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The global goals we've made progress on -- and the ones we haven't | Michael Green
"We are living in a world that is tantalizingly close to ensuring that no one need die of hunger or malaria or diarrhea," says economist Michael Green. To help spur progress, back in 2015 the United Nations drew up a set of 17 goals around important factors like health, education and equality. In this data-packed talk, Green shares his analysis on the steps each country has (or hasn't) made toward these Sustainable Development Goals -- and offers new ideas on what needs to change so we can achieve them. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals
https://www.globalgoals.org On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. If the goals are going to work, everyone needs to know about them. You can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. You can’t convince world leaders to do what needs to be done if you don’t know what you’re convincing them to do. If the goals are famous, they won’t be forgotten. We can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation in history to end injustice and inequality, and the last generation to be threatened by climate change. Learn more on http://www.globalgoals.org
Building the Future. Children and the Sustainable Development Goals in Rich Countries
In high income countries, 1 in 5 children lives in poverty. 1 in 3 fifteen year olds does not meet minimum education standards in reading, science and math. 1 in 8 children faces food insecurity. The UN sustainable development goals are a roadmap for improving the lives of children — in rich and poor countries alike. New research from UNICEF ranks countries on how well prepared they are to meet their goals. Sustainable development means protecting the rights of all children, no matter where they live.
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All Kids Should Dream - Global Goals & Liverpool Football Club
Why the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development are important. A moving yet positive short film focused on the life of Mekfah, who lives in the innercity slums of Bangkok. Featuring Liverpool Football Club. Directed by: Ananda Everingham Twitter: @TheGlobalGoals Instagram: https://instagram.com/theglobalgoals Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globalgoals.org http://www.globalgoals.org
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"Check Out the Global Goals" by TalkFine
Global Citizen asked a few of our favorite artists to create an original song about the Global Goals. And, boy, did they deliver! Watch the video to see the handsome men of TalkFine belt out a brilliantly catchy tune. Band: TalkFine Director: Liann Kaye Producer: Jimmy Delgado Director of Photography: Taylor Stanton Lighting Designer: Jorge Arzac Audio Engineer: Brett Fuchs
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Tell Everybody features Mafikizolo (South Africa), Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Diamond (Tanzania), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Toofan (Togo), Becca and Sarkodie (Ghana). Learn more about the Global Goals athttp://www.globalgoals.org Written, recorded, produced and released by Africans for the world, the song attempts to ignite the political passions of young people to hold their leaders to account in meeting the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and fix climate change by 2030. The historic signing of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 193 world leaders will take place on 25 September at the United Nations in New York. To capture the voice of Africa’s youth, producers Cobhams Asuquo (Nigeria), David KING DAVID Muthami (Kenya) and Ellputo (Mozambique) launched a verse-writing competition and received 5712 entries from 24 African countries. Help us get the goals to everyone on the planet. Share this video. Join here and challenge your leaders to deliver the goals: http://www.one.org/telleverybody Click here to download the track: http://po.st/TellEverybody
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Are we on track to realize the global goals?
The Sustainable Development Goals are a plan to completely reshape our world for the better in just 15 short years. Are we on track to realize these goals? The latest Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 tells us that while more people are living better; there are mounting challenges for countries to overcome to realize the goals. Climate change, conflicts, inequality, poverty, rapid urbanization, rising trade tensions, elevated debt levels and a rise in hunger are among those hurdles. The pace of action to realize the goals is too slow. We need to do more, faster! The world will come together at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) to asses our efforts. 47 countries stand ready to share their efforts, lessons learned and experiences to meet the globally agreed goals. Here's everything you need to know about the event this year: http://bit.ly/hlpf2018
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How LDC contributes to SDGs
At the forefront of the world’s most pressing challenges, can agricultural trade contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development (SDGs)?
