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My Lending Club Investment Review (what I did wrong 😭)
This video shows you all of my LendingClub accounts and what I did wrong and how I plan to fix it with my new LendingClub account. Get started with LendingClub here: ➡️https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/lendingclubinv-youtube-get-started-with-lc.php Do you really want to loan money to family or friends and risk having them not pay you back? 😲 What if you could loan your money to a stranger instead (and make interest)? 🤔🤷 ➡️ That is what peer-to-peer lending is all about. One of the largest peer-to-peer platforms is LendingClub. In this video I will show you how you can use this platform as an additional investing tool. Lending Club is an online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that takes the banker out of banking. Investors lend money directly to borrowers through the website, enabling both to benefit from the rate of interest established for each loan. And just as important, the entire transaction happens online, eliminating the need for sometimes embarrassing face-to-face meetings common with bank loans. 😳 It’s a win-win as both the investor and the borrower benefit from the LendingClub process. ➡️ There are two ways to invest with LendingClub. Manual investing is where you browse available loans and choose which ones you’ll invest in one at a time. 💻 But you can also use automated investing in which you set investment criteria, and notes are selected automatically based on that criteria. ⁉️ Like any investment there are some risks. It’s important to realize investments held through LendingClub are not bank assets, and as such they are not insured by the FDIC. Individual loans can go into default, and if they do, you will lose that portion of your investment. In addition, a missed payment by a borrower means you will not get the payment on that loan in that particular month. LendingClub does use “best practices” to collect payments from delinquent borrowers, but some will default nonetheless. You can also hold LendingClub investments as part of an individual retirement account (IRA). You can do this through a LendingClub self-directed IRA. LendingClub will pay the annual IRA fee if you open the account with a minimum of $5,000 and keep that balance level for a minimum of 12 months. Read more about LendingClub on my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/lending-club-review-for-investors-and-borrowers/ Learn more about peer to peer lending here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/peer-to-peer-lending/ ➡️ Get started with LendingClub here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/lendingclubinv-youtube-get-started-with-lc.php Disclosure: I receive compensation from LendingClub for anyone that signs up through my affiliate links. The results shown here are specific to my personal accounts and may not be representative of the experience of other LendingClub investors and are not a guarantee or indication of anyone else’s performance or results. ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
How I secured Investment Banking Internships | My Experience + Tips
Thanks for visiting my channel - make sure you watch in HD! Here are my insights on how I secured internships in my first year at Goldman Sachs with tips on how you can do the same. Find out more about how to get your foot in the door on my Blog: https://www.angeliculture.com/ambition Harvard Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmR2A9TnIso Business and general enquiries: [email protected] CONNECT WITH ME Twitter - angeliculture Instagram - angeliculture Snapchat - laraang In the meantime, let's continue the conversation in the comments section below xo
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My Fundrise Investment - 1 Year Later (2018 Update)
See the full blog post at: https://retipster.com/fundrise2018update See the original Fundrise review here: https://youtu.be/BX-vYm__bzU Check out Fundrise through our affiliate link: https://retipster.com/fundrise Almost exactly one year ago to the day, I put together a blog post and video to review a real estate crowdfunding website called Fundrise and to explain how it works. As part of my review, I gave a quick tour of the site and actually invested $1,000 of my own money - just to help explain what the process looked like. You can see the original video here. One of the most common questions I heard from people after posting this video was, - What have your earnings been to date? - How has your account performed? - How much money have you made since investing? It's a pretty valid question I suppose - I probably should have anticipated them. Of course, the performance of my investment doesn't necessarily dictate what anyone else's returns will look like (because every REIT performs differently) - it does offer some insights on how Fundrise performs as a company - specifically in comparison with other investment options, like the stock market, mutual funds, or even a conventional real estate investment. So - for what it's worth, I put together a video review showing what my returns have been over the past 12 months. If you want to check it out, you can see it above. As you can see - my original $1,000 investment (with all dividends automatically reinvested) have earned a pretty steady 8% over the past year. It's not a staggeringly high return of course. I could do MUCH better with this money if I went through all the work required to invest in a piece of land or a rental property... but on the same coin, those things take real work. An 8% return with Fundrise requires virtually nothing, aside from the 5 minutes I spend deciding which eREIT to invest in, and the inherent risk that the returns don't pan out according to plan. It's also worth noting - with Fundrise, my $1,000 principal is basically tied up for 5 years (give or take), and I can't get that money back in the meantime. I also don't have any control over which properties are included in the eREIT fund, what is done with them, or when they're sold off... so I really am putting a lot of trust in the folks at Fundrise to manage my money with prudence. In this particular instance, it seems as though things have gone smoothly. 8% certainly isn't the highest return one can get through real estate crowdfunding, but considering how easy it was to make this money, I'm not at all dissatisfied with the result. Disclaimer: The information contained herein neither constitutes an offer for nor a solicitation of interest in any securities offering; however, if an indication of interest is provided, it may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind prior to being accepted following the qualification or effectiveness of the applicable offering document, and any offer, solicitation or sale of any securities will be made only by means of an offering circular, private placement memorandum, or prospectus. No money or other consideration is hereby being solicited, and will not be accepted without such potential investor having been provided the applicable offering document. Joining the Fundrise Platform neither constitutes an indication of interest in any offering nor involves any obligation or commitment of any kind. The publicly filed offering circulars of the issuers sponsored by Rise Companies Corp., not all of which may be currently qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, may be found at www.fundrise.com/oc.
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First Rental Property Investment - First Time Landlord Experiences
Want to upgrade your network and your networth? Come out to the Ontario Real Estate Conference in London Ontario! (and get $25 off by using my coupon code!) http://orec2018.com/registration/?coupon=mckeever Dan Warren discusses his experiences buying his first rental property and becoming a first time landlord If you enjoyed: First Rental Property Investment - First Time Landlord Experiences - SMASH that LIKE BUTTON! and SHARE on SOCIAL MEDIA! Checkout Mike's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe56q2OeCxBHreMzwiK82Ig Matt McKeever Business Inquires: [email protected] Coaching: [email protected] (Seriously though, you should watch everyone of my videos, before you contact me about this, if you watched all of my videos - I don't think you'll need this - but people keep asking anyways....) Matt’s Bible: Early Retirement Extreme: http://amzn.to/2qgFBNK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDNonFIRE/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mattmckeever85 Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattmckeever85 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdRtqnqBSq4GY7DGiYICu5g?sub_confirmation=1 Bigger Pockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/MattMcK Check out my podcast with Kellan: http://onfirepodcast.ca/ Checkout the squad's (Real Estate Rat Pack?) YouTube Channel: Jeff Wybo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vKsAI2myIczze7pn7bREQ Graham Stephan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6KDgJskWaEckne5aPA0aQ Mat Piche: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUM_ZcpCv7WAL-hmhrkPqw Hungarian Experiment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYL8hJdhUkfPFopgagkb_DQ Humble Wholesaler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vViA-_jYezzU043YTrJeQ Make sure you sub to the Humble Wholesaler if you want to learn more about wholesaling real estate in Canada. Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and Real Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt will walk the viewer through how to invest in real estate using such strategies as the BRRRR method while also documenting his personal experience as a real estate investor. Matt began investing in real estate at age 25 by purchasing a student rental near Fanshawe College. In 2016 he's acquired over 25 unit and in 2017 acquired over 25 units. FIREpreneur: A person who has reached (lean) FIRE and uses this freedom as a springboard to operate a business or organization, taking on no significant risk (due to lean FIRE). As well on this channel Matt will share his personal monthly spending and discuss the strategies and tactics needed to reach financial independence (retire early) at a young age. We’ll discuss such topics as safe withdrawal rates, how to build passive income streams and how to reduce your personal consumption.
