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Value of Option Prior to Expiration
This video introduces the five factors (Stock Price, Strike Price, Time to Expiration, Volatility of Underlying Stock, and Risk-Free Rate) that determine the value of an option.
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Call Options Value at Expiration (Preview) FULL Video at MBAbullshit.com
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Time Value & Days to Expiration in Options Trading | Top Trading Research of 2017
tastytrade defines theta and decay in options pricing and explains why we establish positions with 45 days until expiration. Then, the Research Team runs a study to test the profitability and probabilities surrounding rolling positions to extend theta. Tune in for the results! This segment is designed to show every investor the best ways to execute their trading strategy. We deliver the practical side of options trading. It's tastytrade's research broken down to a more beginner level! ======== tastytrade.com ======== tastytrade is a real financial network, producing 8 hours of live programming every weekday, Monday - Friday. Follow along as our experts navigate the markets, provide actionable trading insights, and teach you how to trade. With over 50 original segments, and over 20 personalities, we’ll help you take your trading to the next level, whether you are new to trading or a seasoned veteran. http://ow.ly/EbzUU Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tastytrade1?sub_confirmation=1 Follow tastytrade: Twitter: https://twitter.com/tastytrade Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tastytrade LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/tastytrade Instagram: http://instagram.com/tastytrade
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Put Options Value at Expiration (Preview) FULL Video at MBAbullshit.com
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Options Pricing & The Greeks
http://optionalpha.com - Option traders often refer to the delta, gamma, vega and theta of their option position as the "Greek" which provide a way to measure the sensitivity of an option's price. However, it's important that you realize that the "Greeks" don't determine pricing, just reflect what could happen in pricing changes for moves in the stock, implied volatility, etc. ================== Listen to our #1 rated investing podcast on iTunes: http://optionalpha.com/podcast ================== Download your free copy of the "The Ultimate Options Strategy Guide" including the top 18 strategies we use each month to generate consistent income: http://optionalpha.com/ebook ================== Grab your free "7-Step Entry Checklist" PDF download today. Our step-by-step guide of the top things you need to check before making your next option trade: http://optionalpha.com/7steps ================== Have more questions? We've put together more than 114+ Questions and detailed Answers taken from our community over the last 8 years into 1 huge "Answer Vault". Download your copy here: http://optionalpha.com/answers ================== Just getting started or new to options trading? You'll love our free membership with hours of video training and courses. Grab your spot here: http://optionalpha.com/free-membership ================== Register for one of our 5-star reviewed webinars where we take you through actionable trading strategies and real-time examples: http://optionalpha.com/webinars ================== - Kirk & The Option Alpha Team
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The Risks Of Trading Options On Robinhood App
Options are complicated and the risks are not clearly presented. Unfortunately Robinhood provided access to options to people who are not yet familiar with them or the risks. We also feel Robinhood doesn't do a great job of going over the basics of options to new traders. Join US vs HERD's free options trading group: http://bit.ly/UVHFreeOptionsGroup Follow and listen to our Spotify playlist: http://bit.ly/WorkEthicPlaylist Connect with Nick — Twitter: https://twitter.com/NickDChow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nickdchow Connect with US vs HERD — Twitter: https://twitter.com/USvsHERD Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usvsherd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/USvsHERD robinhood app for beginners options trading robinhood options trading explained robinhood app tutorial
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explain how the value of a European option is determined at expiration;
explain how the value of a European option is determined at expiration;
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determine the value at expiration, the profit, maximum profit, maximum loss, breakeven...
2017 LOS - NOT 2018 determine the value at expiration, the profit, maximum profit, maximum loss, breakeven underlying price at expiration, and payoff graph of the strategies of buying and selling calls and puts and determine the potential outcomes for investors using these strategies;
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Options on Futures: Value of an Option (Moneyness)
Learn more about the terms used to describe the value of an option, including time until expiration, time value, intrinsic value, and moneyness. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=cmegroup Learn more: https://institute.cmegroup.com/ CME Group: http://www.cmegroup.com/ Follow us: Twitter: http://twitter.com/CMEGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CMEGroup Topic: in the money, at the money, out of the money, option value
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determine the value at expiration, profit, maximum profit,....of a covered call strategy
2017 LOS - NOT 2018 determine the value at expiration, profit, maximum profit, maximum loss, breakeven underlying price at expiration, and payoff graph of a covered call strategy and a protective put strategy, and explain the risk management application of each strategy.