Lessons on 2018 Trading Goals from the desk
Get the Daily Video! http://www.smbtraining.com/dailyvideo http://www.smbtraining.com is a Proprietary Trading firm located in NYC that specializes in trading equities. Our training programs were designed to help you develop the trading skills to become a consistently profitable trader. Written, video and classroom lectures are offered through SMB U, our education company. SMB offers training and trading products for new and semi-experienced traders. Learn more about SMB by checking us out at http://www.smbtraining.com. SMB Blog http://www.smbtraining.com/blog Facebook https://www.facebook.com/smbcap Twitter: https://twitter.com/smbcapital
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China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade
It's about more than just economics. To learn more, visit https://reconnectingasia.csis.org/map/ Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO China's Belt and Road Initiative is the most ambitious infrastructure project in modern history. It spans over 60 countries and will cost over a trillion dollars. The plan is to make it easier for the world to trade with China, by funding roads, railways, pipelines, and other infrastructure projects in Asia and Africa. China is loaning trillions of dollars to any country that's willing to participate and it's been a big hit with the less democratic countries in the region. This makes the BRI a risky plan as well. But China is pushing forward because its goals are not strictly economic, they're also geopolitical. To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalist Sam Ellis uses maps to tell these stories and chart their effects on foreign policy. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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The official ceremonies for WORLD TOURISM DAY have taken place in the presence of President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and having in observance members of European Council on Tourism (ECTT) and Trade, European Tourism Academy, diplomatic corps accredited to ECTT and members of PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDG). In the opening ceremonies for the World Tourism Day Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has made the long-awaited announcement: The Ambassadors for Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals programme will continue in the next year. As a result of the demands coming from leaders, statesman`s and peerless world personalities involved in the carving of new development strategies and in implementing United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda we have taken the decision to further implement the program and to entrust the European Council on Tourism and Trade and PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SDG to continue the implementation of the program in the years to come. On the same occasion Professor Dr. Anton Caragea announced the good news that: the international Campaign for the implementation of 2030 Agenda of United Nations, known worldwide as SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA, in the work of parliaments across the world has reached a first milestone, only after a year of existence, with the support of 262 parliamentarians from 22 national parliaments. Now with this threshold passed, the Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s, is now endorsed across party lines, ideologies and national agenda`s by more than 262 current members of parliament from over 22 countries. The creation of a Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s in the UN framework for world cooperation in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals that was signed by the lawmakers calls for “a gradual implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in all national and local parliaments and elected assemblies agenda creating a global synergy for world level campaign aimed at bringing to life the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA” The role of Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s is “to ensure international cooperation, secure the acceptance and to enhance the legitimacy of the United Nations SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA and strengthen the elected representatives ( parliamentarians) capacity to act and to be more effectively and directly included into the activities of implementing and financing the programs related to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA.” “This is an important milestone,” remarked Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, the Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s Executive President and campaign’s coordinator. “The support of a UN Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s by such a broad group of parliamentarians from all the world’s regions shows once again that it is high time for the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA to be recognized as paramount for world development,” he concluded. “If it comes to democratizing the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA and to insure global cooperation, than the Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s is the venue for a technical and democratic debate, said Professor Dr. Anton Caragea. “The SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AGENDA would benefit from involving elected representatives in its deliberations. After all, in many cases it’s them who are needed to help implement UN policy at the national level, especially if it comes to the Agenda 2030,” said Mr. Catalin Nechifor from Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s . On this momentous occasion the new logo of the Parliamentary Assembly for SDG`s was unveiled by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, the Executive President. We must note that: apart from members of parliaments, the campaign has also been endorsed by numerous former members of parliaments, distinguished scholars, cultural innovators, representatives of civil society organizations, and many committed citizens from all walks of life. European Council on Tourism and Trade and European Tourism Academy had created and pioneered the PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SDG`s uniting world parliaments in the efforts to implement in their work and legislation measures dedicated to bring to life SDG in every nation.
Putting the Sustainable Development Goals into action.
Leaders in sustainability share their insights on how to put the Sustainable Development Goals into action.