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6 Mistake done by every Investor | How to improve your INVESTMENT Mistake for Beginner and Investor
How to improve our investment experience how to securely invest and 6 Investment mistake which is done by everyone in Investment as well as from all investor. If you are professional or bignner in Investment you should avoid these 6 investment mistake to get you goal comes true and make your investment dream comes true. there are six investment mistake which done by every investor is 1) The investor takes time to start an investment 2) They don't make sense for an investor for the instant need for money 3) Investor mistake they don't take any date funds or fixed deposit 4) many investor go with the attractive investment 5) they invest in only one fund and many of the investment risk and profile which have done by every investor you should avoid this 6 mistake which is very small but very effective investment. You solved question in this video: 1) how to invest for good return 2) Investment mistake in India 3) 6 mistake done by every investor 4) investment mistake from begineer 5) investment mistake done by old investor and much more question about investment and for the investor if you have still question you can ask me into comment box or you can leave your text at [email protected] #Investment #investor #indianfever ========================= You can check my stuff while making this video you can check it and also you can buy from amazon India My DSLR camera for shooting video: https://amzn.to/2MDh9Qr Mike for voice recording: https://amzn.to/2MlTC7t My smartphone: https://amzn.to/2nRIGiV My Laptop https://amzn.to/2PmLaCM ========================= About 'The Indian Fever' The Indian Fever channel is hosted by the 'Ravi Kant' and 'The Indian Fever' channel provides you latest technology video, Business, Investment idea as well as the analysis of all trending news you will get the all vehicle news and gadget unboxing also. I suggest you to being a part of a huge family of 'The Indian Fever'. Subscribe and click bell for instant notification of upcoming videos... thank you.. ======================== Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwpBjKuIJZDhvk1HQ9DXag Website: www.theindianfever.com ======================== Social media Links: don't be strange follow for the more instant update Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfever/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theindianfever Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theindianfever/?hl=en ======================== thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting 'The Indian Fever' channel.
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Forex Trading Strategy That Works, My Trades and Plan for 12th-16th November 2018
Forex Trading Strategy That Works, watch how I use levels and patterns to place trades (pending orders) before the market moves and My Forex Trading Plan for 12th-16th November 2018, Technical Analysis, Main levels and possible new entry points. Join me at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvFGd0OlENqk3Lsvj0Q0OA/join for more Forex videos, or support me at https://www.patreon.com/JannaTravels Forex Trading tips with Technical Analysis, for - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, EURGBP, GBPJPY and Gold - XAUUSD, Important Levels and New Entry Points. Subscribe to my channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/JannaFX My videos: Forex Trading, My Results - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgz29NNd2Owl_ei4L_zB4lHMEAs-7VBcP Forex Fibonacci Strategy - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgz29NNd2OwnAXmEXJYIbM_S49YZXDzC1 Forex Channel System. No Signals, No Indicators - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgz29NNd2OwmvgcVMBx56oeLQHN4tu1Vr Forex for Beginners - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgz29NNd2Owne9kxhlJKu-lbPOp0dfcfL Risk warning: Trading foreign exchange and futures on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you, as well as to your advantage. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange or futures, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange and futures trading, and consult with an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Forex Weekly Analysis, Forex Weekly Forecast, MT4, How to trade Gold, Technical Analysis Forex
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My Experience With HYIP  fast money investments
just a video of me talking about my approach to HYIP programs www.invested505.com For Tons Of Investment Ideas check out www.invested505.com and check the list below of a few others. ETHCONNECT: https://ethconnect.net/ref/invested505 Electroneum: https://my.electroneum.com/join/C3B75F Bitbase: https://www.bitbase.io/?rb=162199 Marybets: https://marybets.com/?ref=invested505 USI TECH: https://b4f743bb.usi-tech.info/ ATLANTIC: https://private.atlanticgam.es/#/sign-up/partner=P09201506422769 Bitpetite: https://bitpetite.com/?aff=invested505 Chain Grp: https://chain.group/7466 LASER: https://laser.online/?referrer=invested505
LBS Venture Capital Investment Competition: Student Experience
LBS students talk about their experience at the Venture Capital Investment Competition, what was their most surprising learning form the competition, what they see as necessary for successful negotiations, what are the key considerations when investing in a company, how to win over the entrepreneurs with your offer and what do start-ups look for when choosing investors. Featured: Nick Burton ( MBA2017) and Kelly Urmston-Parish (MBA2017) Read the article: http://bit.ly/1UWwzNq In this competition, teams of five MBA students compete as venture capitalists. Each team plays the role of a venture capital firm that must go through the entire VC investment process in the extremely condensed period of a single weekend. The teams review real business plans from entrepreneurs seeking funding and create term sheets to be judged by a panel of VC judges. Further information about the VCIC competition http://www.vcic.org/. This content was provided by the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a research institute that resides with London Business School. The Institute’s goal is to equip and inspire entrepreneurs, innovators and the leaders who design the ecosystems in which they thrive with the ultimate mission to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. Find out more about the institute www.london.edu/innovation . Read or watch similar content from DIIE: http://bit.ly/1Td4GOM . Keep up to date with what we do and sign up to our bi-monthly newsletter DeBrief http://eepurl.com/bEfumT www.london.edu/innovation
My worst investment ever.
Let me know in the comments what your worst investment was ever (if any). Mine was a great learning experience, but still hurt. Oh man did it hurt. No, seriously friggen hurt. We are a wealth management firm that works with those that are just getting started, or have 10+ years until retirement For more information call us at 727.492.0314 or visit www.JazzWealth.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JazzWealth/ Investment related questions 📧 [email protected] Business Affairs 📧[email protected]
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🙅Why We Quit Investment Banking ($100,000+ Salary)
Free Training To A Brand New High-End Career (limited time only 2018) https://www.besthighendcareer.com/webinar Learn about what investment bankers do: https://youtu.be/MbMh6KRLz9U Check out their podcast: https://breakingintostartups.com/ https://Facebook.com/EngineeredTruth https://Twitter.com/EngineeredTruth https://Instagram.com/EngineeredTruth
Lending Club Investment Review 2016 - What Were My Returns?
Hey guys, I've noticed lately I've been getting a bit more e-mails, questions and comments regarding investing. Once you start bringing in a few extra bucks a month, what to do with it. While I'm no expert investory, I have picked up some things along the way and have used a number of products so was going to start showing you guys and doing reviews and sharing my opinion and experience.
