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This video will show you how to convert kg to ton and ton to kg,
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What`s a Ton? A tonne?
Concepts explained.
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Quintal Meaning
Video shows what quintal means. A measure of weight originally equal to a hundred pounds; later, a hundredweight.. One hundred kilograms.. Quintal Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say quintal. Powered by MaryTTS, Wiktionary
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CBSE Maths - Weight ( वज़न) - Kilogram, Gram and How to weight things - In Hindi
Hello, Learning Hub Studio proudly presents a video in Hindi to explain Weight.It show relationship between gram and kilogram and explains conversion. Follow us on twitter to latest video release on CBSE board and education: https://twitter.com/Toknowhub
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How Much Binding Wire is Required to Tie Rebar or Steel Bars || Binding Wire Reinforcement for RCC
Quick learn in This Video / Tutorial About..... # Standard Quantity of Binding Wire used 8kg per 1 mega Ton Steel (Average Steel Quantity of 8mm+10mm+12mm+16mm...as so) During Making BBS... 1 Quintal = 100kg 1 MT = 1000kg (Mega Ton) ===================================================== ==Column Construction Drawing plan reading | How to read structural drawing in Hindi/Urdu... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MrDZ... ==How to study Structural drawings Notes in Urdu/Hindi...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdqSe... ==How to Study Drawing of Column Layout Plan || Column Layout Plan Reading & Horizontal vs Vertical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzIwK... ==Burji Method for Excavation and Column Line Marking || Column Layout Method || Footing Line Marking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_bqT... ==Plinth Beam Reinforcement Detail || How to Provide Rebar / MS Bar in Plinth Beam in Hindi/Urdu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqWV1... ==Construction Joints During Casting of Beam, Column, Slab || Correct Way of Joining in fresh concrete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPeac... ====================================================== Subscribe the channel click the RED button👍 ================================== https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw5Z... # How much Binding Wire is required to tie Rebar in Reinforcement Structure Work # Binding Wire and Requirements of Binding Work # How much binding wire is required to tie Rebar / Reinforcement Structure / Steel Bar # PARTICULAR SPECIFICATIONS REINFORCEMENT WORK # how much binding wire is required for one tone steel # Please Like this Video, Share this Video and Comment your any Question or Quarry Thank You Please Hit Like👍👍 Hit Share👍👍👍 Hit Comment 👍👍👍👍 Hit Subscribe 👍👍👍 CE&T = Civil Engineering and Technology
How to Convert Tonnes and Kilograms
Learn how to convert between tonnes and kilograms in this short but helpful tutorial video. Both tonnes and kilograms are units of measurements used to measure mass and weight.
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AMAZING VIDEO: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand
A builder from Michigan USA has discovered some amazing techniques of how to move and lift huge stones onto one another.
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Ras Sparrow & Queen Sparrow - Zion Town
Video by: Beyond Brilliant http://www.beyondbrilliantfilms.com Somehow you seemed to think you were a cut above Somehow you seemed to think you didn't need jah love But something a ringin' true as you stand aloof Saying you need your proof. I'm telling you, i'm telling you. Jah! yes he has the answer for you. Yshua! and his answer is true. He says love never let you down before True love, would open up any barricaded door. And love would never take the crown from the one Who found us forever more, forevermore. Love, love song from zion town. Zion town, in zion town Zion town, this one's from zion town The truth will be found In zion town, zion town This one's from zion town Jah is the dragonslayer, he gonna come clear the air. With a shield and a spear, when the holy one's here there's no need to fear. I don't need a bomb and i don't need a gun. I got the one the wicked one run from. I don't need a bomb and i don't need a gun I got the one holy weapon. La verdad es mi machete, culebra echa pa'tras conmigo no te metes Jah es mi lanza. vengo con relampago, fuego, y centella. A machucar a satanas. fuego!!! So long, so long. we've been waiting for the day when jah kingdom come. So long, so long. we've been waiting for the day when justice is done, Jah will be done. Well it's been so long living in babylon, with so much injustice done. We must stand strong, brother man hang on. onward to mt. zion. Been so long and this battle still go on. we know jah jah is the champion. We must stand strong, sistah hang on. forward to mt. zion. Zion town, in zion town Zion town, this one's from zion town The truth will be found In zion town, zion town This one's from zion town Jah is the dragonslayer and he come a mash down naysayer. & burn up that old betrayer like in the fires of kilauea. Where the lava hotter than hot. i see the wicked him a run like a fox on a trot. Stay in prayer. yes, in these here times yes we must beware, take care. We in the dragon's layer but we have no fear. jah is the dragonslayer. Let it reign, let it rain, let it reign. Let it reign, let it rain, let it reign. Justice again. Let it reign, let it rain, let it reign.