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The Road to the SDGs: A discussion with students
Animated video to help children learn about important concepts for people and planet as covered in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) For more information, please visit: UNICEF's website on the SDGs: http://www.unicef.org/post2015/index_69583.html World We Want 2015: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/children
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UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Fair Trade Solution
The UN Sustainable Development Goals outline an ambitious agenda. Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. What role can Fair Trade play in delivering on these goals? Explore examples of sustainability in the coffee industry and learn how Fair Trade supports the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. SPEAKERS Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director, Fair Trade Advocacy Office Parker Townley, Senior Manager (Coffee), Fair Trade USA
UN Sustainable Development Goals | Introduction
Hello there! In this video, we talk about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, what they are, and how we can help to raise awareness and take actions. Make sure to spread the word about sustainable development to your friends and family! --------------- ►Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectearthagain/?hl=en ►Subscribe to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn-2Vq_5GdUr1ZVnCKg7xjQ ►Learn More about Sustainable Development: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/ --------------- Music in this video: Kevin MacLeod - Awesome Call --------------- Credit goes out to the UN for the facts, figures, goals, targets, and most of the pictures you see in the videos in the playlist linked on the end screen. If you have any questions, make sure to send us an e-mail at [email protected]! And remember to get out there and make a difference! -The EarthAgain Team
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The Sustainable Development Goals need forests
http://www.fao.org/state-of-forests/ Forests are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and are a vital part of our global ecosystem. They not only contribute to greener economic growth, but also provide timber, food, fuel and medicine for more than a third of the world’s population. They are our life-support system. We must manage forests sustainably as it is forests that make sustainable development possible. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=FAOoftheUN Follow #UNFAO on social media! * Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UNFAO * Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+UNFAO * Instagram - https://instagram.com/unfao/ * LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/fao * Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/faoknowledge © FAO: http://www.fao.org
[Focus] The paradox! Non-binding 'Global Goals' vs binding trade agreements
On one hand governments have adopted the non-binding Global Goals for Sustainable Development and on another hand these are very same governments negotiating binding trade agreements and indulging in other activities that exacerbate myriad range of inequalities, inequities and injustices in our world! Paul Quintos of IBON International calls for being cautious if not skeptical of the post 2015 Global Goals. Trade negotiations and other such activities of governments have erected a framework of rules that allow global corporations to veto laws and regulations that governments may adopt or implement hat may go against their bottomline. In this context, how can we see governments to be credible in their pledges to achieve 'Global Goals' and realize human rights! He spoke with CNS on sidelines of UN General Assembly in New York. Governments were raising ambitions in terms of Global Goals and targets for 2030, but at the same time tenaciously avoiding making commitments in terms of public financing. Governments give an impression that there are not enough public resources to fund development agenda, so they need to turn to private sector. Public Private Partnership (PPP) serves the interest of private sector and does not matter if 'public' is there in PPP model! Private sector provides finances and public sector provides guarantees of revenue streams. Paul shares "Our hope is not just limited to Global Goals but in how do we continue to challenge unjust and unequal distribution of power and wealth." The theme of Global Goals processes has been 'No One Left Behind'. Paul says that we need to acknowledge that people are 'not left behind' but deliberately pushed back by current mode of development. For more information be welcome to email us at [email protected] -------------------- Focus, is a CNS video series on current global health and development priorities. This is episode 13. -------------------- Follow CNS on Twitter: @CNS_Health, Facebook.com/CNS.page and www.citizen-news.org
Sustainable Development Goals Explained: No Poverty
United Nations - We’ve come a long way in reducing world poverty over the past 15 years--but there's more to be done. How can the Sustainable Development Goals help us finish the job? Nik Sekhran, Director for Sustainable Development in the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support at the UN Development Programme, gives us the answer. Produced by the Department of Public Information. Find out more about Global Goal 1 at: http://ow.ly/TpD9N For a list of all the goals see: http://ow.ly/Sj391
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A trade union focus on the Sustainable Development Goals
Through their everyday work on upholding freedom of association, social dialogue and collective bargaining, on promoting decent work and the rights of working people, trade unions are instrumental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through the ITUC’s Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN), trade unions are heavily involved in the SDG process at global, regional and national level. The members of the TUDCN are stepping up their efforts to contribute to the SDGs and to demand accountability to the commitments undertaken by governments. They are conducting their own national monitoring and analysis to make sure that countries are on track to fulfil their commitments. For more information on this work see www.ituc-csi.org/2030Agenda