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The BEST Investments you can make RIGHT NOW...for FREE
Sometimes the best investments aren’t monetary…instead, they’re investments in other areas which later come back to you, financially. So here are the best ways you can INVEST…without investing any money, at any age. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan Join the private Real Estate Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therealestatemillionairemastermind/ Get $50 OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME: Code THANKYOU50 - The Real Estate Agent Academy: Learn how to start and grow your career as a Real Estate Agent to a Six-Figure Income, how to best build your network of clients, expand into luxury markets, and the exact steps I’ve used to grow my business from $0 to over $120 million in sales: https://goo.gl/UFpi4c The first investment you can make…is investing in knowledge. Go with cheaper or free resources first…YouTube is free. Google is free. Books are cheap if you buy them used on Amazon. Some of the best skills you can pick up literally require nothing but your own dedication to learn them. The second way to invest…is investing your TIME. This is a no brainer, obviously you spend time on YouTube, you spend time learning…but my best recommend is to spend time WORKING just to get the experience, because I promise those experiences will be invaluable later in life. Lets first talk about working for “free” just for the experience…while each of us might have a different perspective on this, I really believe working for free could be a tremendous advantage for both your own experience, and to get your foot in the door of an industry you wouldn’t normally be able to get into. If you have the opportunity to take the initiative and offer someone something free just for experience, DO IT. Don’t plan to work for free forever, because you should get paid at some point…but don’t let money get in the way. The THIRD way to invest…is to grow your social skills. This is something not often talked about, but this is easily the most important. If anything, make an effort to socialize, and meet people. Having a good support group of like-minded people will make such a tremendous difference in your life. Like they say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…what do those people say about you? I’m not saying go and ditch your friends, but make a conscious effort to meet and surround yourself with people doing BETTER than you. The fourth thing to invest in…is sales skills. If anyone is wondering what the best job to get while they’re in their teens or early 20’s for the experience, it’s sales. By far. Sales is everything…you have to learn how to successfully sell yourself to an employer. You have to understand how the mind works, why people buy something, and how that benefits them. Sales is all about providing something that the other person wants and will use. Not only that, but sales is also customer service at its core…it’s no surprise that sales is the one skill you can transfer to just about any industry. It’s practically recession proof, that you can apply to any location. Sales is also a business that’s not limited or capped at a salary…in most cases, your income is only dependent on the results you get. This is such a great mentality to have, because mediocrity is never rewarded, and your income potential is as much as you want. You become your only limiting factor, and you are solely responsible for what you do…and again, this is just such a great life skill to have that can be molded and adapted to any industry. All of this is really about utilizing what you have right now…and that is time. Use it wisely. Invest your time learning new skills that’ll pay for themselves 10-fold in a few years. Work for free for the experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime, that’ll help you in every job you do going forward. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations so you can meet the people who are going to help lift you up to the next level. Learn sales skills so you can property articulate and explain your ideas to someone else, in a way that they’ll resonate with. For business inquiries or paid one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at [email protected] Suggested reading: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: http://goo.gl/TPTSVC Your money or your life: https://goo.gl/fmlaJR The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: https://goo.gl/sV9xtl How to Win Friends and Influence People: https://goo.gl/1f3Meq Think and grow rich: https://goo.gl/SSKlyu Awaken the giant within: https://goo.gl/niIAEI The Book on Rental Property Investing: https://goo.gl/qtJqFq Favorite Credit Cards: Chase Sapphire Reserve - https://goo.gl/sT68EC American Express Platinum - https://goo.gl/C9n4e3
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My Investment Journal Strategy For Dividend Growth Investing
I'm a dividend growth investor, and one of my big 2018 goals is keeping a physical, written personal finance journal. In 2017, I got a bit lax about my journal, although I had written more extensively in years 2013-2016. Even before 2013, I used to write my goals down on paper. Today's video shares my finance journal strategy and why it has driven superior results in my personal portfolio. First, learn what types of things I document in my dividend journal. Items covered include: * Financial goals * Saving money / budgeting * Milestones in dividend income * Words of encouragement * Lessons learned * Stock portfolio value * More! Second, learn the top five reasons why having a dividend journal is so important: 1) There is huge power in the written word. Written financial goals will become reality, based on my past experience. 2) A journal serves as a fun chronicle of one's progress. See over the year how you have grown as an investor. Also, the journal can help one remember past lessons. 3) A physical journal keeps on in the game, and keeps one focused on their financial goals. 4) It's super fun to have a journal, and it makes one focus on the journey (not just the destination of complete financial freedom). 5) One's written personal finance journal will drive superior results, in my opinion. Want to learn more about my 2018 dividend investing goals? You may want to check out my new video on this very topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAz0Ky7Fm84 Disclaimer: I'm not a licensed investment advisor, and today's video is just for entertainment and fun. This video is NOT investment advice. Please talk to your licensed investment advisor before making any financial decisions. All content on my YouTube channel is (c) Copyright IJL Productions LLC.
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My best investments have been in life experiences
This is a montage of videos put together to show my life away from my day-to-day activities. I've learned a lot through these life experiences and have made memories that will last a lifetime. These are memories from exploring, living, and playing in the outside world. I think that's really important. Thanks to everyone who has joined me in these adventures! Music: My Friends Never Die by ODEZA
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My Investment - KayBee Tha Trucker
Quick tour of the investment.
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Imagine a Safe 20% Return on Your Money, No Investment Experience Required!
http://investwealthCDrates.com Imagine a safe 20% return on your money, creating wealth without Investing in equities, annuities, and CD's? A safe 20% return is possible if you get my Report, "The One Wealth Building Strategy That Even So Called Experts May Miss." to beat Wall Street, the S & P 500 and have income, enough to retire.
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investment Transaction my experience
This is the answer for many that why cash is debited even though it’s invested
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What are some of the best paying jobs you can get with minimal college or no college? These are five jobs you can get that do not require you to spend a ton of money on a college education. These are five high paying jobs, some with no degree! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR DAILY MOTIVATIONAL CONTENT ✔️ @ryanscribnerofficial _______ Ready to start investing? 🤔💸 WEBULL: "Get a FREE STOCK worth up to $1000." 💰 http://ryanoscribner.com/webull BETTERMENT: "Passive investing, they manage everything for you." 📈 http://ryanoscribner.com/betterment FUNDRISE: "Passive real estate investing, 8 to 11% returns." 🏠 http://ryanoscribner.com/fundrise M1 FINANCE: "Invest in partial shares of stocks like Amazon." 📌 http://ryanoscribner.com/m1-finance LENDING CLUB: "Become the bank and make interest on loans." 🏦 http://ryanoscribner.com/lending-club COINBASE: "Get $10 in free Bitcoin (when you fund $100)." ⭐ http://ryanoscribner.com/coinbase _______ Want more Ryan Scribner? 🙌 MY INVESTING BLOG ▶︎ https://investingsimple.blog/ FREE INVESTING COURSE ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/free-course FACEBOOK GROUP FOR ENTREPRENEURS ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/groups/164766680793265/ COURSE CREATION COMPANION ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/course-creation-companion LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/ryanoscribner/ PASSIVE INCOME MASTERCLASS LIVE EVENTS ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/passive-income _______ Premium Educational Programs 🧐 PRIVATE STOCK MARKET INVESTING SITE 📊 http://ryanoscribner.com/stock-radar STOCK MARKET INVESTING COURSE 📈 http://ryanoscribner.com/stock-market-investing-course _______ Ready to keep learning? 🤔📚 My Favorite Personal Finance Book 📘 https://amzn.to/2NiyDiz My Favorite Investing Book 📗 https://amzn.to/2KEyd7D My 2nd Favorite Investing Book 📗 https://amzn.to/2tZmxBU My Favorite Personal Development Book 📕 https://amzn.to/2KJKgRn Not a fan of reading? Join Audible and get two free audio books! ❌📚 http://ryanoscribner.com/audible _______ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I am affiliated with a number of the offerings on this channel. This includes the links above under "Ready To Start Investing" as well as other influencers I bring on the channel. This also includes the use of Amazon affiliate links. (Send me something) Scribner Media LLC PO Box 641 Ballston Spa, NY 12020
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No, the CFA is NOT ENOUGH to get you into Investment Banking. Stop asking.