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cuantos kilos tiene un quintal
¿ cuántos kilos tiene un quintal ? ¿ Donde se utiliza el quintal ? ¿ cuantas arrobas tiene un quintal ? Todas las preguntas tienen respuesta. Además conoceremos los tipos de quintales que existen. La conversión de quintales a kilogramos se aprende fácil Los videos utilizados proceden de pixabay.com todos ellos gratis para usos comerciales y que no es necesario reconocimiento. Las fotos pueden proceder de la wikipedia siempre de dominio público o fotos de pixabay.com todos ellos gratis para usos comerciales y que no es necesario reconocimiento. La música procede siempre de la propia biblioteca de youtube
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Half Ton Mum | World's Heaviest Woman | Channel 4
The dilemmas faced by the world's heaviest woman, a 64-stone mother of two... Channel 4 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Channel4 | Facebook: https://facebook.com/Channel4
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Quintal Video
An introductory video of the Quintal Learning Management System
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Sugarcane at 9 feet yield more than 100 quintal per bigha
Sugarcane farming techniques
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IAS इंटरव्यू में पूछा 1 टन में कितने किलो होते हैं ?
IAS इंटरव्यू में पूछा 1 टन में कितने किलो होते हैं ?
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Leg press- one quintal 30 kg only
30/04/2018-T.S.V Midnapore
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Ton Meaning
Video shows what ton means. A unit of weight (mass) equal to 2240 pounds (a long ton) or 2000 pounds (a short ton) or 1000 kilograms (a metric ton).. A unit of volume; register ton.. In refrigeration and air conditioning, a unit of thermal power defined as 12,000 BTU/h (about 3.514 kW or 3024 kcal/h), originally the rate of cooling provided by uniform isothermal melting of one short ton of ice per day at 32 F (0 C).. ton synonyms: Wikisaurus:lot, heap, load, pile, century. ton pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. ton meaning. Powered by MaryTTS
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Tractor Swaraj 855 With 600 Quintal LOADED Trolley
subscribe channal
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How Many Kilograms Are There In A Metric Ton (kilograms to metric ton)
If you would like to look at other weight measurements and there variations, then please feel free to browse the playlist. There is a link in the description box below for this playlist If You like the content then please feel free to subscribe, or make a comment about this video, as well as clicking on the thumbs up and thank you for using quick know how playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf2e6nWaWYrwppF-t4xOxLlYQzlEYd0NL No inappropriate comments will be made on this channel as it is aimed towards all age ranges. Thank you for complying and making youtube a safer environment for everyone. We Do not Grant permission to use our videos in part or in whole at Quickknowhow or to use print screens of the channel or videos in part or in whole, or to use our sound it part or in whole in any way, If you like our content guys then view it where its meant to be viewed, copyright violations will not be accepted and will be reported to youtube. ©
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Converting Kilograms To Grams-Math Lesson
This is a Math lesson on converting Kilograms to Grams. It is actually really easy to do and simply involves adding zeros or moving the decimal. You can simply add 3 zeros to the end of the number of Kilograms if you are using a whole number. On the other hand, if you are using a number of Kilograms that has a decimal in it, you will have to move the decimal 3 spaces to the right, and fill in the empty spaces with zeros! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=helpfuldiy FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: https://gumroad.com/l/vFujc Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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What does quintal mean?
What does quintal mean? A spoken definition of quintal. Intro Sound: Typewriter - Tamskp Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Outro Music: Groove Groove - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Intro/Outro Photo: The best days are not planned - Marcus Hansson Licensed under CC-BY-2.0 Book Image: Open Book template PSD - DougitDesign Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Text derived from: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quintal Text to Speech powered by TTS-API.COM
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHANNEL - ANUNIVERSE 22 has started to stand on the shoulders of engineering giants and Now, It is a place to hang out to learn the Basics of Mechanical Engineering. The videos are prepared to understand the Mechanical Engineering Basics and Concepts.
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Abhishek Chest Workout (100 kg - 1 quintal - 220.462 pounds)
Video made at Health Club Pinjore.
