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Link register : http://payeer.com/?partner=68249 the advantages of Payeer is this: 1. MONEY ORDERS. 2. RECEIVING PAYMENTS ON YOUR SITE. 3. INSTANT PAYMENT SYSTEMS AND EXCHANGE BANK. 4. MASS-AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS AND TRANSFERS. 5. STARTING EXCHANGER. 6. PAYMENT SERVICES (more than 1,800)
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Text Comments (7)
Basic DRAWING (2 years ago)
Don't sign up!
Paweł Cz (3 years ago)
f... y..... u dont accept visa uk cards...bollox
aiman springwala (3 years ago)
is this safe, as like paypal?
Original Film Music (3 years ago)
+Bienvenue ! Do you work for Payeer and are you qualified to say this? I recently just had a really bad experience with Payza, and if it is anything like Payza I will pass. They were taking rather large transactions out of my account with my consent or my awareness. I'm iffy to trust another non paypal processor..
Ilias ! (3 years ago)
+aiman springwala yes safe , and secure
Mijn leven Mijn hobby (4 years ago)
Well, from Paypal to Payeer seems to be impossible now... :/
hido1995 Hido (2 years ago)
yes here https://www.okchanger.com/exchange/PAYEER-USD-to-PAYPAL-USD

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