In this month's summary video where I answer all April and May questions thus far, I address the question everyone keeps asking which is: Is the CFA enough to get me into investment banking. NO. You need a personal brand and some work experience that is credible. Watch this video for these answers and more. EMAIL ME HERE for my earnings models or CFA planners: [email protected] But please do NOT send me questions. Enter questions here on my channel and I answer in my monthly summary videos.
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The Truth about Caribbean Citizenship by Investment
http://www.nomadcapitalist.com Are Caribbean citizenship by investment programs a good deal? While many wealthy expats flock to the speed and convenience of such programs, some second passport seekers claim these "buy a passport" options feel "fake". Andrew discusses his personal experience in St. Lucia - and experiences of people he's helped with St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, and St. Kitts and Nevis - and explains why economic citizenship should be considered by anyone seeking a fast passport. ------- ABOUT NOMAD CAPITALIST Andrew Henderson is the world's most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to "go where they're treated best". Work with Andrew: http://bit.ly/Nomad-Capitalist-Application Andrew has spent the last 11 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, and has started offshore companies, opened offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate in a total of 20 countries. He has also spent years creating a behavior-based system that helps people get the results they want faster and with less resistance. Andrew believes that everyone can use offshore strategies to keep more of their own money, live a life of freedom, and grow their wealth faster. About Andrew: http://nomadcapitalist.com/about/andrew-henderson/ Our website: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nomadcapitalist Buy Andrew's book: https://amzn.to/2QKQqR0 DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.
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My BitConnect Crypto Investment Plan - 3 Month Update
This video will go over my experience with BitConnect after using it for three months and how I plan to invest in the future. ►►► Cloud Mining ► Genesis-Mining : https://goo.gl/4khkfC Save 3% on your Genesis-Mining contacts using this code KTwXjM. ►►► Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin ► Coinbase - https://goo.gl/S75Bsd (use this link and get $10 of free bitcoin!) Use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. ►►► Storing Bitcoin ::Hardware Wallets:: ► Ledger Nano S : https://goo.gl/9iWz3L ► Trezor : https://goo.gl/ceASBd ► Keep Key : https://goo.gl/pwudEE ::Ditigal Wallets:: ► Exodus : https://www.exodus.io/ ►►► Donations & Tips Litecoin : LM9CvbojkMNUYFSoREY1k4DuHewGgJ33bp Bitcoin : 1PoSET9P6BdcbTJM5jx7RdU1qeuKPiodAf Ethereum : 0x416b20Cca5041541EDC2DC0Fd64DCC705eFE4D6A Dash : Xj73LRr7sYwQxuq5vcSF6v5GVTixE1dZhX DogeCoin : DKPkQK7ycFnj3Pb9tZvfaPSrq54J3ZLZ97 ►►► Please like & subscribe & thanks for watching :)
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Real Estate Investment Fail (7 Crucial Lessons Learned)
If you've been following this YouTube channel you know that I am a Certified Financial Planner. I help people manage their money and make smart investments decisions. 💸 In other words, I prevent them from losing their butt off of stupid impulsive money making ideas. There is one investment area that I don't know a lot about and actually had a failed experience with. So, what was this investment that I failed miserably with? ‼️ It was Real Estate! ‼️ A lot of people want to invest in real estate and it is something you can make a lot of money with. You can also lose a lot of money! 😞 Although this did not work out for me, I learned some very valuable lessons. I want to share with you 7 things that I learned. ➡️ 1. If it sounds to good to be true -- it probably is! This could include details of the financing program or the property itself. ➡️ 2. Stick with what you know -vs- what you think you may love. You will spend a lot of time learning and researching vs spending time on your established income stream. ➡️ 3. True deals are a lot harder to find than you may think. Don't get me wrong, the deals are out there, but you have to look in different places. ➡️ 4. Never overpay for a property. Your rental income has to cover your mortgage payment, fees, repairs, etc. and still produce a profit. ➡️ 5. Cash flow is everything! You are on the hook for this monthly payment for the next 15-30 years. ➡️ 6. Looking for deals in all the wrong places. You are not going to find the good deals in newspapers or on on craigslist. ➡️ 7. Never let greed control your emotions. Don't start counting the cash until you've done all your research. I still don't own any investment properties. But, this was a great learning experience for me. ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/jeffrosecfp ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
The Dragons battle over a surprising investment - Dragons' Den
SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn The Dragons get hands on with a gruesome anatomy dissection business where entrepreneur Sam Piri is hoping to shock them into an investment. Watch Dragons' Den on the BBC: https://bbc.in/2xJdQxC Dragons' Den | Series 16 Episode 1 | BBC #dragonsden
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How To Make Money Online Without Investment and Zero Experience
7 steps to make money online without investment or experience. Plus free ways to learn about your industry, Resources Check out the blog post for this episode: http://sandrathemomboss.com/start-online-business-no-money-or-experience/ Free Ways To Learn: Udemy- https://www.udemy.com/ Creative Live- https://www.creativelive.com/ Skill Share- https://www.skillshare.com/ 📚 (NEW Book) Online Business Success: 6 Fundamentals of Making Money Online Doing What You Love http://sandrathemomboss.com/onlinebusinessuccess 💌Join the #momboss newsletter to receive your Free "Ultimate Goal Setting Workbook" http://sandrathemomboss.com/freeworkbook Follow Me: 🔅Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sandrathemomboss/ 🔆Facebook http://bit.ly/Sandrasfacebook 🔅Pinterest www.pinterest.com/sandrathemomboss #MombossMonday Episode #13 I am a proud affiliate/sponsor of these products/services. All opinions and recommendations are honest and expressed with the good intent that you will find them of value. Purchasing through these links will not affect your check out process in any way, but it will support this channel and allow me to keep making valuable videos for you. Thank you for your trust 🤗
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Cloud Mining - Hashflare Investment - Day 1 experience - Worth it?