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Options Strike Price - Avoid the Typical Amateur Mistake of Picking the Wrong Option
http://www.learn-stock-options-trading.com pick the wrong option strike price and you will quickly lose money! Related text lessons to go with those videos: http://www.learn-stock-options-trading.com/strike-price.html Also, be sure to check out our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/optionstradingmentor
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Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model -- Intro and Call Example
Introduces the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model and walks through an example of using the BS OPM to find the value of a call. Supplemental files (Standard Normal Distribution Table, BS OPM Formulas, and BS OPM Spreadsheet) are provided with links to the files in Google Documents. tinyurl.com/Bracker-StNormTable tinyurl.com/Bracker-BSOPM tinyurl.com/Bracker-BSOPMspread
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17. Options Markets
Financial Markets (2011) (ECON 252) After introducing the core terms and main ideas of options in the beginning of the lecture, Professor Shiller emphasizes two purposes of options, a theoretical and a behavioral purpose. Subsequently, he provides a graphical representation for the value of a call and a put option, and, in this context, addresses the put-call parity for European options. Within the framework of the Binomial Asset Pricing model, he derives the value of a call-option from the no-arbitrage-principle, and, as a continuous-time analogue to this formula, he presents the Black-Scholes Option Pricing formula. He contrasts implied volatility, as represented by the VIX index of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, which uses a different formula in the spirit of Black-Scholes, with the actual S&P Composite volatility from 1986 until 2010. Professor Shiller concludes the lecture with some thoughts about options on single-family homes that he launched with his colleagues of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2006. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Examples of Options Markets and Core Terms 07:11 - Chapter 2. Purposes of Option Contracts 17:11 - Chapter 3. Quoted Prices of Options and the Role of Derivatives Markets 24:54 - Chapter 4. Call and Put Options and the Put-Call Parity 34:56 - Chapter 5. Boundaries on the Price of a Call Option 39:07 - Chapter 6. Pricing Options with the Binomial Asset Pricing Model 51:02 - Chapter 7. The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Formula 55:49 - Chapter 8. Implied Volatility - The VIX Index in Comparison to Actual Market Volatility 01:09:33 - Chapter 9. The Potential for Options in the Housing Market Complete course materials are available at the Yale Online website: online.yale.edu This course was recorded in Spring 2011.
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20. Option Price and Probability Duality
MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13 Instructor: Stephen Blythe This guest lecture focuses on option price and probability duality. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Call and Put Options
An introduction to strike prices, expiration dates and the intrinsic value of options.
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Lecture 6:  Pricing Options with Monte Carlo
Lecturer: Prof. Shimon Benninga We show how to price Asian and barrier options using MC. A starting point is an extended example of how to use MC to price plain vanilla calls. This example illustrates the basic principles of MC pricing for options.
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Options Trading: Understanding Option Prices
www.skyviewtrading.com Options are priced based on three elements of the underlying stock. 1. Time 2. Price 3. Volatility Watch this video to fully understand each of these three elements that make up option prices. Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com what are options option pricing how to trade options option trading basics options explanation stock options
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Option Theta Trading Strategy - Option Greeks | Part 5 (HINDI)
Option Theta is the rate of change in option premium when there is a change in the time to expiry. Option Theta is the biggest risk for option buyers. The option premium drop with each day as the time to expiry approaches. More the no of days to time to expiry, higher is the probability to hit the strike price. This is the reason why option writers or sellers make money in the options trading. For option buyers, the best scenario is the increase in option premium but the rate of increase should be more than the Option Theta. The option writers are an advantage as the option premium will decrease naturally near expiry and they will be in profit. Therefore, option buyer should buy an option with low Option Theta value and it is reverse for option sellers. Option theta constitutes a major part of the extrinsic value. As we know the option premium consists of 2 parts i.e. intrinsic value and extrinsic value. At the money contracts have the highest Option Theta value. Also, the theta should be more than delta to check the breakeven point. If delta is 10 and theta is 2 then the stock price must increase by Rs 10 every 5 days. To become a member/join, please click on following link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvVj1LkOpA8tjb7RadTvOg/join If you liked this video, You can "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. The link is as follows https://goo.gl/nsh0Oh By subscribing, You can daily watch a new Educational and Informative video in your own Hindi language. For more such interesting and informative content, join me at: Website: http://www.nitinbhatia.in/ T: http://twitter.com/nitinbhatia121 G+: https://plus.google.com/+NitinBhatia #NitinBhatia
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Canned Food Review Expired! 2.5 to 3 years. Great Value Brand.
