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What is Investment-linked Insurance and how does it work?
Fund types, projected investment returns and types of risks. If you’re clueless on what investment-linked insurance is like Bob here, then we’re here to help you make your money work for you. Enjoy the best of staying safe and protected with Zurich. Website: http://www.zurich.com.my/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZurichInsuranceMalaysia
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Revision: Insurance, Assurance & Investments
Download the Show Notes: http://www.mindset.co.za/learn/sites/files/LXL2013/LXL_Gr12BusinessStudies_25_Revision%20-%20Insurance,%20Assurance%20&%20Investments_22Aug.pdf In this live Grade 12 Business Studies show we revise Insurance, Assurance & Investments. In this lesson we look at questions from past papers as well as recap the theory for insurance, assurance and investments. Visit the Learn Xtra Website: http://www.learnxtra.co.za View the Learn Xtra Live Schedule: http://www.learnxtra.co.za/live Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/learnxtra Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/learnxtra ( E00199523 )
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Securities investing
Investing in securities After you've decided on whether or not you need an advisor, you're ready to start thinking about investing in securities. When you invest in securities, you'll almost always want to invest through tax-advantaged retirement accounts like 401(k)s, IRAs and 403(b)s. I give detailed information about these accounts in my tape on retirement planning, but most plans offer two or three advantages that make them far superior to almost any other investment. Advantages of retirement accounts First, these plans immediately cut your income taxes. With most retirement plans, the government is paying you to save. If you're a middle-income taxpayer, each $1,000 you put into a retirement account will reduce your taxes by about $300. In addition, the money you've stashed into retirement accounts grows tax deferred. Finally, many retirement accounts like 401(k)s offer an employer match. This is the best investment you'll ever find because your employer's match means you're making an immediate 50 to 100 percent return on your investment. Drawbacks to retirement accounts Of course, the government has a few strings attached to these great plans. The biggest string is you usually can't withdraw the money without penalty until age 59.5. If you're saving through an IRA, you can put your retirement money in just about anything, including mutual funds. If you're using a company-sponsored 401(k), you'll have fewer options, but mutual funds probably will be included. To learn how to manage your mutual funds and minimize your taxes both inside and outside of retirement accounts, check out my tape on mutual funds. And you should fund your retirement before you save for your kid's college. No one wants to stiff their kids, but you aren't doing your children a favor if you save to send them to an expensive college only to burden them later when you're retired. Plus, money saved inside a retirement account usually isn't counted as an asset for financial aid reasons. This is another good reason to fund your retirement accounts first, and then worry about college funding. Annuities After you've gotten out of debt, built up an emergency fund, and saved the maximum deductible amount in your retirement accounts, you might want to consider investing in annuities. But note that annuities are pretty low on the totem pole, and the majority of people shouldn't even consider investing in annuities. I'd recommend that you not think about investing in annuities until you've saved the maximum possible through conventional retirement accounts. If you want more information about annuities, listen to my tape on bond investing for fixed annuities, and my tape on stock investing for variable annuities. Buying individual stocks Aside from annuities, there are other investments available, but for the most part you want to steer clear of them. You can invest in individual stocks and bonds, but I'd suggest you stick with mutual funds. Take advantage of the reduced risks and low-cost, professional management that mutual funds offer. Listen to my tape on mutual funds to hear the benefits of funds over individual securities. Limited partnerships Limited partnerships are another type of investment, but you probably want to avoid these as well. Limited partnerships had their day in the 1970s and early 1980s when they were a vehicle used to generate tax losses. However, after the Tax Reform Act of 1986 limited partnerships lost most of their luster, and partnerships now are basically illiquid dogs that are sold with high commissions and high ongoing expenses. Avoid them. You can avoid limited partnerships and a lot of other poor investments by following two simple rules. First, if you can't find the price for a security in the business section of your local newspaper, you probably shouldn't buy it unless you know what you're doing. The second rule is don't buy any investment unless you understand it. People lose the most money when they get in over their heads. I'm not against making small mistakes as you learn your way along, but don't put a lot of money into something you don't understand or don't have experience with. Derivatives Finally, derivative securities like options and futures also should be avoided by most people. These securities have their place, but they're really a form of insurance for large institutions and aren't suitable as investments for individuals. Investing in derivatives is somewhat akin to buying an insurance policy and then cashing in big after making only a few premium payments. You can get a large payoff if you guess right, but derivatives are a zero sum game where trading commissions will eat you alive over time. Copyright 1997 by David Luhman http://moneyhop.com/scripts/personal-finance/210-securities-investing
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How to Spot Investment Scams in 6 Simple Steps
Watch more Client Videos videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/496912-How-to-Spot-Investment-Scams-in-6-Simple-Steps Investment fraud criminals use a wide array of sophisticated and highly effective tactics to get people to part with their money. Learn how to spot those techniques -- and help protect not just yourself, but friends, neighbors, and family members. Step 1: Verify credentials Don't assume a salesperson is legitimate just because they have a fancy title or a corner office with framed certificates; fraudsters hope that if they look successful, you won't bother checking their credentials. Investment professionals -- like brokers, investment advisers, and insurance agents -- must be registered with regulators, such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission, or your state securities or insurance regulator. Tip You can verify a salesperson's credentials at "SaveAndInvest.org":http://www.saveandinvest.org/. Step 2: Be wary of "phantom riches" Be wary of an investment pitch that guarantees a certain return or promises spectacular profits -- what fraud-fighters call "phantom riches." No legitimate salesperson can make those kinds of promises. An ethical broker will admit that every investment involves risk. Step 3: Ignore the "everyone is doing it" angle Don't be swayed by a seller's claim that everyone from their mother to their mechanic is in on the deal. A pitch that focuses on who and how many people are invested, rather than why the investment is sound, should be viewed with skepticism. And beware of "affinity fraud" -- investment scams that prey upon members of the same social circle, religious group, ethnic background, or other affiliation, such as servicemembers returning from deployments. Tip Contact your chain of command and/or Staff Judge Advocate if you suspect that you are being targeted in an investment fraud scheme. Step 4: Refuse to be rushed Refuse to be rushed into anything. If the salesperson says it's a limited time offer, or that there's a limited supply of whatever's being peddled, consider it a red flag: the seller is attempting to make the investment look valuable by implying it's in scarce supply due to great demand. Step 5: Never feel obligated Never feel obligated to make an investment because the seller gives you something free; salespeople count on those freebies to guilt you into reciprocating. Step 6: Arm yourself with information Further educate yourself about fraud tactics so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Go to "SaveAndInvest.org":http://www.saveandinvest.org/ for more information, including the free Outsmarting Investment Fraud tool kit and documentary -- because knowing how to recognize investment fraud red flags is the best way to avoid falling victim to them. Did You Know? Investment fraud victims are more likely to be male, live with one or more people, be married, earn more than $30,000 per year, and have at least a college degree.