Normal person's view on investing into Cryptocurrency! Am I scared? YES! Today, I jumped on the wagon of investing and wanted to document my first day of using Hashflare. Really hope this video gets out so people can follow me and ask me questions! Please leave in the comments on tips or even suggestions! I will read all of them! Make sure to subscribe; so you can follow me on this hopefully rewarding journey. Referral link: https://hashflare.io/r/CC00F830
Joe Rogan Experience #1002 - Peter Schiff
Peter Schiff is an American businessman, investment broker, author and financial commentator. Schiff is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. He also hosts his own podcast called "The Peter Schiff Podcast" available on iTunes and at SchiffRadio.com
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Kerwin and Anthea's Property Investment Experience
READ THE FULL CASE STUDY HERE https://binvested.com.au/kerwin-and-anthea-case-study/ Interested in property investing? Visit our website at http://www.binvested.com.au to find out more about how we can help you. Also join our communities on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/binvested.com.au Twitter - https://twitter.com/b_invested Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/binvested/
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#Money Matters 202: diversifying your investments - my experience with @LendingClub - how it works
Recorded on 02/12/2016 11:38 PM UTC by joannazarach Chicago Live viewers: 14 Heart count: 33 https://www.periscope.tv/joannazarach
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The Problem With REIT's - Real Estate Investment Trusts
Is a REIT a good way to start investing in Real Estate? Reit stands for real estate investment trust. In my experience, there's a really significant gap between what they're offering, and what you can get on your own. So instead of brokering your money, claim your money. Watch and Enjoy! Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury WORK WITH KRIS: ======================== Becoming a successful real estate investor is easier than most people know… as long as you have the right Mentor and the right system. Click here to learn your best options: http://LimitlessMentor.com/TV/ BOOKS By Kris Krohn ======================== The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://amzn.to/2zT0Bur The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV Be On Limitless TV ======================== Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode: http://bit.ly/2yO78c7 MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com http://YouTube.com/NateWoodburyHero
How to Have a Successful Investment Experience
As an investor, you probably have a lot of questions like will I be okay or will my money last long enough? These are great questions but there is a simpler way to think about the answers to successful investing. Imagine all investments you can trade publicly could fit in a circle. Those investments would broadly distill into three groups. Fixed income, equities and property. Against this background a more appropriate question for an investor to ask is where do returns come from? Fortunately, the academic community have been working on this question for many decades and they can tell us a great deal about where returns come from. Years of research have identified that there are two dimensions of fixed income return, Term and Credit. Four dimensions of equity return, the Market, Size, Relative Price and Profitability. And a single dimension in real estate, the Market. Whether you achieve these returns as an investor depends on a delicate balance of capturing these dimensions and remaining disciplined over time as an investor. There are broadly two approaches investors can choose between. The first involves making predictions about the future direction of markets or securities and actively trading the portfolio to pick winners and avoid losers. Under this approach diversification is generally seen as a drag on performance. It's also seen as acceptable to pay higher fees and charges to get access to investment expertise. The other school of thought is that successful investing shouldn't involving forecasting about the future, and that investors are better served by accepting that prices are fair. Under this approach trading is minimised because it is costly and impacts net returns. And diversification is embraced as a way of reducing portfolio risk. Likewise, investors who adopt this philosophy are eager to keep costs at a reasonable level. We generally label the former approach that involves forecasting as speculating and the latter as investing. And our approach is to be a genuine investor. Academic research suggests that behaving as a true investor gives you a better chance of having a successful investing experience. With speculating, you may succeed but because of the effects of chance in speculating you may also not succeed. As investors, you can greatly determine the success of your investment program by adhering to certain long term disciplines. If you get spooked by short term noise in the market and feel that you can position the portfolio to profit from news events, it's important to understand that this is speculation. We believe the investor who instead embraces principles of true investing greatly improves the chances that they get the returns that they are entitled to from capital markets. In summary, if you combine an evidence-based philosophy of investment management with sound financial advice and great investor discipline, we believe you tilt the odds in your favour and maximise the chance of enjoying a successful investor experience.
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Turnkey investment, my personal experience and opinion
based on my experience on the one time I went into this kind of deal I made this video. I do not work for any real state company and this is my personal opinion.
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6 Lies About Investing People Actually Believe 😱
In today’s video I am going to talk to you about taking action to invest in the stock market and start hacking your wealth. There are 6 investing lies that are commonly told regarding investing that I want to debunk right now. 😄 ➡️1. Investing is risky [1:12] - Yes, there can be risk involved with investing but on average you are more likely to make a 7% return on your investment. ➡️2. I will lose all of my money [2:52] - Really? If you put all of your money into one thing, I guess you could lose it. ➡️3. It is way too complicated to invest [4:22] - You need to understand what you are putting your money into, a financial advisor can help with this. ➡️4. It is too time consuming [5:44] - It doesn’t take hours to open an account and start investing. ➡️5. I need to know a lot about investing [6:23] - With today’s platforms you really just need to know your investing style. ➡️6. You need a lot of money to start [7:34] - You don’t need thousands and thousands to start investing. As you can see you don’t really have to have a lot of time, money, or experience to get started investing and building your wealth. You just have to get started. Which investment lie do you believe that has prevented you from taking action? Let us know in the comments. After you share that, let us know what you did to take action and change your situation. ★☆★RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO★☆★ 🎦 5 Biggest Investment Ripoffs https://youtu.be/NSA8dFzeDuI 🎦 M1 Finance Review https://youtu.be/bLSK1HoVrY4 Fundrise: 📰https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/fundrise-review-how-to-invest-in-corporate-real-estate-with-a-small-investment/ M1 Finance ✅https://jeffrose.com/mm1 Betterment: Best Investment Option Where They Pick Investments For you: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-1-month-passive-income.php ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make $1K Blogging" Free Course here: ➡️➡️➡️ http://Make1kChallenge.com ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO JEFF''S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNgKCu9062P0CPyVoBI5sQ?sub_confirmation=1 ★☆★ WANT MORE FROM WEALTH HACKER™ LABS?★☆★ 💰Wealth Hacker™ blog: https://wealthhackerlabs.com/ 💻 Personal finance blog: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Podcast: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 ★☆★Pick up Jeff's best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: ★☆★ 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V ★☆★ CONNECT WITH JEFF ON SOCIAL★☆★ ▸Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose ▸Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jjeffrose/ ▸Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jjeffrose/ ▸Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrosecfp/ Jeff's favorite T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
How to presell your PruVit Experience Pack with $0 personal investment
Loving life and all that it's brought to me! Keto craze has my days busy helping others feel BETTER! Email: [email protected] Instagram: @ketoallthetime AND @heathernoel.me To Order: http://heathernoel.shopketo.com
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RECORD BREAKING THAI PRAWNS!!! The ULTIMATE Thai Seafood Experience in Bangkok, Thailand!
