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How to do forecasting with Excel 2016

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If you need to forecast numbers -- typically for finance -- the Windows and Mac versions of Excel 2016 have a basket of tools to get the job done.
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Tito Pradono (9 days ago)
Awesome sir!!
Miss Ai (1 month ago)
Miss Ai (1 month ago)
sung kuan (2 months ago)
Thanks very much!
Bob Flisser (2 months ago)
Glad you found it helpful!
Raghvendra Kumar (2 months ago)
Thank You Very much :)
HÉCTOR TORRES (2 months ago)
finally a coherent explanation about forecasting using a regular tool. Gacias mil, Señor ! ! !
Sheryl Leduna (5 months ago)
Hello! Thanks for posting this video. I wonder though, let's say I have counts of surveys and the Customer Satisfaction score (in %) for each period, can I still use the Straight Line method but do it separately for each of them to compute the future # of surveys and their corresponding Customer Satisfaction score goals? I'm also thinking if I used the Straight Line method to compute the Customer Satisfaction goals and then go back and use the values to compute the # of surveys necessary to get to those goals using Multiple regression, is that even possible? Thank you in advance! :)
Tarek Atteya (6 months ago)
Thank you, very helpful video. I have made the same, but the Seasonality value become 0 and Confidence values are greater than forecast sold quantities !!!
THEGLADIUS101 (6 months ago)
So my understanding is if you have no trend then seasonality will show 0? Also when you use the .ETS function and put in a number in the seasonality section (for eg 12) what does that mean? I am using this example but for my data excel is automatically taking the seasonality as 0.
Alaa Abuazab (7 months ago)
Many thanks Great job
Nenad Kralj (7 months ago)
CONSULTATION | Can someone salve this =IF(ISNA([@TOTAL]);FORECAST.ETS([@Date];ISNUMBER([Date]);ISNUMBER([TOTAL]);;1);0) - One CELL (one formula) which would salve all / small steps What I'm missing (I know that I miss one or more formulas in it) ?? 17/4/2 -> $$ 17/4/7 -> n/a 17/4/9 -> $$ date -> $$ date -> n/a date -> n/a date -> n/a date -> $$ date -> $$ date -> n/a date -> $$ date -> n/a date -> $$ date -> $$ date -> $$ date -> FORECAST date -> FORECAST date -> FORECAST
Agung Sukariman (7 months ago)
TRAVIS EDWARDS (7 months ago)
Bob, which forecast should I use with 8 months of data?
TRAVIS EDWARDS (7 months ago)
When I use a ETS.SEASONALITY to get seasonality value it returns 0
Kyle Gushue (7 months ago)
full of inaccuracies
waxdw1 (10 months ago)
Thank you !!
Bob Flisser (10 months ago)
waxdw1 Glad you found it helpful!
Alberto Vazquez (10 months ago)
seshubabu vellanki (11 months ago)
Thank you Mr. Bob. I am going through excel forecasting for the first time and I am feeling like a pro only because of your lecture. Very helpful video for me
Fola Gbade (11 months ago)
This simple but well explained tutorial is great. Thanks a lot.
Software School (11 months ago)
Thanks, glad you found it helpful!
Mahadi Hasan (1 year ago)
Sir, you are a great teacher of Ms. Excel. Your explanation is simply awesome !!!!
Bob Flisser (1 year ago)
Thanks so much! Glad you like it.

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