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Rush Hour in Different Countries Like You’ve Never Seen It

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You are stuck in your car in what seems like an endless flow of other vehicles. You get stuck in traffic jams on your way to work or to the airport to pick up your friends. That crazy nerve-wracking time is called “rush hour,” and you wish you could fly away to the other side of the world to escape it. Do you want to see how the world looks during the busiest hours of the day? Some of the contrasts are truly fascinating! TIMESTAMPS Beijing, China 0:55 Dhaka, Bangladesh 2:17 Venice, Italy 3:32 Chhattisgarh, India 4:39 Tokyo, Japan 6:01 Siem Reap, Cambodia 7:10 London, Great Britain 8:24 Moscow, Russia 9:35 São Paulo, Brazil 10:55 Kampala, Uganda 12:16 Train ride in Bangladesh 13:10 Palermo, Italy 14:25 Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (8 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS Beijing, China 0:55 Dhaka, Bangladesh 2:17 Venice, Italy 3:32 Chhattisgarh, India 4:39 Tokyo, Japan 6:01 Siem Reap, Cambodia 7:10 London, Great Britain 8:24 Moscow, Russia 9:35 São Paulo, Brazil 10:55 Kampala, Uganda 12:16 Train ride in Bangladesh 13:10 Palermo, Italy 14:25
Sniper King (1 month ago)
EDSA in philippines search pls
Why philippines is not included??
thutrang vu (2 months ago)
BRIGHT SIDE hj. a Maminnuoop
Museveni Must Go (3 months ago)
BRIGHT SIDE 0:55 Kampala- Uganda 🇺🇬 Not china
lucky osakpolor (3 months ago)
i don't think you have ever been to Lagos Nigeria ............i don't think any rush hour can compare to Lagos own .....go and see for your self my friend
Tom Hamblin (18 hours ago)
Zen AfterPlayz (2 days ago)
Me: Phillipines Friend: but..... Me: *PHILLIPINES*
Lm Delmonte (3 days ago)
Have you not been in the Philippines? See yourself the rush hour in Manila...
prakaash j (3 days ago)
Don't u get anyother city in India other than Chattisgarh..
Yogendra Narayan (4 days ago)
Chhattisgarh is not like you have shown in this video. I live in Chhattisgarh and I can prove it.
Veronica Williams (4 days ago)
I'm good I'll stay n stl.to many ppl
Markus Jo Galantis (5 days ago)
You forgot EDSA 😂
MR. SECRET (5 days ago)
Most wickedly rush hours 6 to 12 and 1 to 12 in Manila
Edward Ladrera (5 days ago)
You made traffic jams fun and hilarious. I enjoy this video very much.
Karen Amores (7 days ago)
I came back from Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam. Their traffic jam is crazy!
RANI MEHAROTRA (7 days ago)
That train in Japan and Bangladesh might suffocate people and make them faint.
Jason Rabemanantsoa (7 days ago)
can they still breath inside the train in Japan ?
Trifonia Sumicad (8 days ago)
Aba better na ang traffic situation sa manila ngayon may pag-asa
Joemari Cañete (9 days ago)
Where is the philippines? It should be there atleast.
maillaarni (9 days ago)
Whew... Manila didn't make the list. I guess there's still hope.
maillaarni (9 days ago)
Thanos was right. Sigh...
Ahmad Muhdi (10 days ago)
Hello Admin? Why don't You use Metric system since your audience not only Americans. Thanks
Aeon (7 days ago)
Because he's American?
Tasfiq Kabbo (12 days ago)
Anyone here from Bangladesh? 😂😂😂
Punita Rathi (14 days ago)
Mumbai local ,India
Blue Vlog (15 days ago)
Mexico city
Sheri Rex (20 days ago)
I got to experience rush hour(s) traffic in Panama City, Panama. I couldn't believe how it takes hours to get somewhere and no one gets angry. Everyone seemed very tolerant of others who cut in line, and ignore traffic lights. I was really impressed. I live in a smaller midwest city in the US. So much road rage here.
jasper budiono (21 days ago)
I was once stuck in traffic for hours in Jakarta. Thanks to traffic accident when 2 truck collided to each other, It took me 4 hours to drive for 3km.