🎥EXOTIC THAI FOOD WITH MARK WIENS » http://bit.ly/BestEverCollab 💗SUPPORT OUR MISSION » http://bit.ly/BestEverPatreon 🛵Learn more about Onetrip’s Vietnam tours » http://bit.ly/BEFRSOnetrip Special thanks to Petch for helping me eat seafood like a local. Check out her YouTube channel http://bit.ly/2vxFYCY for more food and travel fun, and be sure to follow her on Instagram @Paidonnnn - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - » THE ULTIMATE THAI SEAFOOD 1. KHLONG TOEI MARKET: Pork Porridge ADDRESS: 1 Kasem Rat Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon OPEN: 6AM - 2AM Khlong Toei Market is Bangkok’s biggest fresh market, offering every type of seafood you can imagine, in addition to raw meat, farm produce, clothing and home goods. 🥣Pork Porridge: Porridge, pork, blood cakes, pepper, fried onion and garlic, ginger, herbs, fish sauce, chili and fermented chili (optional) 💸PRICE: .90 USD/30 THB per bowl 2. JE DA POOMADONG: Pickled Seafood ADDRESS: Khwaeng Chakkrawat, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100 OPEN: 9AM - 5PM 🦀Je Da Poomadong has been satisfying seafood-lovers tastebuds for 50 years and remains a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. They’re known for their original raw seafood salad recipe and their fresh, diverse dishes to choose from: crab, blue crab, shrimp, mantis shrimp and clams. They’re all soaked in fish sauce, salt, lemon juice, chili, garlic and scallion. 💸PRICE: 12 USD/400 THB per kg of shrimp | 48.5 USD/1,600 THB per kg of crab 3. SIAM 77: Giant Freshwater Prawn ADDRESS: 77 Moo 6, at the base of Rama 5 Bridge, in Pibul Songkram 2 Pier area, Pibul Songkram Road, Lad Khwan Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi OPEN: 4PM - 11PM 🦐This family-owned restaurant gets their fresh prawn daily from a local supplier. They use fresh ingredients in each dish, and the mother of the family creates unique recipes only available at Siam 77. They sell up to 100kg of prawn every weekend! 😺🐟Stir-fried freshwater catfish with curry paste: Add red curry paste and chicken stock to a hot, oiled pan. Place the catfish in, allowing it to cook for 5-7 minutes before adding coconut milk, fish sauce and sugar. Place on a plate and garnish with lime leaves and chili before diving in! 🥘Spicy stir-fried pork: Mix cubed pork, eggplant, sugar, chili, lime leaves, fish sauce, curry paste (which includes lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, garlic and chili) and oyster sauce in a frying pan. Cook until pork is finished and enjoy! 💸PRICE RANGE: 60 USD/2,000 THB per kg of giant freshwater prawn | 10.6 USD/350 THB per serving of stir-fried freshwater catfish with curry paste | 6 USD/200 THB per serving of spicy stir-fried pork - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 💬COME SAY HI: INSTAGRAM » http://bit.ly/InstaSonnySide FACEBOOK » http://bit.ly/BEFRSFacebook 💗SUPPORT OUR MISSION: Patreon is a platform that allows people to support creators on a recurring basis. Your contribution is an investment in the creative freedom of my channel and enables me to keep my content authentic and uninterrupted. Your generous donation allows me the time and resources to create more videos for you. We also have some pretty sweet rewards, exclusive to Patreon Bestys. » http://bit.ly/BestEverPatreon 🥒ABOUT BEFRS: Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. People either enjoyed my undeniable charm or enjoyed watching me eat things like coconut worms, and thus Best Ever Food Review Show came to be. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer. If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture. Don’t forget to subscribe to Best Ever Food Review Show, so we can connect through food and travel and become Bestys! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 🎬CREDITS: DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY » Bret Hamilton CAMERA OPERATOR » Nguyễn Tân Khải VIDEO EDITOR » Lê Anh Đỗ PRODUCER » Huỳnh Hà My LOCAL HOST » Nahathai Suppakarnpanich (Petch) | Facebook: http://bit.ly/2O9xWrh For business inquiries, please email: [email protected]
How To Find The Best Buy To Let Mortgage For Your Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Tips
How To Find The Best Buy To Let Mortgage For Your Investment Property - Andy Walker shares his experience with finding the best mortgages for his property investments. Links: http://monoperty.com/mortgage Share this video: https://youtu.be/7S2OpFw0u-U Subscribe To My Channel to Get More Great Information http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Monoperty Andy Walker is the creator of monoperty.com, where he blogs online as a property investor and landlord, sharing what works, and what doesn't, to help you start or expand your property portfolio. Check out Andy's informative videos and join the conversation. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in one of the videos or head over to monoperty.com/ask. How To Find The Best Buy To Let Mortgage For Your Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Tips 0:00 In this video, I'll explain how I find the best mortgage for my investment properties. 1:31 My recommended method. 3:16 How do you find them (tips). Other Videos To Watch: Why I Started Investing In Property and This Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND67djBMEXk 5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In Property https://youtu.be/RyJTq9m2bok 7 Ways To Raise A Deposit For An Investment Property https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND67djBMEXk Other Great Resources: http://monoperty.com Connect With Me: http://www.facebook.com/monoperty https://twitter.com/monoperty How To Find The Best Buy To Let Mortgage For Your Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Tips
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Review of an investment company website
Shooting videos for business https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRd1KGFyM5VC9-eGINvcKNw?view_as=subscriber Sign!!! Hi, I'm Ann. And I wanted to share my experience investing with Westland Storage. I first heard about the service from a friend and I was so glad to you decided to check it out! So I was looking for investment opportunities to let my money start working for me and i the beginning investing spend a lot of time review and a Westlend storage website, documents and guarantees. https://youtu.be/lvgcd-69y4A
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LASIK eye surgery experience! One of my best investments!
