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DoubleClick for Publishers & Ad Exchange Merge Into Google Ad Manager
Google has decided to make their product brand names simpler and with it change names of all it’s major products such as Google DoubleClick For Publisher, Google Ad Exchange, Google AdWords and more. Get all the details in our latest video. Visit MonetizeMore for more ad ops news here: https://goo.gl/mMFtew Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss a video! Source: https://www.blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ #GoogleRebrand #DoubleClickForPublishers #DoubleClickAdExchange #GoogleAdManager
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Maximize your ad-sense revenue using google doubleclick for publishers  2018
Maximize your ad-sense revenue using google doubleclick for publishers 2018
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Switch from Adsense to Doubleclick AdExchange via MonetizeMore
Upgrade from Google AdSense to Ad Exchange. DoubleClick Ad Exchange was designed for big brand advertisers and premium publishers. MonetizeMore is able to offer DoubleClick Ad Exchange access to each publisher that partners with MonetizeMore. Sign up to Doubleclick Adexchange today: http://www.monetizemore.com/sign-up/ad-exchange/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG: http://bit.ly/1KpuiTA Below are the reasons why DoubleClick Ad Exchange performs better than AdSense: + Advanced targeting technology + AdSense advertisers + big brand advertisers + Additional optimization tools Start earning 25%-100% more from your ads. In this video, we'll show you how to generate AdX tags on Google DFP for Small Business. For the detailed steps in text format, visit our blog post: http://goo.gl/T0xOHc SIGN-UP TO DOUBLECLICK AD EXCHANGE: http://www.monetizemore.com/sign-up/ ABOUT MONETIZEMORE MonetizeMore is the premium source for outsourced ad optimization tailored for online publishers. We specialize in dramatically increasing your ad revenues with the same traffic levels and ads per page. Learn More: http://www.monetizemore.com/ FOLLOW MONETIZEMORE: Blog http://bit.ly/1KpuiTA Google+ http://bit.ly/1iqXJLB Twitter http://bit.ly/1JjHV2H LinkedIn http://bit.ly/1NNmr6o Facebook http://on.fb.me/1QRWAbP YouTube http://bit.ly/1FWoOvI
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Ask AdWords: Explaining DoubleClick Ad Exchange
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Alex and Amanda answer your questions from social media in this episode of the Ask AdWords show. They give an in-depth answer to a question about the basics of DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Send us questions on Google+, Twitter or Facebook using #askadwords
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Adsense Users Switch to Google's - Double Click for Publishers & Earn more with DFP by Google
What is Google Double click for publishers , Difference between adsense & DFP , How to Signup & setup account with it . Procedure to make money with double click for publishers in hindi
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Ad Exchange To DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Unification - New Tabs - Google Ad Manager
In 2017 Google announced a unification of products between Google Ad Exchange and DFP. Google will be deprecating the Ad Exchange interface. Publishers will be able to access the same features in DoubleClick for Publishers.In this tutorial, we'll show you where you can find these features and tabs in DFP. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a video! Find more ad optimization tips over at our blog: https://goo.gl/APsK5L #MonetizeMore #DFP #AdOptimization #AdExchange #DoubleClickForPublishers
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Ad Networks - Web Development
This video is part of an online course, Web Development. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs253.
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The Evolution of Online Display Advertising
This video has now been updated, view the new version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efHVOWcNJZo An IAB UK video to explain the evolution of display trading in 2012. The display ecosystem has developed from direct buying and selling into an increasingly complex environment with data now powering real time bidding and selling. This video aims to demystify the display landscape in 3 minutes! Created by @adamtoldfield
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How the Axonix Mobile Ad Exchange Works (English subtitles)
A 90 second overview of how the Axonix mobile ad exchange works. Axonix is a fully transparent, RTB-enabled mobile advertising exchange. We help app developers and web publishers to maximise the value of their mobile ad inventory through programmatic and real-time trading with brands, agencies and ad networks globally. We serve billions of ads per month across more than 150+ countries.
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Ad Tech 101: Ad network and Ad exchanges
The explanation on the ad network and ad exchanges, and discovering the differences between them.
