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How We Paid Off $58,704 in 24 Months

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***When playing back the video, I noticed that I accidentally said $59... when I should have said $58,704...OOPS!!!*** I'm going beyond the numbers and sharing with you the steps we had to take in order to get our debt paid off. 1. Get real with your spending 2. Take responsibility for your share of the mess 3. Get on a written budget!! 4. Cut, slash, and trim your budget to free up extra cash 5. Stick with your budget!! 6. Get the biggest shovel possible (make more money) 7. Be content with what you already have 8. Stay focused on your debt free goal Debt free charts: www.debtfreecharts.blogspot.com Comment sections will be monitored for hateful/insulting comments between viewers and those comments will be removed. There is enough hate in this world, we don’t need it here too. Check out our Debt Free Scream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfR6tcuWYYo ------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Instagram? Join me. Username @ourlife.onabudget Contact Me: Angela - Our Life on a Budget PO Box 32067 Arthur PO Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 0A1 CANADA Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following are referral links to products or programs that I belong to and use on a regular basis. They are affiliate links, and if you use them I will receive credits for future purchases or a small referral earning. If you don’t want to use these links, that OK too, we can still be friends :) Do a lot of online shopping? Why not use Ebates and earn some cash back: http://www.ebates.ca/referrer?referrerid=3%2BGOrmaOE1I%3D%0D%0A Want to earn free gift cards? Check out Swagbucks: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/TBayMom Want to get paid to fill in quick surveys online? https://legerweb.com/M2AK8 We LOVE Paula’s Choice at our House. If you’re looking for amazing skin products check out this line (Especially the Clear Line of products!! They worked wonders) Receive $10 off your first order: https://goo.gl/2DM21D --------------------------------------------------------------------- There are times when companies may send me products to review for free or sponsor the content of my video. Please know that I would never accept free products or sponsorships from companies that I myself would not use. Also know that my opinions on the products will always be my own. I value my viewers and will always be honest with you...always :) If you made it all the way down here in the description box...That scratch ticket won me $5!! Yahoo!!!!!
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Henry Sullivan (1 day ago)
I am not too big into debt I got a couple credit cards i need to pay off totaling 615 nothing major but I am trying to better myself at saving money for example I canceled my gym membership I work as a custodian for the local school district where I live I am the floor cleaner and I walk around a lot to get excercise and I clean the 1st 2nd and 3rd floor atriums and backpack vacuum the stairs I get my excercise cleaning those steps and I don't pay a cent so I get my excercise at work
Forgotten Way Farms (3 days ago)
This is awesome!
Stevie Wander (6 days ago)
Buying clothes not on a major sale or clearance etc., is a massive waste.
H88sixty One (7 days ago)
Did u tithe to your church while getting out of debt?
I belong to a Roman Catholic Church where you just give what you can. We don’t follow the same as the evangelical church where there is a 10% tithe
hulda2002 (10 days ago)
With your current $800-1000 grocery budget, could you go back to $200 like in this video?
Charisse Nacional (10 days ago)
Save! Save! Save! Save more money!!..... Stop making a restaurant as an extention of kitchen then you can save save save save more moneyBetter cook and prepare own food that eat in restau that is way cheaper. Minimize buying face mascara ( make up) in that way we can save save save more money..
Jean Pierre (10 days ago)
I pay more than that without using your bullshit strategy.
Awesome job!! You should make a video about that!! People would be interested to hear different perspectives
James Thompson (17 days ago)
What would be your suggestions for those who don't have a lot of income coming in to a home?
I would follow the same steps, but the amount of time it would take to pay off the debt would be extended. Either way, you want to squeeze as much as you can to put towards your debt. It would start by looking at your current expenses and seeing if there is any room to trim and cut. The other half of the equation is looking for ways to increase your income. Either by finding ways to make money from home or picking up a part-time job while you pay off the debt. Dave Ramsey talks a lot about delivering pizzas on Friday and Saturday nights. It means sacrificing some time, but is worth it in the long run.
Julie Julie (22 days ago)
Why are you screaming?
Am I? Sorry if I came off as too loud. It's the teacher side of me I suppose that is used to presenting information in front of a room of teenagers. I'll do my best to tone it down.
WOBBLIN GOBBLIN (23 days ago)
Swinging by the convenience store for "SNACKS"! Got it! Threw me off at first.