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A Roadmap for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Government of Thailand and Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) have hosted a High Level Conference on Sustainable Development, Crime Prevention and Safe Societies at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, 5 March 2018. Panel Discussion 3: A Roadmap for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals This session will focus on: 1) Identifying the key actors in implementing SDG 16 and addressing their contribution towards attaining this goal 2) Review how stakeholders intend to maximize the impact of their work 3) Improving strategic cooperation between actors who may not have traditionally seen themselves in the role of supporting the attainment of SDG16 4) Discussing steps that need to be taken to improve the advancement of SDG 16. Speakers Hiromu Kurokawa, Vice Minister of Justice, Government of Japan Prof. Vitit Muntarbhorn, Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University Dr. Diani Sadiawati, Director, Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Government of Indonesia Collie Brown, Country Manager, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Indonesia Nicholas Booth, Policy Advisor for Governance, Human Rights and Access to Justice at UNDP
Setting Real Goals For Trading Success | Axia Futures
It's crucial to set goals that help you grow as a trader. If goal setting isn't something you do or want to improve in, then this is for you. Brannigan takes you through a process he uses for effectively setting goals and increasing the probability of achieving them. Axia Futures engages in Developing World Class Traders Globally Visit us at: https://axiafutures.com/
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H.E. Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia and GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, Academician HUN SEN has presented his lofty vision for his country, for United Nations and for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. Attending the General Debate of the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, as the GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS and as the Head of the newly elected 6th mandate Royal Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister made a statement highlighting the new images of Cambodia with stable democratic process and remarkable socio-economic achievements following the attainment of full peace and stability which prevail all over the country. He underlined the government’s continued commitment to enhance people’s well-being in line with the soon to be adopted “Cambodian Sustainable Development Goals.”. “On international affairs, Prime Minister raised concerns about the threat of unilateralism that has undermined multilateral system, hindered global efforts to address SDGs, to tackle climate change and other common security challenges. Prime Minister appealed for respect of the UN Charter and avoidance of domestic interference in the pretext of political rights protection. He raised specific case of Cambodia where some external circles, who have fed on ambition to interfere in the domestic affairs of Cambodia, still fail to see the quality and integrity of our election process by issuing statements against or attacking the election outcome. Such actions are a serious assault on the will of the Cambodian people,” H.E. Prime Minister HUN SEN was elected as the only head of state to date to present to the world a concise and effective vision of completion of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. You can find out more about these topics here: ♦ THE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SDG https://europeanacademy.weebly.com/parliamentary-assembly-for-sustainable-development-goals.html ♦ EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY https://europeanacademy.weebly.com/world-tourism-institution---european-council-on-tourism-and-trade.html ♦ EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE AND SDG https://europeantourismnews.wordpress.com/european-council-on-tourism-and-trade-world-parliamentarians-forum/ ♦ TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS http://worldcapitalofculture.yolasite.com/tourism-and-culture-for-sdg.php ♦ CAMBODIA-WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION http://worldbesttouristdestination.yolasite.com/cambodia-world-best-tourist-destination-for-2016.php ♦ GLOBAL AMBASSADORS FOR TOURISM AND SDG https://ectt.webs.com/apps/blog/show/44960598-president-professor-dr-anton-caragea-signed-the-new-charta-for-global-ambassadors-on-tourism-and-sustainable-development-goals-
Aid for Trade in support of Sustainable Development Goals
The UN's Post-2015 Development Agenda, scheduled to be agreed in September, will build on a set of Sustainable Development Goals and targets and the outcome of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development to be held in Addis in July 2015. Trade-related targets are mentioned in support of several of the goals, most notably on economic growth and employment, but trade also plays a critical role in achieving the SDGs more broadly, including the goal around eliminating poverty, food security, access to sustainable energy, infrastructure, and sustainable use of oceans and other natural resources etc. Trade is also an important element in financing for development as an engine for economic growth. Venue: World Trade Organization, Rue de Lausanne 154 1202 Geneva, Switzerland Room: E Date: Thursday, 2 July 2015 Time: 11.00-13.00 Session: Side event 27
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What can we do right now to implement Sustainable Development Goals? | Prof Jeffrey Sachs