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What is UNDERWRITING? What does UNDERWRITING mean? UNDERWRITING meaning, definition & explanation
What is UNDERWRITING? What does UNDERWRITING mean? UNDERWRITING meaning - UNDERWRITING pronunciation UNDERWRITING definition - UNDERWRITING explanation - How to pronounce UNDERWRITING? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Underwriting services are provided by some large specialist financial institutions, such as banks, insurance or investment houses, whereby they guarantee payment in case of damage or financial loss and accept the financial risk for liability arising from such guarantee. An underwriting arrangement may be created in a number of situations including insurance, issue of securities in primary markets, and in bank lending, among others. The name derives from the Lloyd's of London insurance market. Financial bankers, who would accept some of the risk on a given venture (historically a sea voyage with associated risks of shipwreck) in exchange for a premium, would literally write their names under the risk information that was written on a Lloyd's slip created for this purpose. Securities underwriting refers to the process by which investment banks raise investment capital from investors on behalf of corporations and governments that are issuing securities (both equity and debt capital). The services of an underwriter are typically used during a public offering in a primary market. This is a way of distributing a newly issued security, such as stocks or bonds, to investors. A syndicate of banks (the lead managers) underwrites the transaction, which means they have taken on the risk of distributing the securities. Should they not be able to find enough investors, they will have to hold some securities themselves. Underwriters make their income from the price difference (the "underwriting spread") between the price they pay the issuer and what they collect from investors or from broker-dealers who buy portions of the offering. Once the underwriting agreement is struck, the underwriter bears the risk of being unable to sell the underlying securities, and the cost of holding them on its books until such time in the future that they may be favorably sold. If the instrument is desirable, the underwriter and the securities issuer may choose to enter into an exclusivity agreement. In exchange for a higher price paid upfront to the issuer, or other favorable terms, the issuer may agree to make the underwriter the exclusive agent for the initial sale of the securities instrument. That is, even though third-party buyers might approach the issuer directly to buy, the issuer agrees to sell exclusively through the underwriter. In summary, the securities issuer gets cash up front, access to the contacts and sales channels of the underwriter, and is insulated from the market risk of being unable to sell the securities at a good price. The underwriter gets a profit from the markup, plus possibly an exclusive sales agreement. Also if the securities are priced significantly below market price (as is often the custom), the underwriter also curries favor with powerful end customers by granting them an immediate profit (see flipping), perhaps in a quid pro quo. This practice, which is typically justified as the reward for the underwriter for taking on the market risk, is occasionally criticized as unethical, such as the allegations that Frank Quattrone acted improperly in doling out hot IPO stock during the dot com bubble. In banking, underwriting is the detailed credit analysis preceding the granting of a loan, based on credit information furnished by the borrower; such underwriting falls into several areas: Consumer loan underwriting includes the verification of such items as employment history, salary and financial statements; publicly available information, such as the borrower's credit history, which is detailed in a credit report; and the lender's evaluation of the borrower's credit needs and ability to pay. Examples include mortgage underwriting.
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Chris Royce Securities
Chris Royce Securities
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How to Build a Financial Empire: Investment Banks, Insurance, Consumer Loans & Stocks (2003)
Sanford I. "Sandy" Weill (born March 16, 1933) is an American banker, financier and philanthropist. He is a former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup. He served in those positions from 1998 until October 1, 2003, and April 18, 2006, respectively. About the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0743247264/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0743247264&linkCode=as2&tag=tra0c7-20&linkId=9a4623139d172f3b97151775dc62c2e0 Weill, shortly after graduating from Cornell University, got his first job on Wall Street in 1955 -- as a runner for Bear Stearns. In 1956, Weill became a licensed broker at Bear Stearns. Rather than making phone calls or personal visits to solicit clients, Weill found he was far more comfortable sitting at his desk, poring through companies' financial statements and disclosures made to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. For weeks his only client was his mother, Etta, until Joan persuaded an ex-boyfriend to open a brokerage account. While working at Bear Stearns, Weill was a neighbor of Arthur L. Carter who was working at Lehman Brothers. Together with Roger Berlind and Peter Potoma they would form Carter, Berlind, Potoma & Weill in May 1960. In 1962 the firm became Carter, Berlind & Weill after the New York Stock Exchange brought disciplinary proceedings against Potoma. In 1968, with the departure of Arthur Carter, the firm was renamed Cogan, Berlind, Weill & Levitt (Marshall Cogan, Arthur Levitt), or CBWL jokingly referred to on Wall Street as "Corned Beef With Lettuce". Weill served as the firm's Chairman from 1965 to 1984, a period in which it completed over 15 acquisitions to become the country's second largest securities brokerage firm. The company became CBWL-Hayden, Stone, Inc. in 1970; Hayden Stone, Inc. in 1972; Shearson Hayden Stone in 1974, when it merged with Shearson Hammill & Co.; and Shearson Loeb Rhoades in 1979, when it merged with Loeb, Rhoades, Hornblower & Co. With capital totaling $250 million, Shearson Loeb Rhoades trailed only Merrill Lynch as the securities brokerage industry's largest firm. In 1981, Weill sold Shearson Loeb Rhoades to American Express for about $930 million in stock. (Sources differ on the precise figure.) In 1982, he founded the National Academy Foundation with the Academy of Finance to educate students that would graduate from High School. Weill began serving as president of American Express Co. in 1983 and as chairman and CEO of American Express's insurance subsidiary, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, in 1984. Weill was succeeded by his protégé, Peter A. Cohen, who became the youngest head of a Wall Street firm. While at American Express, Weill began grooming his newest protégé, Jamie Dimon, the future CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Increasing tensions between Weill and the chairman of American Express, James D. Robinson III, led Weill to resign in August 1985 at age 52. After a failed attempt to become the CEO of BankAmerica Corp. (and "take over" Merrill Lynch, according to a Jamie Dimon interview in 2002), he set his sights a little lower and persuaded Minneapolis-based Control Data Corporation to spin off a troubled subsidiary, Commercial Credit, a consumer finance company. In 1986, with $7 million of his own money invested in the company, Weill took over as CEO of Commercial Credit. After a round of deep layoffs and reorganization, the company completed a successful IPO. In 1987, he acquired Gulf Insurance. The next year, he paid $1.5 billion for Primerica, the parent company of Smith Barney and the A. L. Williams insurance company. In 1989 he acquired Drexel Burnham Lambert's retail brokerage outlets. In 1992, he paid $722 million to buy a 27 percent share of Travelers Insurance, which had gotten into trouble because of bad real estate investments. In 1993 he reacquired his old Shearson brokerage (now Shearson Lehman) from American Express for $1.2 billion. By the end of the year, he had completely taken over Travelers Corp in a $4 billion stock deal and officially began calling his corporation Travelers Group Inc. In 1996 he added to his holdings, at a cost of $4 billion, the property and casualty operations of Aetna Life & Casualty. In September 1997 Weill acquired Salomon Inc., the parent company of Salomon Brothers Inc. for over $9 billion in stock. In April 1998, Travelers Group announced an agreement to undertake the $76 billion merger between Travelers and Citicorp, and the merger was completed on October 8, 1998. The possibility remained that the merger would run into problems connected with federal law. Ever since the Glass--Steagall Act, banking and insurance businesses had been kept separate. Weill and John S. Reed bet that Congress would soon pass legislation overturning those regulations, which Weill, Reed and a number of businesspeople considered not in their interest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Weill
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Safe Investing - Whole Life Insurance as an Investment - Part 1
Why use whole life insurance as an investment? In our Whole Life Insurance series we will look at whole life insurance explained, as an investment tool, and why so many individuals, from the average worker saving for retirement to the wealthy running multi-million dollar corporations, are using whole life insurance as an investment tool. What makes this work so well? Whole life insurance cash value grows inside a policy with some major benefits. Competitive growth, no-loss provisions, and tax-advantages that you won't find anywhere else. It's not rocket science, and it's by no means perfect, but compared to risky investments, and other safe investment tools, whole life insurance makes one of the best investment options today. --- In this short 2 part series, I’m going to give you some thoughts and reasons why so many people use whole life as a strong foundational asset. For this video, we’re not going to talk about that in depth about the death benefit, we’ll save that for another time. Suffice it to say of the most incredible benefits, there is no better asset in the world to die with than life insurance. If designed right, it will pay out much more than you put in. The death benefit will go directly to your beneficiary, without probate, and will be income tax free. That is reason enough for many and to assure your family is protected and to pass assets to your heirs But there is so much more. You know, coming from the Wall Street side of things where I worked more with investments for 15 years, I learned for Wall Street, it’s all about putting money at risk, chasing rate of return, and often losing, and then charging fees, fees, fees. I see over the years how the game is rigged against the ordinary investor. Let me tell you one truth- Those on Wall Street are no smarter than you. The only difference they have is they have a license to sell securities. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to have a license to be an intelligent investor. A license or a title does not make advisors investment geniuses and for the most part they have no clue either. They guess, hope, and cross their fingers too. Most advisors and their clients are not investors, they are gamblers. There is a difference - I talk about that important difference in another video – are you an investor or a gambler? There are a few tale, tale signs if your broker or advisor is an out of the box thinker or just another in the sea of advisors where you can’t tell one from the other. One tale, tale sign is if the answer they come up for your financial woes is to buy mutual funds? -------------------------------------------------------------- Please Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtQmqZlNUwzPuWmHPI_oSg?sub_confirmation=1 Visit me on the web- http://WiseMoneyTools.com/ Follow me! FB - https://www.facebook.com/wisemoneytools Twitter - https://twitter.com/wisemoneytools Google+ - https://plus.google.com/114367619155241197052 I have been involved in financial planning for over 30 years. I started out as a high volume stock broker. After working with millions of dollars I decided there had to be another way for people to earn money in the market without all the risky ups and downs that leave you where you started, or worse. After reading a ton of books I came across a book on the Infinite Banking Concept and it completely changed my life and the way I view investments. Now I focus on building wealth in safe and predictable ways, like Infinite Banking, Cash Value Life Insurance, and Indexed Annuities to name a few. I post videos regularly so if you have any questions of comments feel free to email them to... dan at wisemoneytools dot com
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KPMG in Bermuda: Insurance Linked Securities
With Bermuda fast becoming a central player in the ILS market, KPMG in Bermuda has brought together an experienced team of structured finance and insurance professionals across our services lines to form the Insurance Linked Securities ("ILS") Group.
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Investment Basics : The Best Way to Invest Large Sums of Money
The best way to invest a large amount of money is to keep in mind the concept of diversification, and to invest in real estate, securities and insurance. Find out how to invest a large amount of money into a single premium life insurance policy with help from a registered financial consultant in this free video on investing and money management. Expert: Patrick Munro Contact: www.northstarnavigator.com Bio: Patrick Munro is a registered financial consultant (RFC) with outstanding sales volume of progressive financial products and solutions to the senior and boomer marketplace. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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Securities Investment Protection Agency - PSA
Created by SAGE communications. Music by Andrea Perry.
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Lesson 15: Investments 2: Your Investment Plan and Investment 3: Securities Market Basics (2017)
This lesson is based off Chapters 18 and 19 of the text for Finance 418. Professor Bryan Sudweeks of Brigham Young University teaches this lesson. All lesson materials are available online at: http://personalfinance.byu.edu/content/18-investments-2-your-investment-plan Objectives: 1.  Understand the Importance of Financial Goals and How to Set Them 2.  Understand the Importance of your Personal Investment Plan and How to Prepare It 3.  Consider Index funds as useful financial assets 4.  Beware of "Get Rich Quick" schemes Objectives: 1.  Understand the different types of securities markets 2.  Understand the basics of brokers and investment advisors 3.  Understand how to buy and sell securities 4.  Know how to choose a broker or investment advisor
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Money Guru: Experts recommend investing in debentures and government securities
Money Guru: This is a special segment of Zee Business that brings to you advice on mutual funds and SIPs from our experts. Watch this clip to know more. About Zee Business -------------------------- Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi business news channels in India. Live coverage of Indian markets - Sensex & Nifty -------------------------------------------------------------- You can also visit us at: https://goo.gl/sXWpTF Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/OMJgrn Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/OjOzpB Subscribe to our other network channels: Zee News: https://goo.gl/XBvkjZ
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Recommendation for Insurance and or Securities License Exam Prep
Resource recommendation for insurance and / or securities license exam prep.
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Primerica Review | The #1 Reason Most STRUGGLE In Primerica
Take Primerica to the next level! http://elitemlmstrategies.com Primerica Review: Primerica, Inc. is a merchant of budgetary administrations and offers items through agents in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. Starting 2011, it was the biggest autonomous money related administrations advertising association in North America with 90,000 agents. On March 15, 2013 the organization moved to its new global home office at 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, Georgia. Primerica conducts business chiefly in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Primerica, Inc. is a multi-level advertising organization which offers monetary items and administrations utilizing a mixture model of direct offering, franchising and appropriation. Headquartered in unincorporated Gwinnett County, Georgia, Primerica spun off from its previous guardian organization Citi through a first sale of stock on April 1, 2010. It is a monetary administrations advertising association in North America with roughly 90,000 autonomous delegates, including 22,000 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 6 authorized through Primerica's securities agent merchant member PFS Investments, Inc. in the United States, and through PFSL Investments Canada Ltd. in Canada. The organization concentrates on the offer of term extra security, and also giving other budgetary items and administrations including shared trusts, annuities, isolated stores, oversaw records, long haul care protection, pre-paid lawful administrations, accident protection, home protection, credit observing and obligation administration arranges. The organization has more than 4.3 million disaster protection customers and more than 2 million customer speculation accounts. Established in 1977 by Arthur L. Williams, Jr. as A.L. Williams & Associates (A.L. Williams), the organization set up its base by mass-promoting the idea of "Purchase Term and Invest the Difference." With "BTID" the organization represented how its for the most part center salary customer base could buy adequate assurance with term life coverage and methodicallly spare and put resources into independent venture vehicles, for example, common store Individual Retirement Accounts. A.L. Williams was at first settled as a secretly held general organization, at first offering term extra security strategies guaranteed by Financial Assurance, Inc. (FAI). The organization extended, exceeding the limit of FAI to prepare its business. In 1980, A.L. Williams went into an agreement with Boston-based Massachusetts Indemnity and Life Insurance Company (MILICO), a bigger guarantor of life coverage, whose guardian was PennCorp Financial Services situated in Santa Monica. To bolster A.L. Williams headquartered in Atlanta, MILICO built up a territorial office in that city. In 1981, the organization set up First American National Corporation (later renamed The A.L. Williams Corporation) as a holding organization for First American Life Insurance (later renamed A.L. Williams Life Insurance Company) and First American National Securities (later renamed PFS Investments, Inc). In 1982, The A.L. Williams Corporation (ALWC) guaranteed an open stock offering, recorded in the Over the Counter (OTC) market under the image ALWC. In 1983, the organization got to be recorded on the NASDAQ trade under the same image. Primerica is not a scam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cuTeMU4U3k
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Investment Securities, Financial Advisor
http://www.investmentpropertiescompanies.com/ http://www.investmentpropertiescompanies.com/investment-advisory-service/ http://www.investmentpropertiescompanies.com/investment-securities/ Online internet guide of , Investment Securities, Investment Advisory Service. Video how to, how to youtube video of investments, financial services, investment advisor, investment advisors, investment management, investment securities, investment advisory, investment company, insurance, investment, financial consultants, financial advisory services, asset management, financial advisor, investment services, financial planning http://www.investmentpropertiescompanies.com Comprehensive web resource of Investment Advisory Service, Investment Securities, . http://www.investmentpropertiescompanies.com --- need blog Put 5 innder pages urls here, the 5 with most listings Video, News video of Investments, Financial Services, Insurance, Financial Consultants Web Directory Ipod video, free download video of Investment advisor, investment advisors, financial advisory services, asset management online guide. Free video, video sharing, watch video of investments, financial services, insurance, financial consultants, investment advisor, investment advisors, financial advisory services, asset management http://www.homerealestateloan.com http://www.inspectionrealty.com http://www.realestatemanagementguide.com http://www.realtiesappraisers.com http://www.realtiesconsultant.com http://www.servicingprinting.com http://www.therapistsphysical.com http://www.vehiclesrecreational.com http://www.dealermobilehome.com http://www.directorynutritionists.com http://www.mailingshippingservices.com http://www.maintenancelawn.net
Passing Canadian Securities and Financial Licencing Exams: The Foran Experience
Preparing for Canadian Financial Licensing Exams? Find out why Foran has earned a reputation as the preferred choice with industry insiders for licensing exam support. Helping people pass Canadian Securities exams, investment management exams, insurance, mutual funds and financial planning exams since 1987! Notes, quizzes and other support materials are also available. Visit Foran Financial at www.foranfinancial.com
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Citizens Investment Services Ad:  What Kind of Investor Are You?