4/23/17 I review 3 canned products 2 1/2 to 3 years beyond the best by date marked on the cans. Please share this video and give it a thumbs up if you like it. Please share your comments. Enjoy! :-)
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Understanding Calls and Puts
Call v. Put Call: -Allows you to buy stock -If you have one call that means you are able to buy that stock at your set price -It has to reach the set price on or before your contract's expiration -If it doesn't reach the set price, your contract deteriorates in value and you lose your option premium -You buy it in hopes of stock going up -As the stock price goes up, the call increases in value -Similar to going long within stocks Put: -Allows you to sell stock (it gives you the right, but not the obligation) -For example: you own 100 shares of Microsoft at $25 and you own a put of Microsoft at $20 -If the stock declines to $10/share and you have the put for that year, you can put somebody the stock at the $20 range -You buy it in hopes of stock going down -As the stock price goes down, the put increases in value -You are hoping to sell the contract later at higher value -Similar to short-selling Continue to learn with me at: http://tradersfly.com/ Check out my courses at : http://rise2learn.com Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/tradersfly/ Get My Charts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tradersfly/
Silver Mercury Dimes For Spot Deal (EXPIRED)
https://monumentmetals.com/tube-of-90-silver-mercury-dimes-5-face-value.html Donate: https://www.paypal.me/SalivateMetal Merchandise:https://teespring.com/stores/salivate-metal Buy Salivate Metal rounds here: http://qualitysilverbullion.com/product-category/salivate-metal/ Bitcoin:14RZD6XGGv4RFMyTTbPndmuYBWTc5w1Sm6 Ethereum:0x98E741Abf6D70ed1e6b3C97203a1B72414F1D6ad Litecoin:LfgL5D7Wvtknagbn2WuCcXasAfquzv2CGB
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Options Intrinsic Value - Option Trading Strategies  Video 29 part 1
Go to http://ExpertOptionTrading.com/videos for more free videos on Options Intrinsic Value Hello, tradeologists. We left off Part 1 with talking about covered stock. That is the purchase of stock with a put option for insurance, in case the stock doesn't go in the direction you would go in, which is up. Let me explain to you that it doesn't matter whether the stock goes up or down. We try to avoid the hassle of it going down. We would rather have it go up. Yes, the insurance is a cost, and it does cost us money to put on that insurance, but it's well worth the cost. I think you would agree. If you're buying 1000 shares, even if you're only buying 100 shares, that one put option on your position does let you sleep at night. It gives you some comfort, in knowing that if the stock does decline in price, or open up dramatically lower the very next day after you bought it - and it's happened before. It's happened to me. You won't lose a lot of money. I put a cap on the amount of money I want to lose upon initiating the position. At that point, either I cash in my insurance policy to buy more shares. Or, what I do is, if the stock goes up, I'm in a happy situation, and I roll those puts up as the stock increases in price, so I'm protected at higher levels. I may not set it as close. I may not set that put as close. If I bought the stock at $18, and I put a $18 put on there, at the strike price of $18, if it rolls up to $19 or $20, I might only roll that put up to the $19 level, instead of the $20 level. I have a built-in profit, at that point. I'm always rolling up my puts underneath the stock price, so that I have that additional protection, as the stock increases in price. At some point, that stock may decline again. I certainly want to be able to use that put as insurance, to cash in and buy some additional stock, at that point, and continue with the trade. That's the real benefit. Here's a good question: What happens if the stock doesn't do anything at all? Let's say you purchased it here, at $17.50. Let's go back to our Starbucks chart again. You purchased the stock at $17.50, and it meanders and doesn't do anything. About a month later, you're still at $17.50. I'll pay one month of insurance on a stock, and if it doesn't pay off, or the stock doesn't move, then I don't really want to hold that stock anymore. I will go into something that's a little more active. I will only hold a position like this - let's say I bought this at $18 now, and I put an $18 put on as insurance. I'll hold that for a month. If I have to go back in, and the stock has not moved, and it's still at $18, and I have my $18 put, it's going to expire worthless. At that point, I'm going to call it a day and say, "Hey, you know what? This stock isn't going to move." Unless something happens in the stock beforehand - unless I think it's about to make a dramatic move upward, I may stay with the stock a little bit longer. Generally, I'll give it a month to move. If it doesn't move either up or down, then I want to look for other opportunities, free up my capital, and put it into something a little bit more opportunistic, with a little bit more potential. Also, there are other strategies that you can take advantage of. For more videos on Options Intrinsic Value be sure to check out our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/howtotradeoptions To learn more about the Expert Option Trading course go to: http://ExpertOptionTrading.com Additional Tags ================ vertical spreads, options greeks, what is options trading, option volatility, option spreads, options volatility, how to trade in options, option strategies, index options, equity options, virtual trading, options spreads, virtual options trading, options trading tutorial, option trading strategy, options trading course, how to trade stock options, options trading systems, options training, learning options, learn to trade options, option trading tutorial, options trading strategy, option trading course, option trading systems, options trading basics, option trading basics, option trading system, options trading courses, options trading training, trade options, what is a stock option, options strategies
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Intrinsic Value vs. Time Value
Kevin Matras talks about intrinsic value and time value and what you need to know before your next options trade.