Pronunciation...Harder than it looks for me some days ;)
Vidal J (24 days ago)
Wow almost everything you guys were going thru pre debt free my girlfriend and I were going through. We too got in debt because of our impulse buying and lack of responsibility. We argued and pointed fingers a lot. Debt ultimately cost us to fall apart. But now that we're a little older and wiser we're talking again and we're ready to take a leap into this journey and hopefully end up together again but without all the financial stress.
Eddie Mcmahon (24 days ago)
My question is, how much is your martial combined income?all people can pay off debt, but you must have a steady following income.If not, it doesn't work. Period.
ekim955yt (24 days ago)
What is dept? Are you talking about money you owe on your credit cards? Are you talking about your mortgage?
Consumer debt and student loan debt.
Jessica Patterson (25 days ago)
We are just starting our debt free journey. We paid off our first student loan debt at the beginning of October. YAY!
Bon (25 days ago)
... Yes, because there's a "we" and "us" involved. Be a single person living in Jersey with a mortgage. Blessings!!
Irving Dominguez (26 days ago)
This is the most boring dam video
Sorry it was a waste of your time. I hope you had better luck with the next video you clicked on. Cheers :)
George Hellion (26 days ago)
What a load of crap. Even if you only have utilities and a mortage to pay, with a two income household, this is very impossible. You would have to use all of your income to get rid of that kind of debt. Please stop with the BULLSHIT!
People with less income than us are able to pay off their debts in a short period of time (watch Budgetgirl, she paid off $33,000 on a single low income). Regardless of income, it’s about the steps you take and the sacrifice you are willing to make. Is it easier with a larger income, of course. Is it impossible on a low income, absolutely not.
Fran Raymond (27 days ago)
Great advice! I was thinking that since you had enough self-control to adjust your behaviours for two years and bring your debt to zero, why not continue on this new behavioral track and pack away $60 in the next two years! You already know how to do it! Getting significant funds in the bank is exciting! It might be a down payment on a second property or some other investment. The snowball starts working FOR you!
Angelica Miller (28 days ago)
Great video and inspiration!!
Diane Choate (28 days ago)
Love that " Death by 2 dollars " comment. Very inspiring.
It was eye-opening when we saw how quickly those small amounts added up. Shocked us into paying more attention to the small spending since that was more of an issue for us than the big spending was.
unfortunately, most people don't earn your savings margins. or your spending capabilities.That AVG person globally, lives on less than $1.00 dollar a day. But in the US it's around $55.00 per day ( including shelfter costs), Americans live on. So your means are very high. and yes you were "pissing away" tons of money. Yes the $20- $25 dollar ghosting habits can mean the difference between poverty and wealth. What's your meal budget for 4.
Sassy Danni (25 days ago)
Our Life... On A Budget Totally possible. I make roughly 450 dollars a week and saved 1000 in a month and a half just by cutting stuff out and budgeting wisely. Now I’m going to pay off my debts which are around 7000. Might not be a lot of debt to some but for someone who doesn’t make much it is but my determiniation is going to get me through.
I agree that my family lives on more than most, and although I shared our total numbers, the video was more about the steps that we took, which can work for any income. Having a larger income does make the timeline much shorter, but the process of cutting expenses and looking for ways to increase your income is what's important, regardless of where your salary is at. As for my meal budget. We have recently increased it to $50 per person, per week or $200 per week. In a four Saturday month, that means our grocery budget is $800 and in a 5 Saturday month, our budget is $1000. Again, higher than most would spend, but if you see our grocery hauls, you would also see that our food costs where we live are also higher than most. Everything is relative, but there are also people like Budgetgirl who were able to pay off a significant amount of debt of a much lower salary, so it is possible.
Apathetish (30 days ago)
The amount of money you’re talking about is my entire income for the year. How does a person making 30K a year pay off debt?
Paying off debt is possible no matter what your income is. In order to pay off debt the first thing that you need to make sure you're doing is getting on a budget and sticking with the budget and not using any more credit. Then look at the budget and see what areas you are willing to cut, or look at the income and see what else you can do to raise the income. Both of these moves will free up money to pay off the debt. With a lower income, paying of debt will take longer, but it is possible. Keep working at it, look for ways to bring in extra income (even selling stuff that you no longer use), and see what you can trim from your expenses. Keep in mind, the sacrifices you make while getting out of debt are only temporary.