When it comes to making investment decisions, we know it can be hard to keep your emotions from getting in the way. One second you may be feeling invincible and the next you may be overwhelmed or worried about your financial future. We’ve been there, because after all, we’re only human. That’s why we created SpeciFi®, a digital investing platform that can create a personalized investment portfolio based on your needs and risk tolerance. SpeciFi will monitor your investments every day and regularly rebalance your portfolio for you so you can skip the emotional rollercoaster ride of investing and focus on everything else in your life. Visit https://www.citizensbank.com/SpeciFi to learn more. The investment products and financial strategies suggested herein are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. There can be no guarantee the suggested strategies will lead to successful outcomes. Investment decisions should be based on each individual’s goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Securities, Insurance and Investment Advisory Services offered through Citizens Securities, Inc. (“CSI”), also referred to as Citizens Investment Services. CSI is an SEC registered investment adviser and Member - FINRA and SIPC. 770 Legacy Place, MLP240, Dedham, MA 02026. (800) 942-8300. CSI is an affiliate of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. SpeciFi® is made available through CSI. Portfolio management services are sub-advised by SigFig Wealth Management, LLC (“SigFig”), an SEC registered investment adviser. SigFig is not an affiliate of CSI, Citizens Bank, N.A., or Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Securities are: NOT FDIC INSURED - NOT BANK GUARANTEED - MAY LOSE VALUE - NOT A DEPOSIT - NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY To see more videos from Citizens Bank, subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/citizensbank Facebook: http://facebook.com/citizensbank Twitter: http://twitter.com/citizensbank LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/citi... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/citizensbank/
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OFI Global: Catastrophe Bonds and Insurance-Linked Securities
Continuing our Global Perspective Series on Catastrophe Bonds, OFI Global’s Caleb Wong explains the fundamentals, which are a subset of the broader asset class of securitized reinsurance called insurance-linked securities (ILS). Read more at: http://bit.ly/2gvqnuO
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Municipal Securities - Investment Policies & Procedures
This is the second video in a series of presentations prepared by FDIC staff to provide an overview of key elements in the evaluation of municipal securities. This series of presentations is designed for community bank management, and is targeted at those individuals involved in the supervision of the securities portfolio, including members of the investment and asset/liability management committees. This video discusses the importance of investment policies and procedures, as well as regulatory expectations related to municipal security investments. This video also outlines an appropriate independent review program for the bank's investment activities.
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CSC IFC Tutor - Bond Price and interest rate
Private tutoring provided for Financial courses such as Canadian Securities Course (CSC), IFC (investment Funds in Canada), Life Insurance LLQP and other courses. I also teach Six Sigma Green Belt and other business operations courses worldwide. My Skype ID is aizad423. Feel free to contact for more information. Tel 1-519-404-0783 (Canada) [email protected]
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TradeTalks: Extraordinary Re Ignites the Next Gen of Insurance-Linked Securities
The insurance-linked securities market has grown from a cold start to nearly $90 billion. Learn how Extraordinary Re will ignite the next generation of growth of the insurance-linked securities market by making new types of insurance risk available to those investors. Will Dove, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Extraordinary Re, joins Jill Malandrino at the MarketSite to discuss. Follow #TradeTalks on Twitter Twitter: @Nasdaq @JillMalandrino Facebook: @Nasdaq @JillMalandrino SUBSCRIBE to the Weekly #TradeTalks Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2yevQmn
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19. Investment Banks
Financial Markets (2011) (ECON 252) Professor Shiller characterizes investment banking by contrasting it to consulting, commercial banking, and securities trading. Then, in order to see the essence of investment banking, he reviews some of the principles that John Whitehead, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs, has formulated. These principles are the basis for a discussion of the substantial power that investment bankers have, and their role in society. Government regulation of these powerful investment banks has been a thorny issue for many years, and especially so now since they played a significant role in world financial crisis of the 2000s. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Key Elements of Investment Banking 09:50 - Chapter 2. Principles and Culture of Investment Banking 16:54 - Chapter 3. Regulation of Investment Banking 27:21 - Chapter 4. Shadow Banking and the Repo Market 33:04 - Chapter 5. Founger: From ECON 252 to Wall Street 46:24 - Chapter 6. Fougner: Steps to Take Today to Work on Wall Street 53:49 - Chapter 7. Fougner: From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Experiences at Facebook 57:56 - Chapter 8. Fougner: Question and Answer Session Complete course materials are available at the Yale Online website: online.yale.edu This course was recorded in Spring 2011.