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Option Value Review - Summarizing all the Components that Make up an Options Price
http://www.learn-stock-options-trading.com a brief summary of option value and what makes up an options price. Related text lessons to go with those videos: http://www.learn-stock-options-trading.com/option-value.html Also, be sure to check out our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/optionstradingmentor
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Why Option Buyers Lose Money - 7 Reasons (Hindi)
Why Option Buyers Lose Money is an unknown mystery. As i shared in my option chain analysis series that option writers or option sellers are always correct. In 80% to 90% of cases, option buyers lose money. Which in turn is the success rate of option sellers. In this video, we will discuss 7 reasons or mistakes Why Option Buyers Lose Money? 1. The key to success for option buyers is to track the activities of the option writers i.e. how they are taking a position in the derivatives segment. The reason being, the loss of option buyers is limited whereas the losses of option writers are unlimited. 2. Option buyers think that if they buy deep OTM or out of the money option then their loss will be less because it is cheap. However, the option premium is directly proportional to the probability of hitting the strike price. 3. Option buy can be profitable in the highly volatile market that can be checked with the help of India VIX. 4. The best time to trade derivatives or options is between 1st and 3rd week i.e. before the expiry week. By doing this, an investor can avoid the loss due to time value decay. 5. Option buyers should put stop loss to minimize the loss. 6. With the help of technical analysis, you can find out whether the option is overpriced or underpriced. 7. There is no alternative to learning. Option buyers should gain knowledge of how derivatives segment work then only they can do perfect option chain analysis. If you liked this video, You can "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. The link is as follows https://goo.gl/nsh0Oh By subscribing, You can daily watch a new Educational and Informative video in your own Hindi language. For more such interesting and informative content, join me at: Website: http://www.nitinbhatia.in/ T: http://twitter.com/nitinbhatia121 G+: https://plus.google.com/+NitinBhatia #NitinBhatia
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Managing Options Trades Based on Days to Expiration (DTE) and Theta Time Decay
Free Tastyworks Account Sign-Up Link (Thanks for supporting the channel with this link!) https://start.tastyworks.com#/login?referralCode=QS2F77MAKX Business Inquiries: [email protected] It's important to be a dynamic manager when it comes to trading options. If anyone can find those cheat sheets (average days to percent of max profit) for other strategies It'd be great if you could share them in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Enjoy! Private Consultations: $294/hr Music by Dixxy
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Weekly Options - 4 Tips to Trading Weekly Options
http://www.optionsizzle.com - Weekly Options started to be trade able During 2010, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) introduced weekly options as a new exchange traded product. This product is similar to standard options, with the only different effecting the length of time of the option. Weekly options take advantage of short term movements, without the disadvantage of a potential 4 week time decay. The market has continued to broadened and allows investor the most efficient leverage when looking for short term stocks movements. VISIT OptionSIZZLE.com FOR OUR 5 STEP FORMULA TO MORE PROFITABLE OPTION TRADES http://www.OptionSIZZLE.com SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=optionsizzle LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► http://facebook.com/optionsizzle Twitter ► http://twitter.com/optionsizzle OptionSIZZLE ► http://www.optionsizzle.com Google+ ► http://gplus.to/optionsizzle Weekly option trading is fairly intuitive. The options are listed every Thursday, and they expire the following Friday. Weekly options are available on all the usual stocks and indexes, such as the S&P 500 Index (SPX), along with the major exchange-traded funds (ETFs), such as the Financial Spider Select XLF. Weekly options are also available on some of the most widely traded equities such as, includes Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Exxon Mobile Inc. (NYSE:XOM ), and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM). The list of stocks and futures that are traded regularly change. Information with regard to availability are listed on the CBOE web site. Weekly Option Tips * Trade weekly options when you are looking for a short term movement in a financial instrument Trading weekly options have many benefits. The options have a shorter duration than standard options which expire every 3rd Friday of the month. Shorter dated options will cost less than longer dated options, because there is less time value which generally drives up the price of an option. You should trade weekly options when you are looking for short term movements in a market. * Use weekly options to take advantage of volatility around an economic event or earnings release Weekly options can be specifically valuable around economic data releases or earnings releases. Because you can keep your premium to a minimum, there's probably no better way to maximize the power o leverage within the generic options arena. * Trade weekly options when you need to hedge your portfolio If you have a portfolio of stocks and options you might be able to offset some of your exposure with weekly options. You can purchase insurance or short-term protection for your stocks. The cost will be low than standard options with more than a week to expiry. Additionally, to hedge your exposure to the market you can purchase weekly puts on the major indices to offset potential losses on your portfolio. * Generate short term income by selling covered calls You can also sell covered calls on weekly's. Although the income you receive will be less than a longer term option, your waiting time until expiration will be a lot shorter. Weekly Options Specifications The Chicago Board of Options Exchange offers three different types of weekly options, along with weekly settlement data and volume/open interest information. Some of the options they offer have morning settlements while others offer PM settlement. Weekly options are traded using American-style exercise features, which make then exercisable at any point prior to the expiration date. On expiration, the buyer has the right but not the obligation to receive the underlying instrument. Liquidity on weekly options is robust, with the average weekly volume for the new weekly options increasing above 300,000 contracts by November 2010. Your Edge If you want to know all the ways on how to trade weekly options successfully, check out my digital guide "Discover How To Make Money Each Week Trading Weekly Options", which you can download read in just a few minutes. It's time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines wishing about all the money you can make, and start learning and understanding how to make money trading weekly options. I'll show you how.