John Behneman (1 month ago)
I just got a weekend job to help pay off my divorce debt. But also to save money up for a down payment on a house in the future. Whether I am single or married. I want my own home. And I will get it. Thanks for the inspiration.
mmldogs (1 month ago)
This should be taught in schools. So many kids don't know how to budget and live within their means. After being debt free then put money into savings for your old age.Australia we have superannuation. Also taught our sons when you start work and have no dependants put 10 % into savings every payday and don't touch .If you can continue this through out your working life you will have a wonderful stress free retirement.
lovemagicandroad (1 month ago)
Excellent video and so well presented! Thank you!!!!
Thanks for taking the time out of your day to watch :)
lovemagicandroad (1 month ago)
Goodness, I’m European and always been frugal. Save on everything. Don’t eat out, rarely buy new clothes, drove 2 cars for almost 20 years each. I reuse everything, even paper plates and cups, pick up paper napkins and so save on lots of small stuff. Cut and color my own hair, cut my own nails etc. Don’t need bunch of makeup or other items. I do like to buy good quality shoes though, especially walking hiking boots, and earrings. Then I like to buy things cash, so I save on interest, I like quality and expensive stuff and bought bunch of expensive stocks...that went up in value a lot. Also bought an expensive apartment in Europe, in the center of a popular city. It also is up in value. Oh I shouldn’t brag, but yes I’m careful with money. My sister has always been broke and takes loans when she can, also shops for clothing a lot. A bad habit. She goes to expensive hairdresser whereas I cut my own hair. Etc. it all adds up. She’s always broke and I’ve got money in the bank and zero debt.
ok peace (1 month ago)
Glad you make way more money than me
harleymandk (1 month ago)
keep it up.... Every journey begins with a single step.. Next step is the FIRE movement and then you got time for your kids. ;-)
Fade masterfade (1 month ago)
I stopped smoking cigarettes 5 years ago. My girlfriend and I both quit drinking alcohol 2 years ago. This helps a lot and I'm much happier without those drugs in my life (only coffee now;) Cooking almost all our own meals; eating real simple healthy food saves a lot. Avoiding the false economy of buying ''cheap'' things like cheap clothes. I don't have a large wardrobe but the clothes I have are high quality and will last and I will like them longer. I try to sell anything I no longer use whether clothes, sporting goods or electronics. It can be a pain to sell but it helps in numerous ways and is so worth it. Buying high quality things means there is a market for them when you no longer want/need them.
L J (1 month ago)
Also for those with high CC debt (tens-of-thousands), It would make more sense if you were paying down CCs first before a mortgage because they’re the biggest Debt Lockers that get applied to Interest first before the principal (the original purchases) so that $20 at 15% with payment minimum (2% +fees & interest) isn’t even chipping at the 20 bucks and its legal! Disgusting 🤢🤮... Once no longer in debt (do not close them) continue to put your weekly salary into your checking acct then make a “payment” of the full deposit to your *cleared debt-free credit card* Your money is safe and ready for any expenses or emergencies and since its *your own money* and *not borrowed from CC company* you owe them Na-Da! Its better to not pay high interest then try put in Savings Acct with their stupidly less then 1% offer! (This not only clears any new interest to incur but rises your FICO giving you better credit and possibly lower or 0% loan to pay off your mortgage sooner or any big ticket item if you choose to apply it). *That’s the Secret how you really save in Life by Not wasting it away on high Interest* . Hope that makes sense to those that keep saying they need to have a high paying job for this to work. You CAN pay off your debt you just have to think it in Reverse, *Make the Institutions work for You Not the other way, you don’t have to play their Evil game of modern-day-Slavery* !
L J (1 month ago)
Another way I like to save is using *Ebates (dot) com or App* , you get great discounts plus up to *15% Cash Back* for simply shopping how you normally would, for everyday items like *Groceries and Household* to *Department Stores* and even Entertainment like sports/concert tickets and Vacations when we’re able to splurge of course ;) That includes paying for Anything really and *getting Cash Back, couple it with your (debt-free) Cashback CC and get more for just shopping for your needs or wants* ! Works on Amazon, ebay and GroupOn and all your favorite money-saving sites! You can even *link your debt-free CC and use the app In-Stores like you would normally shop* ! They even have a *Chrome extension* you can use on your Desk/laptop to scoop-up the deals. https://go.ebat.es/SOfSA9qtKO Use this link to Get yourselves your first free $10 for just spending $25 thats 40% saved, oh did I not mention they send you a big check by mail every 3 months or through PayPal? Yay so *you always have extra spending cash* , for me that’s awesome and a win-win!