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Living Benefits of Life Insurance EXPOSED with Christian Ortiz
Living benefits of life insurance, not just death benefits? Yes, just like technology has improved any product or company in the marketplace today the same has happened to the insurance industry. Living benefits gives the policy holder a chance to utilize their policy while ALIVE and above the ground. Often times people don't want to buy life insurance because they think they'll never enjoy it and their family is financially rejoicing due to their demise. However, life insurance with living benefits helps those when "life happens" such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or needing long-term care and quality of life afterwards is the priority. I interview Christian Ortiz via FB LIVE and we've edited it down to the most critical points. After recruiting him from selling cell phones, he's already paid out TWO living benefits claims for his clients. ONE of which is very near and dear to him. We get to expose the living benefits of life insurance and the realities of how it can help in today's day and age. DISCLAIMER: Matt Sapaula is not a life insurance agent or investment adviser or offering to directly solicit insurance, investments or other financial products. Video is for educational and information purposes only. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Matt Sapaula, is a former United States Marine turned veteran entrepreneur. He is a financial coach and featured on the "Living Money Smart" VLOG. Matt helps those in transition of a new career and occupation to become an entrepreneur while acquiring the confidence, mindset and skills to win the money game. Share in his journey to gain financial control over daily money matters and live your desired lifestyle. Find Matt Sapaula here too: http://www.moneysmartguy.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattsapaula/ http://www.snapchat.com/add/moneysmartguy http://www.instagram.com/moneysmartguy http://www.facebook.com/MoneySmartGuyMattSapaula MATT SAPAULA YOUTUBE CHANNEL DISCLAIMER: Matt Sapaula is not a registered investment advisor for the offering or sale of securities nor to provide investment advice. Matt only deals in securities subject to an exemption from registration and will only provide investment services to accredited investors as defined by the Illinois Securities Act of 1953.
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securities mexico investment group
You know you have worked hard for your money... How about having your money work hard for you? Securities Mexico is an exclusive investment group that specializes in managing low-risk, high-yield investments. We are a leading provider of micro-financial services to customers who have been excluded by traditional banks. Through our micro-loan business model, Securities Mexico diversifies risks across thousands of borrowers; making it the most secure and profitable way to invest. We build our relationships with investors based on trust; therefore, we remain in compliance with the Mexican Banking Commission in order to guarantee investments through the federal deposit insurance. At Securities Mexico, we are collaborating with our network of investors to make a difference in the lives of thousands of hardworking customers. Invest with Security; Invest with Securities Mexico.
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16. Portfolio Management
MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13 Instructor: Jake Xia This lecture focuses on portfolio management, including portfolio construction, portfolio theory, risk parity portfolios, and their limitations. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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the Basics of Private Placements
Want to grow your money privately? Nick Hodge answers common questions asked by those new to the world of Private Placements. In this video, normally exclusive to Nick's Notebook members, Nick Hodge will guide you through the process of Private Placements. Nick will explain: What is a Private Placement? How does a Private Placement work? Why can Private Placements be lucrative Investments? Are there any requirements for investors to get involved in these deals? Is there a minimum required to invest? Do you need a full service broker to participate in these deals? How do I find these deals? When is it time to sell? If you would like more investment tips from Nick and Outsider Club, or would like to see our additional investment services, check out our resources linked below! Watch More: Canopy Growth: What Investors Should Know feat. CEO Bruce Linton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uSH6hQRujM Bruce Linton: Canopy Growth Corp CEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfGJ4-CpmHI Canopy Growth Canadian Cannabis: Jimmy Mengel and the Weed Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgH2HacGkoY Interview with Midas Gold CEO Stephen Quin: the Stibnite Gold Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzqK_lKTT6s Montel Williams: Breakthrough Treatment for MS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsxLg2Z3_XU The Lithium Boom Story You're NOT Being Told https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME8c1YOQCLI Interview with Skyharbour Resources CEO Jordan Trimble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS7hPC8gh9Q 5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qK3vq289Ec The iPhone Killer: The One Stock Ready to Take On Apple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FaPElFIkqI Other Resources: https://www.outsiderclub.com/ http://www.outsiderclub.com/putting-private-placements-to-work-for-you/2108 http://www.inc.com/encyclopedia/private-placement-of-securities.html https://www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-bulletins/ib_privateplacements.html Contact Us: By Mail: Outsider Club 111 Market Place #720 Baltimore, MD 21202 By Fax: (410) 814-5959 Connect on Social: FACEBOOK: facebook.com/JoinTheOutsiderClub TWITTER: @OutsiderClub
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Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. Billy Eichner and Kristin Chenoweth share some tips. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Series 6 Securities Investment License Testimonial
Series 6 Securities Investment Study Prep http://helpmepass.net/?ms_collection=series-6-audio-review-package
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Omar Oropesa - Investment Training 1
Shot at Team Freedom Las Vegas Fast Start School 10/11/13. Omar is in the top 1% of Primerica in ALL areas of the business. This is some incredible training!
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M Holding Securities - Bridget McNamara-Fenesy
M Holding Securities is a full-service life insurance and investment advisory firm. Learn how Docupace's digital platform and integrated solutions helped M Holding Securities customize their approach to advisor management and create a workflow that was unique to their organization.
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Pension Plans, RSP, LIRA, RRIF (CSC tutor)
Private tutoring provided for Financial courses such as Canadian Securities Course (CSC), IFC (investment Funds in Canada), Life Insurance LLQP and other courses. I also teach Six Sigma Green Belt and other business operations courses worldwide. My Skype ID is aizad423. Feel free to contact for more information. Tel 1-647-292-8786 (Canada) [email protected]
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Preparing for competition ??? watch brief video of SEBI. SOME MORE HELPFUL VIDEOS (MUST WATCH) : PANCHAYATI RAJ AND MUNICIPALITY IN INDIA https://youtu.be/-IbnQkJBH8c :UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE || BHARAT INTERFACE FOR MONEY https://youtu.be/AcK1JpLwS9I : NATIONAL AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE (NACH) || NATIONAL FINANCIAL SWITCH (NFS) https://youtu.be/EQmu0ER-sz8 : NATIONAL PAYMENTS CORPORATION OF INDIA https://youtu.be/rksejwre_Q0 : THE INDIA MYANMAR LAND BORDER CROSSING AGREEMENT || TRILATERAL HIGHWAY || KALADAN TRANSPORT PROJECT https://youtu.be/CSCgDWXk9nc : LEMOA, COMCASA AND BECA https://youtu.be/lLdouE_EqdU : QUEEN ELIZABETH APPROVES BREXIT LAW.(ASSENT TO PM THERESA MAY) https://youtu.be/n8PdX9Gy9RY : PRESIDENT OF INDIA & GOVERNOR OF STATES https://youtu.be/qnkctRCEqhE : FINANCE COMMISSION OF INDIA https://youtu.be/BH3La6yFM00 : SHORT TRICK FOR SQUARE ROOT AND CUBE ROOT https://youtu.be/7KeHZZL2T08 : SHANGHAI COOPERATION ORGANISATION https://youtu.be/Js66O3v_sTA : COLLEGIUM SYSTEM https://youtu.be/MrwuNb56lcc : ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA https://youtu.be/xFJt7S3LC9k : WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION https://youtu.be/xXuYcKCIe5k : OPEC https://youtu.be/BMcjl4hYxJA : PLANNING IN INDIA (FIVE YEAR PLAN ) https://youtu.be/sDAiOFiwYrY : SCHEDULES OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION https://youtu.be/PFxX_BtUzjI : INSURANCE REGULATORY AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF INDIA (IRDAI) https://youtu.be/xojTrXb4qTg : NOBEL PRIZE https://youtu.be/QWllevoNX_s : SEBI (SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA) https://youtu.be/kWOmKgmRGtE : LETS DO CALCULATION EASY https://youtu.be/1e3ZrKtfr9U : EFT, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS? https://youtu.be/FuxSISy919o : NITI AYOG https://youtu.be/GfDH28FAytk : G4 G7 G20 COUNTRIES https://youtu.be/RnmUjgBQzT8 : SAARC AND BIMSTEC https://youtu.be/60hoPSd_KOU : FDI & FII https://youtu.be/6It4mvxmcmo : INDUS WATER TREATY https://youtu.be/KqeI5mqc7ww : RBI AND ITS FUNCTION https://youtu.be/rY6nbTxzLDs : BRICS https://youtu.be/1iKe8bCcw88 : CPEC https://youtu.be/tbjm48jv8rg : ISRO https://youtu.be/cVD9WblyYWs : MTCR https://youtu.be/wq3JxLrvoZM : NPT & NSG https://youtu.be/0QMnJHePZCE : NITI FORUM FOR NORTH EAST. https://youtu.be/V8TQ4lN7k6w : UNITED NATIONS (PART-1) https://youtu.be/NptpOG93IIY : UNITED NATIONS (PART-2) https://youtu.be/5cRrkTyQd4Q : HOW INDIAN RUPEE VALUE IS DETERMINED? https://youtu.be/K0oNbyjdEMc : WORLD BODIES (G4,G7,G20 NATIONS) https://youtu.be/RnmUjgBQzT8