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Samba de Quintal 1
Samba de Quintal
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Sandalwood Latest price 1,40,00000 per metric ton
contact 9666464441
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How to Convert the Measurement of Cubic Feet to Tons : Math Lessons & Tips
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehoweducation Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehoweducation Converting the measurement of cubic feet to tons is something that you do with a very specific equation. Convert the measurement of cubic feet to tones with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip. Expert: Marija Kero Filmmaker: Victor Varnado Series Description: A lot of mathematics problems can be boiled down to their essential concepts, thus making them significantly easier to solve. Get tips on fun math problems with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video series.
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Unit Conversion: kilograms to metric tons
This dimensional analysis video tutorial converts the mass of the Earth's oceans from kilograms to metric tons, another common unit of mass. Enjoy watching and continue learning!
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Net Tons Vs. Metric Tons
Net Tons Vs. Metric Tons. Part of the series: Math Help. A net ton and a Metric ton are two different things and should be treated as such. Learn about net tons versus Metric tons with help from a certified math teacher in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_12219642_net-tons-vs-metric-tons.html
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How to convert kilograms to milligrams and tons to ounces | Khan Academy
We're converting kilograms to milligrams and tons to ounces. Let's do this example together. Practice this lesson yourself on KhanAcademy.org right now: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-fourth-grade-math/cc-4th-measurement-topic/cc-4th-unit-conversion/e/measurement-units?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=4thgrade Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-fourth-grade-math/cc-4th-measurement-topic/cc-4th-time/v/time-to-leave-for-home?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=4thgrade Missed the previous lesson? https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-fourth-grade-math/cc-4th-measurement-topic/cc-4th-unit-conversion/v/converting-us-fluid-volume?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=4thgrade Grade 4th on Khan Academy: 4th grade is the time to start really fine-tuning your arithmetic skills. Not only will you be a multi-digit addition and subtraction rockstar, but you'll extend the multiplication and division that you started in 3rd grade to several digits. You'll also discover that you sometimes have something left over (called a "remainder") when you divide. In 3rd grade you learned what a fraction is. Now you'll start adding, subtracting, multiplying, and comparing them. You'll also see how they relate to decimals. On other fronts, you'll learn how to convert between different units (which is super important when comparing the size and speed of robot unicorns in different countries) and continue your journey thinking about various shapes in two dimensions. Some of the foundational concepts of geometry (like lines, rays and angles) also get introduced. As always, we'll round this out with a healthy dose of applied word problems and explorations of number patterns and properties (including the ideas of factors, multiples and prime numbers). The fun must not stop! (Content was selected for this grade level based on a typical curriculum in the United States.) About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to Khan Academy‰Ûªs 4th grade channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w8CkX9EJegLVKUj0-mo8A?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=khanacademy
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4 New Holland TRACTOR & Bulldozer Moving 1400 Quintal Trolley ★ Trailer Video HD
A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. Most commonly, the term is used to describe a farm vehicle that provides the power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks, especially (and originally) tillage, but nowadays a great variety of tasks. Agricultural implements may be towed behind or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanised. SUBSCRIBE US Please like and subscribe for watching more. LIKE our FACEBOOK page https://www.facebook.com/RoyalEnfieldSince1890/ WATCH OTHER AWESOME VIDEOS Eicher TRACTOR Tochan With Bajaj PLATINA ★ JATT DA TRACTOR Video HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ-C98msiBg Amazing Mahindra Jeep With 10 + 10 Tractor Disc Harrows ★ JATT DA TRACTOR Video HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2gdFmnzkGc DANGER Ford 3600 Vs HMT 5911 Tractor TOCHAN ★ JATT DA TRACTOR Video HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8LdN_YS_To Video Related Keywords: 0 tractor finance, 1 16 tractor, 1/14 tractor truck freightliner cascadia evolution, 1/16 scale tractors, 1/2 scale tractor, 1/4 scale tractor pull, 2 stroke tractor, 2 tractor road, 2 tractoristi se caca, 2 tractors, 2 tractors hooked together, 2 wheel tractor, 3 point tractor attachments, 3 tractor trailer accident, 3 tractors ploughing, 3 wheel tractor, 4 engine tractor pull, 4 jet engine tractor, 