Suzanne Porter (1 month ago)
I need to get rid of around £2500 of debt and had no idea of where to begin! My biggest outgoing each month is my credit card, not the stuff I bought with it, but the interest! I am retired now and my interest and hobby is my garden which I spend a whole lot on. I have just about finished buying the major stuff I wanted out there so until spring, I don't need to buy any more plants. I think this is where I shall be tightening my belt and paying the extra off my cards. I really need to deal with it and sooner rather than later. Thanks for this video...well worth a watch :D
Paula Hrankowski (1 month ago)
great advice. this will also work for a savings plan once you are out of debt.
Mag Ma (1 month ago)
excellent advice. congratulations .
Jaz O (1 month ago)
This was all common sense. Nothing special.
Lindsey Hollifield (1 month ago)
We are desperately needing to start getting things under control, but we have one income, 2 kids and a baby on the way. If you don't have enough to make the current credit card payments, what do you do? Do you just focus on one and let the others go delinquent? Do you pay things on credit cards so that your cash can make the payments, which seems backwards? We are going to have to move into a bigger house in the next couple years to make room for the kids, and I'm nervous that if we let some of the credit cards go and focus on one at a time that we won't end up being able to buy a house when we need to.
Jessica Gill (1 month ago)
I swear you were talking to my husband and myself!! Everything you said at the beginning speaks to my heart!! We definitely spend $20 here and there and anywhere and then wonder why we never had enough money at the end of the week/month!! Thank you and I am now subscribed and will be going back through all of your videos!! Congrats on that $5 lottery ticket!!
Laura Logan (1 month ago)
We were the death by $20 ppl, too!! In a weird way I almost wish I could say we blew it on bigger ticket items 😆 But it was small purchases here and there. To be fair, a lot of times ours was for gas or food (essentials we couldn’t afford at certain times), but it’s so frustrating to be paying it off now plus interest. Oh well! Lessons learned! ❤️
Izeallia Eldridge (1 month ago)
This video should have more views although I’m hardly surprised that it doesn’t. We live in a society where debt is encouraged and celebrated. It’s such a marketing mind game to keep people dissatisfied with having enough. Some people can’t understand why you have not upgraded to iphoneX even though your iphone 5 is still working perfectly fine. Why are stores like Walmart and Target arranged in a way that you need to walk by everything you don’t need in order to get to what you do you need? Why do you have to pass the jewelry counter to reach the toilet tissue aisle? The retail giant is psychologically manipulative. The usual tactics they use in producing most commercials is to rob you of your self esteem and sell it back to you for 3 easy payments of $19.99 does not include s&h. #debtfreeAndNeverGoingBack
Denise Lynn (1 month ago)
We did it in 90 days its possible to be debt free...!
Lady pilliwick (1 month ago)
I subbed. I'm out of debt... what I'm working on is the daughters student loans
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
I when to casino put all on back. Now I owe double
Jojo Breez (1 month ago)
Why hide your income,
I don’t. I always share our monthly income in my budget report videos.
Ana De La Cruz (1 month ago)
It is so hard to stay on a budget when your partner has no sense of self control. If he wants it, he gets it. Then I'm upset bc I abstained that I go 'eff it, if he's indulging why shouldn't I?".
Zully Davis (1 month ago)
So it 58 or 59?
Brain fart when filming. 58K
Renewable Rebecca (1 month ago)
Rather die with debt than restrict myself lol
Lee Yeomans (1 month ago)
Read the story about the grasshopper and the ants maybe.
Jeff Imbo (1 month ago)
Love watching your videos, keep it up.
Erwin Hill (1 month ago)
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Lauren Liska (1 month ago)
This video made me feel a bit more hopeful. I have about $6000 in debt to pay off with an annual take home salary of $31,000 but I feel like it's going to take a lot longer than I would like to pay everything off. I have created a budget spreadsheet and I budget each paycheck, but with my mortgage, insurance, utilities, 4 pets, groceries, commuting costs (45 minutes each way), and medical costs, there is not much left over. I feel like I've cut back as much as possible. Do you have any advice on how I might make progress so I can pay off my debt faster? Thank you!