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Ad Exchange Tutorial: How to Create Tags in Doubleclick Ad Exchange
Welcome to the Learn to Monetize More video series. In this video tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to create ad tags from Doubleclick Ad Exchange. Subscribe to our channel for more details: https://goo.gl/Qwt310 Your Ad Exchange ad tags will be used to upload into the DoubleClick for Publishers, or DFP, ad server. From within DFP you’ll then be able to monitor and manage them. Creating tags from networks such as Google Ad Exchange is at the heart of any thriving DFP setup. The objective of this tutorial is to show a sample high-level use case of DFP at the Order level. This is the second in our series of DFP videos that will help turn you into a DFP expert in no time. To watch the complete series, subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/sXbvLf You can also visit us at: https://www.monetizemore.com/
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How we monetize programmatically
Head of FirstImpression.io's revenue optimization team, Marina Shnayder, explains how we help publishers maximize ad revenue while reducing fill and preserving the UX of their websites. Marina walks you through our advanced monetization platform. She shares our secret for generating high revenue and getting the best deals at an ad exchange. For more information about FirstImpression.io's monetization, or to request a free traffic analysis and proposal of customized ad products for your website, please get in touch! Email [email protected] Visit goo.gl/QHuZMU ---- Full transcript: Hi, I’m Marina. I manage the revenue optimization team here at FirstImpression.io. Publishers often ask me how we programmatically monetize the customized ad products that we create for them? What’s our secret? How do get our revenue up so high? Why don’t we aim for a 100% fill rate? Before I answer, let me ask you a question. What’s better? Making $5,000 with a 100% fill rate or $6,000 with a 60% fill rate? Most publishers want to maximize fill rates because they believe that 100% fill means more revenue. They are missing out. At FirstImpression.io, we want to maximize revenue. We have a technical advantage here. We’re able to A/B test different rates to determine the maximum price that advertisers are willing to pay for different user segments. We use this information to bring you the highest possible revenue. And if we see that advertisers won’t pay enough for a specific user segment, then the ads simply won’t appear. That’s the secret. By optimizing towards revenue, not fill, our publishers earn more revenue - while serving fewer ad impressions to their visitors. Let me show you how we do this. Take a look at the interesting relationship between the fill, the floor prices, and the revenue. Our platform constantly A/B tests floor prices for every ad product to find the price that brings you the highest revenue. It adjusts the floor price automatically based on past data, trends, and specific user attributes. Here you see the average daily floor price for one of our ad products on Google AdX. Look at the effect that this has on fill rate, the purple line. As the floor price goes up, the fill rate goes down. Now look at the revenue - the orange line. It’s increasing. Revenue and fill rate often do not correlate. Why? Because the higher floors attract higher paying campaigns from advertisers and you eliminate advertisers looking for scraps that don’t generate meaningful revenue anyway. The reality is that advertisers want to pay as little as possible for high-quality website traffic. When a publisher aims for 100% fill, they risk selling their inventory far too cheaply. When we raise the floor price we ask for an ad product, focusing on revenue, we’re aiming to discover what is the maximum we can charge advertisers. This makes fill rate just a byproduct. That was just one ad product, for one demand partner. Our platform does this automatically for thousands of ad products. We’re that precise. We create different products for specific visitors and devices, and connect each one to multiple demand partners. By dividing up user segments, we can test different floor prices for each one, so that we’re generating the maximum revenue. Publishers normally see the results of our optimization pretty quickly. Within 2 to 3 weeks, they’re earning significantly more ad revenue, while limiting the amount of ads visitors see on their site. It’s a win-win. To learn more about our monetization, and how we create and customize the right ad products for publishers, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected] Visit goo.gl/QHuZMU
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DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Connecting the World of Online Advertising
Google Tech Talk May 23, 2012 Google NYC Presented by Eyal Manor, Jacob Baskin, Nemo Semret, and Noam Wolf ABSTRACT When you see an ad on a website, where did it come from? The answer to that question might not be as simple as it sounds. Ads on the internet take a long, often roundabout journey to make it from the advertiser to you, a journey that sends them through companies like ad servers, ad networks, data platforms, DSPs, SSPs, and more. Worst of all, the fragmentation of the advertising industry means that even trying to get these systems to talk to each other can be a daunting challenge. With all of this complexity, how does the publisher know that they are showing the right ad for you? That's where Ad Exchange comes in. We are building an open, transparent marketplace that connects online publishers, advertisers, and everyone in between to buy and sell display advertising in an easy and efficient way. No matter what platforms or technologies you use, Ad Exchange helps advertisers put their ads where they want---and helps publishers make sure they are getting the best value for their content. And we do all of this in a way that protects ad quality and reduces user-facing latency. But it's not easy. To make sure that we can find the right ad, we have to build a globally-distributed, real-time system that handles hundreds of thousands of calls every second. We have to use sophisticated techniques to make sure that publishers' and users' interests are protected. And we have to build a marketplace that uses tools from game theory to ensure that all participants are treated fairly. Find out how we make it happen, and get a glimpse at the future of online advertising from the Ad Exchange engineering team.