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How to Generate Consistent Income Trading Options
http://optionalpha.com - In this video, I'll lay out the complete framework for our system which can help you learn how to generate consistent income trading options. And the reality is that to become profitable you have to do just five things (and can't skip even one of them) each and every month. ================== Listen to our #1 rated investing podcast on iTunes: http://optionalpha.com/podcast ================== Download your free copy of the "The Ultimate Options Strategy Guide" including the top 18 strategies we use each month to generate consistent income: http://optionalpha.com/ebook ================== Grab your free "7-Step Entry Checklist" PDF download today. Our step-by-step guide of the top things you need to check before making your next option trade: http://optionalpha.com/7steps ================== Have more questions? We've put together more than 114+ Questions and detailed Answers taken from our community over the last 8 years into 1 huge "Answer Vault". Download your copy here: http://optionalpha.com/answers ================== Just getting started or new to options trading? You'll love our free membership with hours of video training and courses. Grab your spot here: http://optionalpha.com/free-membership ================== Register for one of our 5-star reviewed webinars where we take you through actionable trading strategies and real-time examples: http://optionalpha.com/webinars ================== - Kirk & The Option Alpha Team
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How To Invest in Options And Make Profit Each Day
CLICK HERE -- http://binarymoney.org/?kw=OPT -- Start Making Money Every 60 Seconds Right NOW ! ---- It is very common that stock is transacted in blocks divisible by 100, to create a round lot. A round lot has turned into a standard trading unit around the public exchanges for quite way back when. In store market, we've the authority to exchange a large variety of shares so long as you will find individuals are ready to sell and we are willing to buy in the price that this seller has fixed. Usually, to get a broker agent, they set their commission for the transaction for minimum 100 units of share at the certain price. Whenever we buy lower than 100 units of share, they still impose us this commission. For an example, whenever we buy 100 units share and pay the agent USD 30 for the exchange transactions, in addition they charge us that amount: USD 30 also, when we only buy and sell 1 units of share. The volume of commission how the broker agent charges for your stock transaction is varied from as well as other. Some broker may charge less however they require you to trade a whole lot in a transaction. So, each unit of choice is representing 100 units of share. The truth is, there are two kinds of options which are call and set option. Call option gives its owner the legal right to buy 100 units of share of an company at a specified price that's been agreed between the call option owner and also the seller within certain stretch of time. So, within this time frame, if the stock price increases, the decision option price will likely climb and vice versa. The second type of choices put option. This choice gives its owner the authority to sell 100 units of share of an company at a specified price that is agreed between your put option owner as well as the seller within certain stretch of time. Put option appears like the opposite of call option. In the event the stock price goes up within this time frame, the put option price lowers. Either call or put option can be purchased or sold. As long as you will find people willing to sell, there'll be people happy to buy. There are four permutations which might be possible exist throughout the transaction associated with an option. Reduce costs is getting a call option and thus buy the befitting for you to ultimately buy 100 units of share. Second is selling call option and therefore sell the ability to buy 100 units share of your stuff to anyone else. Another you are investing in a put option and thus find the befitting for yourself to sell 100 units of shares. The last an example may be selling a put option which means that sell the legal right to sell 100 units of share to you to anyone else. One other approach to make these differences clearer is obviously understand that the letter option buyer hopes the stock price will go up along with the put option buyer searching for the cost per share to fall. For your opposite side, a call option seller is hoping the stock price will keep or fall. Whereas, put option seller is hoping how the stock price go up. If your option buyer irrespective of coping with the calls or puts choice is correctly predicting the price movement in the stock, chances are they'll will gain cash in on their action. For option, there is certainly another obstacle we must face besides estimating the direction from the stock price movement. This obstacle would be that the change of the stock price should be taken place before the deadline in the option. Like a stockholder, we might manage to predict a stock's long-term prospects by waiting for a long-term change with the stock. However, for option holder, natural meats donrrrt you have that sort of opportunity. The reason being choices are finite; they will lose almost all their value within a short time, usually in just a couple of months. However, they have long-term options that may last approximately 1 to 3 years. Due to this limitation, time will probably be an important factor to determine whether a possibility buyer can earn a return or otherwise.
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Extending Bought Call Positions, Alternatives to Call or Option Buying, and More!
In this Episode of our Friday Open Forum, we take on some call buying management, alternatives to long calls, using the PowerOptions tools (search, portfolio, Signature Tools) and a lot more...such as: 1. Ruth: Can you extend a long call position that has moved against you and is nearing expiration? - Yes! We look at adjusting losing long call positions that are close to expiration, converting to vertical or Calendar Spread, extending the long option and converting it to a spread PLUS other management ideas (~25 minutes). 2. Amrit: Is Call selling or Put selling more profitable? - We look at using the PowerOptions chain to evaluate time value, return on naked selling at ATM or OTM strikes on a given stock (~7 minutes). 3. Issac: There is optimism on MU, but calls are expensive. What are cheaper alternatives? -We look at OTM Long Calls vs. Synthetics, simulated long stock and other structures. Then we discuss dangers of events, speculation and controlling risk. (~11 minutes). 4. Sam H: Can the PowerOptions tools search for near week options positions? - Absolutely. We take a look at the Weekly Picks of the Day for Covered Calls and Naked Puts, discuss the Weekly Bull Put default search and discuss how to set up searches in other strategies. (~8 minutes). 5. Michael: Do you hold the 2 week spreads (default Bull Put) to expiration or close after 1 week? - Answer, we hold until expiration - and why, plus comparisons of our search to 1 week out results and other tests. 6. Will: Why can I not get filled when I find a Conversion? - We define a conversion, how to search for them, difficulties at being filled (~8 mins) 7. Jerry: How to enter Dividends into the Portfolio? - We show how to enter dividends onto your positions, and our suggestion for if you are reinvesting the dividends into more stock. (~5 mins) 8. Rhajiv: How to use the Search to find stocks with higher IV than average, with earnings coming out in 10-30 days? - We set up a search for IV greater than HV, options with a Higher Implied volatility range with earnings coming up in a certain time frame (~4 minutes) 9. Mike A (part 1): What is the best 1-3 risk to reward ratio setup on a stock paying a special dividend? - First, we look at the outcomes of a special dividend and how money in = money out after the adjustments, but we also show debit collars and similar strategies that would have a 1:3 risk:reward ratio and the risks of that structure. Mike A: Part 2: Finding a Long Call that has X% return on a given date? - We look at the Long Option Finder, and how it can show you the best long call returns based on your projections for the stock. 10. Will: Is it a good idea to trade Married Puts on dividend stocks, where the extrinsic value is less than the dividend? - We take a look at low risk Married Puts on dividend paying stocks, and why that might not be the best approach (~4 mins). 11. Amrit: What is the Strike of Pain, and how to use it? - We take a look at the Strike of Pain in our Signature Tools. What it is, the History of the Strike of Pain, how it is used and more (~9 minutes) 12. Sam L: When to sell a Naked Put when the stock is oversold... - We take a look at stock charting with an eye to technical criteria, the type of signals we might look for here at PowerOptions and risks of using those techniques on inverse or counter market securities.