4 tractor-trailers involved in accident on i-20 2 people killed, 4 wheel drive tractor pulling, 4 wheel drive tractors, 4 wheel tractor, 5 tractor guy, 5 tractors ploughing, 6 engine tractor pull, 6 wheel tractor, 8 n ford tractor, a tractor accident can happen to anyone, a tractor engine, a tractor game, a tractor mounted jackhammer, a tractor protection valve, a tractor song, a tractor sweden, a tractor trailer, a tractor video, a tractor volvo, allis chalmers b tractor, allis chalmers c tractor, b tractor for sale, big bud tractor 747, big green tractor 1 hour, camiones y tractores, camiones y tractores de juguetes, camiones y tractores infantiles, camiones y tractores trabajando, cars 1 tractor tipping, cars 2 tractor, cars 2 tractor tipping, case c tractor, case d tractor, case s tractor, doe triple d tractor, farmall b tractor, farmall c tractor, farmall h tractor, farmall h tractor pull, farmall m tractor, farmall m tractor pull, farmall super c tractor, fendt vario t tractor, ford 8 n tractor, ford 9000 tractor, ford n tractor, ford tractor 9n, fordson f tractor, g tractor allis chalmers, g tractor for sale, gruas y tractores infantiles, gta 3 tractor, traktor z1, traktor z2, traktor z2 mixer, traktor z2 review, traktor z2 serato dj, traktor z2 setup, traktor z2 tutorial, trenes camiones y tractores, trenes y tractores, v twin pulling tractor, videos de tractores, x tractor ovj, x tractor rda, x tractor window tool, x tractor window tool price
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Metric ton Meaning
Video shows what metric ton means. A tonne, a unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms.. metric ton synonyms: tonne, megagram. metric ton pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. metric ton meaning. Powered by MaryTTS
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Create a KG format in Excel
http://www.computergaga.com/excel/msxl_training.html Create a KG format in Excel. Create your own custom formats to use in Excel spreadsheets.
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How to say "quintal"! (High Quality Voices)
Watch in this video how to say and pronounce "quintal"! The video is produced by yeta.io
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How to get 100 tones Sugarcane/Acre- Mr. Suresh Kabade
friends this video helpful to All those who wants to get good production of Sugar cane, . Thanks Mr. Mr. Suresh Appaso Kabade Post- karandwadi ,Tehsil-Valva ,Jilla-Sangli Pin-416301 Maharashtra. India , Phone- 9403725999 / 9130721404 Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/SugarCaneGrowersofIndia/ Mr. Suresh Kabade's production record since last 4 years average 100 tones/acre. Highest 133 tones/acre. He is our group admin, and he is very progressive farmers of our group.
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Excel Magic Trick 1176: CONVERT Function to convert units in Excel (Excel CONVERT Joke at 05:27)
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm See examples of how to use CONVERT function to convert from one unit to another unit. 1. (00:11) CONVERT function 2. (00:54) Use drop down list to select from_unit and to_unit 3. (02:45) Creating your own units like kilogram for convert function. How do I get kilogram in Convert function 4. (04:03) Use cell references with from_units and to_units 5. (05:27) Joke about using CONVERT function to convert from current religion or philosophy to the desired religion or philosophy
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Illegal Sale Of PDS Rice Detected At Ballaguda. One Arrested. 50 Quintal Rice Seized. | BBN NEWS
Illegal Sale Of PDS Rice Detected At Ballaguda. One Arrested. 50 Quintal Rice Seized. | Hyderabad | BBN NEWS
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how many kilograms in a pound - conversion made easy
how many kilograms in a pound
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50 quintal PDS rice seized, one held  in rein bazar police  limits || Hyderabad 2017.
50 quintal PDS rice seized, one held in rein bazar police limits || Hyderabad 2017. Correspondent:Rayees Azam
UP Government To Buy Potatoes For Rs.487 Per Quintal From Farmers
UP cabinet's second meet has come up with some important decisions. The cabinet has decided to provide electricity for 24 hours in District offices, 20 hours in Tehsildar offices, 18 hours in villages, and 20 hours water supply in Bundelkhand. Religious places will also have electricity for 24 hours. The cabinet also declared that UP government will buy 1 lakh ton of potatoes from UP farmers. For more news and updates subscribe to Tez: https://www.youtube.com/user/teztvnews?sub_confirmation=1
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Cuttack Excise officials seized More than One Quintal Ganja, 3 Held
For latest Odisha News Follow us: Visit: http://kalingatv.com Live TV: http://kalingatv.com/live/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/kalingatv Twitter: https://twitter.com/kalingatv24x7 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalingamedia Install Our App: Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kalinga.tv IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/kalingatv/id1209725994
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Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U [Official Music Video]