00:15 - Millenium Development Goals - a missed opportunity. How might we have done things differently? 09:56 - What are the best way to implement to Sustainable Development Goals both locally and globally? We have a “moral obligation” to help achieve UN sustainable development goals Professor Jeffrey Sachs has been awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal for his global contribution. He is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on economic development, global macroeconomics, and the fight against poverty. His work on ending poverty, overcoming macroeconomic instability, promoting economic growth, fighting hunger and disease, and promoting sustainable environmental practices, has taken him to more than 125 countries with more than 90 percent of the world’s population. For over thirty years, Professor Sachs has advised dozens of heads of state and governments on economic strategy, in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He is Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Sustainable Development Goals, and previously advised both UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Millennium Development Goals. Time Magazine has twice named Professor Sachs among its 100 most influential world leaders. The New York Times has said he is “probably the most important economist in the world.” The Economist Magazine has ranked Professor Sachs among the world’s three most influential living economists of the past decade. After receiving the UCD Ulysses Medal, Professor Sachs addressed the 1,000-strong audience who turned out to hear him speak. “We are not spectators in an unfolding drama, we are the participants and the protagonists who are needed to help shape the kind of future that we want,” he said. “There is nothing automatic about the success of these goals or automatic about their failure.” “… I am a firm believer that these goals are realistic, that they are achievable, and that they are important, and that our job is to do whatever we can to make them be achieved,” he declared. “This is something for human well-being, and because it’s within reach, it is our moral obligation to help it to be reached.” The 17 UN sustainable development goals are: - no poverty - zero hunger - good health and well-being - quality education - gender equality - clean water and sanitation - affordable and clean energy - decent work and economic growth - industry, innovation and infrastructure - reduced inequalities - sustainable cities and communities - responsible production and consumption - climate action - life below water - life on land - peace, justice and strong institutions - partnerships for the goals Professor Sachs served as the Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University from 2002 to 2016. Appointed University Professor at Columbia University in 2016, he also serves as Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University. Prior to joining Columbia, Sachs spent over twenty years as a professor at Harvard University, most recently as the Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Sachs received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees at Harvard. Professor Patrick Paul Walsh from the UCD School of Politics and International Relations, College of Social Sciences and Law, University College Dublin, delivered the official citation at the award ceremony. The UCD Ulysses Medal is the highest honour that University College Dublin can bestow. It was inaugurated in 2005, as part of the University’s sesquicentennial celebrations, to highlight the ‘creative brilliance’ of UCD alumnus James Joyce. It is awarded to individuals whose work has made an outstanding global contribution. Previous recipients include: former US President, Bill Clinton; world-leading intellectual and linguist, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky; and world's most influential philosopher, Professor Jürgen Habermas. UCD Twitter: http://twitter.com/ucddublin UCD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universitycollegedublin UCD Instagram: http://instagram.com/ucddublin UCD Homepage: http://www.ucd.ie
The Global Economy and the Global Goals
How does the global economy influence progress towards the Global Goals? Does a stronger economy impact the environment? What are the immediate risks for the economy? UN DESA has asked all these questions to foremost experts in the field. See, what they answered. To learn more about the shape of the global economy, read our World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 report: https://www.un.org/development/desa/dpad/document_gem/global-economic-monitoring-unit/world-economic-situation-and-prospects-wesp-report/
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How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier | TEDxTucson
How you define Stephen Duneier depends on how you came to know him. Some define him as an expert institutional investor, while others know him as a large scale installation artist, avid outdoorsman, professor, decision strategist, coach, business leader, mindfulness extremist, author, speaker, daredevil or Guinness world record holder. In his talk, Stephen explains that what truly defines him aren't titles, but an approach to decision making that transformed him from someone who struggled with simple tasks to a guy who is continuously achieving even his most ambitious dreams. For thirty years, he has applied cognitive science to investing, business and life. The result has been the turnaround of numerous institutional businesses, career best returns for managers who have adopted his methods, the development of a $1.25 billion dollar hedge fund and a rapidly shrinking bucket list. Mr. Duneier teaches graduate courses on Decision Analysis in UCSB’s College of Engineering. His book, AlphaBrain is due for release in early 2017 from Wiley & Sons. Through Bija Advisors, he helps business leaders improve performance by applying proven, proprietary decision-making methods to their own processes. His artwork has been featured around the world and is represented by the Sullivan Goss Gallery. As Commissioner of the League of Professional Educators, Duneier is using cognitive science to alter the landscape of American education. He is the former Head of Currency Option Trading at Bank of America and Emerging Markets at AIG International. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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How do the global goals help explain 'integrated development'?