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Call option & put option : CSC IFC tutor
Private tutoring provided for Financial courses such as Canadian Securities Course (CSC), IFC (investment Funds in Canada), Life Insurance LLQP and other courses. I also teach Six Sigma Green Belt and other business operations courses worldwide. My Skype ID is aizad423. Feel free to contact for more information. Tel 1-647-292-8786 (Canada) [email protected]
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Avoiding Insurance Blind Spots
You have blind spots while you drive and you can also have it in your insurance planning. Watch my latest video on the common blind spots I've seen. Feel free to share! Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of and securities offered through OneAmerica Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA, SIPC. Anchor Financial Group is not an affiliate of OneAmerica Securities or the companies of OneAmerica and is not a broker dealer or Registered Investment Advisor. Neither OneAmerica Securities, Anchor Financial Group, nor their representatives provide tax or legal advice. For answers to specific questions and before making any decisions, please consult a qualified attorney or tax advisor. Provided content is for overview and informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be relied upon as individualized tax, legal, fiduciary, or investment advice.
What are Derivatives ?
An introduction to Derivatives.
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What is FINANCIAL ANALYST? What does FINANCIAL ANALYST mean? FINANCIAL ANALYST meaning & explanation
What is FINANCIAL ANALYST? What does FINANCIAL ANALYST mean? FINANCIAL ANALYST meaning - FINANCIAL ANALYST definition - FINANCIAL ANALYST explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license A financial analyst, securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or rating analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external or internal financial clients as a core part of the job. Writing by reports or notes expressing opinions is always a part of "sell-side" (brokerage) analyst job and is often not required for "buy-side" (investment firms) analysts. Traditionally, analysts use fundamental analysis principles but technical chart analysis and tactical evaluation of the market environment are also routine. Often at the end of the assessment of analyzed securities, an analyst would provide a rating recommending an investment action, e.g. to buy, sell, or hold the security. The analysts obtain information by studying public records and filings by the company, as well as by participating in public conference calls where they can ask direct questions to the management. Additional information can be also received in small group or one-on-one meetings with senior members of management teams. However, in many markets such information gathering became difficult and potentially illegal due to legislative changes brought upon by corporate scandals in the early 2000s. One example is Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) in the United States. Many other developed countries also adopted similar rules. Financial analysts are often employed by mutual and pension funds, hedge funds, securities firms, banks, investment banks, insurance companies, and other businesses, helping these companies or their clients make investment decisions. Financial analysts employed in commercial lending perform "balance sheet analysis," examining the audited financial statements and corollary data in order to assess lending risks. In a stock brokerage house or in an investment bank, they read company financial statements and analyze commodity prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates in order to determine a company's value and project future earnings. In any of these various institutions, the analyst often meets with company officials to gain a better insight into a company's prospects and to determine the company's managerial effectiveness. Usually, financial analysts study an entire industry, assessing current trends in business practices, products, and industry competition. They must keep abreast of new regulations or policies that may affect the industry, as well as monitor the economy to determine its effect on earnings. Financial analysts use spreadsheet and statistical software packages to analyze financial data, spot trends, and develop forecasts; see Financial modeling. On the basis of their results, they write reports and make presentations, usually making recommendations to buy or sell a particular investment or security. Senior analysts may actually make the decision to buy or sell for the company or client if they are the ones responsible for managing the assets. Other analysts use the data to measure the financial risks associated with making a particular investment decision. Financial analysts in investment banking departments of securities or banking firms often work in teams, analyzing the future prospects of companies that want to sell shares to the public for the first time. They also ensure that the forms and written materials necessary for compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission regulations are accurate and complete. They may make presentations to prospective investors about the merits of investing in the new company. Financial analysts also work in mergers and acquisitions departments, preparing analyses on the costs and benefits of a proposed merger or takeover. There are buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts.
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Investments & Securities, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg
Stephens Financial Partners Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Annuities, & College Planning. Call us Virginia Beach 757-490-3392 Williamsburg 757-645-4872
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Interview with Bundeep Rangar, CEO of (CSE:FNQ.CN) the future role of #Blockchain in Insurance and u
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/investorideas/interview-with-bundeep-rangar-ceo-of-cse Listen to the Podcast https://www.investorideas.com/Audio/Podcasts/2018/091718-CSEFNQ-BundeepRangar.mp3 About Fineqia International Fineqia International is a listed entity in Canada (CSE: FNQ), the US (OTC: FNQQF) and Europe (Frankfurt: FNQA). Fineqia International outlines the Company’s corporate governance, culture, processes and relations by which the Company and its subsidiaries are controlled, directed and governed. It oversees and ensures the overall success, planning and growth of the Company and all of its subsidiaries and investments, including those propagating blockchain technologies. For more information visit: https://investors.fineqia.com/news. About Fineqia Limited Fineqia provides a platform and associated services to support security issuances and manage administration of equity and debt securities. It acts as a broker bringing an issuing company's securities to market, distributing and marketing them as well as transparently highlighting the risks and objectively outlining opportunities involved. For more information visit www.fineqia.com Fineqia International Inc. (CSE: FNQ) is a featured tech stock on Investorideas.com Visit profile page Get News Alerts on Fineqia International Inc. About Investorideas.com - News that Inspires Big Investing Ideas Investorideas.com is a recognized news source publishing third party news and press releases plus we create original financial content. Learn about investing in stocks and sector trends from Investorideas.com with our news alerts , articles , podcasts and videos talking about cannabis, crypto, technology including AI and IoT , mining ,sports biotech, water, renewable energy and more . Investorideas.com original branded content includes the daily Crypto Corner and Podcast, Play by Play sports and stock news column, Investor Ideas #Potcasts #Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move podcast and column and the Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast. The Investorideas.com podcasts are also available on iTunes, Spotify, Tunein, Stitcher, Spreaker.com, YouTube via the Spreaker app, iHeartRadio and Google Play Music. Visit the Podcast page at Investorideas.com: https://www.investorideas.com/Audio/ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Investorideas Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Investorideas Follow us on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/Investorideas Disclaimer/Disclosure: Investorideas.com is a digital publisher of third party sourced news, articles and equity research as well as creates original content, including video, interviews and articles. Original content created by investorideas is protected by copyright laws other than syndication rights. Our site does not make recommendations for purchases or sale of stocks, services or products. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. All investment involves risk and possible loss of investment. This site is currently compensated for news publication and distribution, social media and marketing, content creation and more. Contact each company directly regarding content and press release questions. Disclosure is posted for each compensated news release, content published /created if required but otherwise the news was not compensated for and was published for the sole interest of our readers and followers. More disclaimer info: http://www.investorideas.com/About/Disclaimer.asp. Disclosure: Fineqia International Inc. (CSE: FNQ) - paid PR, media, news publishing and social media client on Investorideas effective January 24, 2018 for one year Additional info regarding BC Residents and global Investors: Effective September 15 2008 - all BC investors should review all OTC and Pink sheet listed companies for adherence in new disclosure filings and filing appropriate documents with Sedar. Read for more info: https://www.bcsc.bc.ca/release.aspx?id=6894 . Global investors must adhere to regulations of each country. Please read Investorideas.com privacy policy: https://www.investorideas.com/About/Private_Policy.asp Contact Investorideas.com 800 665 0411 Interview with Bundeep Rangar, CEO of (CSE:FNQ.CN) the future role of #Blockchain in Insurance and updates from Malta
Coffee with Mike Riedmiller #6 | Is Your Financial Advisor Licensed for Securities AND Insurance
For details visit: http://SmartMoneyPlanning.com Call Mike Riedmiller at 402-904-7575. He is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor, Best-Selling Author and President of Riedmiller Wealth Management. He co-authored the best-selling book "The Road To Success" (Amazon best sellers list in 2016) with Jack Canfield and other professionals from around the world. Mike Riedmiller is a Forbes BrandVoice Contributor. Investment Advisory Services offered through Retirement Wealth Advisors, (RWA) a Registered Investment Advisor. Riedmiller Wealth Management and RWA are not affiliated. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice and are not intended as investment advice or to predict future performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision. This information is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered, it is not, however, intended to provide specific legal or tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties or to promote, market, or recommend any tax plan or arrangement. Please note that Riedmiller Wealth Management and its affiliates do not give legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to consult your tax advisor or attorney. Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Retirement Wealth Advisors. retirement planning for your financial future, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln NE adviser Nebraska wealth advisors financial investment options in Nebraska Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota retirement planning options for baby boomers coffee with Mike Riedmiller Forbes BrandVoice Contributor insurance and securities licensed
Views: 26 Mike Riedmiller
Money Market Yields, Lecture 019, Securities Investment 101, Video 00022
The money markets are concerned with very liquid securities investment products based upon cash-flows, with usually less than one year to maturity and without associated coupons. Typical investment products include government treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, and short-term zero-coupon bonds. Although investment yields are often lower than long-term bonds and other equity-based investments, the high liquidity in the money markets means you can get in and out of your positions relatively quickly and easily. Therefore the money markets attract large investors such as insurance companies who may need to turn investments into cash at very short notice. The key yield curve in the money markets is the Inter-Bank Offer Rate (such as LIBOR), which itself is closely related to the market riskless rate. Many corporate products (such as commercial paper) have yields based upon a 'spread' to floating Inter-Bank Offer Rates (i.e. they offer higher yields than bank-to-bank loans and treasury bills). There are also four other key yield measures employed in the money markets. These are the Bank Discount Yield, the Holding Period Yield, the (simple) Money Market Yield, and the Effective (compounded) Annual Yield. This lecture discusses all four, how they are used, how they are related, and how they offer different kinds of short-term investment information. Previous lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAbD-T2GfnE Next lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGiluWlcaqI For financial education from London to Singapore and beyond, please contact MithrilMoney via the following website: http://mithrilmoney.com/ This MithrilMoney lecture was delivered by Andy Duncan, CQF. Please read our disclaimer: http://mithrilmoney.com/disclaimer/
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Why Real Estate Agents Love the Insurance Industry
Why do these realtors love the insurance industry? Hear from a few real estate agents I had a chance to work with while in Dallas last week. As a United States Marine turned financial entrepreneur, Matt Sapaula is a financial coach and co-host of "The Movement" podcast. Matt Sapaula helps those in transition of a new job, career and occupation to consider entrepreneurship and meanwhile, acquire the skills in order to win master the money game. Share in his journey the process of becoming an entrepreneur as way to gain financial control over daily money matters and live your desired lifestyle. Find Matt Sapaula here too: http://www.moneysmartguy.com http:///www.snapchat.com/add/moneysmartguy http://www.facebook.com/MoneySmartGuyMattSapaula MATT SAPAULA YOUTUBE CHANNEL DISCLAIMER: Matt Sapaula is not a registered investment advisor for the offering or sale of securities nor to provide investment advice. Matt only deals in securities subject to an exemption from registration and will only provide investment services to accredited investors as defined by the Illinois Securities Act of 1953.
Views: 1364 Matt Sapaula
Breaking into Investment Banking (as an MBA)
What do MBA applicants need to know about MBA careers in investment banking? Darren invites his friend Scott to share his experience, both as an MBA student looking to break into investment banking and as an MBA recruiter for Wells Fargo Securities. Scott has worked in investment banking for 7 years after his MBA – don’t miss his hard-earned insights into the industry! This is Part 2 of our MBA Career Series. Looking for more career-related podcasts? Click here - http://touchmba.com/category/application-strategy/career-goals-careers/ Questions: Scott’s background (3:40) The 2 paths to entering investment banking (6:46) What do investment bankers do? (8:50) Common roles for recent MBA graduates (10:58) What is the recruiting process? (15:02) Bulge bracket vs. boutique investment banks (24:39) How b-schools help with recruiting (28:40) The Wharton alumni network and how to stay connected (30:10) What investment banks are looking for in new MBA hires (33:00) Interviews and dealing with technical questions (43:20) Scott’s recommended resources for interview prep (49:35) The role of office locations and ìcore b-schools in recruiting (51:05) Investment banking opportunities for international students in the US? (59:20) Best part of job? Worst part of job? (1.01:05) Scott’s final thoughts on succeeding in investment banking (1.07:25) About Our Guest: Scott Dragicevich played professional baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays before going to business school. After getting his MBA from Wharton majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Scott joined Wells Fargo Securities in New York City covering transportation and logistics. He currently works as Vice President – Investment Banking and Capital Markets, for Wells Fargo Securities in Los Angeles. Episode Sponsor: Ranked among the top public universities in the US, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business provides an outstanding MBA experience tailored to your interests and leadership development. Whether switching careers, enhancing a career or starting a business, an MBA from Fisher provides tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and skills to succeed today. Visit https://fisher.osu.edu/ to learn more about Fisher’s personalized MBA program and competitive scholarship opportunities. Need school selection help? Get a free expert profile review at http://touchmba.com.