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CFA Level I - Forward Contract- Part I
We offer the most comprehensive and easy to understand video lectures for CFA and FRM Programs. To know more about our video lecture series, visit us at www.fintreeindia.com This Video lecture was recorded by Mr. Utkarsh Jain, during his live CFA Level I Classes in Pune (India). This video lecture covers following key area's: 1. Delivery/settlement and default risk for both long and short positions in a forward contract. 2. Procedures for settling a forward contract at expiration, and how termination prior to expiration can affect credit risk. 3. Distinguish between a dealer and an end user of a forward contract. 4. Characteristics of equity forward contracts and forward contracts on zero-coupon and coupon bonds. 5. Characteristics of the Eurodollar time deposit market, and define LIBOR and Euribor 6. Forward rate agreements (FRAs). 7. Payoff of a FRA . 8. Characteristics of currency forward contracts.
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FRM: Binomial (one step) for option price
The binomial solves for the price of an option by creating a riskless portfolio. For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
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Option Profits Are Determined By This
Kevin Matras talks about intrinsic value and time value, and what you need to know before placing your next options trade.
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Chris Verhaegh: Two Parts of Option Premium
From "Money from Nothing DVD Course," Chris Verhaegh explains the two components of option premium -- time value and intrinsic value. Verhaegh explains each type of value. He also details how options are classified -- either at-the-money, in-the-money, near-the-money or out-of-the money. What does this mean for traders? For more information, please visit http://www.tradewins.com.
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How Options Premium Affects Value
How Options Premium Affects Value by The Options Industry Council (OIC) For the full Basic Options Terms Explained series, click here https://goo.gl/5Rhiwx Learn what an options premium is and what factors affect the value of that option contract. About the series: Learn fundamental options trading terms and options concepts from the experts at OIC
How to Binary Trade and Option Trade with different options for beginners #9
Today I will show you how to trade in IQOptions to make a lot of profit with stocks, currencies and fiat money. The whole idea is to buy it low and sell it high, or in this case, buy at x value and wait for it to expire, hoping to set the right call or put order. It works similar to forex and forex trading, but binary options are a bit more tricky. They expire rather fast, therefore making binary option trading a quick and easy way to make money which you can then transfer into your bank account in euro or dollar. You set a call order, wait for the trade alerts to come in and buy the stock. Afterwards simply deposit the money and the whole thing is done. Forex alerts and forex signals work in a very similar way, but I still prefer binary options. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I would be happy to show you how to trade binary options and how to trade iq binary options. how to trade binary options, binary trading, binary strategy, trade binary options, binary options, iqoption, trade binary options for beginners, how to trade binary options online for beginners, binary trading for beginners, how to make money online, binary options signals, binary options strategy, binary option, binary options review, trading binary options, binary options trading strategy, options trading, binary options trading, nadex, nadex binary options, nadex trading
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OPTIONS TRADING STRATEGIES - Complete Tutorial For Beginners to be a Pro & MAKE HUGE MONEY!!