Many understand the post-2015 sustainable development agenda as a universal framework. Goals and targets apply to both developed and developing nations, which are meant to work together toward solutions to systemic problems. Does this concept of universality help define what we mean by "integrated development"? Tony Pipa, U.S. special coordinator for the post-2015 development agenda explains. For more on how an intentional, integrated approach to the design, delivery and evaluation of programs make an enduring difference in people’s lives, follow the hashtag: #IntegratedDev. Subscribe to the Devex YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wwwdevexcom
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"Global Goals Rap" by Kalae Nouveau ft. Chesney Snow
Global Citizen asked a few of our favorite artists to create an original song about the Global Goals. And, boy, did they deliver! Watch the video to see Kalae and Chesney crush it behind the mic. Artist: Kalae Nouveau ft. Chesney Snow Director: Liann Kaye Producer: Jimmy Delgado Director of Photography: Taylor Stanton Lighting Designer: Jorge Arzac Audio Engineer: Brett Fuchs
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Conversation Around The Global Sustainable Development Goals
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Diego Molano | ICC Global Goals Insights
For World Wifi Day, we spoke to Diego Molano, Chair of ICC Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS), about the opportunities that Internet connectivity can provide for youth around the world. Mr Molano is former Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of Colombia, and has a long career in the technology industry with various multinational companies, including Telefonica and AT&T. He is currently also Senior Advisor to both McKinsey & Co. and the Inter-American Development Bank, and member of the Advisory Committee of the New Economy to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). ICC's Global Goals Insights gathers sustainability leaders and heads of governments with the aim to raise awareness around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the opportunities that arise when business and governments work together to solve the most pressing issues on the development agenda. ICC is the first and only private sector representative with Observer Status at the United Nations General Assembly. We work with businesses around the world to promote the Global Goals through policy advocacy for responsible business models, open trade and inclusive growth. Find out more about our work here: iccwbo.org/global-issues-trends/global-governance/business-and-the-united-nations
The World We Want - The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
A short film about the soon-to-be finalized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - and why our generation must get involved Screened at the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the ECOSOC Youth Forum at UN headquarters in New York in February 2015 Presented at the Opening Ceremony for the Ferney-Voltaire Model United Nations Conference in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, in January 2015 Created over the course of four months for my MYP Personal Project 2014-2015 at the International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations Animated and edited on PowerPoint and iMovie
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Essity – Sustainable Development Goals
We believe that successful companies should hold a long term vision of making the world a better and more sustainable place. Our innovation and efficiency aim at contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about the progress we have made: https://www.essity.com/sustainability/partnerships-and-positions/sdg/
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UN Sustainable Development Goals | No Poverty (1)
Hello there! In this video, we talk about of the first of the sustainable development goals, which is all about ending poverty for all people. Make sure to spread the word about sustainable development to your friends and family! -------------- ►Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectearthagain/?hl=en ►Subscribe to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn-2Vq_5GdUr1ZVnCKg7xjQ ►Learn More about Sustainable Development: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/ --------------- Music in this video: Kevin MacLeod - Airport Lounge --------------- Credit goes out to the UN for the facts, figures, goals, targets, and most of the pictures you see in the videos in the playlist linked on the end screen. If you have any questions, make sure to send us an e-mail at [email protected]! And remember to get out there and make a difference! -The EarthAgain Team
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Australia’s first report on the Sustainable Development Goals
The Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, talks about Australia’s first report on the Sustainable Development Goals (Voluntary National Review). The Voluntary National Review is a 'whole of Australia' report, featuring efforts of Federal, State and Territory and Local Governments, the business sector, civil society, academia, communities and individuals. For more information, visit: www.dfat.gov.au/SDGs
'End poverty' - and 16 more UN Global Goals - BBC News
Ending poverty is one of 17 goals outlined by the UN to replace the Millennium Development Goals which expire at the end of this year. The 17 goals aim to eliminate poverty and hunger and help fight climate change over the next 15 years. Naomi Grimley outlines the 'Global Goals' - in 75 seconds. Video produced by Mohamed Madi Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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The Sustainable Development Goals Explained: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