One of the best things we did to get the debt paid off (besides cutting where we could) was to make some extra money. Each of us looked for ways to bring extra cash to the budget. We sold some stuff which helped to get us started. Jeff took on a part-time job with the city and I was fortunate enough to make some extra money on YouTube. If you can find a way to make some extra money, you'll feel the debt disappear in no time.
pickin pickers (1 month ago)
Me and my husband have 3 adult children who are always asking for money. Ages 23, ,28, and 29. They all have 0 work ethic and can't handle money. All 3 are single moms with kids. It's the kids I feel sorry for plus I don't want them living with me so they are our big road block to our debt free journey.
pickin pickers (26 days ago)
Thanks for the reply but I didn't sow this. I've always worked and provided for my children as has my husband. They just won't listen. But it's all going to change. Because I read a good book called "Setting boundaries with your adult children" by Allison Bottke. It was recomended to me by a professional counselor. I realize now that I am the enabler and I have to make some changes
abri0297 (28 days ago)
You reap what you sow
araceli marshall (1 month ago)
Show them this video n let them know there will b changes from there on out>♡tough love is tough on EVERYONE
Marta Villanueva (1 month ago)
One of the things that made it easy for me was seeing that at least the money was there to pay more than the minimum and still be comfortable. I made $16,000. So, at that time, I only made the minimum. Once it went up to $20, 000K it was easy riding, then making $25K. And now I have just under $5,000 in student loan debt. My debt is so low, that I feel awkward even saying I have debt.
Christian Sanchez (1 month ago)
What's up with these mandatory 1 minute commercials youtube has...
Ugh, sorry the ad was that long. I can handle the 30 second or less ones, but to sit for a minute...Thanks for waiting it out.
Ernst Erik Dashuta (1 month ago)
It is not about how how much you make. It is about how much you can save. A second rule is to ask is this something that I want , or need? If you want then it can wait. If you need then budget your income and see if you can afford. Leave with your means.
Him Bike (2 months ago)
Awesome video !! I should b debt free dec 1, 2018.
Awesome news!!!!
ArtsAndAttitudes (2 months ago)
A reminder of self discipline, common sense, updated and reiterated, on a sincere, happy, sweet, honest face. Thanks,...
Robert Schultz (2 months ago)
Great talk simple and down to earth. WE can relate thanks .
Lorrie R (2 months ago)
Paid off our first credit card this month! So excited to be able to see the debt snowball in action. My husband got me going on the plan but he still wants his fishing trips ... because “they don’t cost much”. We were so the $20 dollar people also. We will get there, maybe not as fast as we could.
Our Life... On A Budget (2 months ago)
Congrats on getting that first credit card paid off!! I feel like we’re married to the same type of people. Jeff still wanted to hunting and fishing. I bargained and limited the amount of times he went.
Lethallady66 (2 months ago)
Have you signed up for this site yet? Go ahead, check it out and start earning now! Free and easy https://www.instagc.com/497542
Darlene Royce (2 months ago)
Wonderful information and awesome video presentation. Your attitude drives your success and it is obvious YOU were driven. Thank you so much for breaking the process down, for including all the information, and for hitting the points on the head. Good job.
Cecilie M (2 months ago)
Excellent information! I don't buy anything that I don't need anymore! Do an inventory of your home and see if you want it or do you need it! The need should, out weigh the want! You will be surprised at how much better you will feel; with a lot less! 😄
Clare Iza (2 months ago)
Good for you!
cindy maulden (2 months ago)
Just the pep talk I needed, thank you !!!!!
Jenn in Kanata (2 months ago)
Cutting spending on things that you don't need is huge I have cut our clothing spending to only need as if someone got holes in their pants or shirt or things don't fit anymore either too big or too small we will look for them used either online or in the thrift stores if not we find them on sale. If we can't find things on sale we will get something from Walmart that is cheaper and will do us for the meantime. Definitely try to get quality stuff about other stuff they get worn so much of that spending on quality is kind of wasteful as the kids outgrow them faster then they at where them and selling them used for even half of what you paid for next to nothing. Do you have some websites that you can share for people in Canada 2 make extra income at home. For example where did you find these writing freelance jobs and what qualifications did you need.
Maroxa (2 months ago)
We were buying Tim Hortons every day before work, so one hot chocolate, bottle of coke, raisin bran muffin, 2 old fashion plain donuts. $8.85 so that’s a total of $3230.25! Almost $270 per month! That’s a lot! Hahaha
Sylvia Jones (1 month ago)
+Our Life... On A Budget i
Our Life... On A Budget (2 months ago)
It’s crazy to see how it quickly adds up.