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Pandex   100% scam or legit website and Investment plans
FREE REGISTRATION: https://pandex.org/en/register?ref=VLChWGX First of all I am not a financial adviser and I do not get paid in sharing my investment experiences on youtube. This expriences may or may not work for you so if you want to invest take it with you own risk and do your own due diligence as well. Like & Subscribe to my channel I won't forget all of you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvFVcJjH5n86sNE6RyDwXOQ/featured HERE ARE TESTED HYIP(High Yield Investment Program) and classified: No risk https://coins.ph/invite/mvn1fl (for philipines wallet) https://qoinpro.com/61513fd18adeba4c1e7c85b3d440f4d7 https://emining.club/?rinvite=chrisbitcrypto https://pandex.org/en/register?ref=VLChWGX - TOTALLY LEGITIMATE -------------------------------------------- Low risk investment https://bitconnect.co/?ref=chris251090 -------------------------------------------- Low risk - medium risk investments Join chain group: https://chain.group/24044 https://my.electroneum.com/join/BD7CF3 -------------------------------------------- Medium - High risk invesments https://bitcoinly.space/?ref=chrisbitcrypto https://laser.online/?referrer=chrisbitcrypto --------------------------------------------
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Acorns Review - Invest Spare Change With The Acorns Investment App
🍏 New Acorns Users Can Join Here: http://acorns.sjv.io/c/1275158/502140/5136 In today's Acorns Investing App Review I go over the pros and cons of the Acorns App and why I think it's one of the best investing apps for beginners. You can learn more about the Acorns Invest App here: http://acorns.sjv.io/c/1275158/502140/5136 📘 My Acorns Tutorial Videos: http://bit.ly/AcornsAppTutorials 💰 My Favorite Investing Apps For Beginners: http://investingappstv.com/best/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ DISCLAIMER: This video, and YouTube channel, is NOT financial or investing advice. I am not an investing professional and am only offering my opinions and experience. Please invest at your own discretion. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚨 ★★★ My Other Investment App Videos and Tutorials ★★★ 🚨 ► All My Investing App Reviews: http://bit.ly/InvestingAppReviews ► Robinhood Investing App Review: https://youtu.be/Jqxfz6gFGZA ► Stash Investing App Review: https://youtu.be/iwV-eFDFBxY ► Coinbase Bitcoin App Review: https://youtu.be/tPAXAhpywxY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★★ My Favorite Investing Books For Beginners: http://amzn.to/2xkZF2Y --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Acorns Invest App Pros and Cons: ◙ Pros: - Buy fractional shares of the stock market with as little as $5 - No trading fees - Choose from 5 pre-selected investment ETF's - Easy-to-use mobile based interface - Invest spare change from everyday purchases - SIPC insured up to $500,000 - Acorns ETF's create instant diversification in your portfolio ◙ Cons: - Limited selection of investment ETF's - Can't invest in individual stocks like on Robinhood - No retirement account options at the moment _____________________________________________________________ Thanks for watching this Acorns App tutorial. If you enjoyed this Acorns review please consider subscribing for more investing app reviews, investing app tutorials, and investing principles. SUBSCRIBE HERE: ►►► http://bit.ly/InvestingAppsTV ___________________________________________________________ 💼 For business inquires please contact me here: http://investingappstv.com/reviews _____________________________________________________________ Connect with @InvestingAppsTV on Social Media: ► Twitter: https://Twitter.com/InvestingAppsTV ► Steemit: https://steemit.com/@InvestingAppsTV ► Official Website: http://InvestingAppsTV.com _____________________________________________________________ About this video: In this Acorns invest review (also known as the Acorn app) Erik from Investing Apps TV shares his Acorns app tips and answers the questions is Acorns safe and is Acorns good for investing? Disclaimer: This Acorn review video is not sponsored and all the opinions expressed are my from my own experience. Some of the links in this description contain affiliate links, which help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Thank you for watching! If you have any questions about the Acorns app feel free to drop me your question below and I will do my best to answer it as soon as possible! #InvestingAppsTV #AcornsForBeginners #AcornsApp
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Investing in HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programmes) - My WINNING strategy
In this video I will be sharing my new HYIP investment strategy with you. The aim of the strategy is get in and out quickly to minimise the risk and maximise the profit. Up until now I have avoided HYIPs, but now that I have a little house money to play with from my bitconnect profits, I believe now is the time to take a greater investment risk. Nothing that I do in my videos or channel can be considered investment advice, I am simply sharing my thoughts and experiences. Before investing in any assets please make sure to do your own research and where possible seek professional advice. Join my team on Bitconnect http://bit.ly/2xAGKSI My email [email protected]
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STOP Buying Plots in Pakistan & My Better Investment Solution | Azad Chaiwala Show
Plots are not always the safest and best investment. Especially not so when the decision is not well thought out with a business/investment formula in mind. Here is my alternative investment idea for Pakistanis wanting to invest in land/plots. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Azad Chaiwala | Entrepreneur & Business Growth Hack Expert # Subscribe Here: https://YouTube.com/c/AzadChaiwala # FaceBook: https://Facebook.com/AzadChaiwala # My Website: http://www.Chaiwala.com About Azad Chaiwala, Hello, I'm Azad Chaiwala, a British serial entrepreneur and businessman of Pakistani origin. Having started from nothing, I have have made products and seen them being enjoyed by over a billion people a year. ♥ I thrive in startup level and growth hacking is my key skill. ♠ I spend a lot of time helping youngsters out with practical life coaching via my youtube channel. ♦ My main efforts are concentrated on the youth of my motherlands, India and Pakistan... moreso Pakistan. ♣ Most of my videos are in Urdu (pakistani) and Hindi (indian)... ✯ I'm an arch enemy of useless university degrees, believe learning should not exclusively be left to formal classrooms. ♥ Practical knowledge/experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire. ♠ I teach the reality of How to Find a Job or actual work experience/skills that someone will pay you for. ♦ Via my Channel I share my life experiences, both personal and professional ♣ My ambition is to be doing this full time or atleast 50% of my time. # I aim to share atleast 100 easy business ideas in urdu/hindi. # Answer as many question on how to make money in various industries and by starting your own business. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
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iCenter.co - introduction - my experience - online investment - 2018
iCenter (on Telegram): BCH https://t.me/iCenterBCH_bot?start=0nuqia10802 LTC https://t.me/iCenter_Lite_BOT?start=a64b2372031 BTC https://t.me/icenter_bot?start=b1vs1597572 ETH https://t.me/iCenter_ETH_Bot?start=kyt6f146420 Other platforms that I am using: (IMPORTANT!!! Before you invest in any platform below, please message me, to check on risk level or do your own reaserch! All investment are a potential risks, so do not invest the amount of money you are not willing to lose!) (FREE - no risk) CryptoTab: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/1650541 adBTC - click ads earn BTC: https://ref.adbtc.top/950678 CoinPot(https://coinpot.co) - Faucets (you need to register with same email to the web and the faucets): BTC: http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=17EF8FE1BF1A http://bitfun.co/?ref=64F94A901FA2 http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=0ca007b9ac76 LTC: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=6a8ad3f821d9 DASH: http://moondash.co.in/?ref=A07B971EE21E BCH: http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=ACD8EADF8D88 DOGE: http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=287e01c55995 LuckyBox(airdrops): https://lucky.fun/?s=03WXVXAUALDO CryptoMiningGame: https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=bc4308f7165b FaucetHub: http://faucethub.io/r/47651430 (Low risk investments) EthtradeClub: https://ethtrade.club/r/R9x2e iCenter (on Telegram): LTC https://t.me/iCenter_Lite_BOT?start=a64b2372031 BTC https://t.me/icenter_bot?start=b1vs1597572 ETH https://t.me/iCenter_ETH_Bot?start=kyt6f146420 BCH https://t.me/iCenterBCH_bot?start=0nuqia10802 Crypto Trading (on Telegram): LTC: https://t.me/CryptoTrading_LTC_bot?start=1ru65 BTC: https://t.me/CryptoTradingRobot?start=1kufi ETH: https://t.me/CryptoTrading_ETH_bot?start=tn8oc BCH: https://t.me/CryptoTrading_BCH_bot?start=3kmc6 CyptoMiningFarm: https://www.cryptominingfarm.io/signup/?referrer=5B13DB8B17292 Eobot: https://www.eobot.com/user/1971318 WestlandStorage: https://westlandstorage.com/investors/?p=198667 BNLimited(BitRobo): https://bnlimited.com/member/user/request?id=14475 (medium to high risk investments) 1Broker: https://1broker.com/?r=72523 WorldMining: https://world-mining.net/171227314/ DGold: https://dgoldcurrency.com/?ref=MhdAzim (Take 100 DGold Coin as a gift! Register now!) Dayrex: https://dayrex.cc/?ref=MhdAzim GoldenFarm: https://golden-farm.biz/?r=660363 Earn while you watch adverts/get more refferals: adBTC - easy way to earn BTC and advertise your links: https://ref.adbtc.top/950678 EasyHits4U: http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=onetotalaction YTverts: https://ytverts.com/?ref=15995 NeoBux: https://www.neobux.com/?r=MhdAzim Buy/Sell Bitcoins (and other altcoins): Coinbase Exchange https://www.coinbase.com/join/5afc80ae7f3e91121cc32e87 Join now and get $10 (£7) of free Bitcoin!