United Nations - Patrick Keuleers, UNDP’s Chief of Profession in Governance and Peacebuilding, talks about what makes a society peaceful, just and inclusive, and how you can make a difference as a citizen to achieve this goal. Find out more about the Sustainable Development Goal on peace and justice at: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/peace-justice/. For a list of all the goals see: http://ow.ly/Sj391 Produced by the Department of Public Information
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Transitioning from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals
15 years ago, the United Nations set out 8 Millennium Development Goals to tackle extreme poverty and improve people’s lives around the world. Today, 700 million people have been lifted from extreme poverty and 9 in 10 children are able to go to primary school in developing regions. We have come a long way, but there is still more to be done. Building on the momentum generated by these goals, we are ready to adopt the new Sustainable Development Agenda. The time to act is now. For more on the Sustainable Development Goals visit http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment
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Education – meeting Sustainable Development Goals a challenge for all
Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director of Education and Skills, analyses the issues facing OECD countries to improve their education systems to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals for education by 2030. For more information about Education at a Glance 2016, go to http://www.oecd.org/edu/education-at-a-glance-19991487.htm
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Sustainable Development Goals Acceleration Toolkit
The Sustainable Development Goals Acceleration Toolkit is an online compendium of system-level diagnostics, models, methodologies and guidance for analyzing interconnections among the SDGs, assessing how to contribute to the pledge by Member States to ‘leave no one behind’, and doing risk-informed planning—to help governments, UN country teams, and expert stakeholders at all levels understand synergies and trade-offs and identify and unlock bottlenecks for strategizing, prioritizing and accelerating progress.
International Fair Trade Charter
The International Fair Trade Charter offers a general explanation of the shared vision and values of the Global Fair Trade movement. It has three main aims: 1. To support the work of Fair Trade Organizations in raising awareness among consumers and citizens of the importance and impact of Fair Trade, so that more people will be inspired to join and support it. 2. To facilitate collaboration among Fair Trade Organizations by connecting their specific missions and strategies with the common philosophy of the movement, and to promote collaboration with the solidarity economy, organic agriculture movements and others that fight for similar goals to the Fair Trade movement. 3. To enable others who work with Fair Trade Organizations (in government, academia or the private sector) to recognise the values and approaches that unite the global movement. To learn more about the International Fair Trade Charter, visit www.Fair-Trade.website. Watch video with Spanish subtitles https://youtu.be/jafP-QHXrT8 French subtitles https://youtu.be/IRiremRhH2c German subtitles https://youtu.be/YYk0k6Qj_Ek Polish subtitles https://youtu.be/DiDPuEat3OY #FairTradeCharter #TradeFairLiveFair #GuaranteedFairTrade
US trade representative outlines goals of Trump's Asia trip
Ambassador Robert Lighthizer talks China policy and more on 'The Ingraham Angle.'
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Korean companies take on UN Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs 지속가능경영 이행하는 국내 기업 늘어나고 있다 The UN has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. For an increasing number of Korean companies, these pose 17 ways to grow their businesses. Oh Soo-young tells us more about these new business initiatives that Korean companies are implementing. Ending poverty, realizing gender inequality, and tackling global warming,... These are some of the challenges Korean companies are taking on,... in line with the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, for the year 2030. "Regardless of industry or size, companies can adopt SDG principles across the board,... in corporate policies, supply chains, management and even R&D. There are also infinite possibilities for innovation involving new products and services." KT Corporation is one such example. The country's communication giant aims to fully align its corporate strategy with the SDGs, through state of the art ICT and ethical business practices. "Our main areas of focus include health care applications, smart energy, and the environment. We will also enforce ethical governance and supply chain management within our affiliates." Also, venture companies are coming up with innovative products and services. Take this company in Southern Seoul. It makes trendy phone accessories, high quality scarves, clothing,.. and fine leather bags. "You have cashmere in Mongolia, leather from African countries and wood products in Indonesia. But the problem is that many of the companies in developing countries do not have a business model or channel to sell their goods independently. And that's where we come in." Discussing SDGs as an essential framework for Korean businesses, experts gathered at a forum held by UN Global Impact Korea. "Based on the universal values regarding human rights, labor, and the environment,.. the SDGs set a clear, long-term direction - vital for corporate success as well as economic growth. A fraction of conglomerates and mid-sized companies are on the right track. However, many CEOs, especially those of SMEs, lack awareness and focus mainly on short-term profits." "Experts say the key is thinking longer term. By looking further ahead, business leaders can invest in a sustainable value chain that meets global standards. relevant government policies should promote and nurture these efforts. Oh Soo-young, Arirang News." Visit ‘Arirang News’ Official Pages Facebook(NEWS): http://www.facebook.com/newsarirang Homepage: http://www.arirang.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arirangtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/arirangworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/arirangworld
