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COLOR THEIR WORLD: The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty

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This innovative customer service activity & coloring book will inspire your team to build strong bonds of loyalty with customers, Get a FREE instruction guide to use COLOR THEIR WORLD as a training and reinforcement tool here: www.MarilynSuttle.com/colortheirworld Inside this book, you’ll be inspired to tap into your creative side to find new and rewarding solutions for your most customer service pressing problems — all while lowering stress and raising resilience. • On each page, you’ll find a whimsical image to color with a sentence starter to reflect on as you set your imagination free. • Enjoy each page personally or with your team. It’s insightful, and often surprising, to see the different color combinations used or words chosen to complete each sentence. Exploring your thoughts, ideas and experiences can cause dramatic improvements in confidence, creative-problem solving, and customer loyalty. For Leaders and Managers: This book offers a creative new way for your team draw out bright and bold ways to take their customer care from good to masterful. Give it as a gift or use it as a training and reinforcement tool for improving customer-focus and employee engagement. Or use it in team meetings to inspire people to share their own unique ways of brightening up the customer’s world to create unbreakable bonds of loyalty. Marilyn Suttle is an international conference speaker, coach, and CEO of Suttle Enterprises LLC, a personal- and professional growth training firm based in Metro-Detroit. For 20 years, she has trained thousands on relationship-strengthening communication, customer service, and success strategies. Marilyn’s clients have won industry awards, raised customer satisfaction levels and achieved lasting results in reducing stress and experiencing greater success and self-fulfillment. She’s also a social media pro, humanizing the online connection. Co-author of two bestselling customer service books, her advice has been featured on TV news, and media like U.S. News & World Report, Ladies Home Journal, and Inc. to name a few. To see how Marilyn can help your leaders and staff create breakthrough results through speaking, coaching, and training, visit: www.MarilynSuttle.com Marilyn is listed among the World's Top 30 Customer Service Professionals for 2018 by Global Gurus Top 30.
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