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eBay is Messing with Keywords and Categories

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eBay is Messing with Keywords and Categories http://www.kioui-apps.com
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Dan Leahy (3 months ago)
Great But your sound dont work
Stephen Brown (7 months ago)
I gave this a thumbs up. This is probably the best video on YT about making linguini and clam sauce I have seen, bravo!
Caleb Bay (1 year ago)
You can hear it. REDO
Shellys Sweet Finds (1 year ago)
HORRIBLE audio!!!! Useless video~
Stephen Brown (7 months ago)
Kate Lily (1 year ago)
Audio not working--keeps cutting out. You hear 3 words then don't hear the next 3 sentences.
saqib shakil (1 year ago)
Hi audio is not clear. is it possible to explain maybe in writing what is happening? thanks.
Stephen Brown (7 months ago)
I'll give it a try >>>Because the video was recorded with crap equipment, the file became corrupted. This issue caused breaks in the integrity of the data. You notice this with poor audio quality. Others may notice the guy in the bottom right seems small for his age due to video degradation from the same issue. The takeaway here is these problems do not deter Youtube from ranking this pile high in their search engine for the term "eBay is Messing with"<<< I hope that clears this up in writing.
Suvarna Mollerup (1 year ago)
There is a problem with the audio on this video, so I can't hear what the solution is but thanks for looking at this, it's been annoying me for some time now.

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