeki Wreeki (8 days ago)
Bryson K (8 days ago)
This is absolute trash.
Hacks For Life (9 days ago)
In Romania my country we Have a big gang (5 milion) their name is tigani
Neds arent a gang but most of them are in gangs and they fight each other at the weekends
Kicky20 (9 days ago)
Error: 0874 (10 days ago)
Chavs are now extinct so road men are more common
L Kennedy (6 days ago)
Nope not where I'm from
What about Detroit, Atlanta, Compton, etc?
pepperoni pizza (10 days ago)
is that filthy frank from the thumbnail?
Thomas Milner (11 days ago)
You must be trying to be politically correct by getting the US one completely wrong. I have been to every state in the worst of places and have never seen a white trash gang. What you are calling white trash are rednecks and they do not group as gangs. That is the same as saying every poor black person is all one gang. There are all white gangs but being redneck is a lifestyle and not a gang.
angel Ram (11 days ago)
FYI this some bs
iamz .-. (11 days ago)
Ocean T (12 days ago)
Chavs are 23 chromosomed low lives
United Devil (12 days ago)
Salman Khan is a tapori.
giovanni tristan (13 days ago)
Fake Burberry cap 😂🤣💀
Swagnik Banerjee (13 days ago)
The first pic for Indian Tapori is not an actual Tapori.. He is actor dressed like one Tapori in the movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
Aaron Thomas (13 days ago)
Why they do USA like that 😂 they couldn’t at least represented us with a better gang like bloods and crips
0 Gemini 0 (13 days ago)
What about the bloods and crips 😂😂😂😂
You forgot Groove street Families, Ballas and Los Santos Gangs GTA SA fans hit like😂😅
DevBhai (10 hours ago)
Yeah but Grove street isn't lowclass. You wouldn't call Grove street low class if you were a true SA fan.
YoutubeIsPG (1 day ago)
Tejas Sah The Real U-tuber lol and the chaimberlain families
Lee the Young boy (2 days ago)
Tejas Sah The Real U-tuber don’t forget vagos the lost MC
Crips for ever💙
Brandon Gromack (14 days ago)
ZeF chappie
Equiduck (14 days ago)
Moan eh Scottish 💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Michaela Cohen (15 days ago)
Don't know about the others but you got the Israeli Ars wrong. While there are religious Arsim out there most of them are not religious, they are traditionalists at best and very nationalist. They don't listen to rap, they listen to Israeli Mizrahi (Oriental) music or arabic (unless they are russian and listen to russian rap) and smoke hooka. They actually aren't that bad with women because some girls tend to like them even though they are jerks. They also don't wear gold, maybe the older ones would. Also last two pictures were not Arsim, I think they were punk or something, most arsim dress like metrosexuals
Michael Garcia (16 days ago)
How many evil messages have you gotten ?
Johnathan watson (16 days ago)
that's how mafia works
YoutubeIsPG (16 days ago)
lol the way u said chavs 😂😂😂
artguy smith (17 days ago)
This video actually needs to be taken down
WolfE (18 days ago)
Scotland is lacoste traky bottle a bucky n lockbacks .
Hoshun favors (18 days ago)
Which one is the strongest averagely if they fought with bare knuckles?
Hajjy 9000 (18 days ago)
Are Gopniks slavvic?
SGTlieutenant 8903 (19 days ago)
where are the warriors and the orphans also the rouges and grammacy riffs and the electric eliminators and the hi hats and the destroyers also the turnball ac and the punks and also the lizzies
A Fucking Leaf (19 days ago)
What an inaccurate and inappropriately named video.
Noushaad Petersen (20 days ago)
Zef isn't even a gang or a part of any gang culture in south africa😂😂😂😂😂
soulassassin0g (20 days ago)
So youre generalizing a group of people because they act a certain way? I bet most aren't even in gangs they're just common low class hoodlums. Gangs are different than plain old hoodlums. You see in a gang they follow a code, a "G" code if you will, and the hoodlums don't follow this code and does whatever they want. Most of the time the gangsters don't mess with regular people and would rather go after rival gangs or anyone messing with them, as for a no good hoodlum they target everyone except the gangs because they know it will result in a very bad situation. Also, gangs are known to commit crimes for the benefit of their gang as for hoodlums they generally do crimes for the benefit of themselves. There's so many differences between a gangster and a common hoodlum, although very similar they are world's apart. This video generalizes both groups as one, which will get you in a lot of trouble if you're not careful, so be careful and do your research before picking a fight with these people.