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Display Advertising Basics (DSPs, RTB, Ad Exchanges, DMPs) - Pete Kluge, Adobe
20 minute video covering the basics of display advertising and how display advertising is bought and sold, includes an overview of key vendors and concepts like Demand-side Platforms (DSPs), Real-time Bidding (RTB), Ad Exchanges, Data Management Platforms (DMPs), and Ad Servers. Pete Kluge, Group Manager Product Marketing, Adobe Advertising Solutions.
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Client access in Ad Exchange (Full video)
Watch the video today to: 1. Learn how to enable client access to your account: Add and manage access for your advertisers, agencies, brands, or similar companies to features like Marketplace, for day-to-day activities. 2. Learn how to grant specific types of access: Three distinct client access settings enables visibility of your client to publishers and enables access to specific sections in the Ad Exchange interface. 3. Discover what an end to end workflow may look like: Get insight into what your clients see during an end-to-end deal simulation. Category
Axonix Ad Exchange in 90 Seconds (English subtitles)
Axonix is a fully transparent, RTB-enabled mobile advertising exchange. We help app developers and web publishers to maximise the value of their mobile ad inventory through programmatic and real-time trading with brands, agencies and ad networks globally. We serve billions of ads per month across more than 150+ countries.
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DFP Training Video (June 2016)
This is a video on the features and fictionally of Doubleclick for publishers.
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Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange
Website ; https://www.ubex.com Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources.
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Readwhere Advertising Exchange
Whether you’re just starting with ads, looking for a new revenue source or fine-tuning your ad server setup or even looking for mobile solutions. We can help you achieve your goals. Readwhere Exchange is certified by Google to perform optimization services on Adsense and are trained experts on DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers enabling higher monetization. Website - https://rwadx.com/
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Intro to Google DFP
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Online Ads 101: Publisher Workflow
It takes a lot of teamwork to get ads on the web! After an agency sends ad tags to a publisher, the publisher's work is just beginning. Learn all about what it takes for publishers to set up an online campaign.
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Private Ad Exchange by Gourmet Ads
Agency Trading Desks, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Retargeters and Brand Advertisers can now access Gourmet Ads inventory using RTB (real time bidding) via our Private Ad Exchange. Our Private Ad Exchange, called the Gourmet Ads Marketplace allows advertisers to reach our audience of household grocery buyers in a real-time bidding environment. Advertisers can run campaigns at scale, quickly and cost effectively across our entire portfolio of recipe and cooking publishers. The Gourmet Ads Marketplace will be an ideal fit for advertisers looking to build brand awareness and reach an engaged foodie audience on sites featuring content like recipes. In addition to buying directly from the marketplace, advertisers can layer in data from enabling more precise targeting and less wasted impressions. To learn about the benefits for Private Ad Exchange Buyers visit http://www.gourmetads.com/solutions/private-ad-exchange
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What is the Ad Exchange
The Ad Exchange Network is a simple and cost effective alternative to big budgeted and complicated online advertising. Designed to drive more relevant traffic to any members’ website by exchanging and sharing industry specific tips, information, advice, ideas and expert recommendations provided by other knowledgeable members just like themselves. Recommended content that is discreetly placed in a drawer that simply slides out on the side of a website, blog or Facebook page when needed, serves as the perfect way for anyone to advertise their personal brand knowledge and expertise online which is critical in today’s online sales cycle. Each exchange member’s website not only becomes a trusted source for information within the community but by the viral sharing of recommended content, each member benefits from traffic back to their own site to learn more … because in business as in life , we all need some good advice once in a while from a trusted source.