Turtle Man (22 days ago)
We have bad rush hour at New York
Trent Davidson (23 days ago)
Ever been to LA?
Maliha Mokammel (24 days ago)
Proud to be bengali Oof our traffic 😂😂😂
Ashly Lemonade (25 days ago)
At least u said mongolia 🇲🇳 thank u
Yung Luther (26 days ago)
Where is #Lagos Nigeria??? This is incomplete without #LAGOS
Music777Lady (26 days ago)
The way he says Moscow it’s terrible. It’s not Mos 🐄 ha ha ha
akami tazaz (1 month ago)
That's why some kind of affordable flying objects are needed for people to create traffic jam in the sky.. The sky is wider,it can take it!
kickass girl (1 month ago)
Awe i love when they respected cow wish all people around the world do the same
Saiful Islam (1 month ago)
I'm a Bangladeshi
farhan mahamud (1 month ago)
i am from Bangladesh
Jo Wescott (1 month ago)
Blocked and thumbs down
Jo Wescott (1 month ago)
So boring
Lamar Positive Vibe (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that was waiting to see Lagos, Nigeria in this list? I can't be the only one.
Sita Jha (1 month ago)
Where is India's Mumbai local train the world's deadliest train and the Delhi 2nd most deadliest train
Izu Okeke (1 month ago)
Visit Lagos Nigeria.
Ger Oli (1 month ago)
Malathi Bhat (1 month ago)
The thumbnail is fake.
Raymond Lee (1 month ago)
I'd rather stay home😂
Maki Bautista (1 month ago)
Try Edsa Philippines
Yhedrick Claver (1 month ago)
Sangwan Phasomwong (1 month ago)
Thanks god no Thailand in here...
You forgot the Manila, Philippines! It's so traffic here!😂
Tafhimul Islam (1 month ago)
I am from Bangladesh
Costas J.T. (1 month ago)
Hindus on a train is always enjoyable.
Sam Bro1234 (1 month ago)
I am from Bangladesh
iiuva (1 month ago)
Yeah mutual love..only among muslim...lol
Jorge Carvalheira (1 month ago)
Huehue Brasil
NipponThunderBolt (1 month ago)
Hilarious YouTube thumbnail = exploding population + abuse of transportation infrastructure...i guess the folks who ride 'outside' the train ride for free...
vijay kumar (2 months ago)
For your information Taking Mahal it is in UP not in Chattisgarh in India.
Cherubin Rex (2 months ago)
Japanese one was funny 😂😂
Eugene Buckley (2 months ago)
Note these civilizations are decline pending the fall of empire and should be heeded on any other issue
Farzeen Sweetie (2 months ago)
Yeah, Dhaka Bangladesh is crazy.
Henry ow (2 months ago)
Where is Nairobi -Kenya?
Zachary Jones (2 months ago)
That train pushing thing is the most ridiculous and dangerous solution to a problem I've ever seen.if someone had a medical emergency they would be fucked.i wonder if elderly people and children get special privileges
VISHAL GOEL (2 months ago)
Looks like someone forgot indian trains...
ad urpina (2 months ago)
muy bueno, saludos amigo
Andreea Rus (2 months ago)
Not understanding why he pronounces Moscaw (like a cow).
Philippines where you at?
Mark Arnott (2 months ago)
👨‍💻3rd world countries making cars without any real road planning disasters 🚨 Too many polluting citys choking humans beijing for instance & all over the world citys r smog havens - next 50 years electrical cars powered by free solar power is a big thing now 👍💡💃🤪
Oriole Aszme (2 months ago)
A big shout out to air that is breathable!
Yahaya Josh Shagaya (2 months ago)
You'll have to do an update of your studies to include Lagos Nigeria and Mararaba Abuja
Dini SCH.OUTEN (2 months ago)
santosh kutty (2 months ago)
The way he pronouns is fabulous 🤣😂😂
Israfil Khan (2 months ago)
Dear it was Delhi capital of india not chattishgad
Nnaemeka Nweke (2 months ago)
Hey you missed Lagos, Nigeria. This video is not complete.