In finance, an option is a contract which gives the buyer (the owner or holder of the option) the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset or instrument at a specific strike price on a specified date, depending on the form of the option. The strike price may be set by reference to the spot price (market price) of the underlying security or commodity on the day an option is taken out, or it may be fixed at a discount in a premium. The seller has the corresponding obligation to fulfill the transaction—to sell or buy—if the buyer (owner) "exercises" the option. An option that conveys to the owner the right to buy at a specific price is referred to as a call; an option that conveys the right of the owner to sell at a specific price is referred to as a put. Both are commonly used in and by the old traded, but the call option is more frequently discussed. The seller may grant an option to a buyer as part of another transaction, such as a share issue or as part of an employee incentive scheme, otherwise a buyer would pay a premium to the seller for the option. A call option would normally be exercised only when the strike price is below the market value of the underlying asset, while a put option would normally be exercised only when the strike price is above the market value. When an option is exercised, the cost to the buyer of the asset acquired is the strike price plus the premium, if any. When the option expiration date passes without the option being exercised, then the option expires and the buyer would forfeit the premium to the seller. In any case, the premium is income to the seller, and normally a capital loss to the buyer. The owner of an option may on-sell the option to a third party in a secondary market, in either an over-the-counter transaction or on an options exchange, depending on the option. The market price of an American-style option normally closely follows that of the underlying stock, being the difference between the market price of the stock and the strike price of the option. The actual market price of the option may vary depending on a number of factors, such as a significant option holder may need to sell the option as the expiry date is approaching and does not have the financial resources to exercise the option, or a buyer in the market is trying to amass a large option holding. The ownership of an option does not generally entitle the holder to any rights associated with the underlying asset, such as voting rights or any income from the underlying asset, such as a dividend. Options contracts have been known for decades. The Chicago Board Options Exchange was established in 1973, which set up a regime using standardized forms and terms and trade through a guaranteed clearing house. Trading activity and academic interest has increased since then. Today, many options are created in a standardized form and traded through clearing houses on regulated options exchanges, while other over-the-counter options are written as bilateral, customized contracts between a single buyer and seller, one or both of which may be a dealer or market-maker. Options are part of a larger class of financial instruments known as derivative products, or simply, derivatives.
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Generate Free Value with Expired Domain Traffic
www.flipwebsite.net - Learn how to use Expired Domain names to instantly create value for website flipping
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Free 50 Libra Coin ( AirDrop Value 25$ ), Claim Now. Will Expire Soon.
Free 50 Libra Coin ( AirDrop Value 25$ ), Claim Now. Will Expire Soon. Joining/Sign Up Link: http://candydrop.io/site/signup?project=libra&invitation_code=db7f8e238e4f
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Investing with unlimited upside and limited downside p3/10
Investing with unlimited upside and limited downside p3/10
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How Volatility Influences your Option Value
This video introduces volatility and how it affects your option value. The differences between historical and implied volatility and how to interpret each of them will also be covered. Most importantly, this video will teach you the importance of considering volatility when trading options. http://www.m-x.ca/accueil_en.php
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What Does Promotional Value Expires Mean On Groupon?
Karen flynn berinsky to groupon facebook. Vouchers have two nov 19, 2013 while allowing a voucher to expire means forfeiting the promotional value essentially giving up deal you can still redeem groupon jun 18, 2015 does amount paid never expires mean that purchaser use he actually on an expired towards anything is additional beyond. Paid value promotional on livingsocial deals? The knot. Groupon worksmerchant terms and conditions 4 things you can do with your expired groupon deals. Think about an expired groupon apr 4, 2012 settles lawsuit over expiration dates how to use groupons together, the amount paid and promotional value equals 'full offer is $20 (this does not expire a service provider for merchant identified on voucher sole issuer of. The amount paid will never expire jun 23, 2017 promotional value means the full offer less. Terms of sale groupon pages terms url? Q webcache. If your groupon expires, the voucher is still good indefinitely at in other words, you lose promotional or bonus value of deal, but if do have a expire, ask merchant to redeem it for paid and see fine print expiration date. Once a groupon reaches its expiration date, it loses promotional value, but you can still redeem at the price paid for length of time that means seven years in mass if your voucher has expired, value expired on date this many do not register within 48 hours before class will be. Groupon settles lawsuit over expiration dates how to use what does promotional value expire date mean? What do with your expired groupon amount paid never expires voucher for expires? Redflagdeals is the of an voucher? Fraser trebilcock. You can mark this as unused at anytimewhat does that really mean for the groupon, etc. Promotional value expiration date means the stated on voucher when promotional expires. The amount the consumer paid for groupon voucher does not expire until is used or what settlement means consumers jun 18, 2015 unfortunately, we blew it and expired. Googleusercontent search. When do groupon deals typically expire? Quora. I bought a frozen yogurt groupon that i didn't use in time, but was able to go later and it question saw coupon would like august am confused as what this means promotional value expires 120 days after purchase deals are normally set up so the actual cash of price never expires, perhaps 90 18 does mean? This will be moved your used groupons section. All was not lost, as the groupon description expressly says that promotional value expires may 23, 2012 'all you'll be asked to do is honor voucher for cash paid, value, which has already expired,' wrote dec 21, 2011 because your expired doesn't mean you lose all money on it. Groupon does amount pa
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⨘ } Corporate Finance } 009 } Options }
This lecture discusses basic concepts about options, options valuations, call and put options, American and European options, and some trading strategies for options. Do not forget to [ ►Subscribe ] { Leprofesseur } on YouTube. Sincerely, H.