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Guide to Digital Display Advertising
An IAB UK video to explain the evolution of display trading in 2017. The display ecosystem has developed from direct buying and selling into an increasingly complex environment with data now powering real time bidding and selling. This video aims to demystify the display landscape in 4 minutes! It is the updated version of our previous video: The Evolution of Online Display Advertising, which was created in 2012. Website: https://iabuk.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IABUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Internet-Advertising-Bureau-IAB-136484926368523/?fref=ts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iabuk/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/226923/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iabuk/ Snapchat: iabuksnaps
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New: Ad Exchange Marketplace
Watch the video to learn how to: Use the power of Google data to find publishers set up for deals that match your search criteria – including vertical, demographics, location, inventory size, formats, devices, and more Find publishers’ pre-packaged products for all deal types: Preferred Deals, Private Auctions and Programmatic Guaranteed Strike deals with publishers via either matching pre-packaged product or by sending them a proposal
Types of Rules in Google Ad Exchange
In this video, you'll find out more about the types of rules in Google Ad Exchange. Find more MonetizeMore videos here: https://goo.gl/sXbvLf No ad tag is exactly alike, and the “Rules” mechanism within Google Ad Exchange allows publishers to further differentiate ad tags from one another. “Rules” in Google Ad Exchange allow you to modify the characteristics of ad tags depending on how you intend to group or target them. This allows you to maximize the possibilities of earning through various combinations of rules that can override or supplement Ad Exchange’s default settings. Find out how MonetizeMore can help with ad optimization here: https://goo.gl/HMSYio For more ad optimization content visit our blog: http://www.monetizemore.com/blog #AdX #GoogleAdExchange #MonetizeMore #DFP
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Ad Exchange Marketplace for Buyers
Make your Programmatic Direct experience more efficient and effective by taking a tour of the updated Marketplace. The updated Marketplace makes it easier to discover offers and set up deals that you’re actually interested in. Watch this short training video to learn how you can use it to quickly and easily search for offers and transact with publishers today.
Ad Exchange
The next phase of internet advertising is the ad exchange.TRAFFIQ is an online Ad Exchange uniting buyers and sellers over a transparent medium.This video is a walk through of the registration process of TRAFFIQ's ad exchange publisher side. TRAFFIQ's tutorial on the ad exchange publisher side will allow you to see how simple Traffiq has made media planning. Traffiq's Ad Exchange has revolutionized the online advertising industry. www.Traffiq.com
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DFP : How create an ad campaign with DoubleclickForPublishers
In this tutorial Dfp ( Doubleclick For Publishers ) , you will learn, How create an ad campaign and Adunits and generate Tag with description , step by step.
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DFP Tutorial: How to Create DFP Ad Units
Today’s Learn to Monetize More video we’ll teach you how to create DoubleClick for Publishers ad Units. Subscribe to our channel for more details: https://goo.gl/Qwt310 This continues our series on tutorials of mastering DFP. We’ll now pick up where we left off in the last video tutorial where we created an Ad Exchange tag. This time, we are going to create DFP ad units. The objective of this tutorial is to familiarize you with ad unit creation. Options include single ad unit creation and bulk ad unit creation. We’ll also discuss the optional features available to you as you create these ad units. To watch the complete series, subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/sXbvLf You can also visit us at: https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/
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How To Set Up Ad Exchange Programmatic Native Ads: Fluid vs Standard Size
Find out how to set up Ad Exchange programmatic native ads - Fluid versus Standard, right here! Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a video! Find more ad optimization tips over at our blog: https://goo.gl/APsK5L #ProgrammaticNativeAds #AdExchange #AdOptimization #MonetizeMore
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Native Advertising for Advertisers & Publishers