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E2 Visa Lawyer: 6 keys to E2 Investment Visa for Entrepreneurs
Call 213-387-0099 to schedule your free E2 Investment Visa Consultation with Mr. Henry Haddad, Attorney with over 34 years of immigration and business law experience. www.haddadlawoffices.com The E2 Investment Visa is designed for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in the United States. If you have business experience in your home country, are interested in pursing an opportunity in the United States, and want to bring you family, then an E2 Visa may be right for you. There are several things to consider with an E2 Investment Visa: 1. Does your home country have an E2 Treaty with the United States? Before anything you must make sure that you country has an E2 Treaty with America. You can find a list by checking online by searching E2 treaty country on Google. 2. Substantial Investment Although immigration does not specify the amount of investment required for an E2, they do say it has to be “substantial.” This will depend on your business plan and the type of business. Your money must be at risk for an E2 to be passed. The best way to accomplish this is to have the money is escrow with the only contingency being you are granted the E2 Investment Visa status. 3. Majority Ownership in the business You need to own the majority of the business you wish to start for the E2 Investment Visa to be valid. This typically means 51% of the business. 4. For most E2 Investment Visas (Under $500,000 investment), 75% of the money you invest must go directly into the establishing the business. This means that within your business plan, you designate specifically where the money is going and how it will be utilized. The best way to move forward with an E2 is to begin consulting with an experienced attorney. Our office offers free consultation. Call us at 213-387-0099.
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Spencer Morris Review After Investing With Nico (Amazon FBA Business Investment)
http://nicojannasch.com/invest "Hi my name is Spencer Morris, I'm a finance officer in the United States Marine Corps and I wanted to take a second to talk about my experience investing with Nico Jannasch. So it's about a year and a half ago, Nico reached out to me with an investment opportunity to partner and launch products on Amazon. He came to me with an investment plan, a business plan, everything was very professional, very well thought out and we jumped right into it. So, I put down $16,000 with Nico and right away he got to work, launching products, doing research, keeping me updated the entire way through. Basically handling the whole operations. I was hands off. He would keep me updated on everything he was doing and where we were with the plan. So, within a year, much sooner than I ever expected, I received my entire $16,000 investment back and that was the profit for that year and it came directly back to me. Since then, I think in the last 6 months after I got 100% of my investment back, I've personally seen about 50% return on that, so an additional $8,000, in the six months since getting that money back. The business is making money every single day. I have real estate investments. I have stock market investments, mutual funds, individual stocks, ETFs, rental properties, this investment with Nico Jannasch is by far the best investment I have in my portfolio, and it's gonna stay that way is what it looks like. Nico's very careful through the whole process. Very diligent, did a lot of research and does his due diligence every step of the way. Takes the money personally so he takes personal ownership over my investment and was looking out for my money at the same level or even higher than I would look out for it personally. Like I said in the beginning, he kept me updated, keeps me updated constantly, email updates, phone calls, video conferences. Whenever something pertinent comes up, we discuss it. The whole way from start to finish we worked his plan. He laid everything out, the investment plan, business plan, and he was able to make the right decisions at the right times and achieve the right outcomes. Not every product that we launched worked but the way that he did minimized our losses and maximized our gains on the products that did work. That's why we're able to achieve such high returns on the investment. Bottom line is, when he had a plan or he said something was going to happen, that's how it went and the money came in and is still coming in. As far as all the investments I've ever done, every person I've worked with as far as business ventures, Nico Jannasch has by far been the best. I highly recommend that you invest with him. You're not gonna be disappointed, and if it's anything like my investment with him, it's gonna be the best investment you've ever made. Thanks. http://nicojannasch.com/invest
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BEST $200 DOLLAR INVESTMENT IN 2017 / improve your overall gaming experience in 2017 / NETDUMA
WELCOME BACK YOUTUBE IM HERE TO TELL YOU WHY THE NETDUMA IS THE BEST INVESTMENT OF 2017. IT WORKS WITH ANY GAME YOU PLAY AND IT IS SOLD AT REASONABLE PRICE. I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THE GAMEPLAY AND I HOPE YOU GUYS SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND CONTINUE TO SUPPORT ME THANK YOU Tube buddy affiliate link: www.tubebuddy.com/crunch You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/mrcrunch215 TWITTER: www.twitter.com/where_crunch_at FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/mrcrunch215 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to increase your "KD" in any cod game - The best attachments to improve your aim - 100% working!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBDMdyyp-xM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Cloud Mining - Hashflare Investment - Day 3 experience - Scam? or am I too scared?
Welcome back everyone! I'm on to Day 3 and wanted to post my honest feedback. Just a regular investor and wanting to share my personal experience. Please like and subscribe! I will be posting constant updates! If you are thinking about investing, make sure to use my referral code so we can both get some bonus! Referral link: https://hashflare.io/r/CC00F830
How to Network Your Way Into Investment Banking in 5 Simple Steps
How to Network Your Way Into Investment Banking in 5 Simple Steps http://www.mergersandinquisitions.com/network-investment-banking-5-simple-steps/ (Get the full article right here)
How to build an investment portfolio? | Vanguard adviser and client education centre
When you’re investing it’s important to focus on factors within your control. You can’t control the ups and downs of investment markets. But you can control how you invest your money. You should start by developing an investment plan to give yourself the best chance of success. A financial adviser can help you answer some key questions. • Why are you investing? • How long are you investing for? • Are your circumstances likely to change in the future? • How much investment risk are you prepared to take on? Once you’ve completed your investment plan you need to get your asset allocation right. How you allocate your money to each asset class is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Then you need to decide how to invest your money. Should you invest within the tax-effective framework of superannuation or outside super with more control and access to your money? Should you invest directly in the markets or access a wider range of investments through a professionally managed fund. If you’re investing in a managed fund you need to decide how you’d like your money to be managed. A professional financial adviser can help you decide the right investment structure and asset allocation based on your individual needs. And of course, markets move up and down over time. This can move your portfolio away from your strategic asset allocation and change your risk/return profile. So you may need to rebalance your portfolio regularly to match your target asset allocation. And it’s not only investment markets that change. You’ll experience life changes as well. So when you make big decisions like starting a family, buying a new home or starting a new job, you’ll need to review your investment portfolio to make sure it still meets your needs. When you invest with Vanguard, you have more than 40 years of investing experience behind you. So no matter how you go about building your investment portfolio, you can feel confident that Vanguard funds are built on a rigorous investment philosophy that stands the test of time. To download Vanguard’s Plain Talk guide on building your investment portfolio visit our website: https://www.vanguardinvestments.com.au/adviser/adv/client-material/plaintalk.jsp Vanguard website https://www.vanguardinvestments.com.au/adviser/adv/home-page.html Follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/vanguard-australia/ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/vanguard_au Subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMnfcZ6FA8BMDlZ8BLparw
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