Rogen Rego (2 months ago)
Great Video! I had two things on my credit that were holding me back. one is from sears which I paid off and I am not sure of the other one but they are both 17 years old. I filed bankruptcy 17 years ago and settled with them both. It was just brought to my attention that they are still on my reports I recently got referred by my best friend to contact (([email protected] which I did and he helped me fix my credit and my score was improved by a huge leap. I recommend anyone that needs to fix his or her credit to get through with him.
Rhonda Capps (2 months ago)
I think you have a great voice. There's always someone who tries to tear us down. Thank you for using your voice too help us and the ungrateful egg heads too. You my dear rock!
1 23 (2 months ago)
Expenses are color coded in the check register. When you open it up and see all the same color then you can easily identify where you're spending and can tackle it. I make it a game, how little can i spend in this or that category. I use a wallet/planner combo. In front of my register is a "How can I save money today" list. The next is a list if money goals. THEN the register that tracks money that leaves the checking account. I force myself to look at those before I reach for the debit/ credit card. I have to ask myself, do you want this thing more than the stuff on your goal list? Another thing, and I learned this from my mother in law, when you go shopping your receipt usually shows you how much you saved. Take that amount and put it in your savings account. If they hadn't been on sale you would have paid full.price, right? Now you're saving for financial security. 😁
Max Munguia (2 months ago)
200$ food shopping im on that it defenetly works! and if you have a garden thats a plus!! i use 150$ on meat for a month the other 50$ on some spices canned goods and grains. nice video!!!
Tiffany N (2 months ago)
The important element I gather from your vid is you and your husband worked as a team. For many this debt would result in a divorce.
Dwan Gremillion (2 months ago)
I so needed this video. I have decided to begin my journey. Student loans are killing me.
LORRAINE J KOSCHOCK (3 months ago)
I love your video. You don't waste time saying needless things. Every word from your mouth was extra instruction and encouragement. Congratulations on your payoff of debt. I'm struggling with it now and really appreciate what you've accomplished. My problem is that I am 70 and not able to bring much more in unless I can do it from home. Haven't come up with anything yet but anxious to find it.
mason roberts (2 months ago)
LORRAINE J KOSCHOCK (2 months ago)
Mason, thanks for the additional info. I plan to follow thru.
mason roberts (2 months ago)
I want you to know how responsive these guys were. Had various email correspondence with Dirk Hess and his crew was always very responsive and answered my questions. Then last year when I was trying to clear my Car loan debt and credit card debt of $8000 and being so frustrated, I finally gave up this year february, mailed them and got through to Dirk.. Well, let me tell you - he was absolutely wonderful and helped me and was a life saver. Debts are now settled and I don't know how I would have ever done it without him. mail him - you will pay some upfront. He is credible and most capable for this.
Donna Firis (3 months ago)
Great video very inspiring. Any suggestions on daycare it’s a huge expense we pay less than most but that’s because I work two days a week long shifts average 20 hours per shift. I don’t have family support I know people would suggest that but I don’t have it. I take care of people with disabilities although I love the people that I take care of there are many things that I don’t like about my job ( always away from family during holidays and the company doesn’t give rises basically a died end) I know I could switch my job but it’s what’s working best for our family as far as daycare goes. If I had to pay daycare full-time I might as well quit my job and stay at home I wouldn’t bring much money home after that expense.
Our Life... On A Budget (2 months ago)
I feel your pain on day care. When my girls were both in full-time it was our biggest monthly expense. I paid more for day care than my monthly mortgage payment. In order to make that bill, it meant that we cut or did without in other areas. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that it wasn’t going to be forever and that once the girls were in school, most of the money would be back in the budget (other than after school care). Hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.
anne smith (3 months ago)
I got some tips: Shop used clothes. Go to Happy Hour for the specials. Use Costco and get foods that have a loooooooooooooooong expiration date. The Kraft Cheese expired 5 months after I bought it so I can have cheese for weeks at a time. Make your own bread (havent tried this yet), go to hot places in the summer for vacation as you get good deals. Stop going to the sales at dept stores. I used to spend hundreds on sales on things I didnt need. Store up though on Christmas specials you would buy anyway as gifts.