Learn to Trade Options: Earn a Living Trading Options - Video 3 Part 2
http://expertoptiontrading.com/amember/go.php?r=189&i=l2 is a simple step-by-step formula you can follow to earn a living in the markets trading in options Learn to Trade Options: Earn a Living Trading Options - Video 3 Part 2 In Video #3 you'll see exactly how the system is going to work for you. You'll see how the markets work and how you'll work with them to generate a steady monthly income stream trading options. You'll also see exactly how to set-up your investment portfolio as a real business. We'll do this using mostly vertical spreads. We may use an iron condor, calendar option spread or a variety of other option strategies. Quite often we will trade an index option due to their stability. We'll look at the options implied volatility to determine when to trade them, and we trade strictly by the numbers using the options greeks. This takes all emotion out of the trade. You'll see you've finally found an easy to follow step-by-step system for successfully trading as a business: http://ExpertOptionTrading.com Related videos in this series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5yhVxW-kUs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X4wjYiiEYY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtCIrTInvtc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Y-gDg3ip4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uPLe_ijMCM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fqsI9o2BNM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkXAAF8byrw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDLYv8b1csQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpAtmu1ngY4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9axe6_8Mrus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoUOTcyVOtM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WbiqGxVcBE Related text lessons to go with those videos: http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/37/option-trading-preview-video http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/46/what-is-option-trading-video-1-part-1 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/53/trading-options-video-1-part-2 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/59/option-greeks-video-1-part-3 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/67/options-greeks-video-1-part-4 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/70/index-option-video-2 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/82/intrinsic-value-of-an-option-video-3-part-2 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/112/virtual-options-trading-video-4 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/115/implied-volatility-video-5 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/134/index-options-video-6 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/139/how-i-trade-options-video-7 http://expertoptiontrading.com/blog/143/options-trading-video-8 While watching this video series you'll also learn all about options trading including how and when options expire, option leaps, stock options strike price, credit spreads, equity options, calendar spread options, etc. For even more videos on options trading be sure to check out our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/howtotradeoptions
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Walmart Great Value milk expiration
NewsChannel 15's Rachel Russell reports.
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MBACalculator.com Black Scholes Option Pricing Model - Stock Equilibrium
BlackScholes model The Black-Scholes model of the market for an equity makes the following explicit assumptions: It is possible to borrow and lend cash at a known constant risk-free interest rate. The price follows a geometric Brownian motion with constant drift and volatility. There are no transaction costs. The stock does not pay a dividend (see below for extensions to handle dividend payments). All securities are perfectly divisible (i.e. it is possible to buy any fraction of a share). There are no restrictions on short selling. The model treats only European-style options. From these ideal conditions in the market for an equity (and for an option on the equity), the authors show that the value of an option (the Black-Scholes formula) varies only with the stock price and time to expiry. "Thus it is possible to create a hedged position, consisting of a long position in the stock and a short position in [calls on the same stock], whose value will not depend on the price of the stock."[1]
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Forward contract introduction | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy
Forward Contract Introduction. Created by Sal Khan. Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/derivative-securities/forward-futures-contracts/v/futures-introduction?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=financeandcapitalmarkets Missed the previous lesson? Watch here: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/derivative-securities/put-call-options/v/option-expiration-and-price?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=financeandcapitalmarkets Finance and capital markets on Khan Academy: In many commodities markets, it is very helpful for buyers or sellers to lock-in future prices. This is what both forwards and futures allow for. This tutorial explains how they work and what the difference is between the two. About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to Khan Academy’s Finance and Capital Markets channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Rt02HirUvBK2D2-ZO_2g?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=khanacademy
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PR Powershot | Domain SENTINEL System for Finding High-Value Aged and Expired Domains
http://prpowershot.com PRPowershot finding the hottest aged domains for you 24 x 7. The Pr Powershot system will find the aged domains and pageranked domains for you with the new Sentinel system that allows you to configure your expired and PR domain search. When a domain with the PR you are looking for - or keywords etc is found... You will be alerted and taken straight to the list of domains that meet your criteria. PR powershot is a domain analysis software that is like having a domain sniper - it finds expired domains, expiring domains, dropped domains, aged domains and domains with Pagerank (PR) and puts them in your hands.
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2/18/2014 - Lockup expiration on Twitter (TWTR) - Stock Market Mentor by Dan Fitzpatrick
Lockup expiration on Twitter (TWTR). Sell? Nope! Stock Market Mentor http://www.stockmarketmentor.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=ytchannel&utm_campaign=youtube
Views: 2231 Stock Market Mentor
PR Powershot |High-Value, High-PR Old, Aged, and Expired Domain Software
http://prpowershot.com PR Powershot is not only for domain name enthusiasts. It's also for affiliate marketers and product creators who needs high-value domain names. Get the full transcript of this video here http://prpowershot.com/blog/full-transcript-pr-powershot-high-value-high-pr-old-aged-and-expired-domain-software/ and feel free to check out the rest of our PR Powershot Blog. With PR Powershot, you can handpick the best domains and know everything about - backlinks, alexa rankings, traffic stats, social signals, and domain history. Moreover, it gives you access to Domain Sentinel, allowing you to automate the search for the domains you want 24/7. As soon as one comes up, you'll get an alert immediately. Everything you need to know about buying aged domains and domains with PR is available at the click of a button with PRPowershot Find out more about PR Powershot and other software for finding aged domains at our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/getmeahead
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