Follow Sinéad O'Connor: Listen to Sinéad Online - https://Sinead.lnk.to/Listen Subscribe - https://Sinead.lnk.to/Subscribe Facebook - https://Sinead.lnk.to/FB Twitter - https://Sinead.lnk.to/TW Web - https://Sinead.lnk.to/Web Lyrics: It's been seven hours and fifteen days Since you took your love away I go out every night and sleep all day Since you took your love away Since you been gone I can do whatever I want I can see whomever I choose I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant But nothing I said nothing can take away these blues 'Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to you It's been so lonely without you here Like a bird without a song Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling Tell me baby where did I go wrong I could put my arms around every boy I see But they'd only remind me of you I went to the doctor and guess what he told me? Guess what he told me? He said girl you better try to have fun No matter what you do, but he's a fool 'Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to you All the flowers that you planted mama In the back yard All died when you went away I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard But I'm willing to give it another try 'Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to you Nothing compares Nothing compares to you Nothing compares Nothing compares to you Letras españolas: Han pasado siete horas y quince días desde que te llevaste tu amor Salgo todas las noches y duermo todo el día Desde que te llevaste tu amor Desde que te fuiste puedo hacer lo que quiero Puedo ver a quien yo elija Puedo ir a cenar en un restaurante de lujo Pero nada y digo, nada, me puede quitar esta melancolìa Porque nada se compara, nada se compara a ti He estado tan sola aquí sin ti Como un pájaro sin una canción Nada puede parar estas lágrimas solitarias Dime baby, donde me equivoqué Podría poner mis brazos alrededor de cualquier chico que viera Pero sólo me recordarían a ti Fui al médico y adivina que me dijo? Adivina que me dijo? Dijo: chica, es mejor que ententes divertirte No importa lo que hagas, pero él es un tonto Porque nada se compara, nada se compara a ti Todas las flores que plantaste mama En el patio trasero Todas murieron cuando te fuiste Sé que vivir contigo, baby, a veces fue difícil pero estoy dispuesta a darle otra oportunidad Nada se compara Nada se compara a ti Nada se compara Nada se compara a ti Nada se compara Nada se compara a ti
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Inna de Yard - Youthman Feat.Cedric Myton
Order now : "The Soul of Jamaica" : https://InnaDeYard.lnk.to/TSOJBE featuring Ken Boothe, Cedric "Congo" Myton, Lloyd Parks, Derajah, Var, Kiddus I, Steve Newland, Bo Pee, Kush & Winston McAnuff… Paris @ Trianon, October 27th : https://InnaDeYard.lnk.to/trianon Inna de yard tour : https://innadeyard.lnk.to/Tour Website : http://www.innadeyardmusic.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Innadeyardmusic/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/innadeyard/ Label & contact : http://chaptertworecords.com/ Booking : http://wspectacle.com/ Film : Bernard Benant / Editing : Aurelie Cauchy (P) 2017 Chapter Two Records
Views: 3675354 Inna De Yard
Convert Measurement Units in Excel - Convert Function
http://bit.ly/Computergaga Convert measurement units in Excel. The CONVERT function will convert units of measurement such as cm to inches. In this video we look at using the CONVERT function and the array of different measurement units it can work with. The examples demonstrated in the video are to convert km to miles and pounds to kilograms. Follow this link for a full list of the unit codes accepted by the CONVERT function http://bit.ly/convert_units Join the Audience: ★ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/computergaga1 ★ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computergaga ★ Blog: http://bit.ly/Computergaga ★ Liked the Video? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/ComputergagaYouTube ★
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Government hikes sugarcane price By Rs 20 per Quintal
The government today decided to increase the minimum price sugar mills pay to cane growers by Rs 20 per quintal to Rs 275 per quintal for the next marketing year starting October. About Zee Business -------------------------- Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi business news channels in India. Live coverage of Indian markets - Sensex & Nifty -------------------------------------------------------------- You can also visit us at: https://goo.gl/sXWpTF Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/OMJgrn Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/OjOzpB Subscribe to our other network channels: Zee News: https://goo.gl/XBvkjZ
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Arjun 605 + JD 5310 +NH 3630 TX + Same 603 and Arjun 7575 4X4 vs 552 Quintal Trolley !
Arjun 605 + John Deere 5310 +New Holland 3630 TX + Same 603 and Arjun 7575 4X4 vs 45 ton Fully Loaded Trolley in Hard Soil !!!!
Views: 123108 Harjoban Chauhan
Converting a volume of water (cubic meters) to mass (kg) & weight (N)
How to convert cubic meters to weight, using the fact that 1mL of water is 1 g. Visit all the videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPEdS7u0AVRf2peF1fy_jw/feed?view_as=public
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Como Atrair Passaros Para o Seu Quintal - Canários - Juritis - Rolinhas - Pombos
Neste vídeo deixo a dica de como atrair pássaros de várias especies para o quintal de sua casa.