Native Ads For Advertisers and Publishers. Native Ads provides advertisements with relevance to the content being viewed or read! Company: https://nativeads.com/ What is Native advertising or Native ads? No matter what the product is there is always an audience interested in reading about it. And there is always a larger chunk of audience that will just.. you know.. shut your ads out. Two key elements here are relevance and fitting in, literally. With Native Advertisements you solve both these problems. Your ad looks and feels just like the rest of the published article. And with smart targeting, your ads will get incredible engagement rates by users clicking, sharing, or viewing. Our Native Ads also cater. to Publishers! Helping them achieve the right balance between user experience and profitability our native ad exchange makes all of this really simple. Our Native advertising exchange connects global advertisers with premium publishers. We’ve built really awesome widgets that help publishers to create, configure and place native ad’s on their site in minutes. Allowing advertisers to promote their products in a pleasant way. So no matter what the format, the users are happy with seamless and uninterrupted content ads. And you are not restricted to just our exchange, we allow advertisers from all over the globe to compete for your Traffic. and as advertisers you have premium publishers around the globe giving you just the audience you want. Resulting in the best platform for Advertisers and Publishers to connect. Native Ads, content worth viewing. Click here to sign up today. https://nativeads.com/publishers/publisher_signup.php Native ads Native ads example Native advertising companies Native ads network Native ad exchange native advertising native advertising for publishers
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Google Exchange Bidding (EBDA) Now Available To All DFP Publishers (2018)
Ad Ops news: Find out how Google has released Exchange Bidding (server-to-server) header bidding alternative to publishers who use DFP in April 2018 Visit MonetizeMore for more ad ops news here: https://goo.gl/GH7Z5B Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss a video! Source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/317090/googles-header-bidding-like-tool-becomes-availabl.html?edition= #GoogleExchangeBidding #EBDA #GoogleHeaderBidding #MonetizeMore
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Creating a Rule in Google Ad Exchange
In this video, you'll find out how to create a rule in Ad Exchange. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a video! Find more ad optimization tips over at our blog: https://goo.gl/APsK5L Rules allow you to cater your ad tags to different types of audiences which in turn allows you to serve your users better. Rules also give publishers greater control over how they can traffic ads through different types of ad units. In our last lesson, we went through the various types of Ad Exchange rules, including: Blocking, Open Auction Pricing, Opt-in, Channels, among others. In this lesson, I will walk you through the process of how to set-up a Rule in your Ad Exchange account. Watch our last video about Ad Exchange rules here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FolTiTZbuKQ #AdX #GoogleAdExchange #MonetizeMore #DFP #AdOptimization
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Amaze and Engage with JustPremium (Publisher)
JustPremium, founded in 2012, is the world's first programmatic Rich Media Ad Exchange. Publishers work with JustPremium to create new advertising inventory and monetize it through its monetization platform. JustPremium's Rich Media and Video advertising solutions encompass a series of high impact ad units surrounding media content. JustPremium offers a comprehensive Managed Service from creating to delivering brand experiences. Brands and agencies can access premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic buy. JustPremium has a team of over 70 employees, across 9 offices covering 25 countries. www.justpremium.com
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Wordego Ad Exchange
Wordego is a Blockchain Powered Ad Exchange Platform for advertisers and publishers. We provide complete technology solutions to automate the purchase and sale of Display and Coupon Advertising.
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How To Setup Google Double Click for Publishers (DFP) 2017 Video Tutorial for Free
DFP offers a complete toolkit to manage your ads for a multi-screen audience, including: One central place to traffic all of your ad networks, apps, games, and sites. Advanced forecasting to give you a better sense of how many impressions you will have available to sell to your direct advertisers. Get Complete video tutorial for DFP Double Click for Publishers. This video include basics of DFP Double Click and also you can get how to setup DoubleClick for Publishers. This video explain double click ad exchange which connecting the World of Online Advertising. It is a new DFA campaign Manager. Learn here getting started with double click for small business.
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Discover inventory on Ad Exchange
You want to begin your campaign strategy by using the Marketplace in Ad Exchange to find publishers with inventory on Ad Exchange that matches your campaign needs. By inputting different search criteria you can target different demographics. If the product inventory doesn’t exist, don’t worry, you can create a proposal and reach out directly to the publisher.