Ltaya (3 months ago)
Great video, I have set up a budget plan that I am going to start on tomorrow when I get my first pay check for each pay period!:) I'm working toward paying off debt, getting my own place and getting a car
Susan Rush (3 months ago)
You are so inspirational. So cute.I can't wait tot ry to get out of 15,000 dollars in debt.I spoil my kids out to dinner. Give them cash.OMG its crazy. I bet that MaybeI can try this.I will try especially at the grocery store. OMG that is huge. I will meal plan shop with a list. I am only going to consignment. My debt and headache is not going to get the best of me. I'm going to work on my budget and check in with it. I can't wait. This credit card scheme and balance transfer crap has to end. I loved listening to you. It's all about being a minimalist. It's okay we can still enjoy life through our friendships , nature etc.I'm a teacher an this is a must!!!!!!! I'm in. I'm listening. I can't wait to do a portion of what you do.
John Landy (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! On Baby step 3 at the moment.
Murali Iyer (3 months ago)
Just a awesome video. I feel bad that I watched it now. I have a question for you.Me and wife make around 4300 $ and our debts are over 37000 $. 2164 $ are utilities like rent school fees electricity and utilities.Balance goes straight to cards but we have been doing for over 3years now but nothing has come down. Need some expert advise.
Emenie Olivier (3 months ago)
Do balance transfer for 12 to 24 months interest free, and it's ok to pay a 3% fee, for the balance transfer. You will be amazed how much you can save on balance transfers.
Buzzy Anderson (3 months ago)
Couldn’t stop watching!
Bodie Stevens (4 months ago)
I paid off 100k in debt in one day. I wrote to checks
Bodie Stevens (4 months ago)
sorry two
Nicole Shere (4 months ago)
I love your channel! I was watching several videos of yours the other day and on one of them you linked your debt spreadsheet to it. Of course, I can not seem to find the exact video now. Would you be so kind to share it with me? THANKS!!!!
Our Life... On A Budget (4 months ago)
If you mean the one that we coloured in, you can find them at debtfreecharts.com (although she does charge a small fee for them, but well worth the cost)
Merci Beaucoup (7 months ago)
the drug store is brutal😂
MsSassyMT (8 months ago)
I love this. Thank you for sharing. Definitely subscribing to your channel. My challenge is getting my partner on the same page. I see her slowly mentally changing so I think she's ready to really attack the debt now.
Our Life... On A Budget (8 months ago)
Focus on the why and don’t be afraid to dream big, it may take some convincing since there is short term sacrifice, but it is so worth it!!
James Brown (8 months ago)
Man alive you're voice is like chalk on a board .
Dii Sp8s (1 month ago)
Our Life... On A Budget Exactly! 😂
tk (2 months ago)
Our Life... On A Budget handled that fantastically 😹😹
Our Life... On A Budget (8 months ago)
If you’re going to randomly try to insult people, at least have the decency to be grammatically correct.
Our Life... On A Budget (8 months ago)
And it’s your, not you’re. You’re means you are, your means your.
Our Life... On A Budget (8 months ago)
Slightly more complimentary than “nails on a board”
Barbara Kumpan (8 months ago)
Thank you I really enjoyed and learned from your video.
Emma Hall-Nicol (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tips! I may not have accumulated as much debt as you and your husband, but as a 28 year old with over $20,000 in debt including student loans, it’s scary and frustrating! This month I have set a goal of paying off one credit card each month or two months. I made a budget of $80 in spending a week that I won’t go over, and try my best!!
Livebetter4Ever (9 months ago)
Very good video, but I have a question. Were you saving money while paying off the debt? Or were you putting all the left over money on the debt?
Erin (9 months ago)
I'm a bit of a shopping addict. I am not going on a shopping trip on the way home today. I ate leftovers. Oh harsh existance lmao.
Fresh Mann (1 month ago)
+Erin I love what you are doing and the mental shift your making. I find it extremely attractive in a woman.
Erin (9 months ago)
Today I worked an extra shift. Then I came home at night and ate leftovers again. All the extra effort and kind of protecting my bank balance is paying off over time. I still had to have the necessity of getting gas. I would not be able to travel between clients without a car easily.
Our Life... On A Budget (9 months ago)
Haha! First world problems but I feel ya!
peter koller (10 months ago)
I had a house mortgage since I bought a house in 2010 - and have been debt free since 1 jan 2018!    three more tips: 1. pay cash as often as you can! it hurts so much more to hand over cash than to swipe a card, and this is good pain. 2. do not think your spendings in money but in hours of (hard) work. 3. use craigs list: in particular clothes and children´s toys are extremely cheap there. and a bonus tip: 4. allow yourself a monthly budget for impulse buys and wanna-haves. after all, you should not forget to live.