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Barry Hartman of FSC Securities Investment Losses - Call 312-332-4200
Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating FSC Securities Corporation for the wrongful endorsement and sale of risky investments, and its financial advisor, Barry Hartman. Hartman was terminated by FSC within the last thirty days, allegedly because he violated firm policies by participating in outside business activities and private securities transactions. Hartman was accused of inaccurately dealing with a client’s retirement savings, and allegedly invested the funds into investments that were neither conservative or safe. He invested in Stan Energy, Evergreen Energy, I-shares Silver and Invizeon, which were all illiquid, risky and speculative. Hartman sold the claimant in the case $160,000 worth of promissory notes, warrants and stock. The claim also states that Hartman acted in a negligent manner, alleging breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, breach of contract, failure to supervise, negligent hiring and violations of conduct rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Before being registered with FSC Securities, Mr. Hartman was registered with Raymond James Financial Services, Pruco Securities Corporation and The Prudential Insurance Company of America. He has three customer disputes against him, one of which is currently pending. He is not licensed in the industry. If you would like to sue Barry Hartman, you may do so in the FINRA arbitration forum. His former firm, FSC Securities, may be liable for his misconduct. Please call us at 312-332-4200 to speak to an attorney.
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Best Practices for Securities Licensing Exam Prep
Join the Best Practices for Passing the Securities Exam webinar from Kaplan Financial Education. This webinar is designed to help you maximize your Kaplan Financial Education resources and effectively prepare you to pass the Securities Licensing exam. Our presenter, Kaplan Securities Instructor Adam James, has successfully passed 7 Securities Licensing exams utilizing Kaplan Financial Education resources. The study tips Adam presents in this webinar can help you achieve the same successful results! Best Practices for Securities Exam Prep: 1. Read – The License Exam Manual (LEM) contains all of the information you need to pass the exam. Read through everything! 2. Watch – Participate in a traditional classroom setting, OnDemand class or through InstructorLink™. 3. Do – Go through the practice questions with the SecuritiesPro™ QBank and utilize practice and mastery exams. Tools Used in Your Studies: 1. License Exam Manual (LEM) 2. SecuritiesPro™ QBank (online) . 3. Instructor Led Training Following the best practices and test taking tips presented in this webinar will help you pass the Securities Licensing exam on your first try! For more information, please visit the Kaplan Financial Education website at http://www.kaplanfinancial.com/securities or give us a call at 800-824-8742. Enjoy our webinar? Like our video and subscribe to our KaplanFinancialEdu channel to keep up-to-date with Kaplan Financial Education resources! Presenter: Adam James, Kaplan Securities Instructor, Holds 7 Securities Licenses
Pesos and Sense Explains "Early Investing with BPI"
Help us promote Financial Education http://freedominfinancial.blogspot.com/ PESOS AND SENSE is an educational company that covers a wide range of personal finance and investment topics that typically intimidates the average Filipino: the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, budgeting and debt management etc. Our goal is to empower Filipinos by teaching simple and practical knowledge in making independent and wise choices in handling their money. PESOS AND SENSE started as a TV show in September 2011 on GMA News TV (11). It was a weekly Sunday morning show that tackled personal finance and investments, simplifying it to a more approachable and doable sense. The show was hosted by Investment Advocate Mr. Aya Laraya who has 25 years of finance and investment experience. He is a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment Company representative, a realtor, and a writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia. He started his stint in the stock market as a simple runner for the old Philippine Stock Exchange. On top of being a licensed stockbroker, he gained relevant experience from other industries such as mutual funds, real estate and banking. He also shared his financial wisdom with the youth as a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University. Original Video from: http://www.youtube.com/user/PesosAndSense
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How To Open Pan Card Agency|franchise low investment business in india
HELLO AND WELCOME FRIENDS HELPFULL RASTA ME APKA BAHOT BAHOT SWAGAT KARTA HU DOSTO AAJ MAI BATAUNGA KI PAN CARD AUR ADHAR CARD KI FRANCHISE KAISE LEN AUR 50000 RS TAK MAHINA KAMAYE DOSTO 4 COMPANY KA LINK MAI DE RAHA HU JISSE KI AAP SAMPARK KAR KE KAAM START KAR SAKTE HAI AGAR KUCH NA SAMJH AYA HO IS VIDEO ME TO AAP COMMENT ME JA KAR PUCH SAKTE HAI AUR HAN DOSTO LIKE COMMENT SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE KARNA NA BHULE THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. PAN CARD AND AADHAR CARD COMPANY LINKS STEEL CITY- https://steelcitynettrade.in/index.ht... ALANKIT-- https://www.alankit.com/tin_franchise... UTI---------- https://www.utiitsl.com/UTIITSL_SITE/ContactUs.jsp KARVY---- https://www.karvy.com/locate-us RELATED LINKS COVER THIS VIDEO UTIITSL, erstwhile UTITSL, is a well established, long standing organization with proven experience in implementing state wide projects in the areas of Electronics, Information Technology, Networking and Solutions. UTIITSL has vast infrastructure in terms of well-qualified and experienced manpower, IT infrastructure and also presence across India. UTIITSL is the prime implementor of IT enabled services for Employee Provident Fund Organization, Staff Selection Commission Tamil Nadu, Calcutta Electrical Supply Corporation and many more. Click here to see a complete list of the clients. UTIITSL delivers complete customer satisfaction to their retail and institutional customers, by harnessing IT and best practices to achieve growth, competitiveness and productivity. Karvy’s business entities address a heterogeneous swathe of population from the super rich, to the nouveau riche, the ubiquitous middle class, the lower classes (the SEC E3 according to the new Social Economic Classification), urban and the rural folks. All of whom either make a living through large business (corporate world), SMEs, professional services, traders, farmers, labour, blue and white collar jobs and the government. Another key feature of Karvy has been its ability to offer leading edge advice based on incisive ideas that are strongly rooted in high quality research on every conceivable aspect of investments be it equities, forex, commodities, bonds, fixed returns, debt instruments or any other investment grade asset class. The customer has always been at the centre of every Karvy initiative. Franchisee Form Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients. Franchisee Form Services Offered PAN TIN-PAN e-TDS RETURN UIDAI/AADHAAR PVC AADHAAR CARD NIR/NPS TRADING AND SECURITIES INSURANCE steel city securities limited tin fc franchise steel city securities ltd branches jai steel facilitation pvt. ltd steel city securities brokerage charges steel city securities ltd delhi steel city securities ltd. visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh steel city securities ltd hyderabad, telangana steelcity alankit pan card jhandewalan alankit assignments limited back office alankit pan card contact number alankit assignments limited customer care alankit pan card centre in rohini getting nsdl franchise for pan card alankit assignments limited aadhar how to apply for tin facilitation centre nsdl pan card agency how to get nsdl franchise pan card franchise from karvy how to get nsdl agency alankit pan card franchise tin facilitation centre franchise uti pan centre karvy pan card service centers nsdl pan card agency apply how to get nsdl franchise how to get nsdl agency pan card center franchise pan card franchise from karvy want pan card agent pan card agency application aadhar card agency registration HELPFULL RASTA LIKE-----COMMENT-----SHARE-----SUBSCRIBEE JIO CALLING SOLUTION-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPINL... LIVE TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLxS... SCAN PAPER BY PHONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSz6... SPEED UP MOBILE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJfSC... Increase jio internet speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Ub6... YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0t2... GMAIL [email protected] GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/101552503... FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/helpfull.rasta TWITTER https://twitter.com/HelpfullRasta INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/helpfullrasta/
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