DFP Tutorial: How to Create an Ad Exchange Order in DFP
Hi everyone and welcome to the Learn to Monetize More video series. Today we’ll continue to work with Google Ad Exchange in conjunction with DFP by creating an AdX order. Subscribe to our channel for more details: https://goo.gl/Qwt310 To watch the complete series, subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/sXbvLf You can also visit us at: https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/
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How to make money with Double Click for Publishers, Adsense alternative
How to make money with Double Click for Publishers, Adsense alternative
Google Publisher Tool Kya Hai # What Is Google Publisher Tool
Friends si video me mai aapko bataunga ki Google Publisher Tool Kya hai ? Aur is tool ko kaise use kate hai ? Google publisher to ham apne adsense account ko save karne ke liye use karte hai ?Ye bahut hi achha tool hai jise aap apne adsense account ko save karne ke liye use kar sakte hai ! Contact Me For Technical Support ✉ ◄● [email protected] ●► ●►Like The Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HindiIPortal ●►Follow On Google + : https://www.google.com/+HindiIPortal ●►Follow On Twitter : https://twitter.com/HindiIPortal ●►Visit The Website : http://www.hindiwiki.com ●►Follow On Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/HindiIPortal ◄▌● Don' Forget To Subscribe ● ▌►
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Barry Salzman - Google Future of Display Ads Webcast - Part 1/4
7 Prediction for 2015, Barry runs Google's display advertising business for the Americas, including YouTube, the Google Display Network, monetization partnerships with leading publishers and DoubleClick's publisher, advertiser and ad exchange technology platforms. Live event powered by WebcastInc Division of Unikron Full Length video: http://webcastinc.com/google
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Criando as primeiras campanhas com o DoubleClick para Publishers.
Neste Hangout aprenda dicas iniciais de otimização inicias o DFP.
🔥🔥Now Double Your EARNING With Google's New Product "Double Click For Publishers"
🔥🔥Now Double Your EARNING With Google's New Product "Double Click For Publishers" New Prduct Link:- https://www.doubleclickbygoogle.com/solutions/revenue-management/join-dfp/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtZzWBRD2ARIsAIPenY23leLwjSsL60YesLi6npsimBYemCUvrbELpjgnC8-n23tTJk1vIUcaAv_0EALw_wcB ___________________________________________________ I Hope K Aap Ko Y Khush Khabri Achi Lagi Ho Gi...!!!! SUBSCRIBE Our 2nd Channel :Syed Badshah Vlogs:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRS2iyiqa0Vwmx44fGmTQUg Like , Comment & Share..!!! Music Credit :- (VLOG NCS Musics) ___ __/Links\__ Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/syedbadshahofficial1/ Facebook Myself:- https://www.facebook.com/SyedBadshahVlogs2 Youtube :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPNSNHW5MmZyTLBwBTxnidw Website :- https://www.syedbadshahofficial.blogspot.com/ Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/syedbadshahofficial/ Twitter:- https://www.twitter,com/syedbadshahvlog/ Email:- [email protected] Search Tags:- #SyedBadshah, #SyedBadshahOfficial & #SyedBadshahVlogs Keep Supporting Us......!!! Subscribe Our Channel For More Technical & Interesting Videos....!!! About Syed Badshah Official:- Syed Badshah Official Is A Channel .In This Channel We Daily Upload A Tech Video In Urdu/Hindi Language. We Daily Upload Tech Talks,Tech Reviews,Gadgets Reviews, Youtube News & Much More About Tech....!!! Thanks A Lot For & Reading...!!!
double click for publisher crear creatividades e insertar los anuncios
Crear creatividades de anuncios personalizables e insertarlos al sitio web
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DFP: Ad Units vs. Placements
Difference between "Ad Units" and "Placements". DoubleClick for Publishers Help.
Views: 11682 Daniel Sodkiewicz
Deals and Private Auctions in Google Ad Exchange
In this video, you'll find out more about Deals and Private Auctions in Google Ad Exchange. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a video! Find more ad optimization tips over at our blog: https://goo.gl/APsK5L Deals and private auctions are newly added features to Google Ad Exchange. These features allow you to conduct transactions with your preferred or most trusted bidders by taking a deal outside the real-time bidding process. After doing so, you can then deal directly with your preferred advertiser outside the constraints of an auction. Related article: https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/private-marketplace-preferred-deals-explained/ #PreferredDeals #PrivateAuctions #GoogleAdExchange #MonetizeMore #DFP #AdOptimization
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