Tracy Jones (1 month ago)
You could learn to do it yourself home practice invite some friends over to test and once you master it after the pregnancy you could enjoy making your own or even Cater. just an idea...
Tion Whitfield (1 month ago)
How'd you pay off your home so fast?
Ana De La Cruz (1 month ago)
I can attest to the thinking of money in hours worked. No more sushi for me. Lol it helps I'm pregnant but still, sushi is like 2 hours of work.
Buddha Girl (10 months ago)
Thank you, very sound advice.
Ricci Barr (10 months ago)
Thanks for the information. How did your husband find the tear down job. I’ll be happy to do that in my city
nana kala (10 months ago)
I dont drink Alcohol, so I saved up tons of money.
Branwyn Heart (11 months ago)
Can you do a video on budgeting books, books on being frugal? I need good recommendations!! Thanks!
Our Life... On A Budget (11 months ago)
+Branwyn Heart I’ve talked about a couple over the years. America’s Cheapest Family Gets you Right on the Money is great if you looking for frugal living. Otherwise, Total Money Makeover is a must. I also really liked Money Rules by Gain Vaz Oxlade.
gasdorfic muncher (11 months ago)
53% my dept is car repairs ...40% medical..3% home repairs $12,000 dept my first step is buy electric car ..low maintenance and fuel cost
real life 5 (1 year ago)
Love your videos and watching you guys on Dave Ramsey😉
ingridhi100 (1 year ago)
My husband and I are in debt but not for as much as 50,000.00 I have more medical bills debt than credit card debt but I don't know how to start to get back on track. My account goes to the negative every single time and for this point I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to break this cycle....any advise would be most appreciate it.
+ingridhi100 if you can budget yourself in a buffer for your checking account, that will help. At the end of the month, rather than putting all the extra money towards debt, set aside $100 or $200 for a buffer in the account, or build up to a buffer over a couple of months. Having a buffer in the account has saved me from going into the red on more than one occasion. Especially if something comes up or a bill needs to get paid before the first pay check.
Parker Lansing (1 year ago)
It's nice to see how the practical perspective of debt snowball works. At my job, I'm given a lot of vacation time off, and I love to travel. How do would suggest spending that time off when you want to travel? So far, my solutions are 4-hr round trips with my girlfriend, and fishing.
+Parker Lansing I'm a huge fan of the staycation and exploring new close to home. Our travel while paying off debt only involved a week long visit back to my hometown to visit family and friends. Otherwise we did a couple of weekend trips to larger towns.
BrookeS1986 (1 year ago)
I had to stop watching beauty gurus... I bought so much crap they swore by. It was often good products but got really expensive and I had to learn to be happy with what I had already! I'm happier with less now.
Lotus 444 (1 month ago)
plus many times these gurus get stuff free to promote it and we are the ones that get stuck shelling out big bucks!!
Mrs. Lovelyg (1 month ago)
I’m on the same 🚣 🤦🏽‍♀️
Janice (1 month ago)
I can spend embarrassingly amounts of money on beauty products. Crazy
Crystal Bochette (2 months ago)
Joua to the Rescue (6 months ago)
Yesss same for fashion with me🤣🤣🤣
Erica Roman (1 year ago)
It's so hard! Every chance we look, there's an obstacle😩 I just had surgery and have been out of work for two weeks, with two more weeks to go...unpaid...there was my vent for the day😓 thank you for sharing your inspirational story
Gregory May (1 year ago)
Learn to repair your own cars, learn how to surgery;)
Motherly Styles (1 year ago)
I understand how you feel. We started end of January for 3 months in a row all our cars brake, now our son needs surgery that will be $2500 at least out of pocket. It is very discouraging but we will continue the journey.
"Death by $20" that is us too. We are just starting our dept free journey. Your videos have been tremendously helpful. Thank you!!
Best of luck on your journey!!
marlena2112 (1 year ago)
Great video!!!
+marlena2112 Thanks :)
Jennifer Norton (1 year ago)
Mine is death by coffee. I'm not in debt but am a single parent of 4. Fortunately I've been able to be at home but now my youngest is at school I'm looking at what paid work I'll be able to do. Budget is very tight and my coffee I have tended to see as a reward. Nearly fainted when I really looked at how much I was spending!! I've decided to cut it back to just one a week when I go grocery shopping.
+Jennifer Norton it's amazing when you stop and add it all up!! All in moderation though. Glad to hear you can still fit in your weekly treat :) Helps keep the sanity with 4 littles to take care of.

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