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Latest Online Value Added Tax (VAT) return filing Nepal- अनलाइन मु.अ. कर भर्ने तरिका

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Thank you for watching this Online Value Added Tax (VAT) return filing Nepal- अनलाइन मु.अ. कर (भ्याट) विवरण भर्ने तरिका | Revised https://youtu.be/3ZIdTDc6TTg video You can also watch previous version on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjPvYM8pxvw Every person registered in VAT and required to file VAT return on monthly or four monthly basis shall file the return of their VAT related transaction online within 25 days of completion of the month. This video is purely for informational purposes. The publisher has tried his best to make this video informational and genuine. In spite of this if the video contains any misguiding contents please comment. This video is not published by Government of Nepal. So this video can just be used for reference purpose. The video publisher will not be liable in anyway if any loss arise due to use of this video in other purpose other than for informational purpose. Educational Video by: Anup Acharya #NepalTax #OnlineVATReturnfiling #ValueaddedtaxNepal
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Text Comments (9)
Offrose Ali Khan (1 day ago)
Kharid lae herni ki bikri lae 1lac vanda badi vayo vane
ANUP ACHARYA (1 day ago)
kharid ko 1 lacs with particular creditor as well as bikri ko 1 lacs with particular debtor .. dubai ko hernu parcha
Hirdesh Tripathi (2 days ago)
trade name mistake vayo vani k hunx
ANUP ACHARYA (2 days ago)
1 lakh vanda mathi ko bibaran varda trade name mistake vako kura garnu vako vaye... testo mistake huda mismatch parna sakcha pan number halne garnus trade name mistake hudai hunna. testo mismatch huda pachi tax office ma justification diyera milauna sakincha
shrijana shrestha (3 days ago)
purchase return lai kasari fill up garne?
ANUP ACHARYA (3 days ago)
shrijana shrestha VAT return bujako chaina vane.. return bujaunu agi purchase return adjust garera bujaunus. Eg. If purchase 110,000 and return 10,000 then tyo maina ko purchase just 100,000 bujaunus. Mathi vaneko jasto garna mildaina or VAT bibaran bujaisakeko cha vane.. anyethapghat bata milaunus. Anyethapghat bata milauda debit/credit note ko detail surkshit rakhnuhola
Bikram Yonjan (3 months ago)
VAT pay gareko detail fill up garna pardaina ra?
lalitbahadur Shrestha (3 months ago)
सबै त्कारोबारको १ बर्ष सम्मको एउटा कर दाता को statement कसरि निकाल्ने एउतै sheet मा. भन्नाले.बैंक ले खाता खोल्नको लागि हाल सम्म भएको व्यवसायको कारोबार को statement ले भन्दा रैछ.
ANUP ACHARYA (3 months ago)
tapaiko barsa variko total sales, total purchase ani linu parne dinu parne ko detail pesh garne ho,,, audit report vaye audit report ma sabai huncha tyo

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