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Least Developed Countries
https://bit.ly/2sAqlJZ Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Least Developed Countries: A Compendium of Policy Options The world’s least developed countries have the longest path to tread in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. If they are to achieve these ambitious goals, their economies will need to a profound transformation. In order to give policymakers a clearer picture of how to advance on the sustainable development path, UNCTAD has prepared a compendium of policy options, based on research over the past decade-and-a-half. It underlines that there is no single recipe for success, with government needing to take a pragmatic approach that involves a combination of policy measures tailored to national conditions. Join us here on Facebook Live on Wednesday 6 June at 15:00 GMT for the live launch of the compendium by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed and UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi. https://bit.ly/2sAqlJZ
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Joseph Stiglitz on the Sustainable Development Goals #globalgoals
In his interview during the UNU-WIDER 30th Anniversary Conference 'Mapping the Future of Development Economics' Nobel laureate in economics Professor Joseph Stiglitz gave an interview on the past and future challenges to development. When asked about the SDGs Professor Stiglitz said that he welcomes the new goals as they apply to all countries and embrace a wider meaning of development than simply growth in GDP. He also welcomes the number of goals, which are a testament to the influence this framework has in setting global norms that will underpin international development efforts. More information: www.wider.unu.edu/30 www.wider.unu.edu
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JP Morgan's Dimon urges US to make goals clear on global trade
► JP Morgan's Dimon urges US to make goals clear on global trade ► Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., said Thursday that the United States has ente... ► SUBSCRIBE channel...... : ► Facebook Fanpage ........: ► Twitter ........................: ► Google + .....................: ► Source : http://thehill.com/policy/finance/381884-jp-morgans-dimon-urges-us-to-make-goals-clear-on-global-trade ► Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www..com/yt/copyright/). ► With the above criteria, if there is any breach of the principles of Community, law on copyright then please comment on the video.
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In this together – why cooperation is the only way forward for global economy
As we usher in the new year, we find ourselves in a world fraught with uncertainty and challenges. On the surface, global macroeconomic indicators remain favourable, but they mask underlying risks and imbalances. The global trade disputes are intensifying, monetary policies are shifting and climate risks threaten to undo decades of development gains. These are just some of the factors that endanger not only our current economic activity but could also negatively impact longer-term development. Read full article at UN DESA Voice: https://www.un.org/development/desa/undesavoice/feature/2019/01/#43357 For more info: https://www.un.org/development/desa/dpad/document_gem/global-economic-monitoring-unit/world-economic-situation-and-prospects-wesp-report/
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Tackling the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: Unreasonable Goals 2017
Unreasonable Goals is the first public-private partnership of its kind dedicated to supporting the most effective entrepreneurial solutions in the world as they work toward achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Learn more at unreasonable-goals.com SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com/user/UnreasonableTV/?sub_confirmation=1/ SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us at the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unreasonable/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/unreasonable Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unreasonable/ Editorial: https://unreasonable.is/
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Sustainable Development Goals - Achim Steiner
Achim Steiner, incoming director of the UN Development Programme, discusses the role of Sustainable Development Goals in focusing action around the world on green transformations. This is an extract from the STEPS Annual Lecture given at the University of Sussex on 15 May 2017. Full lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajQwBH27hJY More information: https://steps-centre.org/event/steps-annual-lecture-achim-steiner/
Global Business Leaders: Sustainable Development Goals Good for Business
Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga, EXOR Chairman and CEO John Elkann, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, Abraaj Group Founder and CEO Arif Naqvi, and Unilever CEO Paul Polman talk with Bloomberg anchor Francine Lacqua about the future of sustainable development at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, Wednesday, September 20 at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.
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