Haawi · (21 days ago)
Arvina homie
Dante Gulluni (21 days ago)
Te faltaron los villeros pelotudo eurocentrista
Link The Fox (21 days ago)
when you come to the uk dont give chavs a dirty luck must of them carry knives and it is a big problem when you go to areas with higher crime rates always carry a fake wallet and phone and do not go on your phone near roads because moped thefts aren't just in viral videos
joga bonito (21 days ago)
Very true 😂😂😂😂
rajani pawar (23 days ago)
All people in India are gangsters its common for us to see people killed in front of us
LEARN New things (23 days ago)
In the phillipines ???
Ivan Renov (23 days ago)
White trash????
Brad Shillito (23 days ago)
Got us chavs wrong pal lol
CoolFpLife (23 days ago)
In the Phililppines we call them "siga" which comes from the word "nagsisiga" or burning leaves
Tsogo Surnee (25 days ago)
they smoke weeds
Zapanjen sam (26 days ago)
Where is GSF from san andreas. CJ is angry on you...
Sponge Bob (26 days ago)
Oh deer how he said chavs
Tom Gun (27 days ago)
What a load of rubbish!very inaccurate
Turtle POOP15 (27 days ago)
The gopniks look like pulse from rainbow 6 siege lol
Cake Monsta (1 month ago)
where is the philippines lol
ben dover (1 month ago)
Because White Trash is a hang in the US... Do you live under a rock?? Couldn't you have just taken the easy route for an actual gang and pick the common blood or crip (not counting neighborhood variants, just how an average blood or crip would wear aka blue or red)
Michele Zhang (1 month ago)
I publicly dare Osman to own Park Merced and erase Chinese illegal names from the leases. 🌎👈🎤🏃👈☺️
love proof666 (1 month ago)
im dying t the way he is saying chavs plus chavs is not a gang its a insult you call people in the uk
Duke DownSyndrome (1 month ago)
Council housed and violent
Clydee Borrel (1 month ago)
In Philippines we got HYPEBEAST and JEJEMONS loool
Yung Luther (1 month ago)
White Trash, really??? Trump must hear this.. Lol.
Daniel Crisp (1 month ago)
This has to be a joke
Samuel (1 month ago)
Australia? Eshays?
samuel aladeojebi (1 month ago)
Well what about Nigeria I need to know more okay thank you 🙏
Vansh Gill (1 month ago)
Okay can we talk about how all the pictures you found of Tapori are Indian actors
3AM (1 month ago)
Worst thing i have ever seen
kay bee (1 month ago)
There is nothing like a zef
Reelee Amashing (1 month ago)
popweaselcrunch (1 month ago)
uh, since when did white trash become a gang. These look like sub cultures.
chonburi11 (1 month ago)
i know, this is the worst video, what he shows is the typical trouble makers in the country and it aint the white trash
becauzYOLO (1 month ago)
You're mis pronouncing chav and also it means, council house and violence
newLEGACYFLEKZ (1 month ago)
Paragonix (1 month ago)
A gopnik can be your best friend if you give him some Kvass
vinyl subb (1 month ago)
My man said chaves like chauvs xD
Ghost Monk (1 month ago)
Am a old Chave 😂😂😂😂😂😂
izik Zilberman (1 month ago)
ars are mostly on electric bike and going around with a knife, favorite choice of act is fight with people who were standing near by
Jake B (1 month ago)
CHAV = Council Houses and Violence.
Ariel Grvs (1 month ago)
Olivia-may Mackness (1 month ago)
as someone from england i feel like i have to let you know, it is NOT said like THAT!!!! WTH!!!!! it's a short a like in cat. and the ch like in charlie and the s is almost pronounced like a z. please do your research before you butcher the word, you can hear us saying the word in multiple places in the media... "chavz" not "shaavs" we say it that way because that's often how a chav will speak.
StripyStuff (1 month ago)
AND YA GOTTA HAVE YA CHAVS CMON! Edit: I take it back I think my dad is one
StripyStuff (1 month ago)
Pants tucked into socks... NOOOOO...
LEMEZ (1 month ago)
CallMeSid (1 month ago)
Did this guy say Shaav it's chav. Mong
laatuh ihminen (1 month ago)
Trash video
Peter Bennett (1 month ago)
Not a clue what you are talking about. Typical "muricans"
Meshach Bremner (1 month ago)
In 1820 black people called white people white trash one step further we made up the term

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