Mars Boyo (2 months ago)
Why is this video so slow. Speed it up, please!
kevin church (2 months ago)
Show the traffic jambs instead of a single still photo and your blabbering!
bernard mabeza (2 months ago)
HaHaHa. Where are EDSA and Commonwealth Av. Metro Manila, Philippines? Traffic here is forever.
Roland Sellers (2 months ago)
The engineer should slam on the brakes and see what happens...
Ray Henderson (2 months ago)
Liverpool (UK) had the worlds first underground railway (NOT London).
Ray Henderson (2 months ago)
Can't think of one thing the Chinese have invented (except for the biggest traffic-jam), but they have copied millions of things!
AI AC (2 months ago)
the Dhaka train is full of men....lazy boys, LOL women stay home
Nathi Tshabalala (2 months ago)
Gillooleys Interchange, Johannesburg.
Emmet Solomon (2 months ago)
This is what ovepopulation causes. But by controlling populations, everbody wants to immigrant to these places.
swifty1969 (2 months ago)
how can the Japanese cope with being pushed into trains like that. How about the girls? how can they cope with their bodies being pushed tightly on other people.
M C (2 months ago)
Concrete cities and traffic jams... Definitely not my cup of tea
Richard S Wiggins (2 months ago)
Venice stinks. Went on one on holiday and went to dip my hand in the water and felt a dollop of poo with tissue stuck to it
THE STORY OF KHATIBI A (2 months ago)
I am from chhattisgarh
bonran (2 months ago)
7:38 is not Siem Riep, Cambodia; it is Chhoti Chaupadin Jaipur Rajasthan, India
k 1 (2 months ago)
Not bad if you turn the sound down.
Lugano Esomu (2 months ago)
the guys worship caw😇😇
rogue warr (2 months ago)
This is why the U.S.A is the best place in the world to live ,after watching this video i would never live or visit these countries ,there is far to many people and cars and cows..
Bobby Dhal (2 months ago)
Awesome Video
Crappy Angel (2 months ago)
Manila Philippines. Where people punch and shoot each others on traffic jams.
Thom Pabol (2 months ago)
San Francisco is small but the BART system is becoming like Tokyo. no pushers yet but during Giants games its close to this. and some of the trains are ice cold during the summer while others have no AC what so ever. so from car to car you either freeze or fry.
ThePParadigm (2 months ago)
Traffic is one of the biggest failures of civilized society. It's one of the most inefficient, polluting and entitled conditions. Like coronary artery disease, it's toxic to any circulatory system and needs ending.
Search Tube (2 months ago)
Why you're posting india like this ? who've given rights to defame my mother land ?? Come i will take world's finest place and roads in india..
Triplex Longueuil (2 months ago)
I absolutely need that song, somebody please tell me what it is!
Carl Hursh (2 months ago)
Freek’n India!
Blither box (2 months ago)
Multi lane moving sidewalks where the middle lane is the fastest and wide enough so that people can jog to work at 55 mph.  Too bad the future is broke because you borrowed all of their money without a plan. Oh well.
KAYdotYES (2 months ago)
Why you think Venice needs no introduction while others apparently do?
4A4FR33 (2 months ago)
"... and they lived happily ever after." somehow, i doubt that.
Hambone (3 months ago)
Waste of time. The first one was way back in 2010!
jbird Perez (3 months ago)
WOW !! Traffic is bad .. you have leave the car twice there to make payment .
jbird Perez (3 months ago)
i bet if a pedestrian were to get hit by a car , it would be about two hours before he could fall down .
Clyde Cavalieri (3 months ago)
This is why you hear of a train car derailing in India and 175 people are killed or ferry sinking in a river in the Philippines killing 983 or a bus going of the cliff in Central America killing 76.
R. L. (3 months ago)
Just watching people get stuffed into trains is way beyond ridiculous, glad I am in America, that's for sure
R. L. (3 months ago)
And you wonder why India has such problems as they do, worshipping cows, cows make better steaks than being idolized!

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